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The Kull to Khao'oz

Continuing in the hoofprints of The Caddo Parish cow deaths a couple a months back in Swine Flu Age.
They flatlined following foaming at the mouth and bellowing a little while after they ingested a green-yellow liquid that decorated the waterways in them parts.

"Carol "C.C." Canady, president of United Neighbors for Oil and Gas Rights, said she saw at least four cows collapse and die.

"The cows' tongues hanging, bleeding off front and back, foaming at the mouth and bellowing" she said.

William Dubose said he captured video of yellowish-green fumes that smelled like a combination of antifreeze and petrochemical.

The cattle were on a pasture south of Spring Ridge, a community about 20 miles south of Shreveport."

Chesapeake Oil, who drill there, got fingered.
Its 20km South of Shreveport, La., named for
Henry Miller Shreve , son of Col. Israel Shreve, a distinguished Revolutionary War hero and a close friend[ brother?] of George Washington.
Henry Miller Shreve came into the world on October 21 ,1785, the US a nation waiting on the verge for the semi-comfortable slavery of being well in-hock to the enemy.
Somewhat of a derring-do type, he broke a monopoly on the territories rivers and eventually got put in charge of the ENTERPRISE, possibly the first-ever fully steam-powered boat.
The rivers of the area had many obstacles, esp. from logs and log-jams. To this end Shreve built a snag-boat after the govt. promised but failed to deliver one. He finally finished it in 1829 and named it HELIOPOLIS .

"Fare thee well my fairy fey
cause i've gone to Louisiana
just to see my Susieanna
singin' Polly Wolly Doodle all the day"

Not far away in Texas and still in Caddo country is the villagette of Karnack, birthplace of Lady Bird Johnson, who stepped in for Jacqueline Kennedy on the occasion of her husband's death.

Thus the electrocution in classic ancient-deity style of 16 cattle in East Lothian , Scotland , bubbling spring of a world-annoying Masonical Industry , variegated with Egyptianism and , for this post, that area of the deep South I'm calling Caddo Land [doubtless erroneously, though its gotta ring], arc their electroethereal psychic tesselation into a unique but illionth iteration of a story draped in animal skin, drooping in arcane carnality and perhaps even a spot or two of lupusity.

The up-bubbling and ill-making of substance en Caddo led some of the indignant residents to look into other fall-out from drilling for baron Blackbloods Subterranean Secretions.
It took them to a 6/block area of HOBBS, NM. In the '70s sciurntists studying residents on the housing development found incidence of LUPUS [ an autoimmune disease] there , 30 to 99 times higher than the gen.pop.

"They also complained of “petroleum and/or rotten egg odors inside homes on frequent occasions” and reported “black oily material oozing out of ground either spontaneously or when digging around their property.”

Carlsbad comes from Karlsbad now Karlovy Vary in Czechie. This year it holds the 44th KV Film Festival so its the same age as OBIE's presidency

The Hobbs, NM subdivision was built in the 1970s on land that was an active oilfield from 1927 until the late 1960s. It included a 6,000 square foot waste pit, which was closed and covered with fill soil prior to construction of the homes."

Comments from Ray:
"Susie-Anna (Susie-queen) reminds me of Fairhall's recent post on Virgin-Goddess Susan Boyle (boil being a surfaced plague, ie on the skin)"

A symptom of Lupus is boils , they once ravaged Aretz Mitsrayeem with assorted other plagues - Flyin' Sue pour example followed swiftly by onset of Climin' Slymin' Cowell

LuPus = WolF

Lou Pustule

Kozmikon wrote that he felt [ despite lack of sleep] that Zeus should be fingered for this attack.
Zeus may line up with one of the 'Gypto gods, and oddly , reversed Zeus = sueZ.
One of the big events that went towards the nationalisation of Izrael, built by the French bankers the british Bankers bought a controlling interest in 1875, an astute acquisition by Disraeli , a man who had his seat bought for him [ Shrewsbury 1846]. Lord Beaconsfield as he became enjoyed gambling and proved a great fave of Victoria. His governments dealt a lot with the South African states, perhaps they introduced the semite word Kaphir there, definitely augmented Rhodes position with a little help from Hiram Maxim.

'Bye Bye Matabele
Try not to run away
We've been hiring Maxims
As we've naught meaningful to say'

{The DoubleXing Diamond Dealers Doowop, trad.]

Remember genocide's acceptable, it just depends who's doing it and who its being done to.

From Saltoun Farm , E.Lothian:
'It is thought that the lightning conducted through a puddle to kill the other cows.'

From Caddo Parish, La.
'Investigators are paying particular attention to the puddled water and its vicinity to see if the cows drank or ate something that might have been contaminated from the well or from another source, authorities said. '

Cows weigh a lot, eat a lot, shit profusely , decompose when dead or provide food .
This defies modern business techniques which prefer all assets as small and lightweight as possible. Preferably feeding the populace on a diet of numbers while doing away with the problem parts of the body [ all but the head] would suit our ever-increasing armies of accountants, lawyers, HR, NGOs, wealth-depleters and other faux-occupations.

Newspaceman received this receipt and posted it on June 17th. Note the name 'John Lawson' at the head.
Correctly or not, the number 666 gets attached to the phraselet " Number of the Beast"
666 we may find in Genesis 1, ii with the 4 words ChShK,AVR,YVM,LYLH [ darkness, light, day, night] which all add up to 666. Considering the nature of these words perhaps this proves somewhat more revelatory than the vicious 'Beasto' charged with bringin' it on pucker-lips style.
Yet despite that scintillating info-thread the beastly number on a butcher's bill , it's address bearing the number of electrocuted cows and the ominous OWN[NWO] REARED BEEF make this a receipt to remember.

A Scot , John Lawson Johnston was tasked with providing a million cans of beef for Napoleon III's army in his war against the Prussians in 1870. Britain had not enough meat to go around so the uncanny Scot developed 'Johnston's Fluid Beef' which he later renamed BOVRIL using 'bov' from Latin 'bovis' - an ox and Bulwer-Lyttons term 'vril' whose novel 'The Coming Race' proved popular at that time.
'Vril' = a powerful energy fluid.

'When John Lawson Johnston died, George Lawson Johnston inherited the Bovril business. In 1929, George Lawson Johnston was recognised by the British Government and monarchy and was ennobled as Lord Luke, of Pavenham in the county of Bedford. This hereditary title passed to Ian St John Lawson Johnston in 1943 and to Arthur Charles St John Lawson Johnston in 1996. The current Lord Luke is one of the ninety hereditary peers elected to remain in the House of Lords of the United Kingdom after its 1999 reform.'

That'll be the Vril then! Lucky Old Luke!

This from WAYIST [ or perhaps BON ACCORDION] -

"Bovril is not just a nutritious meat drink (not even that since they went all limp in the wrist for the veggie vote), it's an occultic potion, manufactured for one purpose: to instill the practitioners of evil magic rites with the mystical essence of cow. It is just what it says on the tin: bovine vril, the life force and subterranean super-energy of cow."

19 at Caddo 16 at Saltoun , figgly-diggety poo and we get 1961 , birth-year of the Golden Kar-f, Baa-Baa-Barack O'Farma, and loike a pig for truffles some rarebits from BON ACCORDION:

The CMC was founded in 1961. Spokesmen asserted that it would function as an international commercial organization, that it would aid in the establishing of a permanent exposition, and generally assist concerns involved in trade. The staffing was expansive, the offices elaborate, and it gave all the appearance of being a rather grand operation.

CMC = Centro Mondiale Commerciale and started up in Rome. After a few questions the company moved to Jo'Burg, SA while another arm of the operation located to New Orleans under the directorship of one CLAY SHAW - International Trade Mart.
These were not buildings, as the WTC complex in NYC [ finished in 1972] , but a type of business that attracts investment , esp. for large building projects, industrial exhibitions and the funding of fascist groups in post-war Europe.The CMC and ITM found themselves 'connected' to the JFK investigation through Clay Shaw, a flamboyant indulgant of homoerotica.
CLAY , homoerotica & Egyptian creation myth, the greening of Israel - could indicate golems [GLM73].
A Shaw = a small group of trees; a thicket.
The bible describes Abraham finding the ram caught in 'thicket' , it replaced 'laughing-boy' Yitzhaq, not quite a scapegoat though.

more from WAYIST:

"Tarot, too, has a tower card. A tower, generally, being struck by lightning and with corpses around. Based on the Tower of Babel. It was the World Tade Centre, very Babylonian. We all know what happened to that tower, of course. I'm trying to stay focused on the 9/11 aspects here, but my mind is wandering elsewhere. What is World Trade Center in Italian? Centro Mundiale Commerciale. Well, holy mackerel! Wasn't that part of the JFK assassination? And isn't it mentioned, in a surprisingly bried fashion, in Ganser's book "NATO's Secret Armies", documenting the Gladio network of clandestine terror cells and stay behinds run by the CIA/MI6 in post-War western Europe? Mentioned, indeed, as an offshore tool of the "BNDII", one of the apparently several German Gladio affiliates, part of the BND which was formerly the Gehlen Org. So here we have JFK - CMC World Tade Centre - WTC World Trade Centre. Could be a coincidence, but suggestive is the US branch of the CMC. It was not translated as the World Trade Centre. It was Internatonal Trade Mart. Why not a direct translation if there was nothing to hide?

The Tarot tower. Wiki says:

"To some, it symbolizes failure, ruin and catastrophe."

Yes, to some it would. To others, of course, it's different. Hence the meaning of the ritual."

Dallas Fire Officials looking for the source of the leak

Information = Water
"It is a prime tenet of Masonry that its assassins come in threes. Masonic assassins are known in the code of the lodge as the "unworthy craftsmen."

CMC = Italien for WTC while ITM = alternate English for same
The 3 sisters of MacBeth, Tres Hermanos in the Deep South - Clinton, Obama, Sotomayer in the North.
"A book about JFK was called Three Steps to the White House. In Masonry are what is known as the "three symbolical steps." "The three grand steps symbolically lead from this life to the source of all knowledge." (Encyclopedia of Freemasonry)"

Barack Obama , Kine of DamErica , neatly sidesteps his initials into the drink's name enveloping himself in presidential Vril the energy with a Thrill.
' Wanna take over the world, make it safe for the rite-sort of geners to come, talk shit messianically, receive rapturous applause, turn dreams to reality - then daub yourself in BO-Vril and claim your destiny'

3 Candles/Towers, oft-used on Masonic tracing boards, to symbolize everything that melts, in keeping with dead cows and Bovril I recommend tallow candles - actually something passed over in descriptions of candlelit rituals , should they go back to ancient times I assume animal fat to have been used in these ceremonies until fairly modern times. Doubtless helped on the incense industry.

The Castle-Tower-Rook seems to represent the secular world with its armourial shield denoting the Lords, Knights , land-owners and other in-charge types [ some of whom hold membership of masonry].
Perhaps the Castle holds the central pillar of religious and moral authority while the Pope dispenses said authority to the world enthralled.
While Catholicism may not be the biggest or greatest organised and visible religion I reckon the Pope may be recognised as the 'most powerful' religious figure around the world.

The Pope in the pic blesses the Rook [ a Persian word] with the Rabbit-Ear blessing, fingers a tad splayed, nearly Winston mixed with the limp-wristedness of Stalin's minimalist wave.
Some discussion over what finger method = the original as practiced by the man some call Iesus Xrist.

The present Pope = Kenny Benedictum , wide-eyed wunderkind [ Numero Uno Religious leader] sitting opposite the No.1 Secular leader, that'll be Barack Obama, thusly initialled .
The hard brick structure perhaps revealing how impervious this administration will become.
A Rook is also a kind of Crow , so acc. to the time the poster was made, it might even be Crowley sat there, with his vril, magickal ranking.

The Tower burns , although only by its visual attachment to the candles

Innumerable things on this planet may be reduced to its essence and eaten, drunk or somehow ingested via physi- or psychology - mind vampires, debilitating habits, vile and fractious disorder - Mordo Ab Cowos.
Many of those things are human-cowans , the other two are yeast.

RVCh - 214 - spirit, mind , etc
Ruh [ hard H ] in Czech = corner , horn , much as the English corn/horn responds to corner. Those who would ROOK you would/will stand on the corner [ of things] much as the Castell/Rook stands in the corner of a Chess-game.

Q. Mr.President: Did u just fleece the nation?
Mr.P: I am not a Rook

If we imagine the BO-VRIL ROOK as Barack Obama standing in the corner [ consummate with a politically iconic role], then, the whole shebang got ROOKED in the FInancial sleight of hand that represents much of the late 1900s and early 20th Century inter-cultural communications

The Two Infallible Towers brings to mind the Two Unfallable Towers with its illuminating /occluding side-effects, leaving one the idea that perhaps these 2 infallibles have finally foot-shot themselves into evolutionary redundancy.

'You're cattle and this is a truck, just the thicket!'
PhRH[285] = Cow [heb.] compare with PhROH for Pharoah. The O introduces existential possibilities for the fair-O and sweet FA for the Boo-Cows

PhRH - Empress-Magus-Emperor
- Venus - Mercury - Mars

mmm.... a balanced diet by all things Tarotical

Nebertheless CowCow Chanel, her of the logo, gets a new lease of life in a film delighting us in the importance of the fashion industry and its superficial sibling De Media.
Nowadays westerners love nothing more to flash her badge on a bag or a teeshirt while demanding the less sartorially aware of the world to buck up and git civilised.

Lots of Magical rituals hang on the clothes one wears.

Chicken Lickin'

"Will you take a look over there?
Is she trying to get out of that clitoris
Liberation for women
That's what I preach
Preacher man..."
STRANGLERS - "Peaches"

The Lamb lies down on Broadway[Sonny sighed up]
Adam Lambert , an ninteresting name for the Media's latest concubine template.
Like Susan Boyle , he came 2nd, but she was a virgin. I doubt 'Precious' here qualifies .
Anyhow, the new breed of predatory male shows boys how to get attention.
The butterfly[insect] and snake[reptile] on hir crotch speak volumes - by-passing overt MK for a mo' I guess the butterfly shows how fragile Adam is while the snake may mean he's trying to take the biblical wife's place [ however misread that story may be].
Most give the snake episode to Adam and Eve. Adam = Eve, with the snake speaking to Eve we may only wonder what Adam thinks of his trouser-snake.

Should we get into the MK symbology a tad possibly it equals -
" Poison me and Break me, I am your slave"

Snakes shed their skin, Butterflies emerge from the chrysalis and Adam suddenly decloseted himself, live, gosh!

Adam = ADM45 or ADVM51 , various shades of 'red', while
Lamb = TLH44 , the first astro-symbol, its planet the ruddy Mars/MADYM95.
Also the idea of Adam Lam as some sort of early alien-humanoid as revealed by Al the Crow.

Coy Carp - put in a bowl an' stare at it for


"One Sunday morn young Lambton went
A-fishing' in the Wear;
An' catched a fish upon he's heuk,
He thowt leuk't varry queer.
But whatt'n a kind of fish it was
Young Lambton cuddent tell.
He waddn't fash te carry'd hyem,
So he hoyed it doon a well."

Judging by the make-up Adam's going all out for pharoanic embalmment.

John F. Kennedy, the one and only Catholic president of the United States, was a human scapegoat, a "pharmakos." "Pharmakos" or "Pharmak-vos" can mean "enchantment with drugs and sorcery" or "beaten, crippled or immolated." In alchemy, the Killing of the King was symbolized by a crucified snake on a tau cross, a variant of the crucifixion of Jesus.
Prescriptive programming

Returning to Ay-Ka-Ptah [ The house of the double of P'Tah] note P'Tah's occupation, Clay-Man, a potter. His name seems to mean 'opener' which corresponds neatly to the Hebrew word PhThCh[80+400+8] - an opening.
The opening of Egypt was met with its revitalisation via Religious behaviour , architecture, jewelry, stories and history.
Everyone just had to have an obelisk while a few towns in America acquired Egyptianate names - Memphis, Karnack, plus a plethora of Egypto-Semitic inspired Mason names.
Modern pyramids sprouted across the land, from casinos to shopping malls & museums.

Clay Shaw's questioning by Garrison in the JFK investigation apparently led to so many leads that the inquiry soon dissipated into 'confusion', too many 'openings'.


"I ain't working on Pharoah's Pharm no more!"

More factos from Caddo County :
'Randle said he will request results as soon as possible and hopes to get them within a week. He said investigators found white, milky puddles here and there both on the well site and in a 400 square-yard area just inside the pasture.'

Hydraulic Fracture Fluid Kills Cattle Near Chesapeake Well

The drilling crew at a Chesapeake well site in Louisiana was "injecting fluids at high pressure to break down the shale and release natural gas," when some cattle ingested the fluid and died. 19 [ crossed out] 16 (edit) of the cattle died.

That sure sounds a lot like hydraulic fracturing. In 2005, at the urging of Dick Cheney, former Halliburton CEO, Congress exempt fracing from the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. It's way past time to repeal that exemption! LINK to EXAMPLE resolutions your group, municipality, county, etc. can adopt asking our legislature to remove the exemption.

But, there's no need to worry because the industry tells us that hydraulic fracturing is perfectly safe and never, ever contaminates any water and it's really precise except for when it's imprecise"

Pride comes before a Phall


Wisdom and Power - Sotomayer & Clinton both took a tumble leading to minor injuries.
HRC [ Harvest-Reap Combine] fractured her elbow and got treated at George Washing-ton Uni. Hospital. She'll return to for a check-up in a day or two.
"Biotelemetry implants were made in various parts of the body depending on the desired effect and function."
Barack asked the gen-pub. to not associate Ms. Soto with her racist remarks from a couple a years back, in an attempt to stop her tripping up on her way to The Supreme Court where she may dispense 'wise-latino-woman' judgements upon the unsuspecting.
But she did trip up! In fact over an object of her vindictive dismissal.

Luckily Clintonova din't fracture her salootin' arm.

"Tim Finnegan was an Irish hod carrier who fell off his ladder while drunk. Since he was apparently dead, his friends held a "Death Watch" (black watch or wake) at his coffin. This watch lived up to the traditional "liveliness" of these affairs and Mr. Finnegan was splashed with some vintage Irish whiskey (Fitzgerald's?) and resurrected."


Dennis/87 said...

Good brain food. The three's syncs me thinks is profund. What a web of ritual the human can spin. The snake and butterfly, for all to see. How Queer the entrainment flows.Dennis

aferrismoon said...

Have added a wee bit mor , see the rook


Newspaceman said...

see strikes down South.

cheers, will come back to you.

aferrismoon said...

The Snake and Butterfly for all to see, certainly there can be little chance of accident,...........nowadays


Newspaceman said...
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Newspaceman said...

link not working prop, google cowan freemasonry.


little dynamo said...

inspiring work

and you found 'BOVRIL' over at Sir Dole's?

BOVRIL!? lol

i'll get back to this, fantastic


aferrismoon said...

Cheers News. Got the Cowan link, must be ok now.
Saw the strike in Lincolnshire [ I guess that's South acc, to Scots] Oil Ref.
It seems quite typical of comapnies to arrange meetings then refuse to turn up. They know exactly the frustration it engenders, I assume they hope for a little reaction that might be illegal and then they can scream blue murder ...twats

Pretty sure I found it a Sir Dole's though can't remember which of his sites.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, I did not explain it too well, a cowan from the Ox-ford dictionary 1598 :

One who does the work of a mason, but has not been apprenticed to the trade.

Thus the strikes down south tie in well, the problem being the Poles who do the work for minimal pay.


Stephen Morgan said...

Horn - Corn - The Cornish, once Cornubians, the people of the horn. Share their name with the former inhabitants of upper Caithness. Horn shaped peninsulars. Horn-people. I won't mention little jack horner.

quatermass and the pit. I assume that picture is the Hammer version.

Stephen Morgan said...

I see a story from Barsham in Suffolk. A light show has been discovered in a medieval church whereby the equinoxes see a beam of sunlight shine on a Jesus statue. The site was formerly a druid site and is on the Michael Line. The same thing happened with the Ptah statue at Abu Simbel.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Stephen - Corn - Horn , I wonder of Wall is for Gaul , making it the Horn of Galls/Wales.

Outsiders refer to Cornish as 'webbies' , something to do with the sea.

Q and the Pit - that film brought out some fine ideas - The Cthulhu , Science and Magic, Legend and Fact mixed well nicely.

Have to watch it again

Will look for that church in Barsham. The Kennedys were rewarded for the money they diverted to Abu Simbel, quite a project of theirs


Stephen Morgan said...

Q and the pit, good stuff. Cthulhu rh'lyeh. The Thirdspaces in Babylon Five. The Eye of Sauron.

The then priest of Rennes les Bains, next door to Rennes le Chateau, wrote a book claiming that English was the original human language (as the Egyptians thought Phrygian to be) and listed some Hebrew name which he claimed to be merely corruptions of English words. As for the Welsh, that's an odd name which is of unknown origin, seemingly applied by the Germanic tribes to formerly Roman peoples (Welsh, Walloons, later Waldensians and so forth).

Atareye said...

Ironmoon great one great wizard of blogs!

Kinda late on this one. Had some in laws over. Brother in law and I drank some red wine and talked abstract. He said something most righteous he heard.

Some said there would never be a black President unless pigs flew....

Think about that one unless you already mentioned it.


aferrismoon said...

Stephen - I live in Czech and wonder about the connexion with Walesky people here. It seems . like WALes, to mean 'foreigner' in Anglos Saxon.

Also notice that many French-derived words with Gu- also have the same word with W-
Guarantee & Warranty
Guise and Wise
Guillaume and William
Guile and Wile

Guest and West seems interesting.

Gaul and Wal, maybe .

The Waldens came up in Piers [forgotton surname] 'Faith of Tarot' series as the carriers of the tradition.

As far as English being the first language , difficult to know if we've got to the human stage yet.
Maybe Hebrew may not considered a language perhaps a system for some new organic computerised brain , a form of inter-dimensional numero-linguistic calculating thang.

Who knows, cheers for your comments

Cheers Jon

Well u never know what they put in the water-supply. hallucinations can be convincing.

Here we have autumn weather, lots of rain, cold winds and the wind going from NE to SW which I'm assured is unusual, all due to some apparent eruption of a volcano in Alaska.


Alex Robinson said...

By jove that Suez spotting was darned go(o)d!

Watched an episode of Poirot recently where the murderee was done away with phosphorus, witnesses saw green vapours coming from her mouth & thought it was her spirit escaping to the ether.

Adam's 'Apple Moth' (we supposedly had a problem with them here & got sprayed) is certainly lying in a strange place & I thought snakes often got worn round necks, speaking of which - "The Mayans tell us that in 2012 a 'serpent rope' is going to emerge from the center of our Milky Way galaxy out of which will step a bearded god".
In the Quatermass poster a Barbara Shelley (a name I find keeps appearing) appears - directly beneath it is the word is pit so 'spells' 'Hell pit' - I think this may be part of that names hellish magical usage.


aferrismoon said...

Also noted ASS PIT too.


Unknown said...

Damn! You mention Hobbs & hobblers in this post and I mention "the hobbling dance" in my newest post ("Bee Seeing You...")!

I just remembered that the town called "Hobb's End" is the nexus for the story in In the Mouth of Madness, where a portal to hell is opened.

little dynamo said...

CaddoCattle found near Shreveport = gate of the Shreve/Shriver (old money/connected US family); JFK's Sargent Shriver ran the Peace Corps, Kennedy/Shriver clans were v close; Kalifornia Governator's wife, Maid Maria Shriver, publically called America "A woman's nation" a few weeks back

. . . for the Medea no less. . .

H.M. Shreve, sin-eater pal of Genral George

Washington commissioned and oversaw the layout and engineering of the goddess' garden, District of Columbia -- for whom fresh victims were just kulled from the Red Line herd

plus this week's Three Steps, McMahon, Fawcett, Jackson

plenty o shrivin' work! and they say there's a re-session!

Shaw = small group of trees, as you note . . . so, equivalent to the Grove of the Goddess, along with hilltops the central places of matri-worship in antiquity

Clay Shaw, involved in the JFK kingkill, thus combines the adam clay with eve grove = coniunctio, facilitated by the sacrifice, under aegis of female trinity . . . explaining your intuition of his organization's connection to "homoerotica and Egyptian creation myths" (see below)

the Bohemian Grove hijinx takes place annually near Guerneville, Kalifornia, a notorious homosexual enclave hosting occultists of the same bent; Guernsey is a type of cow -- so there's the link to the Kaddo Kow Killings

(MASonia Sotomayor, Supreme Nominee, just relinquished her membership in the girls' version of the Bohemian Grove, the "Belizean Grove"

but her heart's still in it! lol

Hathor squeezins, Bovril Groveril

Adam Lam Burnt and his butterfly/serpent crotch also fits here . . . both Crowley and Parsons in their glory! Lam on one thigh and Babs on the other, their time is cum

good skreed AF, stay above the floodline, ray

aferrismoon said...

Have snorkel , will travel

Thanks for the extra

Neverland , seems to imply 9/11