Monday, April 13, 2009

Czechs and Balances

On March 26th this year the Czech govt. fell to a vote of no-confidence, the same Czech govt. that at present presides over the EU, the Kolotocnik[ merry-go-round]Presidential System.
So a non-government heads the EU.

Last Thursday , just before Easter , in a fit of religiosity, JAN FISCHER , the Head of the Czech Statistics Office was asked to head a new govt, from May 9th.
Round about the same time we see the looming figure of the freshly-Catholicised Tony Blair attempting to persuade the EU that he should be the 1st permanent President. We may repair a few years back to the MEP Dr.Ian Paisley being shouted down for claiming the EU was something of a Papal Conspiracy to spirit government, secular and spiritual , back into the hands of the seemingly now Jewish-Catholic SynaChurch - The VatiKnesset.
Morals and enforced teachings a go-go.

Mr.Fischer like Christ is not an MP and so possibly we may have a EuroPres entirely unelected. Quite a nice little precedent for future years.
The two major party leaders Mirek Topolanek [ who got toppled] and the opposition party leader Jiri Paroubek [ pictured last] have agreed , along with President Klaus, to make Fischer PM. The Czechs have 'pissed off' the EU right from the word 'go' with their 'rude' exhibition whih artfully derided all other Euro countries.
Topolanek, prior to his resignation had warned Europe that it shouldn't blindly follow the US plan of paying off all the bankers. Solano got very angry and not long after Mirko lost his job.

Klaus, below, with his back to the viewer is famous for not believing in the evidence of Global-Warming as a bad, evil thing and fears that it will just become another ideology to which humans must supplicate. He claims its essentially a form of totalitarianism and has described Al Gore as an 'apostle of arrogance'
Below Fisher, Topolanek and Klaus

Below we Jiri Paroubek, one in a sizeable line of Czech PMs this century
Since 2000, when I moved here, there's been-
Zeman,Spidla, Gross, Paroubek, Topolanek and now Fischer


Newspaceman said...

President Santa Klaus ?


Devin said...

Aferrismoon-I very much appreciate your study of these blokes in the news that are in government -I had been going to mention something about Topolanek and Solana -my back pain is so bad today I am on these meds that make me somewhat forgetful -I think there was an old sci fi novel called "The Machiners of Joy" -of course this is hardly the only sci fi dystopian book to look at the medication of people to keep the peace -If I regain my train of thought on EU I will come back and post -thanks as always for your wonderful blog and best to you as always!!

StrangEye said...

The Fisher KingThe Fisher King, or the Wounded King, figures in Arthurian legend as the latest in a line charged with keeping the Holy Grail. ~SE~

aferrismoon said...

santa will doubtless be stirring some trouble in Europe nearer the end of the EU presidency - should stop the EU from smarming its way through everything.

devin - hope your back gets better. Meds can be fun, actually looked into PKDs thoughts on meds versus human-to-human therapies

Well Terry Gilliam is fond of Czech Rep, apparently.
Prague has the name Mother of Cities , and with its connexions with Germany & Austria in the past, Wagner etc, maybe there's a grail hidden here.