Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Crime is Life.......

" I've never done it with a pig before"
" The Israelis have redesignated me I'm a Mexican now"

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Rabbis running round cleansing bacilli of a virus which , though christened Swine Flu, apparently contains little or no piggishness and seems not to have affected any pigs as yet. To pummel further this thread of humour may we imagine Israelis lining up to accept QoSheR[600] flew, at only a marginal extra cost, but buy the Flu+Treatment together [ The 2 in 1 deal] and the QoSheRing will be met by the Insurance Company .
Jews not living in Israel will have no choice but to be burdened with this impious and generally inaccurate designation.
A retaliatory gesture saw the Israeli Defence Against [pi]Goyim-Originated Diseases Office rename it 'Mexican Flu', in some sort vague affiliation with the once popular Spanish Flu.
Neverthless said FLU seems to have originated in the US of A but calling it American Flu. This of course annoy all those Israelis who assume America = Israel.

Some reports have this FORT DIX [10] as the boudoir for dis foodwar not just for this one 2009 but also the 1976 [ Bicentennial] scare.
Subtract one from t'other seal voo play

Its all too late now as the Pig has flew

Egypt , a mainly Moslem country who share with the Jews the concept of the PIG as a 'DIRTY ANIMAL, filthy, stinking subspecies full of evil' has decided to off 300,000 swine . Perhasp they and Israel may find some common ground.

To ERR is human , to KILL divine

Smithfield has been globally fingered as purveyors of MEAT , for many eating meat = a crime against humanity by the Nutritional Diktaters. Differing from those who choose not to eat meat in that the N.D. doesn't eat meat so that it can disapprove of those who do.
Smithfield is the name of a big meat market in London , and a few other towns in the UK.

Crowleys 'Book of Lies' had No.83 poem called a BLIND PIG as the 2 hebrew lettes P = 80 and G = 3 make 83 , and PG = a PiG with no 'i'.
P = Empress[Venus] and G = Wheel[Jupiter]
Pineal Gland
83 = ChNKH , Hhanakah
11x83 = 913 = BRAShYTh - 'In The Beginning"
813 = VYAMR ALHYM YHY AVR VYHY AVR = And Eloheem spake let there be light

This whole food-mosaica splinters into those who don't eat dairy products, those who eat fish not meat, those who do/don't eat organic beef/pork versus those who refuse it on religious grounds but happily eat the other one.
Disapprove - Pressurize - Take Moral High-ground - Enter Politics - Make Laws Against People.

The panic intends to create what gets called ' MALADAPTIVE REACTIONS' [check Daffy Duck].
1. Go into SHOCK
2. Scream
3. Acquire Target
4. Engage Vengeance

Aww fuck it!

........the Sentence is DEATH

Next comes Chimney Flue

check out " In the Likeness of Molten Calm" at DA BLACK WHOLE.


Atareye said...

Wolf huffs and puffs and blows the pig right out the chimney. The pigs flies into duck and gains reluctant wings. Bird and Pig become one as accused lepers.

aferrismoon said...


Duck or Grouse

Alex Robinson said...

Swine Flu has just gotta be the correct 'designation' - albeit in an alpha & omega style - take the end & then the beginning of 'swine' & lo there appears the true 'spreader' of this mind virus - 'News'- in the middle of the frenzy lies the 'i' (eye) in the middle of this cooked up storm.

Sow long for now

Devin said...

You always get my wheels turning aferris-thanks for the AC information also-unfortunately I do agree with the post title "The Crime is Life..." I am taking a wait and see attitude with this latest scare-the MSM is really milking it for all it is worth. Enjoyed LJKs and wise woman's comments also-all the best to you!!

Atareye said...

HA! I like your title picture relative to the pig wolf Red Riding hood connections. I almost feel that the two story's are of the same source.


Atareye said...

How long has the new title been up? Over a month by now?

Wolf wants to make a pig of himself by eating RED Reading hood.....

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Wise - wondering what to do with that , I got stuck on South-West , North-East.
Yes, the News Virus

The crime is Life also synchs with the new things for curing Autism and any thing else that doesn't FIT IN

Cheers Jon.
Its up nearly a month. I have 3 Red and Blacks now.

Hoodwink synch + Wolf tone . Da genius is in.


Atareye said...

'Dust' in the wind HoGGman....