Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Lamb Lies dOWN......

So the augurs proved correct and the 44th President takes his place in the WhiteHouse. In Czech the word for WhiteHouse = Bily Dum [ Beely Doom] , but the general word for someone's home , house, flat = BARAK, and so the Czechs have taken to calling the WhiteHouse BilyBarak [ Beely Barak].
[ Obamalisk pic from DIRTY.RU]
The 1st of the astro-signs = Aries, which in Hebrew = TLH - Toleh, which means LAMB , not RAM. TLH = 9+30+5 = 44.

THus this new-age Messiah-Like-King firtles in as the 44th Prez sharing the same enumeration as Toleh, the Hebrew for LAMB, and the initiatory sign of the Zodiac.
Below we see TLH by Tarot [ right to left]. We see 2 form s of 'female' NRG , Strength[T] and Adjustment[L] parley to emerge as the EMPEROR. The Emperor = H , the Hebrew letter from which the star-sign TLH derives. Thus the Emperor initiates every new astro-cycle, and MADYM [Mars] = planetary ruler

Note the OrB held by the Emperor resembles the O from Obama's signature

Another word enumerates as 44 - DM [Dam] which means BLOOD. This tickled forth the idea of LAMB+BLOOD = SACRIFICE, and perhaps the blood-letting has been taken care of by the Government Of Izrael [GOI for short].
Can we also imagine that the sacrifice of lambs [ and other lamblike creatures] came into force as a memory aid for TLH-DM [ Lamb-Blood], with the theatre of ritual taking over the spiritual work , as it often does.

As the damned die down on Broadway
Bam! A street runs with blood
The Emperor waves to his people
Wading through the Red Carpet.
Songs sung in is honour
Drain the people's hearts
What first came on as lightning
Turns 222 a blessing
Semite say Barak!
Others call him golden,
A calf, a star, an ark
I wonder what his bite is like
'Coz all I've heard is Bark!

Next episode :
The amazing transformation of BRQ to BRK!


Devin said...

aferris -as always I hope you are doing great! my 404 probs are still happening here and there-I hope you are not having continuing probs with this-really enjoy all of your posts -will be looking at this more thoroughly if connection stays-I was surprised to see this day come-if one had asked me 4 years ago -in all seriousness I woulda said 43 would be dictator for life by 08-prob followed by Jeb! And 7-8 months ago I woulda said it would be Hillary or perhaps Mr-Cheney (i always think of him as mr no-heart no-soul) might pull a last minute coup-The American Empire never ceases to amaze me-I think we are living in the final years of it-but who knows? Best as always-love your work!

Devin said...

ps-this wasn't to say I think of Obama as a good guy-savior type either-I am just very surprised he was elected or (selected:-) and then was able to take the oath -ATB!

Devin said...

UGGH-aferris-so sorry-do not mean so many multiple comments-tell me if you do not like this and I won't do it-Thanks so much for info about aries-I did not know that the sign also = lamb-and very interesting info under ATEN-SHUN-all of it new to me-I had never seen O's signature before-one of the things that really hit me about inaugural stuff was sense of -o damn-now memory is failing-what did he say-something like "raging seas"-I am going to have to go back and look-it surprised me-well in a way it didnt -but it seems with all the language being used they are prepping USAans for next FF attack-even on PBS (i normally do not watch mainstream media-but was trying to get overall 'take' of the day from the people who dont think-I was surprised at one of the commentators-he repeated over and over paraphrasing here "the killers are still out there" -crap like that-great post as always-best to you!

Atareye said...

BRILLIANT! As usual :)

I like the octagonal lamb pic from your friend 'Dirty ru'. The octagon alone caught my eye then I took 44 and applied simple math.

4 + 4 = 8

So Barack is the Octagon prez of 2009?

Barack - Barak
A lamb of God-dog(bark)?

Sacrificial lamb? ASSASSINATION?????

I can't help but think that this is gonna be another case of...

"We kill the ones who try to tell us to get along."

His administration will be about "respect" to start it all off...

Oh bother...

222 = 6
Semite = star of David.
Golden calf = the need of 'sacrifice' for redemption of sin.

All signs pointing to Israel. I agree

Reread indeed my friend!

Pax out

suki said...

The slaughter/sacrifice of the Palestinians (a whole herd of lambs) was one fucking sick ritual, ending just in time for the crowning of the totally fake messiah (another sick ritual). You drench the earth with blood, then you have a massive party/ceremony...


OZwizard said...

"...taken care of by the Government Of Izrael [GOI for short]."

Interesting that satellite photos of the inauguration were from the GEOEYE satellite.See

Or G-O-I (GOI)for short.

aferrismoon said...

Devin - multiples are great.
I don't think that Obama = a saviour any more than anyone else, but , with US history, it says something that he , as a Black-skinned man can reach that office.
Of course the office has become tainted and has been the base of many an arch criminal.
I guess the role of President , in fact the whole administration , is something different nowadays. Corporate affairs and the apparent 'speed' of events tends to make politicians less like Statesman , more like sports commentators
Nevertheless despite all the 'evil' the world humans have to progress

Cheers AA , didn't see it til after.
Not just poss. of assassination but also the various 'deaths' , real and meta- thatsome will undergo to
keep this doggone course
Redemption = payback. Considering all this Fin.Crisis , and the Israelis paying the Palestinians back for Nazi Germany Redemption seems word of the mo'
Suki - seems that way. I mean the damn thing went off over Christmas when people feel a bit hesitant about protest , or slightly hopeful in fellow men, then it lasted 22 days , which just so happens to be the 22 letters of the Tarot/Hebrew Alephbet.
Have to post about that.
Note the Israelis are now selling the UAVs [ Unmanned Aerial Vehicles] that the Georgians used a few months back. The Russians were so impressed with the demo that they are buying them now.
OZW - thanks for info, great wordplay.

skrambo said...

Interesting that satellite photos of the inauguration were from the GEOEYE satellite.See

Or G-O-I (GOI)for short.

That is amazing.

Could the Barak=House translation have anything to do with the popularity of the TV show, House?

The B in his signature also very closely resembles the symbol for Aries, rotated.

Barack flipped backwards is Kcarab, looking like Scarab, a Sun symbol. That has probably already been picked up on long ago, though...

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Tommy.
Interesting point , maybe its just the idea of the safety of the 'HOUSE' that makes it a name for those curing the ills of the people.
A House is something meant to be safe, though it seems its now used as leverage to get people , afraid of losing theirs, to do things they may not have done ordinariyl.

If u check my post BarackSkcarab u will see it has been a bit done.Please don't hesitate to bring the 'probably been done' to notice again.
The Beetle I'm thinking may have passed as now the 'Sun has dawned' - apparently the Sun is called AF after it rises [ in Egyptian]

Yeah the B seems like that first shoot, or perhaps also a fountain of some kind, and perhaps breasts, for milking the nation



skrambo said...

It's interesting that you posted on that connection, I'm sure I saw it here first. My memory eludes me at times.

Aries also represents the Ovaries, as in Ovine Aries as I mentioned at Jake's blog and I first saw in The Pharmacratic Inquisition. Perhaps, signifying the gestation and birth of our new overlord. Aries seems to be of importance lately, with the scarlet (red, aries is a fire sign) ho and all that...

aferrismoon said...

Yea , there's the DODGE logo , with the Rams head , that looks like Fallopian tubes.


Unknown said...

Chris Knowles at The Secret Sun has picked up on a preponderance of 17's encoded into the inauguration ritual. I found the connections to your recent posts quite compelling.

The number '17' -through Gematria- corresponds with the Hebrew: [Tov] - "good/goodness"; [Gedi] - "kid/young goat" ; and [Zebach] - "sacrifice". Also [Deeg] - "fisherman/to fish" (perhaps even "fisher of men"? [i.e. - leader, civic organizer, politician, president]), which conjures some Piscean/Aquarian imagery as well.

'17' also corresponds with "The Star" tarot which features (in many versions) 8 stars and a female water-bearer. Strong themes of hope, renewal, and sacrifice. All of which seem to reinforce the significance of the insights you've shared and discussed here.

Keep up the great work!


aferrismoon said...

Yes, quite aware of the 17 as the '3rd 'goat', though hadn't clicked on to the word Zebach, thanks.
Also try to stay aware of any DG fishy connexions as this links to DG as Dorothy Gale [ though why exactly I know not, perhaps she can 'swim' through dimensions].
Did a post called 'G'DAY OZ sed PAN' , about Gedi mixed with Oztralian greeting G'Day. Just reread it and it happens to mention SecSuns 17 synchs

My present dogma [ though I say catpaw] uses the attributions from The Sepher Yetsira [ as found at Carlo Suares,], and as yet the Star plays the game of being 18.
This means that 17 = the Empress [ who derives from Ph [power-flower, flow, fish, ]. Using your comments on the Fisher of Men as Civic leader it makes me look to Obama as a 'feminist' and also the role of Michelle Obama.
The Star coming after seems to 'deal with' the dual current of any 'flow' or 'rebirth/renewal by allying it with the heavens or spiritual realm, balancing the material [ matter being the Empress as Mater].

Cheers for the inspiration.


Alex Robinson said...

Looking at Obama's 'O', I can't help but see a globe & axis. The 'B' reminds me of an ad we had here a long time ago showing hungry enzymes gobbling up dirt in a washing machine - strange but true :)

Devin said...

Brilliant analysis on what a prez is in modern day America aferris! I am glad you do not mind multiples-I do have to admit-as much as I am leery of BHO-I was so happy to see 43 take leave of the WH-I even think 41 tried to off Reagan in a kind if parapolitical type event on 3-30-81-I have absolutely no affections for en famile Bush-dont know if I said that right! we will see-as always love your blog and thoughts-off-topic does Hradcany mean anything-or is it just a place name? ATB!

suki said...

I'm sorry about the double posting. I was supposed to post the following on this thread, but it ended up on the previous one. So here we go again.

The attack on Gaza started with transiting Mars at 0 degree Capricorn (goat) in tight conjunction to transiting Pluto at 1 degree Capricorn/Goat. 0 to 1 degree Capricorn/Cancer/Aries/Libra are considered to be highly critical degrees, meaning that planets that aspect these degrees pack in a punch, so to speak.

Mars, the god of war, happens to be the ruler of Aries.

Mars ruler of Aries and Pluto ruler of Scorpio, together on the Solstice degree of Cap/Goat (ruled by Saturn), make for a very deadly combination . It is THE signature for war based on domination, control and violence.

ps: There was also a new moon that day. The Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto were all conjunct in Capricorn. Perfect timing...


Worth mentioning, astrologically speaking Capricorn is represented these days by a four legged goat (hence its association with climbing mountains/ladders), but it used to be represented by a mythical creature that is half goat and half fish.

Unknown said...

Thanks for making me aware of Carlo Suares! Still (and always) learning, so i apologize for being redundant. Should have known that you'd looked at the 17 connection already. The fact that you did so in Feb '08 just shows how far behind I am. This kind of stuff is probably best left to the pros, but it's all so intriguing that I just can't resist! =P

WELL, the placement of the Empress card at 17 is very interesting! Seems to reinforce the leadership in the "fisher of men" connection even more. Also, the role of [ZABECH] seems to change for me. Whereas The Star displays the female -renewing- giving of herself with both hands occupied in an act of devotion [i.e. - self-sacrifice]to nature, the Empress rests on the throne holding the rod/scepter of power and demanding, perhaps, devotion and subjugation to the Goddess/guide/government/establishment herself. Also The Star would give us hope and perhaps the renewal/refreshing of that which is, but the Empress-[PAY]=80=[YEHOD]-the "FOUNDATION"(perhaps of something NEW?).

The interplay of GD/DG around the 17 (as you and Suki have mentioned) is provocative, as well.

GD + DG = 74 + 47 = 44 + 77 = 121 = 11 x 11

7 + 7 + 4 + 4 = 22 = 11 + 11

Also interesting to note that 'Barack' may be enumerated as '34' or 17 + 17 according to this site:

Maybe [Ghedi-Deeg] could be a symbolic "fisherman of goats" like a shepherd or goat-herd, where the Empress' rod/scepter/staff would certainly come in handy as a means to corral the herd/sacrifice.

If DG can be [DAG](pronounced "dawg"{woof!}) for "fish", then we have [Ghedi-dawg] = Goat-fish reinforcing Capricorn. Which, via Suares, would connect us back to 'The Devil' tarot and the [Ayn]- "eye/vision" =70= [Colhozeh]-"All-seeing".

Your connection with DG, Dorothy Gale, is also very prescient - a Dead Giveaway, so to speak. DeeGee was, in her own way, a "fisher of men"; in that she gathered/lead her comrades in her quest to meet the WIZ. The "good" witch shared her Divine Guidance with DeeGee - showing her the road/path. She drowns the black-clad Witch of the West with a splash of water, and with the help of Toto, unseats the Emperor/ego/false savior by exposing (unveiling) the seer/keeper-of-knowledge/Magician behind the curtain. After exploring OZ, she finally learns that she has always possessed the thing that she's desired most: The key to the return home; The Ruby slippers of the Witch/empress of the east (Ishtar/Venus/Isis' sacrifice {of love?}).

The colors (blood) ruby-red and gold also made an appearance in the inauguration ritual.

The emperor and empress paraded through the town,
He wore a Krimson Kerchief, and she wore a Golden Gown.

Sorry if this comment is a little on the tl;dr. Thanks again.

Take care


aferrismoon said...

Sam - no redundancy .
Of course I like the CSuares stuff, but , had there been no other alternatives I wonder whether there would be any dynamic.
Government does seem to lean towards the matriarchal as it has to make sure the children get fed. In extreme it becomes totalitarian I guess.

Thanks for the specifics on the astro connexions and the attack.
Yea, the Goat-Fish, does it perhaps stand for some ancient animal only explained by a composite of 2 others, or perhaps just the characteristics of Goat and Fish [ aspiration [ goes to the mountain top] + fleXibilty [ doesn't always take the same route, goes with the flow- ready for the Aquarian]

Answers a bit rushed but am at work


aferrismoon said...

Cheers WW - Breasts and Mountains seem to appear as well, also the whole signature erect , with the B at the top, looks 'stremely phallic, while the O makes me think that maybe Barack probably got circumcised at some tender age.

Devin - Hrad [ in Russian Grad] = Castle, Hradcany is the area around the Castle, one of the postal areas. I guess it means castle Grounds, or something like that


Devin said...

Thanks for the info on Hradcany aferris! great posts here as always!