Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movies Make My World Go Round...........

The Movies , at first silent, then talkie really started taking a hold of the public's need for magic, escape, fantasy and the skewiffed historia so popular within the industry. Another form of movie proving successful were the animated shorts. Above we see Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a cartoon made by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1927. The 'studio' had asked for something to follow the ALICE COMEDIES. The show went well and continued for some years.
One young man in the Marines even copped the character as a nickname. His picture below has a banner with the WARREN commission written across it, and it strangely resonates that the whole JFK Investigation should get 'cleared up' by a man named Warren, which a dictionary gives as ' a network of interconnecting rabbitholes'.

The Rabbit OSWALD the animators coloured black and then white over his fortunate career. The poster reads BALABAN and KATZ which for me resonates with BOB BALABAN who acted in 2 'mind-altering' movies - CATCH 22 [ as Orr " Fly with me Yossarian" and ALTERED STATES , based on John Lilly's LSD-Isolation tank experiments, and , according to the MK Ultra files, worked on altering minds, with or wothout knowledge I know not.

A quote from James Shelby Downard's KING KILL 33 -
'On the morning of November 22, they [ JFK and Jackie] flew to Gate 28 at Love Field, Dallas, Texas. [ Where Jackie was presented with RED roses, instead of the usual YELLOW rose of Texas]. The number is one of the correspondences of Solomon in Kabbalistic numerology; the Solomomic name assigned to 28 is "BEALE".
On the 28th degree of latitude in the state of Texas is the site of what was once the giant "Kennedy ranch". On the 28th degree is also Cape Canaveral from which the moon flight was launched - made possible not only by the President's various feats but by his death as well, for the placing of the Freemasons on the moon could occur only after the Killing of the King. The 28th degree of Templarism is the " King of the Sun" degree. The President and First lady arrived in Air Force One, code-named ANGEL.
The motorcade proceeded from Love Field to Dealey Plaza.'
Jackie Lee Bouvier and Lee Harvey Oswald get twinned by the name LEE which comes from Old English - a meadow, but is often used in sailing as meaning 'the sheltered side'. Jackie L.B. [ her initials an anagram of LBJ- Lyndon Baines Johnson] had an aunt called EDITH EWING BOUVIER BEALE and a cousin, EDITH BOUVIER BEALE, who lived at for a time in a 28-room house called GREY GARDENS. The Board of Health had to order them to clean it, especially due to the enormous collection of FERAL cats residing at the said abode.
BEALE the Younger catches up on some salient reading

The state of the kitchen before the cleaning.

Below we see a little mouse perform some graphically-resonating Mind Kontrol on the 'lucky' rabbit, perhaps linking with LHO's time in the marines

Getting into a free-flowing synchro-stream let us fly to Chicago, to O'HARE Airprt , May 25 , 1979. We see Flight 191 bank to the left, out of control, just about to crash in the US's biggest air disaster until 9/11. A DELTA airlines Flight 191 crashed on AUG 2 , 1985. For more on the wierd number synchs see post THE BOWER OF TABLES.
The HARE = a RABBIT of sorts, and both 'jump up' to lend a resurrective air to the proceedings.
James Stewart acted in HARVEY , a 1950 film about a man whose best friend = a 6ft invisible rabbit, also called a 'POOKA', which , if I recall correctly also made its acquaintance with Robert Anton Wilson. By this time in his life , Lee Harvey O., who would have been 11, must have had a few musings about him and rabbits. Both Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and this pooka Harvey were 'big', well known in the popular culture - how this affected the young boy Lee one can only imagine.
Harvey also brings in the capital H, which resonates with the H in the Woody Allen film MANHATTAN - the Twin Towers are used graphically for the H, and a fantastic amount of double H- synchs abound - Hudson Hawk [ see the Blob about now], Howard Hughes, Howard Hawks......

....and HELLBOY. I see The BLOB has invoked Hellboy 1 lately, and oddly enough I caught a few visuals from Hellboy II, The Golden Army. [ The glyph for 2, or II, is actually a Gemini glyph, but I ain't got a Gemini glyph-maker].
Below we see Hellboy , with a babe in his mutated arm, fighting off a Forest Elemental , mucho-tentacled beastie. atop a neon Hotel sign.
Hellboy perches on the H [ for Harvey] while the Elemental makes off with the O [ for Oswald]

Now the movie invokes the Roswell numbers, also seen either side of doors in the INDY movie. 51 = 3 x 17, though the 51's reminded me that 2x3x5x7x11x13x17= 510510 [ the sum of the first 7 Primes multiplied]. 5151 / 17 = 303 slipping in a little latent masonry - u need masonry in these films due to the amount of buildings effortlessly felled by the Superhero Clan

Back to the Hotel - the creature, at its demise, spews forth a great deal of green, which floops over the H supporting Hellboy and the BABY, getting in on the greening festival. The spores and various natural juices proceed to forestify the pavements and buildings in a somewhat poignant death and thus the city greens.

This is their logo - Hand-Sword-Pyramid , as in- leave us alone, don't ask, we're secretive

Stuttering back into the early movie industry and its influences reaching into today's ultra modern era with it Mind Kontrol overtones we get a pic of Leslie Banks as COUNT ZAROFF from the movie THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME [1932] - about having an island and hunting your human guests, apparently a sport enjoyed in relatively recent times at BOHEMIA GROVE.

The door knocker to Zaroff's abode has the 'fallen and sacrificial female' pose - Hollywood as Mind-Kontrol only has to get one to identify with an image to start it 'infecting' one's self-image. The Starlette of this film was FAY WRAY who , next year, would find herself mechanically denuded by the giant but delicate fingers of KING KONG. May we imagine that she had this image already in her mind, or perhaps her career in the movies had already been well mapped out. Pure speculation of course, but where would my blog be without it.

Here's a mag from a blog called ALLURE which deals with the movies in the 20's and 30's , should the period interest you, the blog's a great place to start - comprehensive without rambling.
Even then questions got raised about 'who' owns the movies, aware as the populace were of its corrosive effect on society and its morals

Hellboy even makes the connection - here musing while The BRIDE of FRANKENSTEIN screams. Hellboy's voice seemed very reminiscent of LEE MARVIN.

Travelling through time we have The DOCTOR, from Dr.WHO. Here his assistant DONNA has taken on too much info due to catching TIMELORDITIS. her 'puny human brain' cannot assimilate the Time Lords' vast knowledge and she gets her memory wiped then taken home, laid out on violet sheets dressed in purple. When she wakes she remembers nothing and reverts to her role as a fairly superficial secretary who shouts a lot and acts wholly self-centred , well she's a woman isn't she.

People get written into roles and for ladies, as well as the brain-dead but 'happy' temp, we get the IT girl, pure , gorgeous, ready to please. Here Marilyn Monroe, belle of Jack Kennedy, poses , manipulating powerfully how some people will think of women. She must be successful, she must be, look at her.

Much of her act, her persona seemed to emanate from BETTY BOOP, who then returned the favour. Betty's catchphrase was BOOP-OOP-A-DOOP, which leads me to SOME LIKE IT HOT, where MM really plays up the dumb but loveable showgirl - 'SUGAR' KANE KOWALCYK [ Double K's with Lashings of Sugar, nyam nyam]
Thus 2 early cartoons link quite menacingly with the JFK assassination - none for the master , one for the Dame, and one for the little boy who lives down the lane [ or rabbithole]

One who has also used the Marilyn Monroe Marionette Act to further her dazzling career is the High Priestess of Pop MADONNA among various guises intending to keep the awed populace enthralled. She is now embroiled in the continuing Britney saga, apparently they will be coming together for another faux-lesbian contract killing of the pop princess.
She has a gap in her front teeth........

....a bit like Jojo Mengele aka Dr. Green [ or one of them] master of the MK programme early in its lifecycle

Ze bigger ze headache.......

....ze bigger ze PILL


Michael said...

Bunny hunting - great! We take the terriers to a field every day where they hunt little brown bunnies (on the leash, so they can't actually get one). The H for Hotel is sweet, the other is Hospital, hospitalier, another brand of Crusading knight, I believe.

I went to visit a friend in the hospital last winter, he was in room 501... the Levi genes number of the cloned.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Michael - I have to say its a great synch considering your Double H - Ranch and the Hellboy horns + built physique of your 'avatar'-glyph thing.
Used to catch bunnies when I were a wee lad, many had myxomatosis though, so we spent most time fishing
501 + 501 = 1002 [ 2001 backwards]

Indras Net said...

Great stuff. I dig all of your work and love your numbers. I wanted to add the 51 is the degrees in angular seperation of the 7 pointed star. "The steeper angle of the heptagram is 51.428* degrees. This is very close to the angle of slope of the sole surviving Wonder of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, which is about 51.8 degrees. " From Here keep up the great work. blessings -kevin

Michael said...

Hi Kev, great syncs for the 501. Got a great Hotel synch for the moon, in my latest entry. Thanks.

Michael Skaggs said...

Aferris! Loved it, loved the little synch wink of Mengele/Madonna or Dr. Green, more MK synchs I see!

All those H's which reminded me of the WWE wrestler, Triple-H, which his moniker was "all about control" HHH=888 so, possibly more 8's in there with all those H's in the Hellboy movie.

Amazing again, thank you!

Jake Kotze said...

Love it good sir.

I was taking the same screen shots of Hellboy 2 the day you posted.

Will rant about it later.

Be very well.

Your Rabbits remind me of Matt Groenings "Life in Hell" ones.

RAW (who worked for white rabbit resonating Playboy and whos favorite film was Harvey)used to talk about Lepufollogy. He said it was the legitimate study of UFO sightings related to rabbits. A quick Internet search convinces one that this was a classic example of what he called 'gorilla ontology'.
Not that he wasn't on to something..

aferrismoon said...

Thanks INDRA for the pyra-info, have saved that page. Perhaps the filmakers project the pyramid onto the scene without actually having to construct one - its inferred by the number.
Thanks MICHAEL-S, I've checked a couple of BIGEVIL's wrestling posts - seems those guys synch effortlessly.
The Tentacles appearing in the city in Hellboy seemed fairly unnecessary, wondering if its just an excuse to tentaclise us repeatedly. Thinking over, It was a good synch as it joined your tentacle research with the Blobs post that has Hellboy in it.

Cheers JAKE, yeah I thought about MG's 'Life in Hell', he seems a great fan of that era, wonder if him and Walt are secret relatives?
I've got a cuople of other Hs from that scene.
The film synched for me as I used to live in County Antrim and we spent a few great days , as children, on the Giant's Causeway.

Cheers MICHAEL , have saved your post, get into it later

Cheers Travellers of the Synchrowaves

skrambo said...

Ka(tz) + Bala(ban) = Kabala = Cube God = Saturn. Just pointing that out, probably got looked over for being too obvious

Occult Mosaic said...

nice work. seems you jacked my hd and stole some of my hellboy 2 screen shots lol.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Tommy, absolutely did not overlook that - the obvious often passes me by.
Hi Terry, It's becoming a side study of mine, synchro-screenshotting. There were a few with the Indy film, esp. Kate Blanchettes finger on Indy's 3rd eye


FilmNoir23 said...

CHOICE work as always aferris!

Any Donny Darko rabbits abounding or Trix cereal?

You'll love this...You'll appreciate middle name is WARREN

Alex Robinson said...

Great linking of ideas.

The DC 10 crash of '79 reminded me of our own NZ DC 10 crash the same year (there was also another one in Mexico).
DC Comics of course had a few bunnies of their own - including Hoppy the Marvel Bunny (1942) - this mind control theme from wiki from a 1945 story - "In "Hoppy Meets the Wizard Bunny", Hoppy is hit on the head and develops amnesia. The mysterious Wizard watching, and he flies down to help Hoppy regain his memory... Eventually the Wizard gets Hoppy to say "Shazam!" and his memory is restored, along with his abilities. There is also a story called 'The Oz-Wonderland War'.

Also found Atomic Rabbit (1955) - "a lonely and starving rabbit that inadvertently gains super powers by eating a radioactive carrot laced with uranium."

Seems bunny power goes way back.

Alex Robinson said...

Found this little Oz fest that may be of interest


aferrismoon said...

tod AND warren , so not just a fox and a rabbithole but an anagram of WTC - Ok so this will have to become a wild synchrpost [ along with the Rush-Blackbeard].
Donny darko has come up recently on a nearby post in the last week or so.
Cheers WW - they do come up a lot in all sorts of cultures, across the board, more prevalent than the various 'god-types'.
Of course they provide great fun in Oz where they were introduced, overran the area, so the authorities get some rabbit-predator which then becomes a pest.
Do the Maoris have 'rabbit myths' ?


Filmnoir23 said...

yes, indeedy you flushed out the WTC from my name...

can also use just the TC=23
same as Tyrell Corp from Bladerunner

Alex Robinson said...

Seems bunnies were introduced into NZ in 1838 - so no Maori myths. We had more of the prehistoric type animals (& some weird insects - if you're suffering from bunnytosis try googling images of the 'weta' for a change of scene). Weta is also name of the studios founded by Peter Jackson & behind Lord of the Rings trilogy.