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The German cover of AJCRONIN's Kaleidoscope in K , published in 1933, same year as KING KONG released. A film was made of the book, which strred FAY WRAY who also starred in King Kong.

Below we see a 9:11 used in the a Dee-tective story. Not a bad vantage point for those observing the Twin Towers. The signal got lost at 10:02 , thus the whole date of the attack with the year reversed.

The kind of books that apparently sell [ cells] in millions - MaLL HOSTAGE and ACADEMY MURDER. Written by Grande Madame Kathy J-ARROW. Astro-symbolically ARROWS get shot in the air to draw one's eye to the Rainbow, a multicoloured device denoting a COVENANT with God or some other knowledgeable beastie.
The big agreement with El-Goddo came after he had flooded the world, creating a temporary homogeneity. After 40days on in an enclosure called the ARK, those who got on board, 2 by 2, get the Holy promise- The Lord shall not flood the world again. Everyone jumps for joy ,restarting the whole biblical adventure. Remember humanity had its structure messed up by 'specialisation' via the Tower of Babel action, when God? gave everyone a different language. This hides the idea that in fact it was done to all humans so they couldn't 'generally' understand themselves rather than 'each other'. The first 5 books of Moses seem like a torrid , all- encomapassing dividing of the human psyche, which describes the 'effects' of bible.torah.koran study with its multitude of double and triple binds + a fair sprinkling of impossible situations - sort of like Lawyers spliced with Mengele and then scripted for Disney
This alter has her code on screen : LOCO 2459

She fiddles with her beads , stressed out , in front of the ATM [ Atum]. She , married to an older man, has eloped with Woody, a young man married to an older woman.
The shot below has someone in RED standing on the bridge , overseeing the main action in the prog. There seems little reason for it, positioned out of the viewers probable line of sight. I imagine that its there for the alters viewing the prog, reminding them that someone watches over, from the bridge. In the MK material they give: OBSERVATION ALTERS [ these deep alters quietly observe all that goes on in an alter system, they may be called Watchers

The present breed of detection programmes bleed into vertuality. This one's called Law&Order:Criminal Intent [ See Eye].
Relating it to MK material: Compartmentalisation and a Ladder to move through the various alters encoded in the 'books'. To the left are 2 identical pictures of Mrs Jarrow. This complies with defined but complex 'mixing' of personalities/alters/cards we may give credence to should we 'believe' in the outer or exterior 'faces' of the subject.
The mixing of colours proves no mean task.
In the Card below called ART [ or Temperance in other packs] we see a Master Alter refining the process. Its neck bears the RAINBOW Scarf which might imply that this one has control over those 'wearing' single-colour scarves.
It mixes FIRE and WATER into the cauldron, while the Lion and Eagle add BLOOD and SPERM producing an early recipe for CAMPBELL'S BUTTERFLY SOUP
Behind VITRIOL written in full. Vitriol , from Latin Vitrum - glass also 'means' Sulphuric Acid, great for burning patterns and shapes into fairly impervious substances. It also means cruel and bitter criticism.
As the 15th card [ via Sepher Yetsira] , it corresponds with SAGITTARIUS , the Archer which the Hebrews refer to as QShTh [ 800] meaning a Rainbow.
"Want you to know. I'm a Rainbow too, to the rescue........"

The card complementing it = the 7th, the TWINS, which corresponds with GEMINI [ Hebrew ThAVMYM [497]- Twins [ Thomas]. here the varios alters stand before the master clutching hammers , roses and various dualistic devices, the hard and the soft, the sub and dom, the flip and flop. The Master spins a purple symbol of the infinite , merging the ingredients, while Cupid sticks their hearts with pins.
'The animals went in 2 by 2'

Crowley made it plain that these 2 cards as complements proved the most difficult to 'understand'. It looks like the Twins = the various alters awaiting assimilation into one unit described in the ART card

In the Law and Order:CI episode the powerful female crime-writer ties a knot round her Teddy's neck as she hums a tune for her baby, as yet unconceived. From a description of colours used in Monarch MK processes:

GREEN or EMERALD GREEN. These cat altars recognize they have been abused. They still see themselves as belonging to the cult family, and deny that they have been abused to protect their cult family.

RIBBON ALTERS to send messages from computers to System Areas

The programme really outdid itself, when, while in questioning over the disappearance of her young beau [ whom she hoped would impregnate her before menopause set in] the Crime Author comes out with a line wholly disconnected to the show's story, and the questioning:
'The masters are hiding that part of themselves'.
It raised an eyebrow or two but the questions moved on. They talk about the young man Woody and the Crime Author states that ' his mother used him early on' , going on to say that's probably why his father was imprisoned for killing her. A couple more raised eyebrows, I imagine this 'went over the Detectives' heads'

Bridges made an appearence. We see a photo of Brooklyn Bridge , I think. Whatever it looks very similar to a photo in ELLUMINATI'S post - RED ARROWS, LOOKING GLASS, WATERDOORS and NYC.

In the same scene we see another bridge behind the head Honcho's head, who was her old flame some time ago

Another twinning guilds the screen. Red Yello and Blue = the PRIMARY colours. Bit like the map of OZ.
Move the coloured films around and perhaps one may raise alters from a subject.

At one point we get cajoled into thinking it was Da Niggaz, but they see the white girl and boy in a White Range Rover and head off. Apparently they don't touch dat freaked out whitey thang with its whacked out mimbo-jimbo

What may I infer from this timorous offering - a glimpse of what happens to other people, those poor wretches..... or perhaps a look inside to see what my cognitive processes get up to.
The Monarch MK prog, believed leads one to horrific thoughts, yet at the same time gives valuable insights into the workings of society on itself and its participants. One may readily include the 'triggers' in Synchromysticism , whether 'reported' or 'invented', as part of the 'gramme. OZ for example features heavily in the MK material, but also in many of our lives, as many of our childhoods featured the story.[ I live in Czech Republic where most people have never heard of the Wizard of Oz, so I guess people won't get triggered by it, though Alice has been well received - see Jan Svankemajers 'Alice' 1988].
One might ignore all the MK miasma , though once read it proves 'interesting', thus we may 'use' it. We may ignore it and as such it's not there. I feel the Moving Picture Industry may have picked up on it and found it a deep trove of stories, something that gels disparat elements together, useful in these times of plotless, fast moving, blam-blam features full of 'superheroes' and 'arch-villainy', like the comic artists that have employed subtle symbols in their far out adventures that turn ever inward into the recesses of mind and mememoree.
Osiris got re-membered from 14 pieces, while God's a minimum trinity-alter.
MK ULTRA - Change we can believe in!


Jake Kotze said...

Thats the Brooklyn Bridge alright fine sir. I have the same image scrolling past as a screen saver at my day job...



aferrismoon said...

I notice that it came up not just on ELLUMINATI'S but also Michael at GOSPORN with added waterfall.
Not only that Steve W. has issued 2 new vidz and , for me, he resonates with Bridges

Michael Skaggs said...

Well done my friend! Superb insights and spots in the t.v. show! Very useful info indeed! Skipping merrily along the path of synchros, stumbling into a few CONspiracy themes indeed!

Thanks Aferris!

Anonymous said...

hey moon,

There is a hot little number over at psuedOccult Media (dated 7/5) that ties in quite snugly with Trigger-Nomatree.

It enough to make one's heart sync.

Alex Robinson said...

Hi Aferrismoon
Some great thoughts there - really liked the idea of Babel messing within our own heads - have wondered if it was not language that was messed up but our understanding of it - as if the words stayed the same but our mental grammer got skewed - sorry trying to work with it now & it doesn't want to play ball - I think our logical basis for conversation does not allow the correct use of language

Benjamin S said...

Great one! A similar Brooklyn Bridge image was used in a similar manner in Disney's Enchanted (see my post, the woman in the image is "The Little Mermaid"), nice catch. I stopped watching CI when they brought that guy from Sex and the City in and I had no idea wtf happened to the legendry main dude. You might be interested in an MPD episode of SVU I covered, with one of the Sex and the City girls as the MPD victim (though in the end you find out she faked it).

Keep up the great work (love to know your thoughts on the latest Doctor Who btw).

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Michael - I look at it as a cog [ or something] that interlinks. Trying to keep it somewhat light and a tad cynical as its 'crazy' stuff to 'believe'
Thanks WWW- got it. As for the heart synching, perhaps thats what the 'Loomies' re afraid of
WW - Buckminster-Fuller wrote that syntax,esp. presented in a printed page way does not resemble how our thoughts act in our minds. A reason perhaps for dyslexia, or groups of people finding difficulties with the Europeanised Academic systems.
he recommended reading in mental mouthfuls , then moving on to the next bite-sized piece [ if that makes sense]
Ben - Cheers for the Bridge lead.
They're all a bit strange , these Detective things. The dissonant music as characters get in a lift or some other 'innocent' mix of music and image.
The SUV has the dreadful word 'UNSUB' for its suspects - I imagine that really helps with disassociation
If it gets too disturbing I practice the Dr.Who Hands-in-front-of-eyes, hide behind sofa , go to toilet or someother programme breaking device.
Bridges may be rainbow resonaters, as they span water. The Rainbow as God's post-diluvian Humanity Bridge


Newspaceman said...

Aferrismoon, can you help me with this please.

I believe that the actual translation from the "original" bible is 616 and not 666. Yet I read that Crowley, after meditating in the great pyramid, was allocated room 666 at some hotel or other and was chuffed about that happening, seeing it as a portent.

Yet surely he would have known it was 616, not 666, or is it just symbolic.


aferrismoon said...

As its in the New Testament I can't go to the torah and see what its been translated from.
Though, In The King James Bible I have [ printed 1900 or so] it reads in the margin that ancient sources also give 616.
Crowley found a Stele in the Bourak Museum with catelogue no. 666, which then became his Stele of Revealing [ you'll find it all over Crowleyan pages].
As to why he went for 666, I think he likes make bold statements and/ or play trickery. 666 does market better than 616 [ which adds up to RVTh-Ruth as it happens].
Of course he may be obfuscating everything , like the order of the Tarot.
He does seem 'key' in the general symbology of today. He wrote his Book of the Law 4 years after Baum wrote 'The Wizard of Oz'.


Newspaceman said...

Thanks AFM, my brain is beginning to clarify his writings.