Sunday, January 19, 2014


The legalisation of Marijuana , Sweet Mary-Jane, Pot, Grass, Weed, Dope, Wacky Bakky, Chronic, Skunk; the media machine has granted its production and distribution for the general public.
Since it illegalisation it has been promoted as a medical wonder that relieves pain in those with CHRONIC ailments. Now it is to be distributed to all. The implication is that mankind is in so much pain that ingesting a plant , most it seems will smoke it, will take away that pain.
If one uses a painkiller to take away the pain it obviously becomes addictive until the origin of the ailment is removed. Thus marijuana for pain relief must be 'addictive', despite the 'scientific proof' that it is not. One of the reasons for promoting 'weed' is that it isn't addictive. The machine metal mind that sustains consumers does not care whether its addictive or not, once people buy it repeatedly the result is much the same. Inculcate it into the marks' lifestyle and hey! presto, they will demand to be associated with 'chronic dopeweed'. This is why the corporate musicians were used to promote it via their repetitive-4-chord, nod-nod rhythms while they entwined , like a vine, with freedom and liberation. Commercial reggae was used because of the association with black people as slaves who are freed by ganja and repetitive trance-like beats. Rock music used the whiteskin jesus-lookalike longhair who took listeners on a screeching soul-trip to the stars. Both genres essentially enslave youth in nod-nod, smoke-filled atmospheres, united in their desire to be isolated by plant-based and synthetic ideologies - grinning.
Humans may be used by both plant [nature-reproduction] and metal [ money, weapons, digital language, media] to further their genetic electro-genetic pattern.
Machines fill the world with more machines which herd humans into further machine-making and the production of nature-based chemicals to ingest, ingestion of which channels humans into lifestyles in which machine and reproducing nature control omni-humanity's lifetime.

Uncle Sam is a warmonger. The Uncle Sam cartoon-poster-propaganda personality points at you, yes you, and says that ' WE [ collective humanity] NEED [ requires and essential for life ] YOU [ whether you like it or not. And by 'YOU' the poster implies 'you who are alone and standing in the way of the collective humanity 'behind' the poster].
'TO STAND UP[ be counted , don't be the last one to stand up or you'll be seen. Stand up for yourself you sniveling, cowardly non-person wretch]. FOR YOUR RIGHTS [ implication - your right to take marijuana, mostly be smoking. Implication 2 - you're such a weak-willed, lily-livered non-person that we good people have to tell you to stand up for your rights as you are so pathetic etc., etc. ]

Uncle Sam here is GREEN, because green means good for the environment or mama nature, or eco-friendly.
Unco Sam would also like that you sit back and don't complain about the drone-screen-machine-war on humanity carried out by zombified humans with deep-screen, torture-tolerant, meta-programming.

You can avoid smoking marijuana and bake cakes and other foodstuffs but smoking is a far more effective delivery system and , despite health warnings, delivers tobacco to millions of people every hour.

Marijuana legalization benefits tobacco companies far, far more than it will ever benefit their customer.

Some say that it will stop people ending up in prison for a non-violent , victimless crime.
The US has a privatized prison service - replacement criminals will be found. In fact they could still be the free-to-use-maryjaner arrested and imprisoned on another non-violent crime such as stealing food while on the 3rd strike and receiving 25years , or life, while corporate thieves rake in crookedly-but legally acquired billions, creating financial crises to increase stress levels among humans leading to criminal activities or isolation-insulation via routine drug ingestions, and then they are given insane, unspendable bonuses which are flaunted and then written up as 'well-deserved' and awarded 'person of the year' celebrity go[l]dhead status.

It is also mooted that it will take income away from drugs-cartels. marijuana is now too bulky for drugs cartels - illegal business thrives from getting as much profit and control from as little of the product as possible. Marijuana is to the drugs cartel what the giant computers of the 1950s are to the tech companies of today - obsolete.
In Mexico the government is battling vigilantes , non-criminal citizens of Mexico, who want the deadly cartels off their streets and lands. The citizen-vigilantes have been asked to lay down their arms. The government seems more protective of the cartels' interests than once-peaceful non-criminal, non-tax-evading citizenry.
Many people think government and crime go hand in hand and as such the tax from marijuana will go into criminal government coffers.

Sub-Vertising often focuses on the HEAD alone. Pot-heads or jus' plain ole' heads, shucks could even be deadheads.

A Blackskin being liberated.

"The planet Earth is evolving from a world of life and human beings, organized socially in nations and civilizations, ruled by verbal ethic languages (laws, religions) into a world of machines, ruled with digital languages (money, science) and organized socially by the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines, corporations that form together the complex FMMI system with a head in ‘world-stock” .

Adam Curtis in the documentary ' CENTURY OF THE SELF ' notes that Edward Bernays was approached by the tobacco companies to solve the problem of women not smoking cigarettes. Women smoking at that time [ early C20th ] was looked down upon. The Tobacco companies looked down upon not being able to access that mark-ette. Bernays suggested combining female smoking with female liberation and got a gaggle of classy gals onto the street to light up and liberate while frenzied photographers and reporters turned it into front page news.

Image from:

Again in the early C21st we see 'potsmoking' and 'freedom-liberation' in the same agitprop-popart programming. The 1960s clamped narco-ingestion firmly with liberation theology, the core of the 'love' movement spun around the 'Do what thou wilt'-OTO-Scientology-Church of Satan-Process Church-The Children-Pop-Crop-Death-Cult-Dysfunction-Instant Gratification-HeadOnanism-Anti-Mentality.

While your head spins they spin propaganda into you.

Whiteskin Jesus Cool Type - he's alright

Liberated cool-babe-love chick. She go choo-choo " like a train'.

Community-companionship style propaganda

Hey , at-least-it's-better-than-poison programming

Submit to higher authorities. The Sub-Dom activity in the photograph is an Ayahuasca ritual , submitting to the master and the sacred vine
Smoking is Sacred shamano-propaganda - that is priest-master [ of ceremonies] whose programming you 'follow' or 'go with the f[o]l[l]ow' as he fills your body with chemicals and suggestions your weakened state cannot resist. Remember to call him MASTER [ Me-Stir] as he is your master and you are a small, defenseless child-cub who is perpetually in need of life-actualisation, direction, and release from TRAUMA. People generally go to brainwashing ceremonies after programming by society and 'friends' that they are essentially inadequate but for a small fee handing your inner psyche over to a plant and a sham-man….life WILL [ perpetual future ] be better.
After the TRIP that RIPS please take in some cool films that will syncrometastise your ME-self to the diVINE entanglement.

Remember to validate your drug-choice repeat the word SACRED - Say Cred or SACRAMENT

Take on Roles when you smoke to validate it as ethno-retrieval magic-memory, download spirit beings which will GUIDE you.

Colora-Doh! Legalisation

Note the long-time-sold expensive accessories , the BONGGGGGG!! Bong for a Belle.

Marijuana is no-ways addictable, maaan!!

Combining the faux-shamano with the wonders of the audio-visual allow me to present -


The burning pipe plays centre stage, held by the very old and wise Gandalf , who suffers no smoking-related health problems. He has created a smoke dragon that lights his pipe, doubtless the dragon of the title codenamed SMAUG, a corruption of the word-sound SMOKE [ SMAUK ]. 'K' in Slavic languages is often pronounced softly to sound as a G.

The Polish for Dragon is SMOK.

Gandalf blows smoke rings which amaze children , a percentage of whom may attempt to make smoke rings themselves with the help of Philip More-Is good, and they will feel companionship with their elders who have fought for years to reclaim their right [ kingdom etc ] back from the evil sorcerers who made their strengthening wonder-weed illegal.

The mass of humanity is represented by the ORCS - ugly, violent, unintelligent

Pipe-weed is a tobacco strain grown by the Hobbits. Many children and teenagers visit enormous screens that have projected on them giant faces of the heroes and villains. The noise and the total immersion of modern High-de[a]f cinema environments replicate immersion in shamanic ritual - words like tobacco-pouch or pipe or smoking can be inserted into the PLOT along with gratuitous images in situ.

Some of the vocabulary and ideas in this post are shamelessly derived from:
"Sciences Predict & Control the Cycles of its Species to improve Human Life"
which Is linked by A13 to this post -

Won't ya hurry
Coz I'm tired of these scenes
For a blue coin
Won't ya bring back
All those colours to my dreams
Silver majik ships, you carry
Jumpers, coke, sweet MaryJane
Met a false friend
On a lonely, dusty road
Lost my heart
When I found it
It had turned to dead, black coal
Silver majik ships, you carry
Jumpers, coke, sweet MaryJane
You're the answer
That makes my questions disappear
Coz I'm weary
Of these double games I hear"



Anonymous said...

I think I need a strong cup of coffee.

- Aangirfan

rubbell said...

Weed has been used in lung challenging occupations for a long time. This enzyme has used pot but could care less if anyone else uses it. Ideas are sustaining and I am glad for your ideas as they generally are appealing to me. My position is man needs friends in this reality and I do not want third parties deciding who I ride with on my way to final destiny. I am glad for your other conversion though. Yours respectfully R. Olausen.

aferrismoon said...

HI Aang - coffee - Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Casho Crop.

Coffee speeds you, the new starins of weed slow ya down

Its like Yin and Yand and balance and such.

R. Olausen - apleasure to receive your comment, have read your comments at Da Black Whole and at 'Science Prediicts...'

I do not feel that most Marijuana smokers will use it to clan their lungs, but with tobacco, also tobacco as 'marijuana substitute' when the weed can't be accessed.

The marijuna grown now seems to be more powerful strains than natural-growing marijuana, designed to effect the quickest and most powerful 'high'. Ballistic delivery systems.

Tobacco allegedly was used by native Americans to cleanse the body of toxins but I think it was used sparingly and not on a daily basis as smoking ha become today.
[citation needed:]

Marijuana legalisation plays very well into the tobacco industry hands - smoking papers and other accoutrements.


T0X said...

So its water and classical music for you, eh? Good for you!

Beethoven was a corporate musician. Every musician youve ever heard of was a corporate musician, funded and approved by the ruling class. No annoying slavish african drums though, gotcha.

Your diatribe never seems to arrive at what should be the point: why is MJ suddenly being legalized and promoted at this juncture? Perhaps because your actual point in this article is simply culture war bile-spewing.

Weed does not technically "slow you down", THC is a CNS stimulant. As a painkiller, it is far less effective than many others (legal) that you could list, describing it as such is deceptive, ignoring its other effects. Your argument that weed is obsolete to the mafia is also false, the new strains cost 400% more by weight as the old stuff. And there will be no "replacement criminals", the prison industry will still target inner city minorities and poor people - you know, the orcs. The ayahuasca-shaman thing? Way off topic and completely irrelevant, at least non-culturally.

Media brainwashing, submitting to authority? The slaves shall serve- I'm clueless as to why youre so upset about their plight when you clearly consider them subhuman.

Sure weed is mildly addictive, especially for people with deep emotional problems, who use its mood enhancing qualities to cope. Every time I leave the stuff alone for a while, Im amazed at the lack of withdrawal symptoms. Every time I start back up again I'm amazed that I ever stopped, as the intense focus and introspective headspace it induces are amazing for artistic creation. Maybe you should try creating something instead of sitting around whining about corporate art.

a stupid, slavish, ugly, violent, unintelligent, grinning orc who smokes weed

A13 said...
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A13 said...

Hi Ferris, Thanks for the link over..Glad you have read and digged Louis Sancho's work. He also had another blog called about the dangers of CERN. On the weed thing, i agree that it is been bred and hybridized ie GM weed..i prefer the old fashioned buds myself..but, trying to give up cigarette smoking i found myself in the possession of a "herbaliser" vaporiser which is very nice. I don't use it much as when i smoked J's with tobacco mixed, it was much my useage has dropped significantly..
The Machine age we are entering and how you have associated the "legal weed" component to it makes alot of sense..I'll be back later with more to say :) good to see you writing again :)
Cheers A13

Charles Edward Frith said...

The power elite have used drugs for social engineering since the Eleusinium mysteries and so forth. That doesn't mean there aren't interesting insights from them. DMT is notably missing from this list and yet it's in a class of its own when it comes to transdimensional voyages.

aferrismoon said...

HI Tox , yer handle's a dead giveaway. Gosh, sorry I didn't write a finals thesis , got too stoned to finish :}
Humans are creative without anything extra, Ayahuasca thing is not off topic - unless you're uhh writing this for me.
You're 'subhuman' comment I think constitutes 'trolling'.

A13 - At present tobacco companies, in the 'west' have very few outlets to advertise, thus they doubtless were behind the pot legalisation. Legalisation is a political move thus its lobbied for by powerful interests.

Its The Brave New World 'SOMA' for all those not taking pharmaceutical products.

Charles - I'm not saying there aren't interesting insights, but its not from them, its from the conjunction of our neurons and chemicals with theirs.
There's wonderful insights from not using DMT too, you know just looking at a tree-leaf etc

Keep people smoking and introduce youth as soon as possible. With more adults smoking it'll be more visible to children and that's when tobacco companies need to get someone to keep them for life.

cheers all

little dynamo said...

agree 100 percent, mary wanna is like most farm-ma-pseuticals -- bad stuff, especially for young psyches

she is seductive and extremely possessive

it's a form of bondage, what our ole friend zodie calls 'pardice slavery'

great to see you continuing to be productively unpopular, cheers

Vape blow said...
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aferrismoon said...

When I saw the media stories-advertisements they seemed to be very, very different in their treatment of Marihuana in the 'War On Drugs' , which ended 3 weeks last Friday.
The children see all the adults smoking and laughing and bonging and , helped by good old Gandalf and gang, they probably are quite open-minded about the drug now, you know at 8 or 9.
Bad smoking-good smoking , mixed messages for developing minds.
Wanna try some ProZac kids?

And its part of the policy of introducing children to adulthood as early as possible - LGBT, Smoking, violent films and vids, finger-lickin' Miley sex as well as the ubiquitous screen.

As far as I know NO-ONE has tested Marijuana on children [ apart from a few whacky parents] and so it shouldn't be introduced to children or young adults.


Unknown said...

HOLY GANJA FIRE, what can a flower be. To shine forth with Ganja fire in the lead will create. To shineforth is to listen to the wind. What negative thing can come from a flower? 87

A13 said...

Fezzy, I don't do the junk no more cause it's leeeeee gal...
I decided that since it's become a "norml" thing, i'd give it a short leash..
no fun anymore being legal..
i'd rather have my head about me..
know what I mean ;)

but anyway..
it's been a long time since i had a roll..
i just toke on the old tbacky every now and need to get whacky..
a rolly and a shiraz does me fine these daze..
I see your soma point of view just fine without my rose coloured tile glasses.

and linked you to a knew post.
much greetings and many loves

He is so good that Mr Sancho.....eyes wide open kinda stuff right there..

A13 said...

Oh yeah...and what Ray says too!!!
^^^^^^^^^^ he's right and has the goods! :)