Thursday, August 2, 2012

Candlelight Vigilante

On July 20th James Eagan Holmes , authorities [sic] have claimed, entered a cinema during the midnight showing of ' The Dark Knight Rises ', a film about an S&M practitioner who dresses up as a bat and metes out justice against those who would dare to acquire the wickedly wealth status of his alter- ego Bruise Wayne.

As noted by Newspaceman the corresponding Holmes event took place in London.

"The Olympic flame has arrived in the host city in dramatic style, being abseiled into the Tower of London from a Royal Navy helicopter at 20:12 BST.
The Sea King took off from Guildford at the end of day 63 of the torch relay.
Royal Marine Martyn Williams abseiled with the flame onto Tower Wharf where Dame Kelly Holmes became the capital's first torchbearer.
The double Olympic gold medallist carried the flame on to the ramparts of the Tower."

63 , 1963, Kennedy loses his head. Catholic Irish, dire enemies of the Cromwellians.
As James Holmes got taken down , reiterated by the Marine abseiling down the Tower, Kelly took up the torch.
"Lord Coe said the Tower of London was a fitting entry point for the Olympic flame in to London as "it is where the power and the significance of the Monarch resides, while it also houses London 2012's medals".

Considering this event initiates a brand new stage of the British-Israel Imperium , begunned in the reign of Elizabeth I, Elle Una, Isis Incarnata, Cynthia, Astraea , Good Queen Bess, our lady Betty Brittanicus. Designer of the Brit mythohistory , from its origins in the ruins of Troy, doubtless with help was Johannes Dee, Welsh magus and Spy. He glyphed his correspondence to Lizzie with two eyes and his hand in lookout mode - always on watch. The glyph looks similar to the digits 0,0 and 7.

It is thought that Shakespeare's PROSPERO , from 'The Tempest' was modelled on JOhn Dee. K.Branagh as Isambard Kingdom Brunel " channelled Shakespeare's Caliban: "Be not afeared: the isle is full of noise."

2012 , written in that demented typeface of the Olympic logo spells: NOIZ, or perhaps , in full = ZION NOIZ IN OZ

For whatever reason Al Crowley altered the spelling of BABALON so that, using Hebrew letter-numbers it totaled 156. This is the same as Zion , spelt in Hebrew TzYVN. [ Though , of course, in the Hebrew characters which the above alphabetical letters stand for]

The Aurora Masonic Lodge is numbered 156.

007 became the code number for Ian Fleming's dark knight - James Bond. In the books James Bond is somewhat dark, bitter, twisted by the game. Cruelty and elements of sadism are int he books and that character has now been brought out in the Daniel Craig version of Bond.

The first scene of Casino Royale was shot in Prague, in Danube House on the Vltava [ the building has a twin next door - Nile House ]. It was a vicious fight to the death in a bathroom drawn out for as long as possible.

While looking for the location the first site I opened had this in its opening paragraph:

"He's no idea about dinner jackets and doesn't have double-o status. Like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, James Bond is given a realism re-boot in the guise of Daniel Craig."

Bruce Wayne-Batman = James Bond - 007

Elizabeth's spy-magus John Dee played out the Skrying Game with huckster medium Edward Kelley. In Malastrana , Prague a building, alleged to be where Kelley practiced , called Kelley's Tower stands. Dame Kelly Holmes' receives the torch at the Tower of London.

London and Prague were twinned in marriage when James I&VI's daughter Elizabeth married Frederick V , Elector Palatine, of Heidleberg. Married on February 14th 1613 they reigned Bohemia from November 4th 1619 to November 8th the following year.

Their marriage ironically happened on the same day as Glasgow Rangers went into administration for not paying their taxes and a host of other intrigue. Rangers , like Elizabeth and Frederick were 'protestants' and their defeat at the Battle of Bila Hora as good as started the 30 Years War, and were a direct influence on the people who became the Parliamentarians and began the English Civil War which laid the way for King Billy and the British/Dutch Empire.

The Rosicrucian Emlightenment' by Frances Yates proves a valuable read. The 'occult' plays performed to Elizabeth and Frederick are described in detail and the present Olympic Ritual has described an imperial , sovereign isle doowop , televisual codex for the masses, as , it seems Protestant moves aside for Zionism, perhaps with a twist of Babylon.

Contemporary with the New Jerusalem-Elizabethan Serotonin Reuptake Giordano Bruno had hit the scene , he was known as ' The Nolan', thus conversing with Christopher Nolan of the latest Bat-Trilogy.

"Elizabeth's youngest daughter, Sophia of Hanover, married Ernest Augustus, the future Elector of Hanover, in 1658. Sophia became the nearest Protestant heir to the English and Irish crowns (later British crown). Under the English Act of Settlement, the succession was settled on Sophia and her issue, so that all monarchs of Great Britain from George I are descendants of Elizabeth."

LIZ of BO'

It may be of interest that she was born in Falkland Palace, Fife, bringing us back to Bonny Scotland! The first screen Bond was default King o' the Shcots Sir Sean Connery .

Later on the Olympic Initiation Ceremony finished off with a doppel-queen and James Bond-a-like parachuted into the stadium , as part of a spliced Olympics-Skyfall viral programming. Skyfall is the upcoming James Bond film.

The opening ceremony , at accost of 27m quid was basically an advertising for the James Bond film, and the nauseating tripe spewed out by J.Rowling.

I assume the taxpayers paid for that.

Regarding Romney with BAIN and Batman with BANE, I thought of the novel PRECIOUS BANE by Mary Webb. It gets its title from a couple of lines in Milton's PARADISE LOST -
" Let none admire
That riches grow in Hell; that Soyle may best
Deserve the precious bane. "
which seems to accurately and in concise fashion describe The Ritual of the Opening of the Games.
Newspaceman writes: "Suddenly it's pandemonium, the word itself sourced from Milton's Paradise Lost. Suffragettes appear as do the entrepreneurs of the time - it's  the Industrial Revolution"
in his 3-part [ so far ] post on the ritual ,

Paradise has also been spelt Paradice by the Zodiac Killer

Paradice Slaves Secret Pal

The RUNWAY as a primo site for ritual working has been covered here and at Da Black Whole:

"Annunciate Anubis, tarmac, Denver International Airport

Like sublunar lurkers, the Stairwalkers aren't discernable by sapiens sensorium -- but leave debris in certain inter-spaces . . . at Arrival or Departure, say, or otherwise Doing Business with customs upon the Tarmac . . . obviously, a liminal zone favorite!

. . .  the Lawnching Pad keeps gestating iconic photos . . . skeleton keys to unseen battles all about, living tracing boards, supranormal snapshots that force open the eyelids of the Dreeming Mind:

$  LBJ and "The Gals" above Love, when the NWO truly went airborne

$  Gabby embarqueing, sited by Ptah

$  Anubis Occupying DIA

$  First Lady Michelle herself, taking the fatal WITCH STEP, sealing the rebellious ms-step of her Womans Nation."



Dame Kelly Holmes, who received the Torch from an abseiling Marine, was an Olympic 800m and 1500m champion, and as such mimics the figure sprinting , midst towers, towards the lectern.

Recapping Batman and Bond , merciless justice machines. In both movies , while meteing out, innumerable innocent bystanders are caught up in car chases, bombs, stray bullets and , filmwise, are summarily dismissed. Like Syria but with special effects, and huh, I don't think Syria will get and Oscar.

The Queen of Mid-Air lands in the middle of the Olympic Zone, a place, via its branding and food laws [ on may not wear clothes etc of brands that are not sponsors, similarly food of your own choice is banned] infers a cleansing of impurities from the ritual site.

The Queen acted in this parody reminding one of the mere nano-distinction between the foisted-upon-us reality of royalty , sports and movie stars with the actual movies themselves.

This crossover was of importance considering it was the finale featuring BettyB in her DIA-Mond Jubilee. While perhaps not so expensively the killings at Aurora in a movie-house blur the reality-movie borders.

The gunman appears to have bought into Uwe Boll's 'Rampage' style for the body armour get-up. The protagonist in 'Rampage' also mail-orders a lot of equipment as well as the armour, as James Holmes allegedly did.

Aurora, Colorado July 20th 2012

Pic snatched from blog: Twilight Language , post " Aurora Copycat Effect: The Complete List "

Oslo, Norway July 22nd 2011

Released [ to general public ] April 29th 2009

In the film 'Rampage' the lonegunman does not get caught. He kills his 'friend', a young man who talks incessantly about doing the right thing, the bankers, governments etc., needing to be changed, but its all just talk. The 'friend' has a lot of anti-establishment literature at his home and the real shooter also had all the parcels containing guns, ammo and armour around to his friends house, as a favour.

Allegedly a photo of people grieving after the shootings at the Batfilm

A comment from that post:

"August said...
"RISE" is the tagline in large block letters on one set of posters for The Dark Knight Rises. "RISE" was one of the bloody graffiti left by the Manson Family at the LaBianca murder scene.

"'Rise! Rise! Rise!' Charlie would scream during the playing of [The Beatles song] 'Revolution 9' (which Manson associated with Revelation, chapter 9)" Ed Sanders, The Family".

Other characters promoted at the Ritual were:
"Now this is creepy and not lost on even the NBC folks: the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland), Captain Hook (Peter Pan), Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter), the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians) - all highly symbolic pedophile figures - were shown vs only Mary Poppins (well, 30 or so cloned Mary Poppins).
Twilight Language - " XXX Olympiad Symbols "
Note the 'Triple-X rating' assigned to this years Olympics, in conjunctio with the pedo-ring mentioned above.

From comments to that post:
"Re your joker, Rowan Atkinson. He ties into Dee as he played the part of Blackadder; series two of which was set in the court of Elizabeth.

Note that the current Queen was sitting very close to another Rowan, surname Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury & practicing Druid. (See marriage of Prince William and Kate).

Note too the raising of the Union Jack on "Glastonbury Tor" as the "signing" childrens choir, Kaos, sung God Save the Queen whilst dressed in pyjamas. Wakey Wakey ?


Damny Boyle even got in the Irish anthem 'Danny Boy' , seemingly congratulating himself, along with pics of the Giant's Causeway.

'Danny Boy' is a song sung "all over the world by Sinn Feiners and Ulstermen alike", though I tend to think its more 'catholic' oriented as it speaks of Ireland, and a united Ireland is more connected to the Catholics. It also contains the line:
"And if you come, and all the flowers are dying
If I am dead, as dead as well may be
I pray you'll find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an "Ave" there for me."

"Ave' relating to 'Ave Maria'.

On June 27th the Queen in Green shook hands with former IRA/Brit-Intel agent Martin McGuiness, signalling an 'end' to the Troubles

Around the same time Glasgow Rangers FC finally went bust. It was 'destroyed' by, among others, Craig Whyte and has now been taken over by Charles Green. Quincydontally Rangers' Old Firm rivals Celtic wear Green and White hooped shirts.

The demise of super-prod club Rangers has now evolved into their resurrection in Division 3 of the Scottish League.

With sectarian singing at matches last year some in Scotland raised the idea of getting rid of the Old Firm match for its bad PR for Scotland, despite that it would have been very unlikely. Now Rangers are in Div.3 the 4 times [ minimum] a season OF matches are consigned to the dustbin.

Protestantism in England went on the rampage when Oliver Cromwell went to Ireland and massacred as many Catholics as possible. He also brokered the deal to allow the Jews back to England.

"In 1656 Oliver Cromwell made it clear that the ban on Jewish settlement would no longer be enforced. At the insistence of Irish leader Daniel O'Connell, in 1846, the British law "De Judaismo", which prescribed a special dress for Jews, was repealed."

King Billy by JULIAN LEEKE

Note six-pointed star

40 years later William of Orange, the Dutch prince backed by the Lurianic Jews of Amsterdam, deposed King James II&VII in the Glorious Revolution.

In the intervening 40 years the English and the Dutch fought 3 wars : )

Ollie. C. , some report, made a pact with Divill, on September 3rd

'Early on the morning of the Battle of Worcester, September 3, 1651, Oliver invited Lindsay, his intinate friend an a 'first captain of his regiment', to go with him to a wood not far from the army……………..Cromwell walked a short distance away from Lindsey and was met by " a grave, elderly man " who held a roll of parchment in his hand.
Lindsey saw it passed to Cromwell , who unrolled it , glanced rapidly over the contents, and then in angry disappointment passed it back again, exclaiming angrily in a loud voice, " This is but for seven years, I was to have it for twenty-one and it must and shall be so."
Oliver's anger made no impression , for quite unmoved the wizard merely repeated that he could not have it any longer than seven years, " and if he would not take it , there were others that would accept it."

'Oliver Cromwell and Black Magic' -- S. Everard.
From the 'Occult Review', April 1936.

Cromwell was victorious at the Battle of Worcester that day and duly slipped from this life, to God knows where, on September 3rd 1658. The yearbefore, on the same date, he had defeated the Royalists at the Battle of Dunbar.

Note that The Civil War was due to the indifference of the Crown to the fate of Elizabeth and Frederick and the little work beinng done to drive the catholics out of Protestant areas. For the Catholics Protestants in Prague, which had , under Rudolf II, a Hapsburg, rivaled Vienna as the 'capital' of the Hapsburg Empire, was out of the question and thus the Spanish had acted quickly to rectify the situation.

September 3rd 1777 the flag of the United States is flown in battle for the first time, while in 1939 the Allies declare war on Germany

April 29th, the date of William and Kate's wedding day is the 119th day of the year while September 3rd is the 119th day before year's end.

Car owned by James Holmes - registration = 119 ROC

So here we is caught between the cruel, sadistic law enforcers Bat-Bond and the low intelligence, runny-roundy-tracky-throwy thing called the Olympics. Its is based on severe specialization [ except the decathlon ], reflected glory, hero-worship, 'good' nationalism, and exclusivity - being the best in the world and the 'Olympic Friends' allocated seats for the temporal elites. Layered and underpinned with Danny Boyles tawdry pisstake which basically led to marketing for the latest Bond film.

Not only that EVERYBODY must be happy !! Or they are traitors, terrorists even. People have been taxed for it, travel disrupted and 1000s of soldiers, police and private security companies, branding zones, surface-to-air missile in residential areas and all this while the government let a few 'banky' individuals steal the populations money, as lily-livered protests escape barely audibly from their corrupt maws.

The people are being ridiculed, daily, via film and fest, and when cheering on 'their' athlete to gold, will cheers while that gold is put around hero-athletes neck just for running - and all this will fix everything. Well, until the athlete makes a 'racist tweet' and then its denunciation x punishment time.
"Shoot those pointed fingers
Through the heeeaaarrrrt "

Not only that but the Olympics is presented [ see the opening ceremony] at the level of Dumbshow. The Batfilms, originally a children's comic book , have morphed into porno-violence and malicious cruelty yet its marketed to the older-child-teenager market, for it is their education.

The Nurse Ratchett Dawn Chorus Lockdown Dancers in a Blue Film
Its not actually an ordinary hospital but a psychiatric hospital [ full of children who've been brought up on Batman and Vaccines, diagnosed with ADD at 6 weeks, males to be summarily circumcised in case their evil foreskin makes AIDS happen.


Note at present Legionnaire's Disease [ fittingly military ] has broken out 'again] in hospitals in the UK. Hospitals , ironically, are a breeding ground for disease, that fight the never-ending supply of expensive drugs foisted on taxpayers.

Any 'dissenters' may also have a wee reeducation course should they insanely imply that the Olympics is a waste of time, money and human intelligence

At Aurora a child of 1 was at the midnight showing of this sadistathon. A child of 6 died, its last experience a sordid, hateful , self-absorbed horror film and then a hail of bullets. Its rated PG-13 so the children shouldn't have been allowed in , or possibly they weren't there and its bit of fakery, but that's another story. her name is VERONICA MOSER, which happens to be the name of a German scat pornstar who 'likes to eat human chocolate'.


Let's have another
Candlelight vigil
You show your sorrow
While I charge a sigil

'Colorado aflame, its mountains and people scorched by boomerang iniquity, grasping desperately for fresh scapegoats, fresh blood. As mentioned at AF’s, mondo psyops, military, and paramilitary presence in Colorado, plus o course ritual spookification a la DIA.'

' Let's git while the udder suckers are watching the Olimbics '


Anonymous said...

Utterly weird series of events. the connections are so spooky.

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

Glasgow Rangers played their first game as a "newco" (the old team now liquidated) , on Saturday past - in the Ramsden Cup against Brechin - see wiki re Brechin and the Roman Catholic connection.

Queen's parachute stunt double, surname Connery.

Am led to believe that Alex Salmond's Scotland House - the Army and Navy club Pall Mall location for Scotland's promotion for the Olympics - has a huge picture of Sean Connery to welcome the visitors.

Oh, and James Holmes (alleged) car registration was 119 ROC, I have a copy image if you want.


Newspaceman said...

Re Danny Boyle and Scotland :


aferrismoon said...

Sure Aaang , low level spookiness interspersed with the odd celebration of it.

News - NEWCO = COWEN , not far off Cowan.

Really the parachutist was a Connery.

Two of the Queen's corgis are called Holly and Willow, the third something less magickal. perhaps those two were the one filmed.

I'll grab that image of 119ROC if u can.

I hadn't twigged he did the celebration of life - Trainspotting - really kicked off Scotland's march in to the NWO ' lager Lager etc"


little dynamo said...

you always get to sit in front, that violates the English-European Equalities Kommission (EEEK)

surf's up!

Newspaceman said...

Moon, not got your e mail, image is still on mail on line site :


Eugene said...

The Spirit of the West...

James "K" Polk = Jim Poke

11th President, the Glow Worm

Aur-e-gone Expansion

Ruse rub with the Crown resolved with 49 parallel instead of 54 parallel. Militant Democratic Party was dismayed with this "poke".

Establishes the longest single border in the world, Canada. The border bisects Par-Isis. The center of the ley line web. Other gates, err auifices, lay on this same line reinforcing the united we divide of brothers.

Peace Arch, symbolically solidified the end of War of 1812, reads "children of a common mother" and "brethren dwelling together in unity" and "may these gates never be closed".

Treaty of Ghent was "status quo ante bellum" or like it was before the war! Oh say can you see .. the Crown!

119, 191, 911 .. the mask of the Saturn Square and Joker is OPEL LOPE POLE, as noted in Ustream piece London Calling.



999=852, the event horizon, mediator of heaven and earth. The pregnancy of 0 births 9, as you know and have noted 0=9.

U-Stream's "Monkey Bizness"

119 +191 +911 = 1221
1221 = 3 x 11 x 37
407 x 3 = 1221

KNIGHT Capital loses $440 Million with a "fat finger" incident. 440 is DM as ADM is 441. DM as blood. The last time we had a fat finger incident was 213. A most ominous incident

440 - 33 = 407.

A. Peasant said...

Ferris I love your Rant about the limpix and the Denunciation x punishment time.

Seems to me for the little I saw, there is a lot of gender confusion among the hero athletes, and the former athletes and news people. That is an ongoing theme on , whenever I check in to see what they are carrying on about.

Team bonding.

A. Peasant said...

aferrismoon said...

Eugene - I note he has 116 charges against him , which triplifys to 888.

AP - veryone's angel, with ref to gender confusion, these days.

Its all at a level of emotional triumphalism-despair , child-like state.


Eugene said...

Nice one Aferris.

To show what you have noted:

116+161+611 = 888

119+191+911 = 1221

1221-888 = 333

Team bonding = meat pie or

Young Frankenstein aka new dildo.

Which is still slouching towards Jerusalem.

Alex Robinson said...

Haven't read all yet, but found this while doing some research (completely unconnected) - & thought it might amuse / interest with its content & newspaper name'accuse

A. Peasant said...

Hi ferris, i dont mean to be a pest....

Just thought you should check out this xxx image from 8/4 in amsterdam.

aferrismoon said...

Alex - that appears to link up smoothly, incl. the instant accusal of James Holmes.

AP - Tis I assume the Pride of the Gays - looks like that phallus has been stitched up.

Vapid attention-seeking as usual


little dynamo said...

AP - veryone's angel, with ref to gender confusion, these days.

Its all at a level of emotional triumphalism-despair , child-like state.

yes, the gender game is fully binary now

one triumphs as part of the right team. or despairs as part of the wrong team

mass scapegoating/hatred is indeed infantilistic, thats its psychological attraction, instantaneously confirmatory and gratifying


A. Peasant said...

the triumphant wear their nazi-style arm bands and knee pads proudly...

little dynamo said...

The double Olympic gold medallist carried the flame on to the ramparts of the Tower."

63 , 1963, Kennedy loses his head. Catholic Irish, dire enemies of the Cromwellians.
As James Holmes got taken down , reiterated by the Marine abseiling down the Tower, Kelly took up the torch.

agree oly rite a continuation of jfkingkill, and esp the love field installation (a goddess rite also, but covert, as The People were not yet cooked)

the King is dead, long live the Queen! (lyndon johnson was just a masonic functionary, not a decision-maker)

jfk's catholicism played a big part in his ritual selection -- he was no mason, nor cryptocrat, nor mariolatrist

ginger, but not orangeman

007 sigil looks apotropaic, as the "7" completely covers/overshadows the zeros -- the zeros are twins, praps sigilifying stars (eg binary sirius) or humanoidy twins, or king/queen duad ... somewhat reminiscent of the arm-positioning of mesopotamian deities (ashur etc) and others

possibly these partly identify "double 0 status"

double zero is one of the "sucker numerals" on the roulette wheel, skewing House advantage and clearing all bets from the board not specifically on 00

The Aurora Masonic Lodge is numbered 156.

G whatta surprise!

crowley's "slight" alteration appears to change zion righteous (tz) to zion evil; thats their specialty

Aurora and her lodgekins practice the "new" form of righteousness


little dynamo said...

so that all monarchs of Great Britain from George I are descendants of Elizabeth."

yeah it shows

liz o bo photo reminds of the elizard painting, in which time wore away the flowers to reveal a serpent

now THAT is an artist lol

sean connery is one of the planet's greatest heroes yet he cant stand up to one old woman

what would he do if a herd of 'em showed up? shoot the nearest male?

christ said the last days would reflect the times of noah, which were over-run with sorcery and ritual ops

Dame Kelly Holmes, who received the Torch from an abseiling Marine, was an Olympic 800m and 1500m champion, and as such mimics the figure sprinting , midst towers, towards the lectern.

it does! Pillared Figures = Royal Guards (and it is a royal ceresmony after all)

Allegedly a photo of people grieving after the shootings at the Batfilm

the grievers grieve everything xcept their complicity, then they hold their candlelight "vigils" and go do it all again

nice new vehicle y'all got there! :O)

Note too the raising of the Union Jack on "Glastonbury Tor" as the "signing" childrens choir, Kaos, sung God Save the Queen whilst dressed in pyjamas.


"As for my people, children oppress them, and women rule over them" -- not Rowan Willyams

it's a great piece so far AF but shit, it's like drinking kool aid one sunny day at the Peoples Temple


aferrismoon said...

Ray - the Vigil-aunties attend the Candlelight Vigil, and mourn for the cameras , then toddle of home to cheer their team to gold at the olympics.

007 sigil almost a square root symbol - √00

Anyhow they dud it agin - with a 911 Tattooed exPsy-Op Specialist Supremecist who cain't tell a Seek from a Mooselman - Hell don't those moozies hollar louder??

he evn lives on Holmes Rd , or somewhere.

AP - they wear the kneepads , coz when they lay protrate before their GOLD [ Olympic themed ] they don't want to bruise their little kneecaps, or get dried blood on their silk trousers


little dynamo said...

the Vigil-aunties attend the Candlelight Vigil, and mourn for the cameras , then toddle of home to cheer their team to gold at the olympics.

takes one to know one and i was one . . . collective trance best describes it, hat tip to the mooslims

007 sigil almost a square root symbol - √00

yup it's the van's warped tour uh oh isnt that mr scott in charge of warp drive?

who let the dogs out? all 350 mil

they finally broke jared -- he's Officially Guilty now its awful economical, no need hiring jesus, we all feel so much safer


aferrismoon said...

Its the new way - he's guilty coz the media said so, and anyone arguing with their near-instant ruling is also guilty, of something , sometime.

A man pleads Not Guilty. This is taken as sign of incompetence. Yikesarama!!!

Now there will likely be no court case and everyone connected to the case will feel warmy and cosy.


little dynamo said...

he pled ng so they stuffed him in a pit alone w/o light or air for 18months and drugged him til he "signed the papers"

reich lives, empire never died

no different than clamping him to the truck battery and obtaining the confession except thats not visually acceptable for national newscasts (cuz we're the Good Guys! and tv dinner sales might be affected)

theyre all Gods know whos guilty and who its ok to torture, collective zeitgeist courtesy satan = The Law

sets a new low even for this place, what cowardice


little dynamo said...

And if you come, and all the flowers are dying
If I am dead, as dead as well may be
I pray you'll find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an "Ave" there for me."

yep "Mary" worship sub rosa -- Ave = Eve, means "hail" ie invitation to contact (a v common chant/song in catholcism)

catholcs "reverence" her openly, asserting that she co-redeems humanity (exactly what eve desired)

protestants worship her secretly, eg olympics ceremony, masonic operations, english queen as danite monarch, so forth

but the two groups share obedience and fealty to their quean, guess they fought over who is top dog :O)

agree re Dan(ny) Boy = Danny Boyle = tribe of Dan, in control of u.k. and u.s. since the sixties

VERONICA MOSER, which happens to be the name of a German scat pornstar who 'likes to eat human chocolate'.

the girl shouldnt have been there, parental lack, no film for a six year old

biblically six = humanity generally, also the repeating antichristic numeral

the link between scat and a typical child's treat is overt and antipodal, someone finds it humorous and useful

MOSER suggests M Rose, ie Mary Rose, rose being the scent/flower of the "blessed virgin"

Rose-mary = Kore, the child at the "heart of the earth" and contact point for all the Mystery rites, past n present (my closing photo, last post)

so ritual context here definitely Rosicrucian -- blood, scat, m. rose, crimson theme (holmes hairdo, blood, rose). . .sex-magickal operations

copper quean mine, the photo etc v much rosicrucian -- their pricipal formula (technique, rite) is VITRIOL ie "visiting kore" etc


aferrismoon said...

Sure , State-sanctioned cowardice - with one of those 'haven't I done well' smiles Hillary produces ev' so often.

6 year old and 1 year old - how did they get in?

Children brought up like that have more chance of turning out like 'Holmes' , or whoever it was.

Mother on the Casey Anthony trip

Initiation for the children- total sensory overload + costumed violence.

Blood and Night, with the dolorous Virgin aka the Candlelight Vigil-Aunty, weeping her eternal tears, as in 'see yah next time'


little dynamo said...

Note too the raising of the Union Jack on "Glastonbury Tor" as the "signing" childrens choir, Kaos, sung God Save the Queen whilst dressed in pyjamas. Wakey Wakey ?

i think they had an ongoing daily rite on glastonbury tor during the olies, of course it's loaded with occult history -- john dee etc

so if the Kaos Childrens Choir belting out God Save Shinar aint enuf to panfry the ole noodle--

a "microburst with hurricane force winds" on july 10 in Glastonbury, Connecticut (connect-i-cut, coagula-i-solve)


Atlantean Times said...

Hi m8 its been a while.

Some facts for you to mull over.

Cromwell didnt just target the Irish people what he actually did was very specifically target certain familes within Ireland.

In dublin and ireland we have a saying. "never trust a West Brit".

A west Brit is an Irishman who can only trace his family to english roots. They always stay loyal to the brit establishment and have been the bane of this country for many generations.

When you said Cromwell targeted the irish what you realy should have said was that he targeted the non west brit families within ireland.

Let get specific. What he actually did was wipe out most of my direct ancestors. I am a Walsh or in gaelige Breathnach. Breathnach means Breton which in turn means Welsh.

The 1st walsh in ireland was an 11th century welsh knight who decended from the knights of the round table. He came to dublin to escape persecution from the english/danish kings of england.

He married an irish woman and the entire Walsh clan in ireland was born. I am decended from that knight.

The walshes became rather powerfull in ireland and the walsh families that arose were guardians of the mountain passes of ireland.

My family basically acted as protectors of people property and protectors of the trade routes between counties that ran through the mountains of southern ireland.

Some of these mountains were rich in gold and to this day you are still not allowed to search for gold in Ireland. It is illeagal to own a metal detector in ireland.

When cromwell invaded what he did was to ruthlessly anihilate the Walsh mountain clans. Basically Cromwell commited genocide against my Family.

I wish this was a joke but its not go read some recorded history of cromwell it wont be long before you realise im telling the truth.

He hunted down the walsh famliy due to their having a claim to the rulership of wales the home of Arthur and camelot and his knights.

Atlantean Times said...

As you may know this has been on my site for several years....

Gawain, Gwalchmei, Gawan, Gauvain, Walewein is King Arthur's nephew and a Knight of the Round Table who appears very early in the Arthurian legend's development. He is one of a select number of Round Table members to be referred to as the greatest knight, most notably in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

I am Gauvain Walewein. I am decended form that knight and i am named after him.

Fate it would seem has a lot to answer for my friend and believe me i have a lot of questions to ask.
There is no such thing as coincidnece maybe some day ill hunt down some cromwells and settle a few old scores..

Signed Sir Gawain. The last Knight...

Atlantean Times said...

I wrote another post which explains the one above and it fucking deleted for some reason..

Fuck here goes again take 2..

When cromwell invaded ireland he hunted down and killed specific families.

My family was one of them. We are the walsh clan decended from a welsh knight who sought refuge here from the english crown.

When cromwell invaded ireland he specifically hunted down and killed the walsh mountain clans who protected the trade routes through the mountains of southern ireland.

So i have a rather large ammount to say on this subject. Cromwell hunted down the Walsh clans as we are directly decended from the former knights of the round table. Specifically Sir Gawain.

These families had direct claim to the welsh throne which is the reason the Original Walsh clan had to leave wales.

My original post was far more detailed fucked if im writing it all again but that the general point to my story.

So as you might imagine i find it very interesting that you have stumbled upon this.


this man made sure that all the poeple of ireland had all the private info stored in a vault in Israel..

Its hard for me to describe how much i hate this man..