Wednesday, July 25, 2012

COURT IN THE ACT [ Partido Dooey ]

On MOnday his prison clothes were burgundy [ see previous post], today the media proffer orange - could be a rainbow prison with a variety of apparel in exciting and vivid pigments.

On Monday I erroneously wrote that photos from court were not disseminated to the public but was kindly corrected by Loren Coleman who pointed out that there is a TV prog called Court TV that does this regularly.

Had Loren not pointed that out todays headline would not seem so coincidental.


"Judge William Sylvester has denied a request by Denver-area media for expanded coverage on 30 July.

The suspect's lawyers had objected to the media's request.

His first court appearance on Monday was filmed, despite the defence team's objections.

He appeared dazed as he sat in court in a burgundy jail suit with dyed orange hair, prompting media speculation about his mental state.

According to a report on ABC News, the suspect has been forced to wear a face guard because he kept spitting at prison officers."

I added a few more lines of the article for their usual journo-glibness.

'...prompting media speculation about his mental state.' If you booby-trap your house and then tell the police for whom the trap was laid about it, all the time and expense of setting the traps up + the mission, then I reckon mental state is a bit awry.

But I am also picking up that 'mental-state' theme and thus accepting to some extent that Mr. Holmes was even involved, or if he was, then not by consent.

'....spitting at prison officers' - looks a bit dazed in court, guess behind the scenes he changes, metamorphs. Jared Loughner also behaved 'badly' -
The suspect in a mass shooting that killed Arizona's chief federal district judge and five others has thrown chairs at the wall and spit at one of his lawyers while in custody, according to a court filing by his defense lawyers.'

No one likes a spitter.

I assume its a lie but 'face mask' reminds one of -



A13 said...

This is so we had a case here last year of the TIO bomber..who had a "spit mask" on as well...he was the accused in the bombing of a local insurance office..

"THE alleged TIO bomber has worn a bizarre "spitting mask" as he appeared in court for the first time.

The man, who is only known by the name 'Bird', was handcuffed and had his face and hair covered in netting as he was escorted into the Darwin Magistrates Court by two police officers yesterday.

The mask was made of fabric similar to a surgical mask, but went around his head, over his mouth and nose and had elastic holding it in place around his neck.

Where the fabric ended, netting was attached and stretched around the rest of his head, tied in a bunch at the top."
and he later committed suicide inside the jail..funny that.

The man who bombed the Darwin TIO branch in February last year has died.

As reported exclusively by the NT News, the man only known as 'Bird' attempted to take his own life late Tuesday night.

He died at Royal Darwin Hospital this afternoon.

The death will be subject to a coronial investigation, and is considered a death in custody.

maybe this is to befall this accused Holmes person???

The similarities just stood out...
this is also the only other occasion where i have seen "spitting" involved..and masks used for this reason..bizzaro..

Anonymous said...

It is common in prison for prisoners to spit at the guards, specially if you are there for a life sentence or is considered dangerous.
I don't know if you ever watched Lockdown. They show how things work inside of the prison.
If you have your hands and feet handcuffed most of the time, and the guards making jokes or laugh at you. The only weapon you have left is your mouth. Well, some prisoners will throw feces at the guards.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a patsy.

- Aangirfan

Alex Robinson said...

Amen to that!
"Amen-Re ... created mankind himself either by spitting - the Egyptian word "to spit" remetch, was the same as the word for mankind, or as is more frequently believed as masturbation" -
tho' stories I've read say this was also spat out to go forth & create.

& simply for your interest:

"In North India and Pakistan, it is customary for mothers to lightly spit at their children (usually to the side of the children rather than directly at them) to imply a sense of disparagement and imperfection that protects them from evil eye (or nazar). Excessive admiration, even from well-meaning people, is believed to attract the evil eye" -
puts all the 'lovely people' in a whole new light

The clockwork-oranged-man makes me think of the 'suspect' who was made up by Johnny English in the movie to cover his own tracks:


little dynamo said...

the servants of Dealey are torturing him to extent possible, for someone so public... there are lots of ways to do it, as HB Man commented, spitting is his only "weapon" available, so theyll make him pay etc

this is a full on scapegoat gig, to repeat, bruised orange -- theyre sending a message via holmes, its not really about him, he's for Public Display and Incitement

with a small percentage of exceptions, the real monsters arent inside the cages, they are outside, zombie channel 24/7

"As reported exclusively by the NT News, the man only known as 'Bird' attempted to take his own life late Tuesday night.

He died at Royal Darwin Hospital this afternoon"

i remember you mentioning this A13 -- we discussed in a related context, possibly here at AFs

how coincidental that he just died, a far better deal(y) than more years of korrection by the k-k-k-korrecters, heads fulla smug and pockets fulla lucre

"On Monday I erroneously wrote that photos from court were not disseminated to the public but was kindly corrected by Loren Coleman who pointed out that there is a TV prog called Court TV that does this regularly"

in US, cameras-in-the-court was introduced as a rule change while i was with the Kali Supremes, mid-Eighties -- usually, for state jurisdictions, Kali "leads the way" on such "improvements" and the other state Judicial Councils (and, thus, trial courts) soon follow suit

the purpose, of course, had nothing to do with furthering justice, or protecting the accused's rights, but to ratchet-up the hysteria, hate, and thirst-for-vengeance that characterizes amerikan justsis . . . thus, Court TV etc, gazed at daily by millions of blimped, bonbon snurfing middle-aged warpigs, thrilling at the infliction of "justice" upon another Evil Male

even if holmes pulled the triggers, he is primo patsy, no chance he acted out of valid cognizance, it was a push

theres a war on you know

the beat goes on


A13 said...

as per Alex's comment...
i think there is a subtle link between spitting and masturbation..or the end result of..
no need for me to extrapolate..
this is interesting in this case to the extreme...

aferrismoon said...

HB - true, though I wonder about it in this and Loughner's case whether it merely adds to the 'madness' theme.

Alex - AmenRe sounds like a self-regenerating universe. I believe he did it over a mound of matter.

Excessive admiration, as practiced in the West for celebrities and sports stars will be highlighted by the vapid admiration for those who take part.
The flipside is vicious, venal, vengeful judgement and punishment for those who don't 'join in'.

Aang - he looks completely out of it

cheers said...


should you find the time, please do scroll to the 11th photo, you will see the train carriages i took pictures of on the 21st July whilst waiting for a train into zurich.

took a sync walk through my area on a supercharged ritual weekend, posted some photos, hoping they may trigger something for someone else.

my antenna is off the hook.

whatever the fuck is going on (as usual), its great to see these patterns intertwining via other seekers' views and their individual internet postings.

thanks, and peace

james h.

p/s 'billy silvester' is a family friend - his name resonates the judge in the James Holmes trial, as do the initials JH resonate mine.

Plus - Birds, all over the place for me, since april.


aferrismoon said...

Ray - he is an example to us all, and as far as the garbled media reports a changing info etc , they don't care a hoot.

A13 - ta for the darwin man, these stories of deranged people seem to be a new development in our evolution.


aferrismoon said...

Redroom reverso = moorder, both mordor and murder on the moors, Moors Murderers.

Batman is the bait , maan..

Silvester in Czech Rep. is New Year's Eve

Whatever the fuck is going on.......yup, whatever the MSM has decided to rustle up from their focussed nonsense confuserama

cheers said...

bait, man = bateman (patrick) = c.bale

silvester is NYE in switz, too.

moors murders, american psychos, fog machine is running at full pelt.

aferrismoon said...

Bale is a measure of Hay, thrust through the combine

Prime Cut


little dynamo said...

Ray - he is an example to us all

the lesson lost, the lesson refused, the lesson redirected to other purpose, anything but the truth

Bale is a measure of Hay, thrust through the combine

a Christian measure/finest kind/it's all about/the bottom line


Atlantean Times said...

|Its abbadon.AZezel..he has lots o names..

He usually has a cane to help him walk...he is personified by sherlock HOLMES and by the new sherlock "HOUSE" he is also personified by Doctor Who..

HOUSE = a home

Hes possesed...its a jinn pretending to be abbadon..either that or he was programmed by the films which contain those archetypes...

hollywood insiders on youtube has a multi hour long film on this archetype and the media toons that represent him..Hollywood insiders doesnt pick up that abbadon is also the vampire that Holmes is based upon..

Holmes was played by a Cadbury heir to the cadbury fortune..look up what "Cadbury hill" looks like on wiki...then look at the hill that was used in the olympic stadium..they are the same..its a mass ritual..

Gallifrey is currently in real danger...Gallifrey is ireland Ireland is ZION..

PS 5 days ago i was rung by ESA..they wanted to know what i knew about satelites colliding and what i knew about the chances that a satelite could fall from the sky.

I was rung by "euro media" who do market research for ESA..i shit you not... I asked how they got my number i was told it was random..i have requested a record of the phone call..havent recieved it yet..

The shits about to hit the fan..

Atlantean Times said...

PS the same archetype is shown to children and we call him Willy WONKA.

He has a cane, is fucking off his bracket and he hates people yet loves to sell them chocolate..

CADBURYS make chocolate...the secret of chocolate making descends from the gods..clearly..:)

When Jermy Brett played Holmes he was driven mad..Brett is a Cadbury his father forced him to rename himself as he was disgracing his family.

The above reason is bullshit. Having a cadbury play the definitive holmes was no accident.

Jude Law actually stars in one of the first episodes about a horse called \Silver Blaze.. In it he is disguised as a woman..this is the momment he joined the illuminati.

Law then goes on to play watson 25 years later...

Atlantean Times said...

Only in 2 places on planet earth has the real story survived about what happened here.

One of those places is Urgait which was destroyed last week. In urgait the BAIL/BALE/ BAll..cycle were preserved..this fucked the jews off massively as it reveals who and what GOd is..

The other place the story was preserved was ireland. Its called the story of Lugh & Balor..or luke skywalker and Darth Vader...

Bob Wilson knew this he couldnt very well study the syrian version but he came to ireland to study the irish version..
this is the baal version

at this site you will find the lugh and balor version..

Sebastian Clouth said...


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Best regards,
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aferrismoon said...

Thanks Seb, appreciate your offer but can't say I'm a fan of fans. Sure if people want to read it they'll git around to it.


aferrismoon said...

Holmes was twinned with Kelly Holmes who took the torch on the same evening.

Interesting stuff on Jeremy Brett.

The Holmes character does seem to be steeped with occult and of course drugs.

Jude law - kind sez it all.

Bain - Bane - Bin.

Bain for Romney , while in previous election twas Cain .v. Obambam.

will check the links.


Atlantean Times said...

Aferris i wouldnt bother too much with sherlock..that programme was for the 19th century..mind you its well worth the watch especially the later episodes..were holmes hints at the illuminati..talking about his 3rd eye..

you need to look back even further to a programme from ooo lets say the 16th century...

maybe prospero..

which shakespeare toon was the most indescriminatly muderous..

Siriusly though..the real programmes were just based on holmes...Dr in World Health Orgasm...was the real programme...Dr who is were the wacky brothers stole the matrix film from..

Its in an episode called deadly assassins...V for vendetta is stolen from the plot of Weng Shiang..and all the star wars films plus the indianna jones films are all based on Dr Who...

Dr who especially the most occult stories like the ones ive just listed was written by Robert HOlmes..

Alan moore hasnt got the balls to take credit for those scripts as he didnt write them he stole them..

If you go back and watch the original Dr Who you will see why i have said that Ireland is Zion..

In the matrix Zion is attacked..but this was stolen from DR who..were we can see that Zion is actully Gallifrey...So were is Gallifrey well in Dr Who its allways been regarded as ireland..

In weng shiang a massive attack takes place in london were the evil master has built explosives into a building..he also has missile towers erected to prevent interference..

In london they recently installed missile towers on apartment buildings..this was dont to mimic the plot of dr who..11 million people saw that episode..They copy the fiction so when they make shit happen shepple accept it..

If you want a real hint heres one..go watch Quartermass on youtube..the 2nd QM starts with a sign that says...

"We will make your mind for you"

back then they didnt try and hide it they told you it was brainwashing in the opening credits..

PS doctor who is based on QM and the weng shiang episode tells you as much due to the locations mentioned..

If you want a real eye opening experience about the programme watch all the DR who episodes written by holmes..he was directly responsible for the creation of the matrix..not Jordan maxwell not the fucking shitbag wackowski brothers and not alan mooore.

PKD saw the dr who episode on canada bbc in 1976 and a few months later he announced to the world that he had discovered the matrix..he lied...

Atlantean Times said...

PS imagine this..

HOlmes and Moriarty are supposed to be eternal nemisis..but the truth is we never really see Moriarty..even when he dies its just Moriarty and Holmes leaping to their deaths together..

the truth is Moriarty is Holmes..he is an alter of Holmes hes the original manchurian candidate..

but lets put that aside and pretend they are 2 people..lets call them 2 towers of intellect..

these 2 towers fall to their deaths in a waterfall..the wtc was replaced by a waterfall..

in our holmes case it would appear he was manipulated by the moriarty side of holmes intellect..

Ps all these toons or characters are based on the JOKER..who is the hanging man..

everyone who tries to play these roles gets overtaken by them and usually dies in mental torture..

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

This is Alan from Sync Book Press.

I'd like to talk to you about writing an essay for the next Sync Book volume. If you are interested please send me an email:

AllTheHappyCreatures AT gmail DOT com

aferrismoon said...

Hi G,

Dr.Who began on NOvember 23rd 1963, smack bang between the assassination of Kennedy on the 22nd and Oswald on the 24th

I notice that the present Dr.Who was up for the playing of the new Sherlock, but was bit to excitable.

They make these films so big so as to drown out the quiet creative people who actually bring interesting stories into oor ken.

Now its brash, loud and dumb.


aferrismoon said...

Alan, were I to write anything for a book I'd publish it on the net, where its free to read. If people prefer to read it in book form maybe they could print it out and make a book.
Bit of a waste of trees though - which I assumed to be the eco-advantage of using the near weightless net.


little dynamo said...

however i'm glad at least to see somebody poking the Cone of Silence around this guy's body of work (dont think he doesnt know why, either)

if somebody on the planet does this better, pls leave a link, i will definitely look

let's see, no fund drives, no mastercharge logos, not even a donate button, teaches engles for an (honorable) living, when he could readily cash in on talent and other attributes

... no thirst for popularity, dont need us to like him, no interest in nepotic backscratching with cliques etc

he's a hard man to get at, aint he?

works his butt off, looks outward, cares, v little navel gazing

there were a few around like this when i was a kid, but not no mo!

nupe i sure cant understand why the work is so good, he's not giving up anything after all... must be an accident or praps he is just lucky, some guys have all the luck, it just aint fair

A13 said...

Here Here ray!!
Agreed infinatum.

aferrismoon said...

Small are things are best