Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Weekly Annual Award for Journalistic Smugness while Encouraging Genocide

3 stories from 3 'different' media outlet stores [

The Blah B C


The Below Standard




Not one reporter has put their name [ as far as I can make out] to any of the stories yet their idea is to shock into violent action , Need Another Terrorist Organisation [ NATO ] and Unverified News [ UN ].

Some random photos of people

In this post which has no basis in fact I imagine that those 3 above at sometime, somewhere dressed up in a psychopathic pantomime, made up horrific stories based on the needs of their equally psychopathic governments, editors etc etc and laughed all the way to the bank, terribly, terribly pleased with themselves, not that I would know because, like many of their reports I rely on unverified sources, or sources who are so important I can't tell you about, who said that maybe one or two of those pictured get paid a lorra, lorra money to lie people to death.

I notice in the articles they don't use their names as well as mentioning unverified sources [ which used to disallow any story being printed in days gone by] because they don't want to be implicated in war-crimes, which may be a door opening to prove that knowingly misinforming the public and consequently via wrongful military intervention leading to the death of innocent men, women and children.

Any lawyers out there who might be able to provide information on the charges that would be required, feel free to write in.

Reported by:

Aferrismoon, somewhere in deepest Kalaallisut.

To finish with a blogger who attempts to exact a modicum of accuracy and distinct lack of cloying, patronising arse-journalism, and who doesn't get paid [off] for it.



Anonymous said...

Yes, too many journalists are "knowingly misinforming the public" and thus are killing lots of innocent men, women and children.

Many thanks for the link.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

And smugly with an earnest, well-meaning voice



A13 said...

Exactly AFM..
You have melded the obvious in with the superficial..
and the award goes to!!!
Yes Aang is a go to for otherwise distorted reality...
Love your work and have done so for eons...in puter time that is.. ;)
Cheers A13

little dynamo said...

just saw on Yahoo Indoctrination News (YIN) about female egyptian feminists being assaulted -- it's running as a current "new item" and yet the "incident" was days ago i think?

doubtless we can count on Medea and her employees to keep the planet well-informed, in an unbiased fashion

i'm still struggling with PTSD from the Lara Logan assault and rape -- wondering if that poor, oppressed, abused, downtrodden woman will ever be able to function again, after undergoing such depradations at the hands of Yet Another Evil Male (the Monsters are everywhere!)

ah! it is helpful, at least, that the world is consistent! cheers

aferrismoon said...

A13 -it would be interesting to see if some of these geno-journos could be charged for aiding, abetting, or god forbid conspiring to mislead causing deaths of people, but since the media would have to espouse it I doubt it'll get into the public domain.

Ray - u want to check the possible new law in one Swedish town council - men will not be allowed to stand while pissing as it is unhygienic.


It should be noted that water-borne sewage systems are the best way to spread disease, dry toilets by far more cleaner, but science, wtf does it know. Blame is Best

Atlantean Times said...

Theres only one honest journalist on planet earth and hes still looking for Mr Barbicane. :)

A13 said...

As AFM quoted..
"men will not be allowed to stand while pissing as it is unhygienic."
The all new handy urination cone..
Yes and the new promotion of a product for "women on the move or girls on the go".....a "Go Girl"
Complete with a Michelle obama lookalie on the web page, of course with her princess :)
men have to sit and be demasculated and women get to (finally) stand up and be ...relived..phew..does that mean it's the end of the squat???? not for me..
i'd rather be smoking ONE rather than peeing in one ;)lol.
There is a world of material for bloggers there..YOU go girl!!!
yes, i think i'll use my "go-girl" to empower my self..i wonder if it comes as a strap on?
Cheers A13

aferrismoon said...

True ,G, the only honest one is fictitious

A13 - GoGirl - jeepers creepers.
If not already I'm sure it will come with a strap-on.

Its very pink


Atlantean Times said...

Come and See.

If you have the time view the vids in my last post in order.

Things have become liken to an open book from which i seem to be able to read freely excepting for a terrible health cost.

Its was written this way and above all else that is what scares me.