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The first 9 'leaders' are women, the 10th is a man = think deci , mate!

No black 'leaders' while the first 2 males look ready for retirement.

Alternatively women co-opted into the 'leadership' thang, whatever it means,

Perhaps it follows the Mary Daly model:

Daly said, "I don't think about men. I really don't care about them. I'm concerned with women's capacities, which have been infinitely diminished under patriarchy. Not that they've disappeared, but they've been made subliminal. I'm concerned with women enlarging our capacities, actualizing them. So that takes all my energy."

"Later in the interview, she said, "If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males."

Clinton, Hilary recently announced that when she retires she will be concentrating on the needs of women and children, 'oh yes I will!'

" On No You Don't ! "

On Augurst the Foist the Queen of Mid-Air came down to Berth - Cranium 101

In the grip

' You're coming with us , young lady, to lead! '

Blue Gabrielle appeared in Washington to unbipartizanize the House and save Newomerica. She did and Newomerica won by 269 votes to 161 , so , phew! , just shaved it by 108.

Her sirius blueness complemented the angel, steps descending, of the masonic tracing board. GG , herself completed a masonic ritual in a synagogue-come-temple in hair-raisin' ArizOna in November 2010.

Note the 'partisan' RepDem checkerboard surface.

She and space-hubby, Prince of the Mesophere, reignited their love-rockets at a special ceremony honouring the Prince [ temporal title Mark Kelly, rank Commodore or Com Mordor ]. He received awards from 'VAWA' Joe Biden, the weepy VP, who conceded to GG that he wasn't as good as presenting medals as she.

''As Vice-President I get to work with an awful lot of people who devote their lives day to day to public service,'' Mr Biden said. [ That's because your in government Joe]
''But it's not every day you encounter examples of sheer, sheer courage, selflessness and dedication, like you see in this couple.''

Most selfless, dedicated people tend to remain unseen as they're not really concerned with 'praise'.

'The Distinguished Flying Cross was authorized by Section 12 of the Air Corps Act enacted by the United States Congress on July 2, 1926,[1] as amended by Executive Order 7786 on January 8, 1938.'

January 8th 2011 being the day when Mrs, Giffords - Kelly received the distinguished flying bullet , so they say.

Holy Mater Realisations

Gabby and Her Man

Her rematerialization found Gabby flaunting a deep, blood-red number in tonal complement to her Sirius-Blue worn at the Ceremonia Coagula which took place undercover of the debt-sealing votes on Augur 1, Loaf-Mass day.

The cutie was that she were shot on 8th day of the 1st month and returned to the House on the 1st day of the 8th month.

This is the closest tracing board I can find that goes with the above , latest photo of GG

The coffin's black border enclosing the red 'jacket' corresponds to what she wears, a black-collared red jacket.

The big smile GG gives astro-hub is the profile of the grinning skull of the tracing board.

Gabrielle Giffords' seemingly miraculous survival after a shot to the skull may have propelled her into this realm but any scarring one might expect her to suffer seems, from photographic evidence, to have either disappeared or not occurred at all.

Her middle name DEE and her man's name KELLY propels us to Prague in the 1590's at the court of Rudolf II. Dee and Kelley acted as a skrying tag - team , replete with obsidian stones and a gobful of angelic language. Many accounts have it that Kelley duped Dee and was essentially an esoteric con-man, lately an acceptable and not unprofitable practice. Its likely Dee had some influence on the future cult of Freemasonry which Gabrielle Dee publicly entered into , to some degree, with her opening of an ephah/bushel/box, cleverly disguised as a time-capsule, at a Masonic Hall-cum-Synagogue in downtown Tucson the November before her 'shooting'.

Some media-watchers wonder if the whole shooting and many of its 'participants' was an invention using actors, scripts and patsies and also a great number of other events.

What we do know is that a 'mythology' has been begun

At the bottom left of the coffin lies an object, which , despite its wider base, has something of the shape of a space-shuttle. It lies against the coffin denoting 'retirement' - a fact pertinent to both the space-shuttle program and Mark Kelly, whose previous job it was to skry the skies.

The coffin points 'WEST' , to the setting sun.

At the bottom of the coffin you may note the Hebrew character 'Hey' [ as in Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey, Yahweh ]. 2 other on left and right reside above. 'Hey' is considered a female character, it has an opening. The 3 'Heys' mirror the 3 female characters in the front row below.

'Hey, Hey, Hey!!!'

This photo ,the front row, red - black/white - red. Gabby smiles manically, again subbing for the skull, next to her bestest friend, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,
in b+w, mimics the scroll with the checkerboard floor scribed upon it.
Finally Gal 3 , beaming a little less, acts for the final third of the coffin. Both red-girls hold bouquets either side of b+w girl. GG still has her left hand and arm in plaster for which I have yet to find a reason , unusual, as the media has ignored it.

Another 'bad' but published photo - a characteristic of photos of her, post-operation. No-one looks much human . Commander Kelly looks fully automated or has just got 'possessed' right there and then. GG's 'eyes' flicker red and green , a characteristic of stars, notably Sirius , when they are close to the horizon.

Compare Wills' scar and his wife, Kate's. Both scars over 10 years old and both noticeable - Gabby, shot earlier this year, who had to have part of her skull replaced, seems scarless.

Of course its somewhat disingenuous to notice considering how much……she……….has….uhhhh………suffered.

Jared Loughner , who at present resides in Springfield, Missouri, undergoing forced medication to get him fit for trial. It's claimed he's insane and filling him full of psychotropic drugs WILL make him fit to stand trial , from which we must assume that he will then be 'well', that is 'well' enough to be sentenced to death.

The subtext is that 'doctors' will decide who is fit of mind. If one is deemed unfit then adjustment under the guise of medication shall be administered until you're mad as hell and sane aswell. Subtext 2 - anything Jared Loughner said, wrote, alluded to will also be recorded as 'unfit'.

Psychology secularises demonology , doctorer for priest, 'cept the doctorers exclude God, an oversight of biblical proportions. Loughner's incarceration and forced medication, followed by a ban on medication , followed once more by permission to 'drug him up', preceded , though not by much, weather conditions that destroyed swathes of temporal property , and sadly, people's lives.

Both Loughner and , apparently, Giffords have had their psyches usurped , and we may imagine that, perhaps , Loughner the more likely, may have some of that psyche wandering around outside the body, excluded via psychotropics, communing with spirits, confused , angry

At DA BLACK WHOLE regular readings of inspired weather conditions are taken into consideration.

JOPLIN, MISSOURI - tornadoed on May 22 , 2011. Joplin's not so far from Springfield , Mo.
A month after Loughner's psyche evaluation in Springfield, Miss Houri

"According to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Springfielders were given only 10 minutes warning that a tornado was approaching the densely populated city. CNN delayed warning of the impending tornado due to a live interview with New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, who was discussing explicit photographs of himself that he had posted online."

Some things are just SOOOOOOO much more important.

This story [ about , coincidentally a man named Wiener and his underwear-clad 'wiener'] was nearly at the head of the news for days as he ummed and ahhed before finally giving it up, but not before 'lying to his wife' who has stood by him :). The story has entirely gone away, he's disappeared while his pregnant wife cruises around the planet with HIllary's Sadistic Circus. Hilary's Bill also lied to his wife , finally and excruciatingly came clean and Hils stood by him.


"She then hands the phone back to Abedin, the wife of disgraced lawmaker Anthony Weiner."
'Disgraced Wiener' mentioned in article with 'dead Gaddafi'

Some more pics

"I'm not looking at you today!" "Well, neither am I"

Down in France, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy gave birth within hours of 'Gadafi' being sodomized and shot.

An odd photo , perhaps Huma [ or lack of it ] and uberfrau Hilary ain't on speaking terms . After 15 years as her close[s]t 'aide' perhaps things get a little fractious.

Both Hilary and Huma have been publicly humiliated by weak men, while H+H remain the epitome of honour, strength and , I dunno, how about courage garnished with perspicacity or something prefaced with 'sheer, sheer'

Possibly Bill Clinton and Ant Wiener never got close to what they admitted doing. Bill has since been feted as some kind peacemaker , born of repentance. Ant hasn't resurfaced yet but I heard he got a job soon after the bottom fell out of his underwear.

Doubtless their 'marriages' follow the same code as days of old - alliances. Either Huma , a Moslem, or Ant, a Jew , would have to convert, I assume, or perhaps they've all joined Hilary's religion

Jackie O - pressed fur time

'Widow of Opportunity'

"Hepsebah, most powerful woman on earth. The woman beast. In ancient times Hepsebah was the mother of Manasseh who led the nation of Israel into idolatry and devil worship. For this, the Lord allowed them to go into Babylonian captivity.

the entire Satanic kingdoms are a matriarchal society where the women are the real rulers. Most of their ruling class is hidden, in other words..the Queen of England bows down to Hepsebah. There are six separate kingdoms, three kings of patriarchal societies; and three Queens of Matriarchal societies."

Some feel, and claim proof, that the shootings at Tucson on January 8th 2011 were faked, using actors. Some think that some of those who died still live. Media bombardment does affect people's critical thinking and the whole idea of a 'faked shooting' is, unsurprisingly, not the first thing on people's minds.

Were the shooting eVent a 'fake' then Loughner quite correctly, and in full control of his faculties, pleaded 'NOT GUILTY' to the charges. For this transgression he was whisked off to the 'Cuckoo's Nest' to be 're-educated' , like those ole-time Soviet Psychiatric Units were apt to do.
Thus those that have deemed Jared 'cuckoo' are in fact the ones miasma-mesmorised by the televisual stagecraft we call 'reality news', and God help you if you aren't .

It's very possible most of the judiciary and medical staff assume the shooting was 'real'.

Real or faked doesn't really matter as the overlying narratives will give the event and the characters mythological status and that's enough for most.

In previous posts observations of GG's election photos were undertaken.

A modern 'tracing-board', skrying future events via iconophotography.

'Death of the Aspirant' Tracing Board

Updated from 'House and Home' @ 'DA BLACK WHOLE'

"left-to-right, Arizona Common Sense rally: "Mom," Van Man, Gabby (original version), Blondie"

He has the name 'Van Man' for the 'VANS' shirt he's wearing.

The post went out on November 3rd , 2011.

November 9th [9/11]

"A 5.6-magnitude earthquake has killed at least seven people in eastern Turkey, and trapped many more under collapsed buildings.

About 20 buildings have collapsed, including a six-storey hotel in the city of Van, where dozens of aid workers and journalists were staying.

The quake late on Wednesday was centred 16km (10 miles) south of Van"

VAN overlooks Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Iran . 'Aid-workers' is sometimes a synonym for undercover types. Angelina Jolie has been out East Turkey way attending a refugee camp of fleeing Syrians that wasn't allowed to be filmed.

A few days before another 'quake hit Oklahoma , 2 times.

"The largest quake in state history, 5.6 magnitudinal, snarked Oklahoma on Saturday, November 5.

Earlier in the day, a foreshock of 4.7 hit Prague, OK. "

Twin 5.6s - and coo-ee ' dozens of aid workers and journalists' waiting for the attack on Syria to begin.

The folk etymology of Prague or Praha has its roots in the Czech word ' prah ' - 'threshold'. Last year a 4.3 hit Carlsbad, N.M. at around the same time Obama and Medvedev held the START talks in Prague, Czech Rep. Carlsbad, N.M. lies close to the Alamogordo Atomic Test Site where they set off the whole shebang with the Trinity Bomb Test on July 16th [ Moon Launch date] 1945. Under the auspices of the MANHATTAN Project a murder of atomic physicists set off the Triple Mentor and gifted the globe its first Ground Zero.

56 years later another Ground Zero was presented to New York City, specifically Manhattan. A line drawn from Alamogordo to NYC scoots between Joplin and Springfield, Mo.

Carlsbad is the original name of a famous spa-town in the Czech Republic, now called Karlovy Vary.

It may seem spurious to connect the above photo, Loughner's unlegal incarceration, Gabby being led around and other events with the weather but the premise is that God Works and in mysterious ways as well as the stunningly obvious.


And in the blue corner 4-times adulterer , Hermaaaaaaaaaaaan 'U Cain't trust a Man' Cain
Another frivolous example is Gabby's reincarcuperation at the MEMORIAL HERMANN , an 'Ospital out of which has blossomed the oncoming memorial, possibly, of Republican candidate HER-MANN CAIN playing the patsy in the 'male-fail' game. 4 ladies have accused him of sexual abuse while he played pizza in the parlor mimicking the Clarence Thomas - Anita Hill sex abuse claims from years ago; the undermining of leading black rightists, after years of being too afraid to accuse them at the time. I watched one TV report where the speaker for the abused said that Hermann had decided to give his employee a 'stimulus package' which got a snicker from the accuse.

Hot 'n' totty on the heels of Dominator Sta-raus 'Kahn't help myself' Kahn, Hermann rises to the top. He wasn't denounced before 'coz the abused were afraid of him and his manly power. Like DSK and Clarence Thomas , they just waited until they were at the height of their powers before bravely coming out with their accusations. I doubt the greater media-coverage and subsequent larger payment for stories had anything to do with their decisions.

'Oh! How dare you! THey've suffered!'

Grace Cain , his wife of 43 years, stands by him. Don't hold your breath he may just say ' I did it'

Lake Hermann acquired fame for being one of the Zodiac KIller's haunts.

"(Late edit: presidential candidate Herman Cain (!) has just been accused of sexual harrassment.  Early report here.  Cain is self-explanatory.  Longtime readers of this loser blog recall the occult keyword Herman/Hermann, as both the site of Zodiac's first slaying, and the hospital in which Gabby Giffords recuperated.)"
'House and Home' - Da Black Whole

And that most males in gubmint are subservient to the May-Tree-Arch - bzzzzzz, bzzzzzzz, klickety-krikit, Da Boys from Da Beehive , love to likkit!

As it happens Cain, Wiener, Kahn and Clinton all have the stability to weather any 'storms' , and they are most likely just playing their very well-paid parts.

Recent major earthquakes -

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI - January 12th 2010 - 7.2 Magnitude
CONCEPCION , CHILE - February 27th 2010 - 8.8 Magnitude
TOHOKU , JAPAN - March 11th , 2011 - 9.0 Magnitude - also a devastating tsunami followed.

A burst of earthquakes began in the Marshall Islands before bombing over to Eureka, Ca., then to Haiti and on to Concepcion. I tracked it with a red-line, using a Japanese map [ using a 'western' map the Pacific Ocean is split.]

Obviously the red-line zoomed back across the Pacific. Major hit 9.0 with tsunami to boot. The world marveled as Fukushima Nuclear Power Sta. flooded and leaked radiation - Fu[c]k - U - Shimmer. Danger dismissed , war carnage will continue, unabated , keep on killing for the Daughters of Zion, Bat-girl babes, no longer the nurturing bosom, now the battle-scarred breast, cross your heart, hope u die.

" I Want ……………..'

It seems from photographs that GG got took out or replaced, or even had her brain worked on in the HERMANN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL in space-city Houston, conveniently not too far from Kelly's workplace and all the Zero-Gravity workshops.

Demon possession - it's pretty high-tech now, no more tramping around fields miles from home, these days there's reserve parking and a great canteen, on saturday's there's a Farmer's Market selling , among other things, Babylon Working kits in an easy-2-assemble format [ demons not included, try Whorl-Mart]

All those accused are males in important positions and its easy to imagine they have the power to get out of trouble. All the female accusers are employees, hotel-workers or in a subservient position.

Even though it looks look women are going to be made more equal, with their visible presence in varoius sectors, once , apparently, male-only, what we are getting is the female component of powerful families coming forward. The prime example - Bill Clinton is replaced by Hilary Clinton , while just lately their daughter is gifted some job on the goggle-box.

Take a look at one of those Swiss-clocks where the model man and woman replace each other standing out front as they look down from their lofty parapet - that's 'feminism'.

"Because the Daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: Therefore the LORD will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts.  (Isaiah 3, emphasis added)"

The Eng. word 'scar' comes from Gk. 'escharra' - 'a scab'

Daughters of Zion = BTh TzYVN = pron. 'Bat Zion'

On September 28th 2010 Campus Officer Maggie Lomeli found a video by Jared Loughner on Youtube, posted Sept.23rd,
"The day after Loughner's last meeting with Conover, campus police Sergeant Maggie Lomeli found a video that Loughner had posted on YouTube on the 23rd, the day of his biology class outburst.  The video shows Loughner walking around campus at night, rambling incoherently on a number of subjects, but in particular railing against PCC.  He said he was "examining the torture of students."  He called Pima College "one of the biggest scams in America."  He described Pima as his "genocide school" and added darkly, "I haven't forgotten the teacher that gave me a B for freedom of speech."
There was to be no more talk of a behavioral contract.  Having spotted the video, Sgt. Lomeli caused police report C 10-04594 to be opened at 9:20 that morning. "

In the second email Maggie Lomeli sends an email to herself, but it could be her correspondence with Emelina Ormsby, nevertheless FROM 'Lomeli' TO 'Lomeli'. I don't know Ormsby's position but she was a friend of Maggie Lomeli. On May 1st at her blog, which she had started the month previously, she wrote a post dedicated to Maggie Lomeli, who had passed on the week previously. The blog has the name - THRUBEESEYES and the blogger claims she would like to be worker bee, up front, just beneath the title. In the guest book she comments under 'EO; while a RoBERTa Ormsby, who leaves a poem by Christina Rossetti emerges on the same page.

Officer Magdalena Maria 'Maggie' Lomeli died aged 49 on April 26 2011, 3 days before the Royal Wedding and the deadline for Loughner's 'competency to stand trial' report. She worked as Admin.Sergeant for the Dept. of Public Safety at Pima Community College.

I can't find anywhere her cause of death , at a relatively young age, but it seems she succumbed to a form of cancer. Her 'guest book' is liberally sprinkled with logos of a cancer-agency; in lieu of flowers donations may be made to 'Susan G. Komen for the Cure' of Dallas , Tx.

The use of brassieres and their possible, contributory effect , to the apparently endemic 'breast cancer' [ think pink and sink !!] judging by the plethora of 'Breast-Cancer' events, posters, orgs etc etc etc pretty much everywhere, has been perused at this post.

Maggie Lomeli will not be called upon to testify.

Photos from Chernobyl


little dynamo said...

had been composing about the trip goddessess and GG, but holding pattern for yr discussion of the Three Gals and 3rd degree board

now... i'm not so sure i want to try to follow THIS yikes af

..mebbe take up clog dance or something

enyway just after finishing SCAR-MONGERS (w/Herman sauce!) this from yahooracle, Revival of Herman Munster

inspiring post, more later, God Works! cheers

suraci said...

With regards to the scars on prominent people, I was always uneasy with the odd Heroes series a while back, and some of the symbolism.

I recently saw a strange film with an odd scene when the top of a man's skull was removed, and the hand of god touched his brain directly to awaken him.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Breivik has a scar.

- Aangirfan

little dynamo said...

photo of jfk and jackie supports yr collusion hypothesis, still circumstantial but i'm pretty much convinced now (i'll run down the links you provided)

jfk as usual = what you see is what you get, but jackie's face is full of calculation, cunning, and smugness . . . exactly the kind of narcissism it takes to play deadly games


little dynamo said...

Springfield, in southern Missouri (or Miss Houri as you properly deem) is County Seat of Greene County

wikipedia – “The Springfield Metropolitan Area, population 436,712, includes the counties of Christian, Dallas, Greene, Polk and Webster. Springfield's nickname is The Queen City of the Ozarks. It is also known as The Cultural Center of the Ozarks, The Gateway to the Ozarks, and The Birthplace of Route 66.”


so, counties – Christian and Greene – Christina Taylor Green was the AZ slain girl, born on 9/11

this may connect to the upcoming Elenin line-up, given the eleven/nine derived from elenin

the line-up is due 11/22, which of course is the prime solar sacrificial kingkill date of the United Sisterhood of America

Springfield is the “Crossroads of Country Music” and we know who rules the crossroads

the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners is locaated on West Sunshine Street, isnt that jolly? – reinforcing these various solar rites, such as Dealey, the Obama campaign logo, etc... esp recalling the solar AZ logo from the Ona Common Sense photo

“the entire Satanic kingdoms are a matriarchal society where the women are the real rulers. Most of their ruling class is hidden, in other words..the Queen of England bows down to Hepsebah”

this quote notable in these contexts b/c Southern Missouri (as i think this source notes somewhere on his website) is a notorious satanic stronghold

chewing this post slowly, mas tarde, cheers

little dynamo said...

yikes just saw the timestamp :O)

aferrismoon said...

Just arrived back from a short holiday , will inwardly digest comments tomorrow

cheers all

little dynamo said...

welcome back! hope u enjoyed the sojourn

aferrismoon said...

West Sun-Shine , the setting sun.

Watch out when the sun sets at dawn.

Suraci - Heroes , saw a couple of episodes , superhumans and robotically-upgraded humans, more powers - furthetr division of the gifted and mundane humans

Aang - plastic surtgery?


The Realist Report said...

Quite an interesting post! You may be interested in this website:

And this video relating to GG:

Alex Robinson said...

Great Gabby-Mason fashion matching - & yes that does look like a shuttle.

Shuttles are for weaving - one shot into outer space, one propelled into inner (head) space.

This may sum up the years activites quite well:


Alex Robinson said...

ps thanks for adding link toe bra-st cancer article

aferrismoon said...

Thanks John , have seen that page [ 1st link] before but will return for a review.

Shall check out GG too

Hi Alex

Aaah yes - shuttle weave , seems it comes from Norse 'skutill' - a harpoon.

I see V.Beckham has won a fashion award, unfortunately not a-ward of court, beating the likes of other similarly sado-masochistic clothiers.

Ta for link

cheers both

Alex Robinson said...

ah the wonders of fashion dezioners