Sunday, November 6, 2011

Narcystic Cystem

Ms. Banner, a new-aeon narcystist perhaps, is one of a group of equally talented individuals who were chosen to make 'art' for the Dullympics and the Paradullympics - essentially running around and throwing things for which one may garner a slave chain around the neck made from one of three metals. Millions and millions will be spent on this extravaganza to watch those who have trained in a highly-specialised activity - not unlike the specialisation we find in the insect world - a flea can jump, a water-boatman can skim across the surface, Usain Bolt running 100metres, useful perhaps if you just missed the bus and need to catch it, jumping over a pole or into a sandpit, and none of it with a sense of humour, all so serious. Heartless for the millions around the world who need a bite to eat or a working sewage system - how mundane!

DEMONIC SHYTE [ of which the arsetist is dutifully proud]
Some quotes from Ms. Banner's typed version of nudity -
'Hot saddle shadow between thighs'
'Small finger tapping steel buttocks'
'Isosceles of white behind, shadow from arse to knee'
'Super heroes pose'
'Thigh ripping all the way to the buttocks'
'Hugging white arse. Piercing rod of muscle vs. carbon bullet'

Attention-seeking proves a career-choice these days.

The MSM did focus on the word 'arse' but ignored 'piercing rod of muscle vs. carbon bullet'.

Why does it appear oriented to anal penetration? It has the flavour of many of the scenes in the film 'Caligula' which seems a somewhat prescient production that foretold the images and degradations of today's shitty little empire. In Caligula 'freaks' were filmed in sexual orgia.

"I noticed the sexualising of limbless handicapped people a few years ago, and to me it was a deliberate ploy linked to the increasing amount of war injuries we were starting to see on British streets and everywhere else.
Pistorius is part of this illusion. His and other's part is to rebrand amputation towards something such that it is not as shocking as it once was when thousands of veterans are seen wondering around without arms, legs and eyes.

The diabolical objective is probably to have the best of both worlds from their point of view, whereby the public are shocked enough to continue supporting the fight against the enemy doing this to their heroes, whilst at the same time not so shocked because the handicap has been rebranded, by Pistorius and the new breed of Paralympic games we are starting to see, and next year's Paralympics is going to be almost as big and glossy as the "real" one."

The crapola-factor of the arteests' 'work' is only outdone by the vapid art-school explanations of words that go round and round until they meet other words in a dazzling display of sparks and sparrows' wings and excrement lovingly intertwined, with love or did I just say that.

The Mocking Bird

"Fiona Banner - Superhuman Nude
Fiona Banner creates nude studies from life, transcribing physical scenarios into verbal descriptions. These ‘wordscapes’ define the shapes and forms of the body as well as fleeting moments such as the tension in a second of shared eye contact, or a nervous finger tapping."

Banner’s print is a nude study of a Paralympic Athlete. The title alludes to the extraordinary physicality of this body. She focuses on strength and physicality but also on the fragility of a human awaiting competition. Banner says ‘I liked the idea of comparing the athlete to a superhero, with some extraordinary prosthetic gift. Looking at an athlete naked made them powerful and vulnerable at once."

Did it really dahling?

'A prosthetic gift'! Happy fucking Birthday!

A media acolyte effuses:

"On these grounds, the most introspective, serious and moving of all these posters has to be Fiona Banner's design for the Paralympics, a painted prose poem about the wonder of human, or superhuman, achievement."

"superhuman" - people with limbs replaced by robotica, how quaint. Doubtless a film in the making.

This cursed edifice was erected in Brussels to honour Battle of Britain victims forced into a war.

It's not meant to honour those who fought but rather those who put the wheels of war in motion. Perhaps if some survived as amputees Ms. Banner could marvel at their muscular behinds and set her thoughts to more 'ars' while they pedalled furiously around a track once every 4 years and then be quietly forgotten about until the next agenda-suitable moment arises - and then all hail the heroes.

Here it is in situ, not far from Heysel Stadium , notable for the badly-built stadium falling on top of the attendant football fans and killing 39.

Soon it'll be 11:11:11 when all the warmongers remember the many they slaughtered because they could, still can and do.


Anonymous said...

Sports are just a joke these days.

It is all about wining at any cost.

Paraolympics is promoted by a local gal.

Her momma created a famous chocolate bar.

They are all "holocaust" survivors from Russia.

Brother is big part of the media.

And they have some interesting connections to England.

One her princess looks tall and elegant and the other has crawl down the stairs, smiling...under the watchful eyes of her royal momma.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers HB, these type of sports are , the Me!ME!MEEEEEEEEEE!-inducing sports that is.

Lots of people take part in sports but its in connexion with the rest of their lives not a form of professional idolatry and hero-worship.

Any chance u can elaborate on chocolate bar mommy and the connexions to England?


Anonymous said...

With all this overpopulation problem very soon we will have to look for another planet to populate.

Which one? Maybe Mars? It sounds like a sweet idea.

Don't know much about England. I have never been there. And what I saw in this side of the island I did not care much. I will just leave it there.

Anonymous said...

11 11 11

Hope that's lucky.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Overpopulation is a myth butt he continued use of it as a scare tactic is not.

'Overpopulation' is short hand for 'we refuse to distribute the wealth of this planet properly'.

Population decreases when countries are hooked up to a power-grid.

Aang - its a Friday , end of the week :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Aferrrismoon,

I am not concerned about the overpopulation issue.

It is all about the chocolate bar.

The solution for the overpopulation problem is sweet and tasty.

Get it?

aferrismoon said...

I was only answering Skepticos concerning that.

Have got it , chocs away


Alex Robinson said...

I'd say Paul McCartney did a great job helping to raise awareness of amputees - his interest in a won-legged woman gave the media 'the right' to accentuate their 'possibilities'.

Eugene said...

In "Forest Gump" - Sargent Dan has his legs blown off. Later he and Gump are celebrating New Years at a bar and two girls, who already know Sargent Dan, show up ...

Gump and Dan segue off to Dan's apartment. One girl mounts Dan's wheelchair and they start getting intimate. Gump is immune to the other girl's advances. Gump resists and is called lame or handicapped or some such. Sargent Dan immediately defends poor Gump and dismisses the ladies.

aferrismoon said...

Nice one on the 'lame' unless you're really 'lame'

Lame Male


suraci said...

The whole amputation rebranding is weird, but then so are those doing it, so it's to be expected. If it was just about making society more considerate to each other, including amputees, it would be a good thing of course, but the creatures behind it do nothing for good reasons.

I suspect that it's partly part of the increasing militarisation, where veterans with no legs can be wheeled out to remembrance ceremonies without too much public disgust, and partly good old ridicule of us, their cattle.

It reminds me of kids pulling the wings of insects, just because they can. In fact, I was only thinking the other day that those doing these things in the world are not just psychotic in some way, but also emotionally immature, hence the level of some of their comedy in big budget Hollywood films.

It's almost like they are collectively trapped at being eleven years old.

aferrismoon said...

This society does not seem to spend money on helping people - I don't think the competitors at the paralympics will profit as much as all the agency, advertisers, builders and those who speak for the 'paralympians'.

The Fiona Banner poster just hsows what a voyeuristic fest it will be.

Also you point on the ability to upgrade prosthetics does disqualify them from the non-prosthetic games.

There was s tory about a man walking away from the front [ WW1] to meet a loory-load of false limbs ready for thr upcoming battle - nice little earner.

Wonder if the MOD orders in bulk to get a discount.

9 to 11 years old, methinks, in a superhero costume