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Looking at the various photos of the man the media have named as Anders Behring Breivik it's obvious he has put on weight.

His more sharply defined face. appearing in a few photos. changes quite markedly to a chubbier, heavier-set face, short-haired and clean-shaven.

There is a noticeable and comparatively rapid weight gain when people are medicated with a range of psychtropic drugs.

Breivik , to me , looks like he has already been on psychtropic drugs , and without any proof I go for SSRIs [ Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors]. These, in layman's terms, stop one having thoughts that are likely to bring on psychological stress.

[He could also have used steroids which can also have effects on the mind.]

One person who had taken them , as part of treatment, told me he would think about something and if it got 'bad' the SSRI would just 'block' the 'badness'.

If Breivik took part in the shooting, or is acting as a 'patsy' , neither situation will be much problem if he's on SSRIs.

Anders Breivik for Lacoste?

This photo inspired my thoughts in this direction. The skin on his face has that cold, clammy look on which his facial features appear to sit rather than being an integral part of, though the lights may also help further that appearance.


As an aside, to me, Tony Blair and Bono Vox also appeared to bulk up at one time and both are rather beefier than earlier in their career. Haven't found photos as marked as Al Gore though. Considering Al's green credentials , maybe he's the Hulk.

When Jared Loughner was arrested a photo appeared of a rather demented and full-faced character , somewhat different from photos of him at the book-fair. Of course we also have the problem of whether or not photos are photoshopped.
His photo a few weeks after shows a face that has 'shrunk' .
He has been diagnosed as incompetent to go to trial.
He was evaluated psychologically for his disruptive behavior at Pima County High School.

Perhaps his change in behavior indicates the start of his treatment as a mind-controlled patsy - with regular 'evaluations' to keep him on course.

Once arrested we are told he is 'crazy' and the photos 'prove' it.

Now he faces a new course of medication to 'forget' what really happened and 'learn' the story the courts and the world want to hear.

Perhaps he turned up at the mall , on medication, and , on instruction, wandered into the kill-zone where he was wrestled to the ground while other agents carried out the assassinations. Maybe he just lay down.

I think that's why he pled 'Not Guilty' - isn't it amazing that in a 'democracy' someone can plead 'not guilty' and a big game show light flickers on accompanied by a machine-garbled ' wrooong ! ', the individual then whisked off to OZ [ in this case Springfield, Missouri] and administered to until the word 'guilty' is etched into the brain.

"Are you a fish Jared?"
" Gill-ty "

It now looks as if his forced medication order has been overturned [July 12] as he "has not been convicted of a crime, [and] is presumptively innocent and is therefore entitled to greater constitutional protections than a convicted inmate". Give him some time to recover from the previous few weeks of forced medication.

Some US citizens may find that a bit of a joke :

"In a June 8 traffic stop that was captured on video, Harless repeatedly threatened to murder the driver, William E. Bartlett, for carrying a concealed handgun for which he had obtained a the appropriate permit. At the time, Bartlett was attempting to comply with the state ordinance by notifying Harless that he was carrying a weapon, and displaying his concealed carry license. Bartlett was composed and deferential; Harless’s behavior was that of a borderline psychotic eagerly seeking an excuse to kill somebody.

“As soon as I felt your gun I should have took [sic] two steps back, pulled my Glock 40 and just put 10 bullets in your ass and let you drop,” snarled Harless. “And I wouldn’t have lost any sleep.” Thus did Harless slay the diligently propagated fiction that police officers are burdened with a bone-deep dread of pulling their firearms."

In Norway Breivik lay down on the ground , calmly, and awaited capture. Perhaps he had no real idea of what he was doing or why he was there.

In contrast to Loughner , Breivik is apparently , via his lawyer, allowed to give a lot of info out to the media, ' his' 1500-page manifesto , copied from Ted Kaczynski's work apparently, being a much debated work that allows 'serious' minds to consider the underlying value and intention of his work in context of the new Europe blah blah blah……

He has been certified 'insane' by the media and photos of him in the police-car show a blank, expressionless face, though there is a 'smile' in the photo above.

He's doubtless smiling at the picture on the right showing 'him' in a police-uniform while he accompanies the police in red sweater and pink shirt. [ see comments at link]

A post which notices the preponderance of red and black and the Norwegian royal family

The 'Gatekeepers' witnessing JFK's death. Red , black and white trousers coincide with the black&white shield and red-cross of the now MSM-fashionable Knights Templar [ or the KayTees : ) ]

Added to that Breivick, beneath his red sweater; wears a pink shirt, which mimics Jackie's blood-spattered pink suit.

I wonder if William calls Kate , Katie.

In moonlight red blood appears black.


"In a search for patterns one must look everywhere. If one looks on a map of Kaczynski's adopted hometown, Lincoln, Montana at the time he resided there, one sees that the location where he chose to erect his cabin was amid the Scapegoat Mountains and the Scapegoat Eatery."

Loren Coleman at 'Twilight Language' reports on the 'sorcery' around these attacks.
He notes that the Knights Templar are a drugs-cartel in Mexico, part of the ongoing massacre-war , with guns supplied from a country just to the North.
We may note that one of ABB's 'mentors' a Briton , now lives in Malta, homebase of the 'Sovereign Knights of Malta' which has an illustrious past and membership.

"During that female soccer world cup finale game (USA-Japan), tv showed a banner held by american fans, saying "Abby is the bomb". And there's another star in the american team: Hope Solo.
There you go. The OSLO (Solo) Bomb attack was predicted.
The other attack, the Amok, was too, but I saw it several days ago in german surroundings, hence I will not get into details."
Cori, Germany

In a further comment Cori writes 'ABBy' .

One might also consider that waving 'Abby is the bomb' when playing Japan is a tad insensitive, as we approach the 66th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as Trinity on July 16th.

'Amok' refers to the killings on the island.

"a thanksgiving-like celebration to honour the sun-god and celestial warrior Lugh (=lux, luz, light). As legend has it, the ancients sacrified young children on this day to reciprocate for a good grain harvest...the proverbial "children of the corn"...gods harvesting children. Breivik posed as a farmer to cover his activities.
Lughnasa reminds me of Loughner."
Andri, Germany

The Whistler wrote this about Lugh -

"Poet and author Robert Graves proposed that his name came from the Latin lucus ('grove'), and even perhaps lu, Sumerian for son. Lugh was a deity cognate to (Mars ed.),Hercules or Dionysus, the Romans' version of the Greek god Apollo. Another name for him was 'Lugh the Long Handed'. In Wales, he was called Lleu, or Lleu Llaw Gyffes, meaning 'Lion with the Steady Hand'. Lleu means lion, related to the Latin leo. (Note that the sun is now in the zodiacal sign of Leo.)"
The island of Utoya may be considered a 'sacred grove'

Birgitte Smetbak was killed at the island acc. to the media. At the link are a series of 8 photos of victims. The accompanying captions all state that the photos are undated - I find that odd in the days of digital cameras which give the time and date of every photo taken. A few give the additional info 'unknown location'. All are cropped to concentrate on the face though it also precludes any background information getting through.

{ The link to the photos was 'delinked' within 24 hours of posting this photo but they and 11 others can be found here:}

Meanwhile the medical profession has been going all out lately - unable to find cause of death in 3 individuals in the past few weeks.

"A post-mortem has been carried out but the cause of his death was "unascertained pending histology and toxicology reports".
The coroner said there was no evidence of foul play and has released Mr Shale's body to his family for burial."
SEAN HOARE - News of the World [ Hacking] whistleblower
"A Hertfordshire County Council spokesman said the coroner was still waiting to receive histology and toxicology results.
Hertfordshire police has said the death was "non-suspicious".
It added there was also an "on-going examination of health problems" identified at the post mortem examination."

"The cause of Amy Winehouse's death will remain a mystery for at least another fortnight as autopsy results found Monday were inconclusive.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Metropolitan Police will investigate her death, which was given a "Section 20" postmortem, which means they have reason to believe the death was violent or suspicious. That being said, it was earlier Monday reported that police did not find any reason for suspicion.
The inquest, as the investigation is known, is being closed until October 26th so that investigators can look into the death; toxicology test results are expected in 2-4 weeks."

" And what new word did you learn at school, Junior "
" Toxicology ! "
One theory is that Amy Winehouse died of 'alcohol withdrawal'.,,20513558,00.html
"Winehouse ignored doctors' advice to step back gradually from her heavy drinking and went cold turkey in the past month, an unnamed family friend tells Britain's Sun. Her family believes that was too much of a shock to her system, the source adds."


"Amy Winehouse spent the last week of her short and troubled life in an alcoholic, drug-fueled fog -- which she capped by purchasing a stockpile of powerful narcotics at a London bar just hours before her death, according to some of her friends and British newspaper reports."

All 3 , we are told, have died of causes at yet unknown, but , it is stated, there are definitely no suspicious causes, or things to see, so can you please express the correct emotion and move right along there .

The media has finally stuck at a total for those killed in both attacks - 77 [ but still a few 76s flying around].

The total 76, I remember, came when the total [ on the island] was reduced from 86 to 68, a natty bit of magical mirror-work , twinning [ as the attacks were described aswell].

So a global trauma-event associated with 'twins' leaves a total of 77 dead which 'twins' with Flight 77 [ alleged] flying into the Pentagon.

How much of this is 'real' and how much is theatre:

Midway through this post is a video of some quite jolly escapees from the island who note that ABB is a man with some problems. How and where they calmly noticed his mental state remains a mystery to me.

A13 notes this site which , among other stories, states that the Giffords eVent was staged and that many involved are actors.

Insanity - it takes but a day to diagnose certain people as insane yet finding the cause of death in a spate of non-suspicious deaths looks like it will take weeks, if ever, since the bodies are often quickly disposed of.

Anyhow Ms Winehouse record sales are making somebody somewhere a whole heap o' cash. I guess that's what they mean about her legacy.

Finally some comments in the Israeli media were less than sympathetic with the massacre in Norway -

"Dr. Gerstenfeld brings to light specifics I was not aware of. Let's hope the Israel government has the wisdom to utilize this massacre to shed light on what Jews have gone through in Europe. Let the Norwegians feel the necessity of Israel through the lens of victimhood. Israel is in a position to gently guide the Norwegian conscience through this process of understanding. This is a golden hasbara moment and it is good the embassy lowered the flag. Now Israel should offer intelligence training for the Norwegians"

Not only offensive but classic gobbledygook pseudospeak too. ' Let Norwegians feel the necessity of Israel through the lens of victimhood' - and perhaps the rest of the world too.

"Rename Rabin Square to Anders Breivik Sq. for a good finish to my wonderful weekend"

while around the same time :

"Large sections of the 84,980 crowd at the Bukit Jalil national stadium booed and jeered Benayoun's every touch in Chelsea's 1-0 victory over a Malaysian XI.

The 30-year-old, one of the first Israelis to play in the country, did not complain at the time and was substituted at the interval along with all the starting XI.

Malaysia, which is 60% Muslim and strongly supports the Palestinian people, does not recognise Israel and maintains no diplomatic ties with the state.

Chelsea had initially been uncertain whether the abuse was antisemitic, with Benayoun having committed a foul early in the game which might have provoked some level of reaction among the crowd. They had therefore not pursued the matter immediately after the game.

The Israeli's team-mate Jos Bosingwa, a Portugal international, was also jeered following a bad tackle later in the first half.

But, having since conducted inquiries into the nature of the chants, Chelsea have determined that the abuse was antisemitic and have written in complaint to the Malaysian FA. "Notwithstanding most fans behaving appropriately on the night, we believe Yossi was subjected to antisemitic abuse by a number of supporters at the game," a spokesman said. "Such behaviour is offensive, totally unacceptable and has no place in football."

Now we have anti-semitic booing !!! Well I suppose it rhymes with 'jew'.

Anyhow it garnered a lot of international coverage unlike the many nasty comments left by the Israeli branch of the Anders Breivik fan-club. Par for the course!


Anonymous said...

Nygren, a known Mossad handler and right wing extremist in Sweden, received an e-mail from Breivik the day of the Mossad hit on Norway and directly absconded to a kibutz in israel to avoid questioning by the police.

Shades of the Mossad moving company director who fled to israel the day after 9/11 to avoid questioning by the police.

Breivik was working for Mossad, for israel.

aferrismoon said...

Its best not to mentionn them by name , though they leave their shadows by night


Sibyl Hunter said...

Very, very interesting observations. It all makes a lot of sense, especially the part about "twinning".

Great work!

A. Peasant said...

oh gawd not the antisemitic booing. how will they bring these churlish fans to account? bomb malaysia?

Anonymous said...

See how Gabrielle Giffords looks now.

Not a blonde anymore.

Interesting how reality hits hard sometimes.

In her case it was with a big headache...

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Reminder that Roy Batty was born on January 8 and is killed by Han Solo.

The 77th and 93rd floors were hit in the WTC attacks. 77 = OZ, Oslo. Interesting that this incident managed to include both those numbers.

The Japanese are the Grail Maidens. (The Templars are the Knights of the Grail.) And in the death of the archetypal Whore (Amy), the Bride (gABBy) is resurrected (they always travel in pairs).

aferrismoon said...

Thanks Sibyl - doubles all round

AP - it just seemed a bit hypocritical considering the comments about Norway. And how do they work out it 'antisemitic' - slow-motion reply?

HB - cheers I didn't know she had returned, just in time to save the country

Eleleth - its like they was playin' a toon of some kind with all the numerical comings and goings.

Abby & Gabby - wondergals.

Amy was cremated almost as offering to the resurrected one. Amy being a SOUL singer


A13 said...

Just a quick comment, and a very interesting post BTW...
"Abby is the Bomb"= Abomb

Little Utoya island looks like a Heart..

very strange about the antisemic you said it rhymes with Jew..

and saw GG on the news and she looks like she's had a stroke..not been shot.

The "victim" photo also looks like a "doctored" shot.

It's getting really weird.
Cheers and many regards A13

A13 said...

Hi again, and i've noticed that the "royalty" picture, the Men look like "Mr Lucky's".
More of the satanist meme.

aferrismoon said...

A13 - A Bomb in french might be "Un ABomb" : )

As far as the booing goes , football's a game of tribal rivalry , what does anyone expect. They want the crowds to make the match 'enjoyable' - but they've all got to be good people.

Its just a bit 'sensitive' while many in the world appear to be asking for the Moslem world to be 'stamped out'.

Gabby saves America with her amazing healing head.
Looks like the 'antichrist' meme is back on.

She saved America on August 1st -
Lammas Day and Lughnasadh .

There were 8 of the victim photos , take a look. One with a flower seems odd.

They're all different people , photos taken at different times but all the shots have a feel of similarity, maybe taken by the same photographer


Anonymous said...

Well spotted.

- Aangirfan

A13 said...

Hi ferris, speaking of "special" days..and ones that require a "sacrafice"...Aug 13th,(A13's Bday) the feast of Hecate, is comming up which is also a Full Moon maybe we should be on the lookout for something around that time?
and yes, i did look at the pics of the peps from the link you put in my comments and it does look strange..they look like your typical "facebook" style pics, there is a strange uniformity about them as you say.
To be honest, I really very suspect on this whole "event" as it seems to be "managed"
I'm relying on instinct and subliminals as well as "logic" to see through this weirdness...
Thanks AFM,
Hezký den a na zdraví

Alex Robinson said...

Such a feeling of reality tv with the 'mass murder shows' - can you ring in & place your vote re guilty/not guilty/patsy yet?

Re the spilling of Amy WINEhouse:

"A libation is a ritual pouring of a drink as an offering to a god or spirit or in memory of those who have died ... most commonly it was wine or olive oil ... The liquid was poured onto something of religious significance ... very often poured on the ground itself, as an offering to the Earth.
In Ancient Greece the term "spondee" (libation) is meant to be a type of sacrifice ... Euripides describes the dire consequences of failure to include certain gods in libations in The Bacchae, a theme common to many Greek tragedies.”


aferrismoon said...

Sure thing Alex, are we on TV or is it real, is it a police officer or an actor - what's going on ??

Reality TV , the name, implies that 'reality' is of course manipulated by teams of writers, technicians etc etc


It'll be worth a look on Hecate's Day I'm sure. On the weekend too, which I alwyas feel entails a 3 -day 'festival'


Anonymous said...

From zionist Rothschild's NWO soldiers

To Norway:

You will go along with the program. You will send your troops where we tell you, you will buy foreign products regardless of ethical considerations, you will stop supporting the vermin we are trying to eradicate, and under no circumstances will you threaten anyone.

Otherwise we will bomb your offices and kill your children.

We will do it on a famous anniversary, but it in such a way that no direct evidence leads back to us.

We will do it in a way that shows your police are thoroughly compromised and no use to you at all. We will do it in a way that exacerbates tensions between Christians and Moslems. And we will do it in a way that lends credibility to those who would trash the best features of your open, democratic society.

We will cover our tracks with a lame distraction which will confirm quite clearly -- to those with eyes to see -- that the entire world's "news" media are in our pocket. And most of your friends and neighbors -- including many who should know better -- will play along with it, if they show any interest at all.

And then ... ah, yes: then we will rejoice in your grief!



aferrismoon said...

Greetings Mo.
sounds about par for the course


Anonymous said...

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Atlantean Times said...

hi all, to the anon commenter above on your letter.

Extremely insightfull. You are correct the signs and symbols are meant to be obvious. Just like 911 you are meant to figure it out, but alas not many are capable of stating it like you just have. Ultimatly though its you that is their most feared enemy.

To state their agenda with such clarity is a gift that most it would seem lack. I remember reading a post on the 911 loose change forums years ago by a poster called Calledonian. He stated the economic imacts of the days events and how they would be percieved, as well as outlining that he felt all were meant to see through the veil but that most would be incapable of bringing themselves to accept the consequences of believing all the things that go unsaid.

he described it as "The Perfect Crime" he was banned from the loose change forums for that one post. His post ended up in the scrap heap of guidelines of what ot to post here on the "truth" forums. fork me i hate those loose change aholes with an unequaled passion.

anyway ttfn be well john spartan.