Monday, August 15, 2011

Don't Panic!!!!

This has been up a couple of weeks. It implies , via the subliminal, integrating , dreaming mind, that most people think the official version of events on 9/11/2001 were , to put it mildly, a bit like most penalty appeals , a complete load of bollox, though the referee's decision is very unlikely to be changed , unless we get some objective technology/minds , that will show everybody what DID happen, rather than boxing intelligent minds up as either looney 'Spiracists or Terroristic loonertics.

It reminds me also one of the first things Bubu Pah-Fiffle Johnson and Dave ' Our mate' Cameron [ The Bullingdon Hooligans] said after the riots in London took place -
" Don't worry the over-priced Olympics that benefits few WILL go ahead!!' - Phewee!!

For those with the memory , the earnest politicos [ with interests in the sale of Olympic sites after the Games] have taken on the role of Corporal Jones, from the excellent series DAD'S ARMY [ worth a watch for those who ain't] -
" Don't panic, don't panic", which generally instilled far more panic than if he'd kept his mouth shut - rather like the bland , reassurance and no surrender spirit of Boris J. and 'My mate, your mate' Davey 'Boy' Cameron.

Suraci notes the mockery of having a London Bus with its 'opening' roof simply mocking the bus-bomb in LOndon on 7/7/2005.

Meanwhile the Op. that started the 'riots' in the UK is called Operation Trident. This harks us back to the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Operation Neptune Spear [aka Trident] , while the attacks on Utoya, Norway occured the day before the Feast of Neptunalia - Neptune synonymous with Trident, or the dumbed-down, moron version - Neptune's Spear [?]. Amy Winehouse [ cause of death still unknown but definitely not sus; album sales 'soaring'] 'died' on Neptunalia.

Finally , video-boards with pictures of thieving bankers, noo, sorry 'rioters/scum' were placed round cities. This photo includes the Masonic 33.

'Comply , or we'll give you the 33rd degree.'
'Will a rather specific handshake do, officer?'
'Very kind Sir, sorry to keep you waiting, regards to Colonel Blithe St.Firthlehaven et al. Anything else?'
' Yes , be a good fellow and retrieve my HDTV, trainers and assorted jewellery items, there's a good fellow.'


Anonymous said...

"Video-boards with pictures of thieving bankers."

Smashing idea.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Hey, Moon! Have you done any research about this Zeitgeist movement? How about the Venus Project? I'd never trust a guy by the name Peter Joseph from the Brooklin. I don't trust Big Apples. Everything coming out of NY, I won't take with a grain of salt, but with an entire ocean of.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Aaang, yeah it might well be a good idea, I'd love to see the 'indignation'.

" Dear God, this is preposterous,take it down at ONCE, where's my lawyer!' and other hufferypuffery.

HB - I haven't , no, movements are always at risk of infiltration or at least having an agenda.

Some people/movements seem to emerge fully grown and with financial backing.

I Imagine : " Truth is big this year, we should get into it"

"Yeah , but we need an angle"



Alex Robinson said...

"riot" = trio = trident


Anonymous said...

well, if the 33rd degree is what my work would seem to suggest, then it's probably best to either comply or flee :-)

unless of course, you are wearing iron underpants

A13 said...

Hi There ferris,
That closing ceremony was so obvious a mockery.
I saw the whole thing again at kev boyles blog and it just blew me pun intended..
i try to avoid watching stuff like the commitee olympics, but now i see so much "ritual" it's like a little game plan.
Just dropped in to say G'day and hope you are all going well.Hope fully I'll be back to blogging again soon...
Cheers A13

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