Sunday, August 7, 2011


"May God bless you in this life and in the next and for now I say goodbye and goodnight. Police — Let me haunt you with these words; I'll be back! I'll be back! To be interpreted as — bang, bang, bang, bank, bang — ugh!! Yours in murder Mr. Monster " - from a letter written by a 'Son of Sam'

" I'll be back " perhaps refers to Satan

"…Beelzebub, the demon known as Lord of the Flies; " the hunt, " a reference to the goddess Diana, queen of the Black Sabbath and leader of the Wild Hunt: and "I'll be back, I'll be back, " words identical to those spoken by Satan in the book BLACK EASTER."
Maury Terry - 'The Ultimate Evil'

The Debt - Sealing meets the Queen of Mid-Air

Amongst other things Mask of God notices that Gabby was shot in 1/8 and returns on 8/1. Twinning as a process of symbolic annihilation upwells regularly. Sometimes it spreads over years - JFK's bodyguard on that fateful day - Clint Hill, who has now morphed into Hillary Clinton, bodyguard of the West.

When Con-u-gress played out their coy but sincere 'should we - shouldn't we' plunge the US into more debt, as the planet earth is blue and there's nothing we can do, in swept Arizona's Queen of Mid-Air - Gabrielle Dee Hornstein-Giffords-Kelly.

Her waif-like body seemed to lift the congress to spontaneously bi-partisanize and the debt ceiling was ssssealed.

Gabby goes to Congress

Note star on her forehead and compare with flag of Arizona.
Copyright registered 2010 A. T. WILLETT - Gabrielle Giffords Larger Than Life

Election Night Democratic HQ Tucson Arizona Nov.2 2010

An interesting photo taken after the lower campaign photos. The 3 candidates posted above GG's head - Grijalva, Glassman, Giffords - hits us with a triple-G. G = 3rd Hebrew character and latinised it has firtled itself 'tween the Freemasonic Square & Compass. Gabby's wise to masonic ceremonies , completing one not 2 weeks before the election.

"Last October, prior to her antichristic-resonating headwound, literary light Gabby Giffords retrieved a boxwood ephah "time-capsule" from a Tucson building as part of a Masonic ceremony."

Either side of her head, on the election photo, appear 2 placards giving the Congresswoman the appearance of wearing 2 extra-large cubist Micky-Mouse ears - de rigeur for Washington.

The Giffords swathe upon the lectern takes second place to the Marriot Hotels and Retorts - natchaly, as Washington and politics in general prove to be a bunch of spoilt brats on a permanent holiday , bed and board all inclusive. The Carlyle Group evolved out of Marriot, a couple or so managers [Fred Malek, Dan D'Aniello, Stephen Norris], and other 'financiers' spinning off to create the Global Assets Company.

"I do not exaggerate when I say that Carlyle is taking over the world in government contract work, particularly defence work,' one employee told Briody. Other Carlyle companies also benefited, including EC&G which makes X-ray scanners, Composite Structures, a maker of metal-bond structures in fighter jets and missiles, and Lier Siegler Services Inc, a major military contractor, providing logistics support."

Next time you vote just pop a card into the Suggestion Box at your local Marriot.

While researching 'her holiness' I noticed that blonde side-parting gal , just behind and to the left of Gabby is in the exact same spot as on the November 2 photo [ above and below]. Also reappearing is the committed 6-yr old Democrat who has now moved across to appear on Giffords right. Astronoid Mark Kelly beams at GG while just behind a happy supporter smiles. So that we know its theatre, imperial, purple-tie man [ implying the factual union of democrat and republican ] looks somewhat downcast, as he looks on, uneasily, at the little boy , enraptured once more by the soon-to-be-beatified Santa Gabriella. The smile and the downcast faces indicate the 2 Tragi-Comic faces symbolizing theatre.

His purple tie denotes the imperial while also reminding us that Giffords
'has described herself as a "former Republican.' With her appearance at Congress it seems Gabby is ' Coagula-in-Chief ' marrying Dem Reps.

" Welcome to the Ma-Sheen"

Note the green placard for 'Kotterman' - " A Teacher Not a Politician". Overtones of a TV series about a teacher called Mr. Kotter called 'Welcome back Mr. Kotter' mixed with the idea of 'I'll be back' aka Gabby's return - returned to office, and the return from doors of death.

Gabbys vote made the scores on the doors 269 - 161, thus a total of 430 votes cast.

Via Hebrew letter-numbers those 'ayes' and 'neighs' go a little something like this:

269 = AB BN RVCh - Father, Son, Holy G;

161 = ADM OYLAH - the 'primordial' or 'exalted' man { 161 = 7x23 }

430 = NPhSh - the animal soul of man.

430 is also the amount of letters in Genesis, Chap.1 [ Hebrew version] [ and yes, doc, I counted them ]

Leastways something going on other than the debt-ceiling. The trinity and the primordial man infused into our animal, earthly selves. Perhaps a wee sign for politicians of all hues to start working for fellow humans rather than spurious bank-accounts in Zug or the Caymans.

A strange photo , blurred and as such why is it published. GG looks like she's about to smack Boehner, or do something aggressive. She appears to have a bandage on her left hand.
The photo , for its lack of sharpness, seems to link to her other appearance at the cancelled launch of Endeavour on April 29, the day before Walpurgis Night,

"One of the effects of the shooting is that Giffords, who was always right handed, now writes left handed — a not uncommon result after a bullet wound to the left side of the brain, which controls right-side function."

The entity on the left , looks , due to the blurring, a bit reminiscent of P'tah , with his bald-head. His legs appear as in the stepped-poses of many a 'Gyptian deity.
"Giffords entered the chamber to sustained, standing applause, shaking hands with colleagues whom she had not seen since that January day. Her vote, a sideshow to the far more important and compelling personal drama, was in favor of the bill, which passed through the chamber by a margin of 269 to 161.
“I have closely followed the debate over our debt ceiling and have been deeply disappointed at what’s going on in Washington,” Giffords said, in a statement from her office. “After weeks of failed debate in Washington, I was pleased to see a solution to this crisis emerge. I strongly believe that crossing the aisle for the good of the American people is more important than party politics. I had to be here for this vote. I could not take the chance that my absence could crash our economy.”

I don't believe she said that or anything approaching it. Personally I imagine GG, left to her own devices , would be thinking there's a lot more to living than blurting out the deadening spiel of political statements.

Giffords’ office tweeted word of her return to Washington after the vote had begun. And as she showed up on the floor — smiling and with her hair cut short — the attention of lawmakers drifted from the vote tally to her presence. Her office, in a statement, noted that in December 2009 and again in February 2010, she had objected to raising the nation’s debt limit. This vote, the statement added, “was substantially different, with the strength of the U.S. economy hanging in the balance.”
A couple of days later Standard & Poor, whose very word may bring national economies stuttering to a limp, changed AAA to AA+ and millions of dollars were simply 'lost'. So an 'A' to a '+' sign , symbol dancing, but we's hooked.
When the elected officials appear in 'chains' ain't much hope left for the voters.

What's that hand doing? Seems oddly positioned, like it's about to hit someone or thing.

Many a half-smile on those gathered

Gabby seems as an empty vessel to be led out as talisman for this or that. Others may fill her up with their meaning , whisperings that echo in her mind. Give us your trademark smile - hurrah , and all is well.
Her 'zombification' is iterated in her attacker , Jared Loughner, sometimes medicated , sometimes not, but incarcerated and mute. Anders Breivik, aimlessly gazing out of a police-car. The general populace as the massive sums of debt and perpetual, ongoing wars numb the mind and consequent action. The forces of law and order have relinquished 'law' and merely bark 'order' and woe to thee should you fail to submit to the random application of legalized humiliation.

The Poise in Blue
"As an institution, the police do not exist to defend life, liberty, and property. That would be the role played by peace officers -- a population that is, for all intents and purposes, extinct. Police are given the task of “enforcement” – the imposition of rules devised by, and on behalf of, the wealth-devouring class. That role includes dispensing summary punishment against people who display anything other than instant, unqualified submission to them and to the political order they embody. Any material good that is done by a police officer is a renegade act, given the nature and purposes of the institution that employs him."
"One's going to space, and one's trying to get back to earth," said Vice President Joe Biden, who said he made a special trip to Congress when he heard that Giffords would be there. "Think about it. It's an incredible family."

Yeeks Joe, thought about writing a blog?

Congress - August 1st 2011

Blue-girl zooms down the staircase from Sirius , just like Joe B. relates. Sirius , also known as the Dog-Star , is linked to the colour blue.


"Furthermore Hakim informed me that Ptah was referred to as ' He Who Comes from the Blue" and was always depicted with a blue head covering or with blue skin."

'The Land of Osiris' - Stephen S. Mehler

Egypt is named after Ptah. The Egyptian name for Memphis was Hikuptah [ or variants] which means something akin to ' House of the Soul of P'tah'. Most things Egyptian seem to have a strong link to Sirius , especially the Nile Inundation with the onset of the Dog Days, which usually occurs around mid-July , early August.

GG made her entrance on August 1st, Lammas Day
"In some English-speaking countries in the Northern Hemisphere, August 1 is Lammas Day (loaf-mass day), the festival of the wheat harvest, and is the first harvest festival of the year. On this day it was customary to bring to church a loaf made from the new crop." Wiki.

A 'loaf' is slang for the 'head'

"Lughnasadh (Old Irish: Lugnasad, pronounced [luɣnəsəð]; Irish: Lúnasa; Scottish Gaelic: Lùnastal; Manx: Luanistyn) is a traditional Gaelic holiday celebrated on 1 August. It is in origin a harvest festival, corresponding to the Welsh Calan Awst and the English Lammas."
The great economic harvest is on , going great guns in Europe.

"Your'e only coming through in waves…

GG raises her left-hand in a wave, her bandaged right remains downwards

Being led into Congress, all a bit gruesome, obviously no need for her to be there, pure spectacle/ritual.
A smiling comrade, in the final picture, can be seen wearing the checkerboard alluding once again to the 1st-degree Masonic Tracing Board above. She's even caught between a black head and white head. Both those leading her in wear black jacket , white top.

A month ago she could speak but , reportedly, it was difficult. Had this vote run close would Congress have allowed someone not fully compos-mentis to take part?

On all the pics released on Mrs.G none seem to show any scarring whatsoever, except where she had a tracheotomy tube inserted into her neck - ace surgery or a new head.

"Before and after surgery, which involved temporarily removing a palm-sized portion of her skull to allow room for the damaged brain to swell, Giffords has been surprisingly engaged, responding to commands such as "open your eyes" or "raise two fingers".

The strain in her face shows . " Have you seen the devil?"

" When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt
Like two balloons
Now I've got that feeling once again
I can't explain
You would not understand
This is not how I am.

I……have become comfortably numb "


" How I Wish You Were Here "


Eugene said...

Great anal isis. Its the enter train ment of dynamic duo this twinning with its reversism and subsequent judge mental neck strains. Rubber necking is so much fun that you have to pay KASHKA to watch. Please on this last, make it all the way to the boarding ticket. Robo-chick will be mad if you dont.

This is "new America part two, return of the ANKH" via brain surgery with Doc Ptah. The giraffes gave it to me in June of last year .. this mortally wounded head. Maybe were twins or triplets!

The pics of Gabby are clearly staged. That one would with such new memory stick would be allowed to vote is also quite plug and play.

aferrismoon said...

The Return of the Ankh

Sealed in its 'container' or 'house' it becomes B-ANKH

Many happy 'returns', mor-Tally.

"The pics of Gabby are clearly staged."

And Gabby is caged.

The pics and story seems to infer that the personality of the person plays second place to the appointed role/roll.

She could also play the Fool , as the Babe in Blue -cue electric crackling and birth pains.

' A distant ship's smoke on the horizon'


Eugene said...

As in KashKA .. a blue star KAchina doll.

When the ceiling limit is now an AA+, you can bet that you ole head, like GG's, is a chin-nook, for a certain magical bullet.

EryKA Badu, new AmeriKA part butch deux, stripped naked in the "Window Seat" (of STS133), and walked down Dealey Plaza and gets shot in the head like JFK. Meaning she is a stand-in inversion doll. Like GG. She kicked off her concert tour of the "the new ANKH" at "DAR" in DC aka "Daughters of the Revolution".

As per the OPEL LOPE POLE and its May Queen...

Simply pyramid = 1 apex, 8 bricks.
Reveiled pyramid = 191 apex, 808 bricks. You and your reference to 1-8 and its 8-1 manifestation is this same firey Shekina column. 191 is the reveal of the 808 stone. It means how we stretch out our hands, agent 10, and touch the pillars is how they answer. Touch Geburah = ding dong Frank the Rabbit is here. Touch Gedulah = Venus' foam is not so rabid.

STS133 is 19+20+19+133 = 191. See patch ... the telephone and the "Raysh" which Jared Loughner's video showed is "your new number and currency".

Did you read the "Madeline Pulver" story this week? Necklace bomb in OZ. She just turned the age of consent. One police chef named Mark Murdoch MM says "she was unusually calm" then in next "she was petrified". Read Peter vs. Jesus walking on Mare. You know Mare? One water horse! Polka dance = KASHKA !!! The thorn in my side for that piece was a story about a beheaded Giraffe who was thrown in the ZOO trash in ALBOOQUEERKEY NM named ... KASHKA!!!

Madeline's story begins at 2:40 pm. This if fourteen hours x 60 minutes plus 40 minutes = 880 minutes !!! Necklaces that turn out to be "elaborate hoaxes" are surely the same as "balloon boy" and "power of the air". The bomb necklace story had side stories of "Miranda kicks off Davey Jones show" and "Meet the star of Red Dog". I kid you not.

Same time frame for our Kashka giraffe had bag of heads and body parts sent from ALBOO to Kansas City KS, which is a twin CITY. Baseball club Royals, Football club Chiefs. Haha a most supreme twinning.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article.

My neighbor, she is part of the Orange Order.

She likes to give me a bag of oranges. Not sure about the date.

Add to that oranges, a bag of potatoes. Not sure about the date.

It is all there. Funny how these little things are always there. You just need to stop and look for them.

aferrismoon said...

Madeleine Pulver - that was a strange story, par for the course in these odd days.

They write these stories with both fear and calm. Fear-calm , bing-bong, everyday, its like a song.

HB - Oranges , are they from Jaffa? U know those one's are seedless.
Does she run after you when you're out on the course?


Anonymous said...

'Zombification' - useful word.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Aang - considering the almost childish content of news stories and their obvious propagandist nature coupled with the X-Factor and any other crapola u can think up, and the attack on intelligent disbelief dressed up as Conspiracy Theory seems to lead us towards 'Zombie Society', alternatively with a low-level of white-noise just to keep us one edge without knowing it.

Zombie - a soulless corpse revived by witchcraft.


Alex Robinson said...

Excellent sleuthing mr moon - great links & cross links,

Played with Gabby's name, & seeing how attached she has been to pulpits, was led to G + 'Abbey'

"An abbey ... from Aramaic language abba, "father" is a Catholic monastery or convent, under the authority of an Abbot or an 'Abbess', who serves as the spiritual father or 'mother of the community'."

& playing with 'Gifford Abbey' -

whose cover apparently shows "fonthill "Gifford Abbey" 1700ad"

a place of ...

"Sex, privilege, corruption, and revenge ... in 17th century England, a sex scandal in which the 2nd Earl of Castlehaven was executed for crimes so horrible that "a Christian man ought scarce to name them" threatened the very foundations of aristocratic hierarchy."

History seems such a small place. Aplogies for wandering off topic, but thought you might find interesting


Alex Robinson said...

p.s just put 'jpg' on end of link & it'll work


aferrismoon said...

Cheers Alex, did u check the author's name - Cynthia B. Herrup.

Abbeys and Hellfires seem to tie together


Anonymous said...

Have any of you checked out the photoshop sleuthing that YouTuber, "dallasgoldbug" has done in Giffords and the recent Arizona Town council arrest that ended in Martial Law? Both faked using the same Pima County Sheriff auxiliary officers. Some also seems were playing "witnesses" at the Gifford's 1-8-11 shooting ritual at Wall-Greens.

Take a look at his vids. He def knows his way around Photoshop.

aferrismoon said...

Hadn't but will.

Thanks for the lead


Atlantean Times said...

I've seen and he knows ive seen him. I even know where he lives.

aferris..get out google earth and look at the site of the norway shootings ..tell me what do you see...

soon you will know where he was most recently..he visited a virgin..stole her heart..

then get out your astro software set it to that location and voila...all will be revealed.

then look up the star porrima and find out what the "experts" say about the stars when porrima coincides with "saturn..satan"..

so we are on the same page see here

things will make more sense after those short steps but will also i feel make the world a more scary place to be.

I could just write exactly what i think you will see and what i think is there but better to see it for oneself. Come and see my friend come and see...

clear said...

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little dynamo said...

"Blue-girl zooms down the staircase from Sirius , just like Joe B. relates."

a worshipful worshipper knows his own! lol right on target w/ the Congress -- August 1st 2001/1st degree tracing board correspondence ... a literalization and manifestation, obviously the intended point of so much that'd gone before, to degree the event was hallowed, ritualized, and made a part of dogma by goddess-guzzlin' masonry

here, "celing" = sublumarity esp context of prince of power of the air, "debt limit" refers same, specifically collective "sin debt" of nation (vast and expanding) and connected to eve, original sin

apologies for delay responding to this fine post -- good comments also

mas tarde. cheers

little dynamo said...

“Her waif-like body seemed to lift the congress to spontaneously bi-partisanize and the debt ceiling was ssssealed”

exactly – her manifestation as queen of mid-air is salvific to the denizens of her own sistem

you hit it matching the first-degree tracing board goddess to the (phake) ‘debt-crisis” in US – note the political powers/authorities are elevated above the tessboard (earthly incarnation) yet, unlike goddess gabby, are fixed entities of limited political power

“I had to be here for this vote. I could not take the chance that my absence could crash our economy.”

she may not have uttered this, but her office would would have cleared it w/her, so she’s responsible for the statement – as astonishingly hubristic as it is! -- assuming she still retains basic cognition in her altered condition

indeed, yes, dearie, the fate of the Economy and the World is all about Your Fabulous Youness! lol

good find on the Sirius/Ptah color coding – both gabby and the Tracing Board Goddess garbed in blue during their Great En-trances, nick o’ time to save the whirld

yr closing shot of gabby and hubby w/caption about seeing satan is spot-on.... again reconnects baldie Ptah and Mark (“Mr. Ed”) Kelly, for the astro-nut is also a “prince of mid-air”

in the MaryOught/MaryOtt Corporation triple-G campaign photo from Election Night, you describe Kelly as beaming, but he appears rather gritting his teeth – v tense body language, and an extremely submissive stance, passive-aggressive and subtly hostile

spook city

contrasting the Ona Common Sense photo, the 4 surrounding supporters in the MaryOtt shot are segregated by gender – Kelly w/his “I Serve Mammy” false humility, w/the other chump (Grijalva?) scanning the little boy, Wait’ll you see what they’ve got in store for you, boy-o, it’ll wipe that trusting smile right offa your face

at far right is True Beeleaver Female, face a mask of giddy unconsciousness, and (as you point out) closest to Goddess Gabby is the ubiquitous Blondie, this time staring at Kosmonaut Kelly with cold, cynical appraisal, thinking Ah! What a fine tool he makes!

atop Gabby’s shoulders, again we observe the two ephah-bearing females prominent in Malachi as the “stork-winged” women that transport the ephah/goddess to her new homeland, where she is “set upon her own base”

little boy’s head is framed by a camera that creates a masonic square (the tool)

also framed is Gabby’s head, between two Giffords/U.S. Congress placards, Ashtoreth midst false temple pillars, same as it ever was

the physical contrast between Election Night Gabby and Debt Crisis Gabby is massive... gone is the vibrant, fleshy, golden-haired Gabby, replaced by dark, short-haired, wan, muted, androgynous GabriEl

fine catch tracing the Goddess’ hosts, MaryOtt, throughto the v powerful and global Carlyle Group, whose hands are full of money and blood

again, apologies for delay in commenting, great post, i’ll give a third read, if anything else surfaces will post, circumstances allowing, cheers

little dynamo said...

re photo with GabriEl at the Dealey/First Degree lectern with Mariott logo, and Mariott's morph to Carlyle

"I do not exaggerate when I say that Carlyle is taking over the world in government contract work, particularly defence work,' one employee told Briody."


Kid: "You were a friend of Carlyle's, weren't you, Bell?"

Bell: "You know I was."

Kid: I don't mean to be contrary --did I ever tell you how he died? Shot him three times in the back. Blew his goddamned head off."

"Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid"


aferrismoon said...

Her Man Cain , born in Memphis, formerly AegyPtah.

gracios por les commentares