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"Like all two-year-olds, Kaylee Anthony could get to crying, which mom Casey managed with doses of chloroform and spools of duct-tape. That freed up Mom to hit the dance clubs and shake her bootie. As Oprah preaches, nothing's more important to a woman than self-affirmation and self-validation.

During one validation, Kaylee died."

"Casey blamed the tragedy largely on (unfounded) sexual molestations by her father. She got around to blaming others too, gradually. It worked, usually does. Trace the "problem" to a Male, and U.S. juries acquit.

Because Casey is young, white, pretty, and most most importantly female, she was deemed innocent of Kaylee's death. They're probably tracking down Casey's father right now.

While Ms. Duct Tape walks, Julian Wendrow spends 80 days in Mammy's Mancages via accusations of raping his severely autistic daughter."

" Man Up! Cried the Centurion "
While DSK and Julian Assange await their fate based on spurious, little or no evidence the world quietly acknowledges , very quietly indeed, the deaths of various children.

The following examples are not meant to declare innocence for DSK and Assange [ psyops of this kind are complex and ongoing.

The idea is not to demonize mothers or play some tit-for-tat with media stories.

The intention is to bring to light the different way crimes are reported.

In this case the post highlights cases against men which rely on unfounded [as yet] allegations versus cases of women who have actually killed their children.

It seemed to me 'everyone' has heard of the 'rape' allegations thrown about this year but the case of mothers killing their children hasn't received the same media coverage.

"Fiona Donnison, 45, suffocated Harry, three, and Elise, two, while wrongly believing their father Paul had started an affair."

"As much as I have sympathy for mental disorders, she did have FOUR children and chose to kill only two. This shows a decision made and aimed clearly at their father. She had no intention of harming the older two, so any argument that he was to blame goes out of the window. This woman showed controlling tendancies and this was her only way at aiming her control and basically hate at him. She could have felt that he still had his high flying job, she felt she had lost control over him and this was the only way to get 'revenge'? .This is jealousy in the extreme, he had been away, the children were the only connection. I also doubt very much that she will show any remorse for this crime."
Commentor - KIM BATES

Donnison went to the police admitting she had killed the children , though she refused to tell the police where they were. They found them in the boot of her car.
Donnison denied murdering them.

"Mrs. Bertha Mund, aged 37 years, strangled her three children, Christopher, aged 8 years; Helen, aged 2, and Freda, aged 8 months, to death at their home, 925 Clinton Street, shortly after 7 o'clock this morning. The children were sleeping when destroyed."


"A WOMAN who stabbed her three children to death was "not evil, not wicked, not a monster". She just "loved them too much", a court has heard."

No, she can't have 'loved them too much' - Mrs Riggi decided that death would be better than her husband having custody.

"It was all four of them that were to die that day. She came to the point where she believed the only thing she could do was to allow the children peace, safety and security in the afterlife, in an afterlife where she intended to be with them to guard them and to protect them."

IN the afterlife - what had she booked, a fuckin' hotel. I guess she was certain , as the courts appear to be, that there's an afterlife where the children, freshly murdered by mumsie-pie , will just be sitting in front of the heavenly TV set , while she sings 'Angel' and they all die happily ever after.

"He referred to a photograph of the children's bodies lying on the floor that was "as poignant" as any he had ever seen.

There was a space in the middle of them, which was not there by accident. "It was deliberately put there by Theresa Riggi because that was the place where, in death, she wanted to be with her children," he said."

Which is why she attempted sucide by jumping out of the window>

Pathos indeed , I feel so much for her predicament, gosh, just let her go.

"In 2009 Theresa began to put obstacles in the way of her husband seeing his children, while the couple also disagreed on her educating the children at home.

A child psychologist ordered to report to the Court of Session in Edinburgh said the kids had no respect for their father and appeared to have been conditioned to fear him and the outside world.
She concluded Pasquale should have weekend residential contact with the children. It was after this decision that the children were taken to Edinburgh by their mother."
It appears that the husband was only going to get weekend visits, not permanent custody.
"Judge Lord Bracadale told Riggi: "While responsibility is diminished, you do still have responsibility for your actions and I must impose a sentence on you to reflect that."

I guess so, Brackers.

She had diminished responsibility but still had custody of the children. Responsible enough to look after then, not responsible for their murder. Great for lawyers and legal double-binds but a bit inconsistent to the average punter.

So she 's gone down for 16years
"Accordingly, I shall limit the discount to 2 years and pass a sentence of 16 years imprisonment, backdated to 4 August 2010. "

"The killer mum left her own song playing after arranging the bodies of her dead kids in a blood-stained bedroom.
She chose the track "Angel", which she had recorded herself."
:Me, me , me , me , look at me, take notice of meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! If u don't I will kill them and it'll all be your fault." Screams and stamping of feet, exit stage left.

None of these stories stayed in the limelight for very long, many aren't aware of them.

Yet , based on accusations only:
Julian Assange , nearly a year later, is still under the watchful eye of those wondering whether or not to extradite him to Feminist Superstate Sweden for a very strange application of rape.

"Apparently having consensual sex in Sweden without a condom is punishable by a term of imprisonment of a minimum of two years for rape. That is the basis for a reinstitution of rape charges against WikiLeaks figurehead Julian Assange that is destined to make Sweden and its justice system the laughing stock of the world and dramatically damage its reputation as a model of modernity....
The women here are near to and over 30 and have international experience, some of it working in Swedish government embassies. There is no suggestion of drugs nor identity concealment. Far from it. Both women boasted of their celebrity connection to Assange after the events that they would now see him destroyed for…."

Dominic Strauss-Kahn , a man one cannot feel much sympathy for, due to his heading of the IMF [legalized extortion] was accused of rape , by person unknown, and without a bit of evidence , 'cept for the perp-walk, was kicked out of his job to be replaced by a woman.
I'm not saying a woman isn't perfectly capable of extorting money from the people affected by the banks' criminal behavior this past couple of years , but I do recognize the irony.

I don't necessarily count DSK out of participating knowingly in this psy-op. It's very possible the accuser, now to be sliced and diced by the Me-Me-Me-Dia had no choice but to do what she was asked. Possibilities of deportation for her or family members.

Eman Al-Obeidy - instigator of the Libyan government sex-war , that nobody but the MSM believes, continues to swan around doing her version of the victim , only trying to heal.

More hopelessness, Eman, flop a little more, you're hurt remember'
"The initial investigation determined that the two are married and going through a divorce," said Nightengale said.
"The suspect made dinner for the victim and the male told detectives that he believed something was wrong with his food. The victim went to lie down, and he woke up tied to the bed with his wife tugging his clothes off.
"The suspect grabbed the victim's penis and cut it off," he said.
"The suspect called 911 and told responding officers that he 'deserved it.'"

Back to the 'she loved them too much' lies.
When Godboldo consulted with local health and welfare officials, she was told that her daughter would have to receive regular injections of Risperdal, supposedly to counteract the effects of the other government-mandated vaccinations. This is a bit like prescribing cancer to treat diabetes. Among the documented side-effects of that drug are tardive dyskinesia (difficulty with basic motor skills) and severe emotional problems – including suicidal thoughts. When Godboldo’s long-suffering child began to display those symptoms, the mother refused to continue with the injections.

The local “child protection” bureaucracy – which, like all other agencies of its kind, subscribes to the totalitarian assumption that children are the property of the state – decreed that Godboldo was "in denial about her daughter's mental health issue." 
Mrs.G tries to protect her child from what she knows is 'poisonous' to her daughter - that ain't love Mary, that's non-compliance.
The feminist industry has no time for her.
The state considers itself the best caregiver - the mother's rights , her qualities of nurture, the courts that usually give custody rights to the mother - all disappear quicker 'n a jack-rabbit in a duststorm , when it suits.

"We need to reach out to faith leaders and community leaders to change the perception and treatment of girls, and to persuade men and boys to value their sisters and their daughters, their talents and their intrinsic worth." - Hilliar Clinton

Except when they don't take those fantastically profitable vaccinations.

This woman's value has shot up - scrap value that is.

'Let's try your other arm dearie'

Equality ………but with what?


A13 said...

Hi Ferris, Just a quick comment, but check this's Daniel Baldwins(actor) Wife.
"In January, she said she had watched a documentary on women who killed their husbands, Baldwin wrote, and quoted her as saying, "'Now I know how to do it, I understand why they did it. You have been warned. Move out of this house or I am going to kill you'."

yay, another absolute charmer!!
There are so many instances of this behaviour..through the strata of society.
Also!! WEIRD how that casey chick is NOT wearing PRISON GARB..why is she in civies when she's been on remand? and her eyebrows look plucked..just looks strange.
You see pics of another woman, Elisa Baker remanded in custody of killing Zahra Baker..the little aussie girl in the US, and the clothes she is always presented in when appearing in court have been prison issue.and looking disheveled..( that case is also a strange one)
excellent post and thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Cheers A13

aferrismoon said...

Well it seems that the Casey Case has attracted the eyes of the profiteers.

I think Ray hit it on the head with this idea of self-validation and affirmation which has been pushed by the Oprah-type dialogue.

It usually plays out as unwarranted defiance or blind vengeance against some perceived enemy.

The solution is violence against self or others.

Media/Film/TV roles for young women today are just so violent - from Kick Ass's little girl star - Angelina Jolie - Rihanna - Gaga.

To attract attention one has to be either intelligent or a violent show-off and the MSM hypnotise the youth with the latter.

Thnx for the links


A13 said...
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A13 said...

ferris, apologies abou the deleted comment, i was drinking some wine and didn't make sense..and too amny typos..Cheers A13

A13 said...

aferrismoon said...

Cheers A13

Perhaps Cameron could have read that and included it in his tirade against divorced fathers.

It shows that some divorces come from women who have stopped loving, their husbands, children and themselves, yet are still likely to keep the children. This leads to the causes of the divorce being constantly heaped on ' your bloody father'.

But most importantly both parents have to show affection - its a guiding light for children.

If divorced both parents have to realise criticising the other to the children is also destructive.

The Courts need to realise that the children need male and female affection/approval - perhaps the could build an affection-bot, to be deducted from the parents earnings :)


Anonymous said...

Dead children. There an amazing number of such cases these days.

- Aangirfan

A13 said...

Hi ferris, this is a very good article. Moving off the subject a bit, but relevant.

cheers A13

aferrismoon said...

Yes Aang - I guess if everybody's looking for terrorists then other acts of violence go unnoticed

A13 - fine article. The idea of breaking up the money pot is quite revealing and is doubtless why Hillary et al don't mention it.

In fact there have been a few articles on mass-rape in Congo [ where the great Western celebrity set get their baubles from] but its only focussed on women.

Of course their rapes should be focussed on but thats what this sort of divisive politrics does - divide, moralise and rule.

Note how , due to the Israeli interests in Congo , our forces don't go.


Anonymous said...

Just put the hammer down...Well,...

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A 17-year-old boy is accused of bludgeoning his parents with a hammer, then hosting dozens of friends for a party while their bodies lay in the bedroom, police said Monday.

Tyler Hadley of Port St. Lucie is charged with twin counts of first-degree murder in the deaths, which authorities say happened Saturday. He is being held without bond at a juvenile detention center in Fort Pierce and it's not immediately known whether he has an attorney.

The parents – Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley – were believed to have been struck with the hammer in their heads and torsos sometime after their son posted on Facebook around 1:15 p.m. Saturday alerting friends to an evening party at his house, about 50 miles north of West Palm Beach...

aferrismoon said...

HB - I saw that one , muder most superficial.

I think the same law applies -

" Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!'

Anyhow doesn't seem so prevalent in those undemocratic nations that are at present under attack for oppressing their own people.

Anyhow at least it was a democratically-informed murder - the boy has the right to paaaaarrrrrtttttyyyyyyy!!!