Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Free Dumb Fighters!!"

Rambo ponders
Obama squanders

Aeons ago in 1988 , just before the wall came down [ 11/9/1989 ] RAMBO III was released. AS with many war-films it contained a fair degree of propaganda, so much so that Gorbachev complained.

Boy probably injured by Russian mines.

The film was written about at SURACI's blog -

The film was shot in Thailand, Israel and Arizona.

"However, the spectacle of a major American movie being filmed in the Middle East created a lot of concern about terrorist attacks (to disrupt the production and 'send a message of the U.S.'). Before production could be completed, it is said that Israel revoked the production's permission to remain in the country (the rumored reason being security concerns and threats made to the American film crew). Not wishing for a multi million dollar film to be scrapped, then California State Senator Pete Wilson (R) (a big proponent of the film industry in California and later Governor of the state), helped the production relocate back to Southern California and Arizona"

" the rumored reason" - were there other reasons? Doo-do-doo-doo, doo-do-doo-doo!?

Prosthetic legs - war's not just about guns , it's also about 'healing'

Apache gunships , sometimes starring Prince Harry, now have different decals. They obliterate small children collecting wood because , despite their technologically advanced weapons systems , they can't tell the difference between combatants and civilians. Actually the maniacal mind-controlled button-pushers are so devoid of humanity they couldn't give a damn.

ITs also alleged that pimply youths remote-fly the new drones [ think worker bees, a bit of mockery considering the Masonic bee-hive]

A Green Islamic flag waving in the background near the end of the film.

Senatorial help for the film given by Pete Wilson when the Israelis stopped the filming in Israel.

The movie ends with two quotes: "This film is dedicated to the gallant people of Afghanistan." and "I am like a bullet, filled with lead and made to kill" However, this was a not the original quote in the movie. Prior to the American war in Afghanistan, the ending quote of the movie read "This film is dedicated to the brave Mujahideen fighters of Afghanistan". This was then edited to read "people of Afghanistan" during the post 9/11 era.

One gets an idea of the extent certain people will go to - here changing the end of a film made 13 years prior to 9/11. I believe the word 'chutzpah' describes this kind of low, dishonest, arrogance.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we are talking about Chutzpaniks.

A Chutzpanik may be defined as the man who shouts "Help! Help!" while beating you up.

Well, they are all from the same tribe.

aferrismoon said...

HB - In the film there are a few 'speeches' about how 'we'll always be friends', their bravery, a future for the little children etc etc.

Jeez, they can't even rewrite history adequately.

Your 2nd statement I think describes the Mavi Marmara accurately.


A13 said...

Hi Ferris, Good of you to put up the credits of this "flick"...
Shows the two faced janus psychotic nature of these minute, friends...the next mortal enemies..what's that saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer???
BTW and off topic so sorry in advance..i can see some similarities into this norway attack and the "port athur" australian "massacre"...i just have woken up to this news, checked aangirfan, suraci and some of the msm, but this is screaming psyop/ mossad/ usual suspect scheme.
It sounds like it has been done as some kind of warning..or a trauma based shock for more mind control of the Norse..bless them, and may we all stay safe..wherever we are.
Všechno nejlepší pro vás a vaši rodinu.
Na zdraví

aferrismoon said...

Cheers A13

Its definitely trauma for the masses - and there will be a multitude of questions, varieties of answers , solutions, anger, accusation in the psychic cauldron.

Ritual slaughter!

Anonymous said...

Hollywood is evil!

- Aangirfan

A13 said...

Hi Afm, I like the new pic at the header! i've seen that image before somewhere..not the background but that bird/pheonix/angelic thing. not sure but it rings bells...
this Norway thing is highly weird aint it...a change in the game plan pehaps..or maybe not.
what do you think?
freemason and templar + nautical scuba GI joe pics in the daily mail , got me really suss...not sure if they are photoshopped or photoshooted ??
doesn't sit right and seems to be contrived to suit some agenda based theme and narrative...
anyway..more disecton required..
cheers AFM :)

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Aang - evil as fuck

A13 - I took that photo in 2008 [ the header's a close-up] but have no idea how that 'object' got there.
At present I imagine it's some sort of refraction of light.

Or its a miniature flying machine that flies so vast its not noticed by the human eye.

The original sized foto is here:

The Norway thing has everybody looking this way and that - Masons, Islamists, Blonde Nordic types, Organic farms, special bullets, a perpetrator miraculously still alive replete with 1500page manifesto.

I think 'they' have been trawling the net for a while and invented something that will have the 'conspiracy theorists' buzzing.

Psy-Ops are ongoing and mutate to serve the latest needs/trends/opinions.

The Mason picture reflects the upswelling of interest in the Masonic Cryptocracy - Revelation of the Method.

Its appearence in full regalia in the press is 'mockery'.