Monday, July 25, 2011

Order A.B.B Chao


The bombing and shootings in Norway, in the centre of Oslo and on a small island just off the mainland, have garnered the attention of those of us jacked-in to the media.

On Friday July 22nd, the final day of Cancer, the Crab, a crustacean that spends its time twixt water and land, Anders Behring Breivik [ and perhaps others] set off a bomb in Oslo's centre and then proceeded to murder 80+ youngsters , camping on the island of Utoya.

It must be said that 80+ deaths are weekly totals in Mexico, Pakistan, Afghanistan [ violent and deliberate acts of killing]. In Mexico the deaths are often cvomplemented with ritual mutilations and decapitations but it beryl blips on the media radar.

He claims at present he did it alone.

He owned an organic farm for which he bought fertilizer. I assume it was organic fertilizer. In my ignorance I imagine an organic farm might attempt growing its produce without fertilizer, I assumed that was the point. Organic farms cropped up last month or so, blamed for setting off an E-Coli outbreak. E-Coli is found in the lower gut of animals - how it appeared from vegetables hasn't been adequately explained.

For the public various informations - his social networking page and picture of 'Breivik' in his Masonic regalia.

This picture of Breivik may or may not be fake. As in faked by somebody else or when the press decide to bring up the photo's facetious amateurism, faked by Breivik.
"Lippestad said Breivik spent years writing the 1,500-page manifesto entitled, "2083 - A European Declaration of Independence," that police were examining. It was signed "Andrew Berwick." The date was referred to later in the document as the year that coups d'etat would engulf Europe and overthrow the elite he maligns."

ANDREW BERWICK [ Scots right ; ) ] " Och Eye the Noo World Order"

A reason for the triangular edge of the handkerchief protruding from the breast-pocket maybe a symbol of the Masonic eye above the pyramid.
Perhaps it's not a real set of regalia but a mock-up. The 'revelation' of his Masonic association may be a show of mockery from the 'Cryptocracy'. 'Revelation of the Method' - in this case the ritualised killing of children while dressed as an officer of THE LAW, but whose 'law'.

Karl-Otto Alberty in 'Kelly's Heroes'

The Masonic photo has [ for me] elements of Alex Jones too. The hairline.

Chevy Chase - the lips

Whether he made it or not this photoshop contains a few odd elements. Even I can tell this one is due to the very original arm-patch's placement.

" SKINS " = a well-chosen name implying the wetsuit itself as well as Skinheads
" MARXIST HUNTER " - not a brand of wetsuit
" NORWAY MULTICULTI TRAITOR HUNTING UNIT " - skrzz!! beep? beep!! Bzzzzzzzzz!
A SKULL surmounted with RED CROSS - mimicking 'right-wing, neo-nazi, death-metal, templar-style' emblemism.

Can't read the rest.

The multi-talented James Bond 007.

In Bond and other action films where a lone hero tries to save the world many innocent people are killed , maimed and injured as the hero drives through crowded shopping malls , shooting and being shot at wildly, for our eventual safety of course.

The portrait of Breivik reminded me of Daniel Craig, actor, though a little older. The Q-of-S poster above has elements of Breivik's 'Navy Seal' portrait.

Another Anders

Julian Assange

The 2 photos have elements in them that have me going 2 ways - towards the rounder-faced via the wetsuit portrait and towards a more sharply-defined face via the facial portrait.

One's thing for sure Masonic ritual sacrifice , mockery, and psychodrama has its place in the discourse of today's electronic media, though this one of the few times Masonic involvement has been acknowledged in the MSM since Thomas Hamilton, the Dunblane killer.

Roberto Calvi's execution beneath Blackfriar's Bridge was one of the others.

J.S.Downard and Michael Hoffman wrote 'King Kill 33' about the Masonic cryptocracy and their involvement in Kennedy's assassination, amongst other things.

"When he arrived a few hours after the blast, Breivik was disguised as a policeman. This allowed him to gain access to the facility, and the confidence of his victims: Trained to defer reflexively to someone wearing the insignia of “authority,” the young campers were psychologically disarmed when the assassin told them he had been sent to check on their “security.”

DRESSING as a policeman - those who survived , when they saw the official police arriving, were unsure if they were real or not. Deeply traumatized, the shock of death and for some very cold from swimming, the imprint of the police arriving and not knowing whether to run to or away from them implies a deep psychological imprint for all society.
It mocks the public who now know not which way to turn. In your face 'hoodwinking'.

The police and the masons have a long-standing relationship. In the UK there are occasional shouts for disclosing who is both mason and policeman and whether its policeman-citizen or brother-brother that takes priority in criminal matters.

Somewhere in Toronto
photo - antefixus21

If a policeman tells you to stop and you don't you will be arrested. But what if it's not a real policeman!

Order Ab Chao it would seem.

REPORTING - Islamic terror emerged almost immediately then followed by some kind of Nazi-Nordic-Nationalist-Anti-Islamist-Single-White-Farmer-Freemasonic Assassin. Islam and Nationalism merged to form Immigration.

"Emilie Bersaas, 19, said: "I saw a lot of people running and screaming so I ran to the nearest building and hid under a bed.
"The shooting came from all different directions.
"It was very terrifying. At one point the shooting was very, very close to the building - I think it actually hit the building one time."

THE TWIN ATTACKS refers us to the Twin Towers. Also , among other numbers, the total of dead was often [ on July 23] given as 91.

The first comment by DAVID raises a pertinent question , why purposefully attack 'your own'.
"I want to rid europe of muslims. My plan is to shoot Norwegians. I can work out the kinks later."

What David might not realize is that this was to be staged as if it was Islamic terrorism but he forgot his 'Islamo-terrorist' kit. Apparently he wanted to create a form of Norwegian 'Helter-Skelter' like Charles Manson. This 'strain' maybe spliced with the 'Norwegian Timothy McVeigh' media-gene to bring out the 'domestic terrorism' profile for public consumption.

Now the MSM now uses the 'IT WAS not ISLAM' in their articles but the Christian-Euro-Nationalist .v. Islamic-Immigrant-Extremist storylyin' has bled out into the info-river.


Up until last week the MSM was facing a mighty critical time. Whistleblowers dying, execs and coppers getting arrested or resigning, Daily Mirror journalist admits hacking was widespread and then skrizzz , like a needle skating across an LP, its all gone away.

This photo is apparently of him . Its obviously from the air with a zoom lens. In my ignorance I wonder why they were not able to shoot him from there, to stop him from continuing. How did the photographer precede the rescue forces. Lack of boats and helicopters apparently delayed the police. Couldn't they have commandeered this helicopter [ if it is one]?

ON July 23rd, the first day of LEO, Amy Winehouse was found dead in he flat. A troubled career-life finally took it's toll [ so we are told] and she died at the age of 27 , the age associated with many a dead but financially attractive rock-star.

"Winehouse joins the notorious ''27 Club'' of musicians who have died at that age after struggling to cope with fame.
They include Rolling Stone Brian Jones, who drowned in a swimming pool in 1969; guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who choked to death in 1970 after mixing wine with sleeping pills; and singer Janis Joplin, who suffered a suspected heroin overdose the same year.
Doors star Jim Morrison, who died of heart failure in 1971, and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, who shot himself in 1994, are also members"

MEMBERS - did they go through some sort of initiation to join. All the deaths listed are considered to have a little bit more to them than 'accidental' death.
With these young rock-star deaths comes a long-running and lucrative industry - re-releases, old albums made fashionable again, films, books, bios etc etc. I'm never actually sure who gets the income and royalties foam their material.
Are certain income-generating celebrities taken out to provide others with a steady money-flow who have other ideas for the music of those contracted to them. The deaths, as many note, often boost sales of music and merchandise.

I imagine that Ms. Winehouse got so 'out of it' because she found things in the industry that she took a dislike to. I would not like to appear , always perfect, in front of cameras regularly , or be taken apart by the News of the World et al. subjected to being hacked telephonically, messages, emails and the possibility of bribery, coercion, threats. It all must have looked and seemed like a dream come true, but I think the celebrity world to be a festering morass of psychic vampirism , at minimum, and perhaps Ms. Winehouse took the less rotten path, once her dream had merged with the reality of it. Go here, support this, appear there, followed to the shops, to the toilet, anywhere, everywhere, constantly.
A world of hate wallpapered over with smiles of celebrity - guh-leam!!

Vampire economics - nasty

"She had recently installed a gym and recording studio and it has been reported that in the past few months before her death, Winehouse had recorded a lot of new material.

Sky sources suggest that there could be many albums' worth of previously unheard music, which could be released by Winehouse's management company."

Cheers Amy , thanks for the new stuff, bye now!

"She shot to fame with the album "Back to Black," whose blend of jazz, soul, rock and classic pop was a global hit. It won five Grammys and made Winehouse — with her black beehive hairdo and old-fashioned sailor tattoos — one of music’s most recognizable stars."

While reading about the untimely death of Amy Winehouse the word 'beehive' grasped my attention. Note beehive on the apron's flap.

I had titled a post 'Ma's Sonic Beehive' and from the two eVents 'beehive' and 'mason' were emphasized for me. No, I cannot tell the future and that post did not predict these happenings.

The 2 lives of Anders Breivik and Amy Winehouse - one a healthy, fit young man , the other a talented but unhealthy young woman - one shoots , sacrificed for a 'better' future, children and teenager, the other kills herself.

Some July 22 tie-ins courtesy of 13th Monkey

1638 : 10,000 Jews of Polannoe murdered in Chmielnick massacre....

1942: Warsaw Ghetto Jews (300,000) are sent to Treblinka extermination Camp...

1946: Menachen Begin's opposition group surprise attack on King David hotel

2002: Israel assassinates Salah Shahade, the Commander-in-Chief of Hamas's military arm, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, along with 14 civilians.

2003 : Members of 101st Airborne of the United States, aided by Special Forces, attack a compound in Iraq, killing Saddam Hussein's sons Uday and Qusay, along with Mustapha Hussein, Qusay's 14-year old son, and a bodyguard.

2005: Jean Charles de Menezes is killed by police as the hunt begins for the London Bombers.

Add to that the feast day of ABD-EL-MASIH:

"Abd-al-Masih (or Abda) is the name of two Christian martyrs of the middle ages.

One, of unknown date but later canonised as a saint, was a converted Jewish youth who was killed by his father for his faith."

These events took place over the weekend and my mind harks back to the Walpurgis weekend with the marriage of William and Kate, the cancelled Endeavour flight and the killing of Osama Bin Laden [sic.] The slayings on July 22 fell on the Magdalene's feast day. There have been allusions to the Twin Towers [ when it was an Islamic attack] , Norway's 9/11. Magdalene means 'towers' in Hebrew. Breivik has been described as fundamentalist Christian.


July 22 - the last day of Cancer, which corresponds to the Tarot card - CHARIOT - A knight, alone, in armour, on a mission. Cut off from the world, the knight/warrior has diesssociated to the extent that he may carry out the 'work'. The blonde youth preceded by Masonic sphingae seems to describe Anders Breivik.

The Crowley/Harris Chariot card has the figure fully encased [ like the crab] now with vizor snapped shut. He doesn't drive the chariot, he's a passenger, wholly disassociated, drawn by beasties along a yellow-brick road. The road invokes the dissociative journey of Dorothy Gail in the Wizard of Oz. She disassociates to OZ as she has been or is still being physically and mentally traumatized in Kansas. The Charioteer carries his own personal Grail. This is man the individual. Not here to make his own way, but to be borne along by gruesome , spliced genetic. The crab on his head says it all ' Prisoner'. The etymology of 'cancer' is shared with 'incarcerate'.

July 23 - the first day of Leo - tarot card - STRENGTH - a woman holding open the lion's jaws.
"Bromfield, who mixes soul melodies with hip hop beats, was the first signing to Winehouse's record label Lioness. Her album 'Introducing Dionne Bromfield' was released in 2009."

The upper card STRENGTH was changed by Crowley - he called it 'LUST' [below].
It seems Ms. Winehouse had a conflict: the strength of her voice could calm the lion but her lust for life has her out of control, falling off her horse, holding aloft a goblet of wine [ blood]. The lady 'pon the 7-headed beast is The Whore of Babylon , the 'woman girt with sword' of Crowley's thalamic vision. Compared with how the woman in 'Strength' subdues the lion: no violence , loudness, or force, with the Whore in 'Lust' who has to rein in to reign, all force and drunkenness, gimme, gimme, gimme. NO control only force [ or these days we call them 'rights']. People, esp. the young, are encouraged to live like this , calling it 'freedom'. The 'strength' card is that feminine strength that 'women's rights' has helped destroy.


Reeling back to Anders Breivik it seems he had access to some specialized ammunition -
"These bullets more or less exploded inside the body. All the energy of the bullets was deposited inside the tissue," Poole said. "They inflicted internal damage that's absolutely horrible."
Poole, a surgeon for 26 years at the hospital, said the bullets were "hyper-fragmentable" and produced confusing pictures on X-rays.
"It's caused us all kinds of extra problems in dealing with the wounds they cause, with very strange trajectories," he said. "The effect they cause inside the body is like a thousand pin pricks."

A thousand pin pricks = a thousand points of light

"The rays of light that appear on the seal’s horizon represent Bush’s concept of a "thousand points of light", wherein he urged Americans to find meaning and reward by serving a purpose higher than themselves."

Note the similarity of the seal to the Crowley/Harris 'Lust' card above { Its very probably a 'copy' } - The Crowley?Harris pack is quite a good guide for the symbolic incursions meted out upon humanity since the old bugger Crowley croaked. Some say GHWB's wife Barbara Pierce is Crowley's daughter.

This pack is very 'popular' today, it up-pops in films and media. People like the images and the idea that they represent the 'new aeon'/NWO/ new age/ novus ordo seclorum. The images are powerful, so powerful that people forget that Tarot images represented the Hebrew alephbeyt and have spiralled off into lulu land or Oz - take your pack.

Its worth a gander at the Golden Dawn and Crowley/Harris packs for the symbolic changes in the pictorial Tarot and its possible influence on the mind of the 'West'.

Neither pack , allegedly, gives the correct order amd'or correspondences of the Hebrew alephbeyt, unless you believe the Golden Dawn and OTO [ Masonic societies] don't like a jolly good spot of hoodwinking.

Suares feels they were misguided - personally I feel they [ and their secret masters] knew the power of the Tarot and magic which was beginning to enter the mass-production, mass-market world of the C20th. For each Tarot pack a minimum of 10 books, redacted , updated, rewritten all linking to other books.

Great business and thousands of followers all communing with a variety of demons, genies and angels [ yer own personal guardian angel no less, in case God comes for ya!]

Whoop! Whoop!


A. Peasant said...

hi ferris. great post. this guy's face and the various photos also get my mind turning onto where have i seen him before. good catch with the smirk and chevy chase, assange also, jones. i see all those resemblances. what is most strange to me is how handsome, young and nordic and not menacing he looks in that professional looking portrait with the excellent lighting -- the one above your assange pic and also the pic getting a lot of mileage in the corporate press -- versus how dorky older and jewish he looks in the masonic and "skins" pic. maybe it is just his smug expression? i don't know. something around the mouth, the dead stare. so familiar. you see it once you see it a thousand times. it is the face of a man who believes in his own racial superiority. to me it looks like two different people but it could be the alters of a mind-controlled assassin.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

93 dead = Thelema = Flight 93 (let's roll, Judge Roll).

Anders' spree is a metaphor for western imperialism, in which the cryptocracy subjugates the Woman (that is, the land and its native population, the cunt-tree), represented by the chaotic Amy Winehouse. Marduk slays mother Tiamat and brings ordo ab chao.

Cf. the Ur-Amy, Ronnie Spector, singing between the Twin Towers and enjoining her listeners to be reborn as Free Ma Sons.

"Take on the white man's burden," sayeth Freemason Rudyard Kipling. The adept must bring order to his chaotic soul (the shesoul in a fleshcase), but too often projects this, Travis Bickle (Chariot driver) style, into the outside world (this is the quintessential Western delusion).

This would certainly tie with the Magdalene (whore) feast day. Babylon means "confusion"; the Whore of Babylon (a very confused girl) is drunk with wine(house). She had to fall with the Beast's Empire.

Jared previously tried and failed, so this is a big turnaround. First Doctor Bowman, now Doctor Poole.

The Golden Dawn attributions make the most sense. People who see them as representing the "New Aeon" share Bickle's delusion and should know that change will only happen within themselves.

kenny said...

Thumbs up aferris.

Mockery seems to be the one term that sums up this ritual event best.

It has been reported the aerial shot was from a 'news' copter that took off after hearing of phone calls from the kids on the island. ??

Nice video catch Eleleth.

Unknown said...

another canny resemblance is L.R.Hubbard.... reminds me of "invaders plan"

A13 said...

Hi ferris,
this screams mockery + mind control + collective trauma based mind control + new badies, the freemasons & Templars, white nordic "nazi" types..strategy of tension, as aang wrote the diabolical stew and duplication of past "events", Oklahoma, Port Arthur,Dunblane, and other scripted/multidimensional events that happen on certain days around certain "feasts" and historically violent/sacraficial happenings.
what a the end of the ride for another pop her star rise...

we live in a world full of Travis Bickles riding some sort of cosmic gravy train...

a díky za další skvělý příspěvek


Anonymous said...

Hi, Great article! Very thought provoking. Could the man in the Freemason uniform be a lookalike a double?
May I ask you who is the charioteer in the first Tarrot card? Who is the second charioteer for that matter? Many thanks and cheers R.

aferrismoon said...

AP - saw his photo from the car and he looks like the fatter faced one.

There is some evidence that different mental states can result in a different looking face and body. Ted Bundy apprently did this, he was called a 'changeling' by one judge. His smell would change too.

Eleleth - I saw it just tip 93 but now the total has gone down to 68 - a more reasonable number for him to have shot alone rather than the previous 1 a minute.

There is a lot of new-age codswallop about forever projecting positive energy with no space left for the negative, reflective energy.

Positive energy mantras invoke the demon of doing-things

'Must do something' is a Western illness.

Don't know if Jared 'failed' though he will get a lot of shit for what he did.

The Norway/Masonic thing seems to be those in temporal power scanning the 'net. The Masonic regalia photos was so prominent , now it , like stories of more than one shooter will disappear.


aferrismoon said...

Kenny - mockery seems to cover most angles. Even with Amy.W. they don't know why she died but its definitely not suspicious.

The kids phoned the media first? Or did they phone the police and the media hacked the calls.

Anyway another bit that will not be discussed on the MSM.

Notice the falling death toll - as they realise that it might not be so easy to kill 1 person a minute on his own.


aferrismoon said...

Volux - the lower part of his face seems HUbbardy. Haven't read INVADERS book, but the grip looks familiar.

The 'invaders' are more likely to appear in people's minds rather than manifest outside as 'aliens' etc.

Colin Wilson's 'The MIND PARASITES' is worth a read.

A13 - And remember , of course , Travis is a fictional character.

There seems a drawing together of certain elements in this attack -

Right-wing white-euro nazis, the non-Islamic story, immigration and now the Norwegians , due to their lenient sentencing, are thinking of charging him with 'crimes against humanity'. I foolishly assumed all murder was but there you go.

Little about the boycott and recognition of Palestine by Norway which would doubtless have not appealed to Mr. Breivik.

jeho radost


aferrismoon said...

Whistler - Well it appears from Breivik's photo when he's in a police car looks very like the fuller-faced chap - the sharper-faced portrait seems to me to be a different person, either that or he's bulked out [ which sometimes happens with psychotropic medication].

The Charioteer - I don't know , but the one without vizor seems to correspond to the sharper-faced photo.

If we imagine the tarot as a process for altering the mind I guess all the characters, male and female, are different stages of the original FOOL.

The charioteer follows the twins , so perhaps 2 alters in one mind.


Anonymous said...

Anders Breivik looks like Jeff Gannon Johnny Gosch.

- Aangirfan

Eleleth ר ק D said...

(a) that the question of the sphinx is concerned with a Mystery of Nature and not of the world of Grace, to which the charioteer could offer no answer; (b) that the planes of his conquest are manifest or external and not within himself; (c) that the liberation which he effects may leave himself in the bondage of the logical understanding; (d) that the tests of initiation through which he has passed in triumph are to be understood physically or rationally . . . (Waite, "The Chariot")

Sounds about right.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Aang - some resemblence there with JG. Brings up odd ideas of children abducted, carefully honed, given an identity [ maybe even someone else's who they resemble who goes on holiday and comes back different] and then set on his.her way - tick tock.

Eleleth - deep programming language, taking the 'candidate' out on to the mystical plane , unable to 'see' the reality around him, substituting instead a world of demons and evildoers who must be cleansed.


Alex Robinson said...

I haven't followed the Norwegian story, but couldn't help thinking of Norse legend & the final days of Ragnarok - when the ahem ... 'lone' wolf, Fenrir breaks loose of his magic bonds;

"Unfettered will fare the Fenris Wolf
and ravaged the realm of men"

Fenrir is fated to kill Odin - I guess all that time he spent alone drove him insane.


Anonymous said...

Talking about kids...This is a very sick one.

Virginia girl found eating herself in cage in mobile home; parents Brian and Shannon Gore charged

aferrismoon said...

Our 'democracies' have deep, psychological problems, which we paper over using foreign wars , intending to bring democracy to their shores.

I wonder if there are the cases like this in Libya


A13 said...

Hi Ferris, you need to see this..

About many of these EVENTs being "staged" and played by "actors" giffords shooting, casey anthony,jc dugard...
very interesting..
Cheers A13

Atlantean Times said...

on a day when i have been trying to explain what has happened to some people..some family..well basically its like talking to a wall with most people but thanks to your articles from the past and others in this sphere of influence it is starting to become clear to them. We are not there yet but i feel personally that the veil is being lifted for some.

i just wanna send you some love. I know one thing for sure writing about this "stuff" is hard on the soul. It was so difficult for me i had to stop. Basically it got me very depressed. So Even though we dont talk and couldnt really be described as friends much to my missfortune i would like to thank you for writing about things that i cant do anymore.

ttfn and take care..

Eugene said...


Making note after note after note of these connections. To what end?

I saw the end of all in the OPEL LOPE POLE in the $10 Ten Bill. The end of the pencil saw fit to blind me with the 808 stone of the Joker by revealing 191. The totality of 999 is only one upped by ALP. A blind fool on the road sees he is only one man, ALP.

Even an innocuous story such as this speaks to it as 1,10,100 to its greater glory. You, a croaker of sounds, know that each day you see details of a beast that is here, there and everywhere, and yet they pass on by. You glean scales of a thing that sheds as it wishes. Is not a dollar only wicker man of Raysh, a straw-man to light?

Who can escape such magic? What power is this thing? Who can annunciate the Tao and not lie down in lies? What is this thing under the surface of this illusion?
It cannot be found out. It finds you. You are found and lost. What waking dream has come to such depth of sleep? It defies being deified and yet in godlike power assends again.

An Escherian hand that writes itself an eraser.

We play these word games and who hears the word? You hear it as you speak it and fool yourself. I fool myself. It is a fool and this fool loves to ride OPEL, its natural. As natural as undoing vanity. A general motor sending private general back to Adamah. Is she not thriving lovingly as she rolls around, in bed with all and none at the same time?

Blades of grass bending to soft caress of the wind. Of nut and seed. You hide as your spots allow. You eat at spots as they appear. PE is its own food. Does not light amuse itself by slowing down to the splinters of darkness in its own mercurial mind and become stone? An is-cari-ought? Indeed nought.

Miss is errant and label of person. Is this not the lesson of "koo"? What did I miss? Is not K of 11? of Katherine, Erika, Shakti, Katar, Callypso, Katrina, and yes of sKins?

A serpent sheds its skin. Where does it go? I bore myself. You bore us. We have no father and mother. Lek lekha. For those who who can knot its back to the front, a re pub lick.

Does not the sailor Norington make the right choice and set free the white Calypso by reversing Iron? Its only death magnetic in the pea brain of a salmon. Back back back to the beginning.

aferrismoon said...

Eu - The end is often the means

Sigh OP El - its the biggie , god sop , pass it from mouth to mouth, soaked in wine.

What's an end?


aferrismoon said...

Cheers AT - I assume it is made to confuse to the point we would just like to shut out the noise.

Its the 'media' push towards greater and greater dumbness, acceptance of assinine dialogue etc etc that is disturbing.

Pretty soon it'l be difficult to have a normal convo with someone, we'll have to speak to each other like George Bush talking to Miley Cyrus - all else will be considered suspect.

Ta for your words