Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cherchez La Femme?

Judge Melissa refuses a bail-out for IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Funny that bail-out and IMF, ho!ho!ho!

Matthew Campbell predicts DSK's downfall 5 days before the alleged incident.


"Even before Strauss-Kahn — widely known by his initials, DSK — set off for Washington in 2008 to take up his post at the IMF, there were warnings that his fondness for women might land him in trouble, particularly in a country less tolerant than France of politicians who stray from the marital bed.

At a meeting in the Elysée Palace, Sarkozy is said to have teased DSK about his womanising, saying: “You know, over there they don’t joke about this sort of thing. Your life will be passed under a magnifying glass. Avoid taking the lift alone with interns. France cannot permit a scandal.”

I believe the phrase is 'go figure'.

And Nicky - they do 'joke'!

For breakfast he was served 'home fries' , the chips formerly known as 'French fries' or were they called 'freedom fries'

"SUNDAY MORNING, TIME UNKNOWN - Strauss-Kahn ate a breakfast of home fries, scrambled eggs and toast brought in from an outside diner, the law enforcement source said."

Ho!Ho!Ho! And a 11x13ft rebuttal of room.

Worth reading around as the reports of the actual assault all differ slightly.

His 'no-bail-out' came on May 16th while Gabrielle Giffords watched Endeavour finally take off. Meanwhile over in Memphis the govt. ordered the Mississippi to flood areas of land to take pressure off the levees. Symbolically Pharoah 'Bama oversaw a 'Nile inundation'. More on the subtext in a few days.


"The suite has a foyer, a conference room, a living room and a bedroom. The 30-story hotel has an Art Deco restaurant and bar called Gaby, which the hotel website (www.sofitel.com) says features "French flair in a glamorous setting."

The Gaby Bar twins with Gaby over thar in Floridar.

Anyhow lots of 'jokes'.

It's entirely possible the DSK has been a less than good man in his life [ not counting what the IMF does to people worldwide] and very possibly deserves punishment for past actions. Some may feel he's getting 'poetic justice'. It's a 'hoodwink' - let them go when it suits, bang 'em up when it suits. If a big-whig like DSK can get set-up so publicly then what chance does everybody else have.

Scapegoating and blood dripping from fangs all round - Salut!

Re: Allegations of rape by DSK in 2002

Comments from 'Penny For Your Thoughts'


"gallier2 said...

Miss Banon was asked to drop the charges by her own mother who is a politician in the same party as DSK.


she (the mother) regrets now that she pressured her daughter to not file the law-suite.
This woman is imho really a despictable person, first she sacrifices the fate of her daughter for her own career and now she exploits without hesitation (this story is all over the french mainstream media)."

Rikers where he's staying is 11 miles from Lady Liberty who was presented to the US by France.


Anonymous said...

It all looks very fishy!

- Aangirfan

little dynamo said...

If a big-whig like DSK can get set-up so publicly then what chance does everybody else have.

Judge Melissa's dea-ley, Judge Melissa's world

with few xceptions, every male is goatable now... good money in it too

aint Liberty great, it's a New Day!


aferrismoon said...

It's a no-fly zone


A13 said...

Hi Ferris :)

"American Justice"?
With an evil looking hollowed out face judge..Where's judge judy?
Factional fighting within the order.
Maybe he was too big for his boots?
huney pot..
Cheers A13

aferrismoon said...

Judge Judy had a few probs speaking, guess she had to step aside.

The main thing is that the media have found him guilty to all intents and purposes.

Its an interesting op. to watch.

Why take the chance of rape when he could probably buy a professional lady.

Ok he thinks he can do what he likes and he's been caught out - the man's being touted as future president and should know that anything goes in that game so why leave things to chance.

Arnie has a 'secret love-child' - another bad man who can't keep his desires to himself, just like Tiger Woods.

On the other hand Jeffrey Epstein can openly buy off several underage girls and minimum publicity.

3 high-profile unsubstantiated rape stories

Lara Logan, the lady in LIbya and now the unknown woman [ from Guinea] yet cases like Holly Grieg remain oh so silent


A13 said...

very strange.
"good"rape = media induced feeding frenzy
"bad" rape = media blackout and disinfo....
there certianly is an agenda.
But "whose" agenda.

little dynamo said...

Arnie has a 'secret love-child' - another bad man who can't keep his desires to himself, just like Tiger Woods.

"alpha" men get huge amounts of female attention, this game is as old as the species

Judge Judy had a few probs speaking, guess she had to step aside

got a frog in her throat she did

cheers :O)


Mouser said...

Yeah, Elliot Spitzer 'honey-trap' like isn't it?

Something smells fishy - and I don't mean bodily fluids. The arrest off the plane just 1 hour and forty minutes after the 'chamber maid' reported it. The chief administrator of the hotel's only comment was "we are cooperating with authorities".

Hmmm. DSK supposedly forgot his cell phone and according to police "looked like he left in a hurry". Would a real police spokesman say that to a reporter even before such a high ranking zionist was found guilty? How did they get the arrest warrant so fast - it would be needed to get onto the plane to remove DSK?

This smacks of an E.Spitzer take down. Who and why? Someone wrote today that we should always remember those in power are always 10 steps ahead.

And the story is changing continuously in the MSM. Was it fellacio or sodomy? Was it attempted or carried through?

Something is amiss here. Today one pundit stated that DSK was about to put the USA into receivership for bankruptcy.

Another pundit noted DSK was to speak at the Brettonwoods conference later in May 2011. The key-note speaker was to be China but it just cancelled, also H.Clinton had just bowed out, and now DSK will also be prevented from speaking.

Further, a statement that the new head of the IMF is to be a JPMorgan man - announced in less than 24 hours after DSK's arrest off the plane.

Chambermaids don't usually have the clout or power to have zionist oligarch IMF lackies like DSK detained or charged without months or years of lawyer litigations where the accusee is usually bought-off or suicided.

Nope, someone who right now stands closer to Rothschild and his oligarch buddies than DSK himself, very probably 'honey-trapped' him. Dusting the dresser in his room with more than a little bit of cleavage showing and then res ponding positive to his flirting...bim-badda-bing...semen in the right place (for example on the maid's uniform). Then the preplanned step two: 'cry wolf' to the hotel administrator who plays his pre-ordained part and calls the vice-squad who is already ready with the warrant (written and noterized even before the fellacio occured), who drives to the airport to arrest DSK directly off his plane before it leaves for Europe. Too much like a movie plot.

Mouser said...

The 'honey-trap' may have been totally consensual - especially if the girl with the golden mouth was secret service just 'doing her job' to catch this zionist puke.

Once she cries 'wolf', has the semen stain on her work clothes - DSK is done like dinner. How will he ever prove it was consensual and he was set up? He can't. He is defacto removed for whatever reasons he was in the way.

Who and why was the 'honey-trap' set up? Someone closer to Rothschild and company than DSK at the present. Was it Rockefeller? Clearly someone was treading on someone else's (economic) feet, about to cost them alot of money. What is the JPMorgan replacement going to do differently than DSK was planning to do?

Geithner recently was labelled as alienating the Chinese. Timmy also recently kiboshed an IMF bailout plan to the Irish banks through the European Central Bank. Through that IMF plan the private billionaire shareholders (mostly US?) were about to get a 30 billion dollar haircut.

Geithner axed this plan in the 11th hour, putting the people of Irland back on the hook for the private shareholders' loses. The billionaire shareholders refused to get a haircut by DSK.

Was it Geithner who set up Khan in the 'honey-trap'?. As Visible has already said, they are now eating each other as the apocalypse shifts into second gear (both Geithner and Khan (Cohen) are tribe).

It could be Khan thought private (mostly US?) shareholders should lose the value of the Irish default, while Geithner thought differently.

The placement of a JPMorgan man to head the IMF signals greater attendance to the US shareholder concerns. JPMorgan is said to be the largest private shareholder in the Federal Reserve.

Might indeed be a case of which billionaires shall lose money over Irland's debt default. Maybe DSK decided a solution where it would be American billionaire shareholders - while Geithner, under pressure from these same (US?) billionaire shareholders said "no way".

That Khan was ousted indicates it was sanctioned at the highest level by godfather Rothschild himself - because DSK was his lacky as the head of his IMF. Otherwise Timmy Geithner would be the one 'sleeping with the fishes' since Dominique Strauss-Khan is already a known maid man (grin).

Stay tuned sports fans, the wide, wide world of zionism is getting more and more whacky as the ponzi scheme of fractional-reserve-usury banking implodes due to the current lack of economic expansion which is crucial to sustain a system where more money is always owed than exists.

Yes, Rothschild has set up a criminal ponzi scheme of debt slavery for us all - DSK's arrest will unfortunately not bring the system down.


P.S. Wonder if golden-mouth will keep her dress as a souvenir for years to come the way Monica did?

aferrismoon said...

Mouser - one report claims the maid 'has no agenda' , they really have to put it out there.

Doubtless she has no say in what she has to say.

The story changes - but the message is the same:

The media will tell you what has happened, without evidence.

Men are uncontrollable beasts who need more prisons built for them.

Perhaps the lady hadn't decided whether she had consented or not, but , apparently consenting then retrospectively unconsenting is a woman's right.


little dynamo said...

Men are uncontrollable beasts who need more prisons built for them.

Perhaps the lady hadn't decided whether she had consented or not, but , apparently consenting then retrospectively unconsenting is a woman's right.

the condition of anti-male apartheid in the u.s. is atrocious -- gleeful and profitable destruction of boys and men under cover of "equality" and "security" ad nauseum

Ms Medea constantly abets this, and the amerkan femsupremacist sistem has metastasized to most of the planet

the Assange Affair was designed to show Those Horrible Males that no matter how famous, you can and will be Taken Down

the most recent charges were designed to show Those Horrible Males that no matter how rich and influential you are, you can and will be Taken Down

all good tho, theyre just males after all and hey, it's not me, right?

nice going, folks, whatta bunch of self-serving cowards you are

may you and judge judy choke on yr vile empowerment and yr filthy money

cheers AF


Penny said...


much obliges for the link over, pardner!

How corny is that?

btw Dave McGowan was on Meria today, but I did not have a chance to listen, if I can tomorrow I will let you know any interesting tidbits!

A13 said...

I agree with Ray about the Femsupremacists, i will call them feminazis..when you don't fit in with their agenda and are also a woman, they turn on you like a rabid dog...
Cheers A13

little dynamo said...

thanks for chiming A13 and i believe you about Failure to Comply

i know almost nothing about the DSK matter, aint vouching his background, no great sympathies given his elite banking and limo liberal life

he's getting a taste of what amerka's like for "other" men -- the guys who suffer for those feminist diktat policies he helped create and finance

but that doesnt mean i'll be silent while yet another guy is crushed in Medea's presses

only dweebs like DSK would allow that :O)

at least assange was only Temporarily Hubric -- just a regular shlub who, upon hitting the celeb jackpot, attracted women outta his league

after he'd run thru many, he got arrogant, started thinking he really WAS cool

but assange isnt a "rapist" and neither are a boatload of other guys sitting in u.s. prisons right now, im pissed and probly will stay thataway too lol



aferrismoon said...

Coincidentally Miss Obeidy , the Libyan lady did an interview yesterday, snug as a bug in Qatar, just like all those other Libyan refugees :0

DSK and Arnie on the same day - also great timing

A Maryanne Godboldo felt the anger of the sysystem when she tried to refuse the vaccines for her autistic child. She got 'swatted'.

Now they're bringing out Roman Polanski, who was actually guilty, while DSK still hads to go to court.

Its a big op and certainly its going to lead somewhere.


A13 said...

This talk of "rape" also brings to mind the case not long ago of the Israeli Woman who screwed ( had a quickie) some bloke she thought was also one of the chosen, as it turned out he was a"filthy" Arab..then it bacame a "rape" case..a quote from Haaretz

"Kashur was convicted following a plea bargain of sleeping with a woman after introducing himself to her as "Dudu," a Jewish nickname. When the woman found out he was an Arab, she filed rape charges. The charges were later reduced to rape by deceit. "

FFsake...rape by deciet..how the hell can that be..was he a dud root?
it's like me picking up a bloke and when it comes down to the wham bam thank you mam..i say it's rape because his doode is not big enough!!! it's basically the same thing, or finding out if someone is Poor when they say they are rich..how BENT.
Cheers guys, i could really rant about this but i won't..

aferrismoon said...

A13 - I remember. The problem is with all these highly publicized 'rape' cases is that they rely wholly on the alleged victim.

The cases are reported in very emotive language.

I see that the maid, Mrs Obeidy [ living in luxury? in Qatar], Lara Logan and now Maria Shriver [ not raped but a victim nonetheless] are all 'healing' and 'trying to move on' .

Lies from the press
Script from Oprah.

Not so long ago 400+ children from various parts of the country were abused/raped at various day-schools.
False-Memory Syndrome sorted those little liars out, and the mountains of evidence.

I don't have sympathy for DSK or would like to defend him [ I don't actual;ly know if he did or not] - ITS THE REPORTING, written in a devious, agenda-driven way - just so happens this one is a rape case, as opposed to Bin-Laden being alive or dead, that terrorists live in your basement.

You are NOT meant to even raise one word in oppostion to what's being trotted out.

The upshot is we'll have 'male abuse of women' month in the media, lots of hand-wringing.

One week NAVY SEALS - hero-men followed swiftly by DSK - manbeest.

Divide and rule


A13 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A13 said...

Hi ferris, i made too many typo's in the last comment so here is is....

Yep, youre so right about "male abuse month"..here in Oz we have just had a case over the weekend of a Guy, separated from his wife, murdering her and a male "friend" and kidnapping his 5 year old and gassing both himself and his kid in the car ...and they are really going to town on this with that exact agenda..plus another guy last week that absailed down the Sydney Harbour bridge after hanging a banner saying he wants to see his kids..
I tell you it's going nuts..
I'm a Woman but i can see the vile manipulation on both sides, men and women that are being truncated and distorted into mortal enemy type of headspace..love and trust is rare thing it seems these days?

links here:


and this:


Cheers ferris,

aferrismoon said...

Cheers A13

'Why do fathers kill' - this is typical misdirection considering I just typed in 'mother kills 3 children' which gave 3 different incidents this year alone.
Here's one -


I assume the 'expert' doesn't have internet.

Ray's latest post uses the phrase 'pummeling the dreaming mind'.


Alex Robinson [ at Too Long In This Place] noted the intrusive breast and cervical cancer posters when she went to public toilets as well as cosmetic companies pushing the cancer-fear thing.

Living in Czech Rep. I have heard that fewer and fewer daughters are learning to cook. { No I don't think they should have to, but hey, its a pretty good skill to have]. The main thing older women said was that they'll have to get ready-cooked food or go to the restaurant and pay.

In the West this is all part of the culture - cooking darling, how primitive!

This belittling of 'cooking' has the effect of getting everyone out of the home subject to what others want to cook for you [ aka put into your body].

Doubtless really boosted the 'fast food' explosion.

Not cooking means losing touch with seasons, the intelligence required to cook and nourish a family, the properties of herbs, etc etc.

Men and women will never be 'equal' because they are not , as we are often told, 'the opposite sex' but the complementary sex.

But under equality lies are nurtured.

All da Best

little dynamo said...

I'm a Woman but i can see the vile manipulation on both sides, men and women that are being truncated and distorted into mortal enemy type of headspace..love and trust is rare thing it seems these days?

in the u.s., females largely act collectively in extremely anti-male interests, with the collusion of all government and religious agencies

then they congratulate themselves for their "progress" and "speaking truth to power"


it's hard to love and trust what is constantly trying (and often succeeding) in actually destroying oneself

'Why do fathers kill' - this is typical misdirection considering I just typed in 'mother kills 3 children' which gave 3 different incidents this year alone.

the Medea lies and hatred are relentless, esp in amerka -- by far, the majority of child abuse, esp severe or mortal abuse, is committed by females, largely on male children under age six

cant have that truth getting out, tho... nor any other

fifty years ago, the u.s. despite problems was generally a healthy society, with fathers part of families and males not hated and oppressed for the sin of maleness

that is long gone, this place is truly a gender gulag, aint stopping till every boy is w/o any male presence/guidance whatsoever, every female is employed and empowered, and every male is either homeless or in prison (excluding necessary male muscle, of course, to keep the rest terrorized)

it's satanic and that is no metaphor


Alex Robinson said...

Had a quick look at the story - one thing that sprang to mind, via the Celtic Rebel's work is how brilliantly it 'merchandises' anal sex - the media can legitimately place this under the noses of the entire population - anyone who was not aware of the 'back path of the future', has now been legitimately initiated.

A13 said...

Hi Ferris,
here's an interesting story about the POPE and the "space Station" (isis?)and giffords..
and her Astronaught.


Cheers A13

A13 said...

Ferris, your mention of cooking is interesting
I didn't learn how to cook until later on..now it seems to be an expression of nurturing for my family..not just a means of physical nourishment.
I've turned my back on the whole "feminazi" headspace and have gone back to being a mother, a wife, and a home nurturer..a healer of the hearth..for my family. and Self.
It is my choice, but i have never been as fufilled as when i'm Just a mother and Just a wife.
cooking and healing, and the ingredients needed are in our collective psyches, our genetic memories, that the modern era have tampered with and devalued and degraded..

Cheers A13

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Alex - they're definitely going for grimy , filthy in this present doo-op [ its like a psy-op but u can dance to it].

A13 - I guess he has to send a missive to Isis/ Blessed Virgin Mary.

I noticed a blog that implies that a lot of people appearing in interviews to do with the Arizona shooting to be actors - considering there will be a movie made about this , culminating in the shuttle getting launched.


Cooking is a fine way to spend the time - from getting the ingredients, preparation, cooking and eating [ not consuming] though not locked into the TV.



A13 said...

hey ferris, how did you go getting on to aangirfan?
I've noticed that they/it/he/she hasn't put up a post for a couple of days, and they are usually prolific..at least one post a day?
i hope they haven't attracted some form of "attantion" as you said..
and BTW my Mum is visiting in Prauge for a couple of days this weekend, doing a European toury thing, what is cool to see there for an old biddy :)
cheers A13

aferrismoon said...

Hi A13 - replied about Prague at yours.

Aang- I see the post is the same so haven't clicked to the site.