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Jornadora La Muerte!


'Every time the treasure changed hands it grew larger"

In Florence , Arizona 'Death Row' squats on the 33rd parallel.
Others include:
William E. Donaldson CF - Alabama
Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison - Georgia
Mississippi State Pen. - Mississippi
Lieber Correctional Institution, Ridgeville - South Carolina

Quite a few straddle the 37th parallel, a number which crops up regularly in 'Qabala' . 3x37 = 111 which = ALPh, the 1st character of the Hebrew alephbeyt.

33x37 = 1221 , somewhat symmetrical
"Court documents show King had a troubled childhood. Born in a taxi on the way to the hospital in Phoenix, King was one of 12 siblings whose alcoholic, abusive and mentally disturbed father died of a heart attack when King was 11, according to court records.
Records also say King’s mother struggled to provide for the children, who were so hungry at times that they tried to catch crawdads in irrigation canals and frequently were without electricity.
King reported to a prison psychiatrist that he had heard voices on and off his entire life, and suffered from anxiety and insomnia."


In his book 'Programmed To Kill' , Dave McGowan finds that contrary to popular belief so-called serial killers often work with partners and/or groups. While reading his book at present a US 'kill squad' in Afghanistan surfaces in the news and Mr. McGowan's descriptions of serial killers work seemed not too dissimilar to their 'work'.
In Afghanistan the US apologizes for the accidental death of more civilians. Der Spiegel publishes photos of the 'kill squad' who apparently set-up Afghans to look as if they'd been killed in self-defence. For example they see some bloke minding his own business , lob a grenade at him so that he's in possession of it, and then shoot him dead. They whip off a bit of his body , take a few photos, get stoned, then doubtless fob family and friends off with stories of how dangerous it is, and everybody hates them, and they're just trying to help them get democracy and such.

Essentially the killings are ritualized, body parts become totem objects, the victims are 'shadows' , not real people. Death rituals strengthen the bonds of those taking part willingly or because they've found themselves with a serial-killer squad, as in they might die if they don't join in, or perhaps something will happen to a relative back in the homeland.

" It's more of a shadow than anything else. You know its a human being, but you can't accept it."
Henry Lee Lucas, describing how he perceived his victims before killing them.

Henry had his death-sentence commuted by world record US death-sentence signing Governor of Texas GWBush, and was the only sentence Bush commuted.

There seems to be a tradition of letting people out of jail after committing serious violent crime.

The decades of ritual killings in Mexico, with their decapitations and other mutilations , generally assigned to a drugs war seem to complement the 'Coalition Forces' serial-kiling in their wars for Democracy - many of them with the ole '33' passing through.

One or more of the Mexican Drug Cartels are ex-Elite Forces. It seems no difference exists between forces of law and order and their criminal counterparts.

"He told Lt Col Hawks that he and others had begun plotting the killings in late 2009, and that they had conspired to plant weapons on the corpses to make the killings appear justified.
"Did everybody know, 'We're killing people who are completely innocent'?" Lt Col Hawks asked.
"Generally, yes, sir, everyone knew," Morlock replied."
Often lone Talibani rev up a truck, filled with explosives, and drive it into a packed market square, killing civilians.
This, the US and other coalition forces claim, is what they are there to stop - terrorism.
Based on Morlock's testimony its not such a great leap of imagination that they get one of their captives, tortured for months, jacked up with mind-altering drugs and set him off in a truck to blow up his own people.

Holmes seems to have the look

Morlock Holmes nearly bubbles forth Sherlock Holmes. I briefly though his brother was Morlock but in fact its Mycroft
Morlock [ aka Molok] shares his name with the subterranean dwellers in HGWells 'The Time Machine'

"The Morlocks' main source of food is the Eloi, another race descended from humans that lives above ground. The Morlocks treat the Eloi as cattle, and the Eloi do not resist being captured."

Future looks rosy.

So officially some of the Coalition Forces go out setting up victims that justify their killing them. The same forces admit they have accidentally killed civilians and continue to do so.

"ISAF forces fired on a vehicle carrying insurgents," said a statement from Helmand governor Muhammad Gulab Mangal's office.
"The explosion hit another vehicle in which civilians were travelling, and as a result two men, two women and three children were killed and a man, a woman and three other children were wounded."
As usual the glib wording - this time the ISAF official claims the 'explosion' hit another vehicle.

So a rocket was fired in proximity to a non-targeted vehicle, close enough for the explosion to take it out. So how's it an accident?

Its typical of the off-hand way the civilian victims of war are treated.

Nevertheless , the article does remind us that 75% of all civilian deaths are caused by the Taliban. Thankfully in war propaganda doesn't exist and the truth is always told.

Meanwhile in Libya, the Whoever Forces have even called off attacks as they might have caused civilian deaths. Where the Forces of Masonic Beatitude have attacked, Gaddafi has killed his own people and strewn them around these sites to trick the world.

'Hell why din't I think o' that?'
'That Duke Gaddafi's one tricky dicky-tator, Boss!'

In London 250000 people turned out to protest the government [in power less than a year] as the government is doing things that it didn't get voted in for - making the general public pay for the bank bail-out , continuing wars, occupations + a new action in Libya that can't actually be described in less than 20 words -
' A military-supported no-fly-zone not influencing, helping, aiding in any way the instant rebels [ just add war-ter] that have emerged fully-formed to transitionate Libya without actually changing the regime'.
AS usual peaceful attendants were overshadowed by the 'violence' as booted-up undercover cops and red&black 'anarchists' called Black Bloc did their bit to bring in stricter security laws - bless.

Bloc without a 'k' implies evil.

The skeletons fighting Jason emerge from the ground , a result of magic from afar. Their appearence mimics the Libyan rebels who appeared from nowhere to valiantly defy, with small rocks for weapons, the powerful dooktater Moohahahamar Goodaffidavit.

1 Conservative MP [ 1 of 15 out of 640+ MPs in the UK who voted against attacking Libya] has not been swept along. Short and to the point, expressing the fact that western-backed regimes like Yemen and Bahrain have not been targeted for 'freedom'.

Morocco was the 1st country to recognize the United States in 1777. It lies on the 33rd parallel. In the civil unrest in North African states in 2011 Morocco remained calm.

Truth And Consequences in New Mexico is where a spaceport will be built. It lies on the 33rd.

'Serial killer David Parker Ray lived in Elephant Butte, which is 5 miles from Truth or Consequences. On September 20, 2001, he was sentenced to 224 years in prison for abduction, rape, torture and — in some cases — murder of at least 12 people, although the FBI estimates the total number of victims could be as high as 60.[8][9]'

Elephant Butte?

Resembles a deformity with an electro-umbelical cord attached to its anterior fontanel

Inside Ray's trailer or what he called his 'Toy-Box'
Allegedly this photo is of Jared Lee Loughner's shrine , considered to be of the Santa Muerte cult. Tucson is but 1-degree away from Truth & Consequences.
'Other aspects of Santa Muerte iconography have significance as well.  Devotees of the saint interpret the sickle, often carried in the right hand, to represent justice, while the globe, often in the left hand, represents dominion over the world.  Sometimes, an image of Santa Muerte is holding an ear of corn, which apparently represents generosity.[24]  Such symbols are very useful for identifying cult iconography.  Whereas the image of the Grim Reaper is a relatively common image and in and of itself does not signify any cult association, when the Death figure is displayed with the ear of corn, a crown, or possibly a globe or scale, it does indicate a Santa Muerte association.'

Loughner completed a desert-ritual , hooded and masked, that may signify the Grim Reaper and/or Santa Muerte. His 'symbolol' in the ritual seemed to be a burning Stars and Stripes, not an object of his affection.

Barack Obama's election messages were CHANGE and HOPE. The previous Democrat president was William Jefferson Clinton who was born in HOPE, Arkansas, which lies on the 33rd parallel [33.66]. His wife Hillary Rodham Clinton was born in Chicago , the city Obama represented before running for president.

SARKOZY and CAMERON reel off a quick ritual handshake prior to the moon-laden attacks of March 19th, a date connected with air-attacks.
1916 – Eight American planes take off in pursuit of Pancho Villa, the first United States air-combat mission in history.
In 2003 orders the attacks that begin the war against Iraq. Both attacks on Libya and Iraq coincide with the start of PURIM , a Jewish festival . " According to the Book of Esther, Haman, royal vizier to King Ahasuerus planned to kill the Jews, but his plans were foiled by Mordechai and Queen Esther. The day of deliverance became a day of feasting and rejoicing."

The festival seems to strengthen tribal identity:

'Poor 'im!'

"Chucks! Sure is great to have Familey."

Our satellite the Moon waxed full at perigee to usher in attacks on Libya by USUK and France, oh and Qatar. Well, they've just been awarded the privilege of hosting the World Cup in 2022 so I assume it's a FIFA stipulation that those hosting must also do their bit for discarnate entities whom our great and good ' worship, the ones that feed on should fleeing mutilated bodies along with those glued , emotionally suckered, to the 'beautiful game' .

The Qatarians will apparently develop artificial clouds to cool the attendees at WorldCup2022. perhaps they'll be made of excess radiation and water droplets

Representing New York

Heloderma Horridum

Adoran La Muerte

Hiloderma Horridum

"They have destroyed my honour"

Another 'rape' case aligned to Arab revolution - she was raped by Qaddafi's police, 15 apparently, who also urinated and defecated over her. Reportedly she was bruised, cut and had markings on her wrists left over from handcuffs.

She must have washed before arriving at the press hotel as people would have reacted far differently if she had been defecated and urinated upon. No mention was made of this by the shocked reporters amassed at the secluded , luxury hotel they had to suffer in.

Despite the reports a glance at the video show none of these injuries.

This story , like the Liara Logan story, has been given a lot of MSM coverage, though both are only the 'word' of the alleged victims of GANG RAPE in revolutionary times by men who just can't control themselves.

No witnesses have come forward to back either story. The stories are left hanging , as if the rapes occurred and the consequent fall-out from such, alleged,terrifying events. None in the MSM even dare to question 'rape' stories.

Compare with the Presidio and McMartin child abuse and satanic ritual pedophilia, replete with stories of children being defecated and urinated on, medical reports proved that they had been sexually penetrated and other vile acts. The press all but ignored it, today these cases are almost unknown, and a great many children and families were dismissed , 1 or 2 'died'. The 'False Memory Syndrome' psychiatric phenomena emerged which accused all the children of making it up.,_Part_IV:_McMolestation__

"The case was part of day care sex abuse hysteria, a moral panic over satanic ritual abuse in the 1980s and early 1990s." - as described by Wiki.

Wow, fancy that! A moral panic over Satanic Ritual Abuse!! But people were like that way back in the '80s an'90s, very traditional , old-fashioned types.

I mean , nowadays, its so ordinary , its entertainment, whats the panic.

But seriously folks, today's big pop-stars and actors get most of their material from those old stories, a few even admit to having different personalities when performing or creating.

Their mantra - if u want to be a celebrity be prepared to DISASSOCIATE.

'Love me, crackle, zkrzzz, peeeep'

" I'm a lonely boy...." Paul Anka

Blank , unemotional , vaguely aggressive stare + army dogtags.
Refer back to the picture of HOLMES near the start of the post.

Arrow points genitalia-way.

" There's rumours of war
Men dying and women crying
If you breathe air , you'll die
Perhaps you wonder the reason why
But wait! Don't you worry
A new day is dawning
We'll catch the sun and away we'll fly"


[ courtesy of 'Da Black Whole' - " TRUMPET WINSOCK " ]

'Or compare with this case from March 31st - Lonnie Hyrum Johnson stood trial for rape, sodomy and aggravated sexual abuse of children but will be set free as 'several weeks ago, the judge found that he likely would not be made competent to face the charges, and doctors believe he wouldn't be a danger to society if freed.'

Its not really about the danger he WILL be to society, its the danger he WAS to his niece and her step-cousin.
It seems that the US political class, its press and media outlets are well aware of the systematic abuse of children and adults yet find it in their heart to deal with discrimination in other countries.
"After reading the continuing coverage, the mother-in-law of a woman, married only a few days to her son, came forward to tell the police about how the girl had gone missing for three days. She had come back disheveled and unable to explain herself. They had assumed she was on drugs, so they asked her to leave, which she did. She ended up in Colorado.

The police located her and she was identified as the woman in the videotape who was being tortured and assaulted, seemingly against her will. Her tattoos matched those of the woman. However, she only had fragmented memories of what had happened.

She did remember Jesse Ray and being taken to a trailer. Ray had threatened her with a knife, she said, while Jesse restrained her. She was stripped and tied onto a bench in a small room, and she accurately recalled items from the Toy Box; she also remembered being subjected to several types of sexual assault. She was then taken out and dropped off near her in-laws’ home, disoriented. She could barely recall what had happened."

This describes someone raped by a man [ and perhaps a woman, Jesse] rather than 15 as the woman in Libya claims. One is disoriented and ends up in Colorado , unable to explain herself, the other makes a beeline for the hotel where the foreign press are staying.
Are the MSM and the politicos all over this. Do leaders of other countries demand that US children who are being attacked by their own people , acts condoned by their Justice system, are saved from this virulent democracy by NATO, the UN or perhaps a Messiah.

The Media does concentrate on the Catholic church but in such a way as to make it seem entirely within the church, ignoring any connexions outside the church. The Franklin case had links to the Catholic-run 'BOYSTOWN' as did Manson. No other groups or organizations are brought in to connect with these priestly abuses. Other pedophile cases generally centre on 'unrelated ' cases, as if they were individual anomalies of people born broken.

Jared wings it to Missouri
"Former Marshal Donald Tucker said Con Air (also known as JPATS, which stands for Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System) consists of a fleet of 10 unmarked planes of different sizes. He says prisoners can be flown one-by-one, or in groups.

"They'll have snipers on the roof when the plane lands and the area will be cordoned off from the time the plane arrives at a secluded site," Tucker said.

Burns said Loughner's exam will be videotaped and provided to the prosecution and defense. He ordered it to be completed by April 29."

He will have his evaluation in Springfield, Miss Houri.

For some reason it has to be completed by April 29, the date of the Royal Wedding in the UK.
Reading 4 for April and 29 = 4 + 29 = 33. Perhaps a twinning event, playing with idea of an ill-chemical 'marriage' of Giffords and Loughner.

10 days prior G.Giffords may attend the launch of the 2nd-to-last flight of a Space Shuttle, Endeavour, captained by her husband Mark Kelly, himself a twin. The launch seems like an ascension.
April 19th 1971 - Manson and members of the FAMILY were sentenced to death, though , due to a fortuitous change in the law the death sentences were cancelled.
Manson had his Helter Skelter, going up , coming down - the Giffords have their Shuttle ascending and descending.

"Do you, don't you want me to love you
I'm coming down fast, but I'm miles above you
Tell me, tell me tell me, c'mon tell me the answer
Well you may be a lover but you ain't no dancer."
Helter Skelter - Beatles

The rumbles of race-war seem to have veered from Black .v. White , to USer .v. Hispanic, each apparently embroiled in their blood-ritual-for-power outfitts.

Manson's Tapeworm-Cockatrice Maxima hooks into the borderlands raising its head over the Atlantic seaboard, its mouthparts feeling around blindly for nourishment.
Its offspring comes straight outta Charleston at 32 degrees 47', obviously fed off Florida which has been amputated or perhaps just absorbed.

Both Prince William and Gabrielle Giffords have suffered life-threatening head injuries which catches attention for the legend that the antichrist will survive a head-wound.

Both Wills and Gabby are 'good-people' , charming, attractive, intelligent, charismatic [ if u like that kinda thang] and these are apparently characteristic shared by IL or ELLE ANTICHRIST.

Maybe there's more than 1 !

Springfield's nickname is The Queen City of the Ozarks. It is also known as The Cultural Center of the Ozarks, The Gateway to the Ozarks, and The Birthplace of Route 66 [2x33]

IF the great quasi-democracies indeed wished to save regimes from hurting their own people they would have invaded Belgium over the deliberate and corrupt handling of the DUTROUX child abduction, sale and murder of an unknown amount of children and young adults.

"The funniest party game of them all"
Have just come across this story about space-flights possibly launching from RAF Lossimouth in Scotland. Its lies on the 57th parallel with T&C on the 33rd.

57 + 33 = 90, and 90 degrees is most blessed among the Masonry.

"The elements of the symbol are the Square at the bottom, the Compasses above the Square, and the letter 'G' in the center.

The Square is an angle of ninety degrees, and represents righteousness. In Hebrew, the letter with a gematria (or numerical value) of 90 is the Tzaddi and also represents righteousness."

Tzaddi via the Tarot is the STAR

Are you ready?

April 5th Update :

The Space shuttle ENDEAVOUR has had its launch postponed to APRIL 29th, the date for the completion of Jared Loughners mental competency and the Royal Wedding


A13 said...

Bloody 'Ell Mate, that was a beaudy..
I'm going in again to get some more..
I'll be back later to comment once my brain has caught up..
in other words,...thanks Ferris for that post.. that was awesome :)
many regards..
hasta la vista baby...with a proper comment.
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Great research.

- Aangirfan

A13 said...

Ok ferris , i'm back...a little less inebriated that last time..
have you seen the movie the Fallen, "time is on my side...yes it is"? with denzel washington?

and the kill squad..lots of Nam and ww2 collecting souvenirs ear hear and there..
see my post if you haven't
"So sorry"

back in the good ol' days i used to hunt too..but not people...:)
and the dudes i used to go with always collected a pig tusk or something..

giffords' man looks like jared, but a younger able to get it his space rocket..

so and the head wound..the beast with a near fatal head wound..
have you heard of dragon key press with tracy tynam and boyd rice??

Dagoberts revenge newsletters etc..

Interesting..i've been looking at this for many years..and things have "changed"..

I also took the liberty of looking at your profile and you are the only person in the world that likes X ray spex like me..:)

Art I Ficial...I dentIt Y

God..getting on mate..
speak later...
many cheers to you..

A13 said...

Ok a bit of a snip..

"If you find the intertwining of this demonic family tree confusing, you are not alone. But this is the nature of Lilith. As the “Eve of Life,” Lilith described herself in the Gnostic text On the Origin of the World:

“I am the portion of my mother,
and I am the mother.
I am the woman,
and I am the virgin.
I am the pregnant one.
I am the physician.
I am the midwife.
My husband is the one who begot me,
and I am his mother,
and he is my father and my lord.
He is my potency.
That which he desires he speaks
with reason.
I am still in a nascent state,
but I have borne a lordly man.”


aferrismoon said...

A13 -

will check out FALLEN . Oddly have just watched THE BONE COLLECTOR , which is also about a serial kller.

Serial killing and movies - they go hand in hand.

Will check out the Dragonpress and your 'So sorry'

'Cleanliness is my obssession , scrub away, scrub away, the SR way'

Seems to say so much about the filthy media and its glossy finish.

Lilith - is that her on the Black Betty space patch.

Enjoyed a few good beers over the weekend - the blessings of Pilsner Urquell.


Thanks Aang

A13 said...

Yes, Ferris , alot of homework , but i'm sure you'll enjoy it..
like i'm enjoying my bot bot of shiraz grenache at the moment...
naughty monkey i am..;0
but wishing i had some "real" pilsner from the real source..drool...
black betty, black madonna, lillith, same same same..

aferrismoon said...

Re: So Sorry - their whole attitude is so perversely hypocritical, when they should be on their knees begging forgiveness.

Enjoy the grape


Alex Robinson said...

When in caps the Bieber boys name is crammed with letters that look like or mirror 3s -

In the old days on de telly when people got murdered they would die without blood or guts by simply falling down - the imagination of the viewer took the cue & filled in the blanks spaces - that's what the pic of the lady sans 'broad bruise' reminds me of - the 'brews' methinks 'lies' in the pose & the media'd text - just fill in the blanks pls (& stop questioning dammit!).

Strangely enough I'm just working on a 'downward' line as opposed to a parallel at this very moment.


aferrismoon said...

'the imagination of the viewer took the cue & filled in the blanks spaces'


There are 100s of rapes in the Congo yet little is said about it as certain people have access to lots of mining there.

It seems that the public gets cajoled into filling in the blanks which then somehow becomes public opinion or more news.

Bieber - Threeber . counting your figures gives 33R


Penny said...

Hey aferrismoon!!
How is it going today?
Wondering did Dave make it to Celtic Rebel?

If he does would you let me know?
I will pretty much listen to him whenever he is on.

Anyway... want to get to the story of the woman who was allegedly raped by Ghaddaffi's men.

I went to rewatch the video, a number of times.

If you watch the part where she is covered with a table cloth or jacket depending on the reporting. By an alleged waitress, you will notice a fully set out table in the video and no black tablecloth underneath the dishes and cutlery(table cloth is beige)
there is no bruise on her face anywhere.
We have no real information, that she is actually being driven away by so called government minders.

In fact we have no clue if these are actually government minders or
"rebels" staging an elaborate hoax for their western media audience.
Likely aided by a PR firm.
It plays like a straight up produced drama justifying the attack on Libya.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers for the observations, will relook at the video.

The awful fact is that plenty of people are getting raped and abused in such places as Children's Homes in the Freedom Forces own countries.

Dave McGowan doesn't appear to have been on Celt's show but I have just got 'Programmed To Kill' which is a severe book, and within the context of the supposed rape case in Libya makes u wonder why NATO et al. don't supply US citizens with the weapons to defend themselves.

Its funny how 'gov't minders' do it with the full backing of the Libyan gov't yet all the fuck-ups , deliberate or otherwise, around the serial-killer cases, are just individual bad-eggs, if they are even investigated.

Maybe Gaddafi could pay her off a la Jeffrey Epstein


Penny said...

I have programmed to kill and read it some time ago.
it gave me nightmares and I felt a bit freaked out while reading it

Eugene said...

"10, not 9, not 11" - Book of Formation.

119 + 191 + 911 = 1221
999 - 88 = 911
999 - 808 = 191
999 - 888 = 111
999 - 880 = 119
119 - 8 = 111

The capstone is revealed as the Opel lope pole rides on.

"tribute money"

jared loughners' new symbol is "raysh" and occurs in STS133 patch, next to shuttle, hand dialing telephone.

STS133 is 19+20+19+133 = 191

little dynamo said...

the 33 degree redline runs across the crown of africa, almost exactly bisecting tunisia, carrying the solve/duality blade, ms hamdy vs mr bouazizi

good stuff from informantnews on the 33 degree presidents etc. -- and siting of u.s. southern death-rows and abu ghraib (the latter, as numerous photos illustrate, specializing in the sexual humiliation of men by american female guards – an aspect not just of domination, but of molochian goddess-worship, as at dea/ley plaza)

the “Geogia Diagnostic and Classification Prison” resonates particularly heinous, that full Kafka Karma... and AZ’s death row on the 33rd provides partial explanation for recent events, as we’ve covered

Moloch inhabiting Morlock in photo, a face of barely repressed rage, covering early trauma; Holmes, as you note, has the Dead Look, with just enough arrogance to be cruel – More Locks is what’s needed, and prison construction is the salvation for US economy

in 1801, at 33 degrees lat in Charleston S.C. was organized the “Mother Council of the World” and they didnt make any mistake siting it in America, and they didnt call it the Father Council either

the Mother Council births the cockatrice offspring, springing from Senora Snake's largest bone-ring . . . illustrated by no-daddy-o, no-name Man-son

agree on similarity between Bieber and Holmes/Morlock – zombees of the wicked witch

our beautiful and healthy boys are being deformed psychosocially, with predictable results

the deforming starts early, then they go on to deform others

v profitable and useful, in many ways

leonard lake and charles ng were wonderful little boys, for example – but that wasn’t allowed to last long

thoughtful note on Morocco, 33 locale, and early america backing, a good catch – mor/occo, so more eye, a calm 33 degree oculus in the desert shitstorm

little dynamo said...

“The police located her and she was identified as the woman in the videotape who was being tortured and assaulted, seemingly against her will. Her tattoos matched those of the woman ... She was then taken out and dropped off near her in-laws’ home, disoriented. She could barely recall what had happened.”

can't agree here, this sounds only slightly more credible than the lara logan phakery, if far less noticed

having known quite a few tattooed trollops running around the southwest with noses full of meth and hearts full of darkness -- i’d underline “seeming” in your paragraph

i once believed, as constantly told, that there was/is an ongoing crimewave of rape and sexual assault on u.s. campuses-- but it simply isnt happening, and never has

folks who abduct and torture people truly against their wills rarely drop them off afterwards (alive that is) and pretty much never do it near a requested location like the in-laws lol

“Do leaders of other countries demand that US children who are being attacked by their own people , acts condoned by their Justice system, are saved from this virulent democracy by NATO, the UN or perhaps a Messiah”

not sure i understand that sentence, which US children being attacked you mean? there's no condoning by the US justice system, quite the contrary -- except perhaps among the extremely rich/powerful

in fact i recently posted about how the texas attorney general and the dallas women’s foundation predicted thousands of child prostitutes at the super bowl – a hysteria published in major outlets throughout america and fanned into outrage/funding (proved false -- there were no child prostitutes, and also few retractions or corrections in medea outlets)

the presidio case was a specific working, with involvement by bay area (and international) occult groups, and certain military sectors – definitely staged, like much of zodiac’s activites, also likely group in nature

tellingly, the Catholic Church, after being softened up by mariolatry for a century, was finished off by sex scandal, most potent of weapons

Have just come across this story about space-flights possibly launching from RAF Lossimouth in Scotland. Its lies on the 57th parallel with T&C on the 33rd.”

Truth OR Consequences and yes it is a v weird place

blood sacrifice and aviation: the Richard Branson/Burt Rutan Spaceport at 33 degrees in N.M. recalls that they — along with Barron Hilton – are connected to the disappearance and likely death of Steve Fossett, and also the death of John Denver (Rutan, e.g., designed Denver’s kit plane that crashed into the Pacific)

“Tzaddi via the Tarot is the STAR

Are you ready?”

Night night
sleep tight
don’t let the bedbugs bite
The bedbugs won’t bite
but Taz might



aferrismoon said...

Hi Eugene - Perhaps could swop 'raysh' for 'rage'

cheers for the Trinitarian value of 1221.

Ray -

Did catch your writings on the 'superbowl sex-trade' hysteria.

My point had less to do with hysteria , rather the negligence in cases like Presidio and McMartin and the valiant False Mem. Syndrome defence whereas Miss Libya has rockets to save her and her story is believed without evidence.

It seems to me the Freedom Force countries have abuse , desperation etc in their own countries.
The Jersy Abuse scandal - nothings done about it, investigations are stopped, witnesses harassed - so perhaps gaddafi [ or others] have the 'right' to 'save' those attacked , abused, hurt by their own government [ aka the people who run homes etc]. The Prison business!

Re: Superbowl hysteria .v. Presidio

The activities of Superbowl weekend are mostly unsubstantiated yet widely believed and supported through media and funding whereas the Presidio is substantiated by medical, witness reports etc though is widely disbelieved or ignored.

The woman in T&C .v. the Libyan woman

It seemed to me that rape by 15 men might leave the lady a little bit disoriented , and her finding the Press Hotel [ how, and from where did she come] a little bit hard to believe. Still hadn't counted on the meth angles.

Lots of meth here in Czech Rep, though its called PERVITIN

Morlock et al seem to be the modern 'Phoenix programme'

Child sex scandals seem to be wholly a Catholic phenomenon :)

Must be something in the prayers.

Blood sacrifice and aviation - the Apr 29th Shuttle lift-off seems to be a continuation of the Tucson shooting


Eugene said...

April 29 is also the 119th day of the year.

The square of Saturn overlayed with the permutations of 119, 191 and 911 reveal the 4 and 49

see 2nd to last, the distance that each arm has to stretch to touch one pillar or the other (implies hand-over) is 191

aferrismoon said...

Cheers EuGene

Just playing with 4/29 and 9/11 at present.

1-9-1 , the two pillars and the 9, which acc. to Bucky-Fuller is the 'other 0' surrounding the octave.

checking linx


little dynamo said...

"Blood sacrifice and aviation - the Apr 29th Shuttle lift-off seems to be a continuation of the Tucson shooting"

well as ive noted GG was standing behind the dea-ley lectern at her first degree medea con Fer ence (Ona Common Sense photo)

the female from the first degree Tracing Board (guide for corporeal events) descends from a clearly extraterrestrial source, straight towards the lectern (command/power/authority)

she alights on manifest duality (checkerboard earth) so the alchemical correspondence, polarity, would be male in artificial ascendance, earth upward

the controlling masonic rite here is conuinctio, the "royal wedding" -- so GG's husband, astronaught M/ark Kelly (what no Dee!?) is the ascending male component, libidic overtones relevant

if the launch was "re-set" to the same date as the royal wedding in brittannia-land, it's to twin the events -- the psychic and mass psychological impact is much heightened, dubble dubble toil n trouble

in the nwo Avatar fantasy, fems take over earth, and those horrid Others become space monkeys, feeding the hive



aferrismoon said...

Space Monkeys - some even have their legs bent , monkey style.

Monkeystone = Kubrick's Monolith

Shall appropriate Tracing Board for upcoming post


Eugene said...

The square of Saturn as tied to the square of


is very mega micro tessalation.


aferrismoon said...

Shach Mat

Death to the King