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Oswald was buried at the Shannon Rose Hill Cemetary in Fort Worth. Not au fait with US city districts , it seems to be situated in the Arlington area of FW. Coincidentally the man whom he allegedly shot supposedly lies in Arlington, Virginia.

Quite a few Kennedy stories have emerged over the last few weeks - mainly focus on a couple of films, one on Kennedy with Leo DiCaprio and another about jackie, which will feature her coping while remaing glamour-ess. Clint Hill, Jackie's bodyguard on that day, also spoke up the other week claiming that Jackie was a 'secret smoker' and that JFK did not indulge in an affair with Marilyn Monroe.

Note the words 'NATE'S AUTOGRAPH' which with the idea of exhuming ritually killed LHO neatly forms SATEN AUTOGRAPH ot perhaps AUTO SATENGRAPH.[ Satan is though usually spelt with a second 'a'.
Nate is for Nate Saunder's Auctioneers who are putting the coffin under the GL-hammer.
Now the original coffin within which Lee Harvey Oswald was buried is up for auction, or 'on the block' as so many news reports gleefully announce - the vague tinge of execution seems to excite the media.

Made from pine it resurfaced with LHO's exhumation in October,1981, to ascertain whether he was in fact LHO or a double. It appears he was the former. It as damaged by water, thus its delapidated state. Osiris was set afloat in a coffin by Set in one of their internecine rifts.

Note the two safes - one black and one white, enscribed with the name CANNON [ Canon?]. If we imagine them to be the Masonic Twin Pillars we may note the light above and between them acting as the eye above the pyramid scatter-lighting its gaze over the coffin, itself historically used in initiation ceremonies. The safe-handles also make accurate egytian glyphs for stars, they even twinkle. The camera-eye observes.

The safes have coffin-like properties.

One black one
One white one
And one with a little light on...

Here Kennedy's bronze casket heaved onto AF1 at Love Field, Dallas. The bronze casket, 2 years later, RFK had buried at sea, backed by his successor, Attorney General Katzenbach. Some controversy emerged over this as some considered it evidence. Nevertheless, much in the way of 911, multiple things via multiple agencies disappeared.
Conjuring tricks, feats of impossibility, deception in plain sight prove mainstays of this investigation.

JFK was finally laid to rest in mahogany coffin in Arlington Cemetary , VA.

Egyptian deities used a ladder to clamber into heaven which this little ritual clearly mimics. The swearing-in then took place , notable for the swearing-in triune trigging Little Boy Johnson. Also notable are the initials of 3:
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Lady Bird Johnson
Jackie Lee Bouvier [ The K having been knocked a few hours earlier]

The Yahoo article has a selection of photos of Oswald's coffin yet , inexplicably, one is encouraged to search for ' wooden coffin in which JFK'. Of the 10 fotos published this text appeared on 2 or 3 . Perhaps a typo or a cropped sentence.

"In Ancient Egypt the entreaty to the dead of the type said to be performed by Isis and Nepthys was usually performed with a hawk-fertility-goddess statue present along with other funerary symbolism.

Jacqueline Kennedy was considered "fashionable, erudite, erotic and stunningly gorgeous." Mrs. Kennedy visited an exhibition of Egyptian funerary rite symbols at the National Gallery of Art where she was photographed with a depiction of the "hawk-headed divinity that was said to be named Hor-khenty-khem." Recently there was a traveling nightmare of funerary symbolism touring the country (the Tutankhamen exhibit of the National Endowment of the Humanities)."

King KIll 33 - JSDownard

Wonders never cease. [ Incidentally the false name used by Oswald to order the gun is Alek Hidell proves difficult to find an etymology for. In Hebrew there is a word ChDL which means 'to cease', but that's another story]



Penny said...

interesting aferrismoon.
I don't quite no what to make of all of it....but it is interesting.

I didn't realize until recently that Jack Ruby was a follower of Judaism

Which made me wonder just who he pulled the trigger for?

aferrismoon said...

I got ther impression from FINAL JUDGEMENT he was more a fan of Israel than Judaism. I believe there is a difference.

I wonder with the forthcoming Kennedy and Jackie films it might not be a form of deep viral advertising while the 'funerary items' seems to go hand in hand with excavating and showing sarcophagi and mummies.

Who did he pull the trigger for - I guess organised crime gave him the job, with the promise of early release.


Eugene said...

The icons for selling crap to the mawt hamawt.

Keep the elbows and fingers going.

Alex Robinson said...

ALRInGton contains the holy GRAIL - what's left is 'tonn' - under 'tonne' in wiki is this;
"the spelling tonne has its origin in French. The term applied to the barrel of the largest size. In Old English the spelling was tunne, "cask" - which I think 'fits' rather well.

A little word busting-

LEO DICAPRIO = POLICE RADIO a 'must' in all assassinations.

Alek Hidell = "Healed Kill" or "He Deal(y) kill"


aferrismoon said...

Aaah the trinkets for the Amour-Morts.

Death don't come easy , its a game of give and take.


So the Arlingtons could be Casketvilles.

While there may not be an obvious grail at Arlington VA there is an Eternal Flame

cheers for the new-words

Penny said...

I should clarify when I use the term follower of Judaism, I am referring to the myth of Jews as a people.

Since I do not believe that propagated mythology, the propaganda, I use the term 'follower of Judaism' as it is the one and only commonality amongst the people who identify themselves as "Jews"

In other words, like Shlomo Sand, I believe the Jewish people mythology was created necessarily to justify the creation of Israel.

The motivation for the creation of Israel has nothing to do with a homeland for the followers of Judaism.

The motivation had to have been something else.

Something strategic.

If Rubinstein was a fan of Israel then he was as brainwashed as the rest of them...

Penny said...
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aferrismoon said...

Hi Penny

Certainly believe its a myth.

The creation of Israel:

The myth of the Jews strengthened by modern Zionism, perhaps breaking surface with the alliance twixt Christian and Jewish Qabalism, and the New World philosophy.

Cemented with the British/Dutch Empire , the trade, diamonds, colonisation.

At present Jews live in diasporic communities in all major trade areas of the world, and have developed a vast lending system.

A couple of wars , the 2nd bringing the 'Holocaust' which galvanised the Jews into demanding/supporting/not-opposing [ generally] the State.

With all the 'Israel nationalists' having done their part in the diaspora the last piece , the State , serves as well a giant server for the interlocking empire [ one which today more and more 'jews' seem to have lost patience with.

Israels emergence at the same time computing really hit the world [ Bletchley Park] seems to be a techological corollary to the diaspora/programmes and the motherboard/Israel.


Penny said...

hey aferrismoon!

check your mailbox, it should be there?

aferrismoon said...

ThanX Penny. I have it.

Penny said...

"Israels emergence at the same time computing really hit the world [ Bletchley Park] seems to be a techological corollary to the diaspora/programmes and the motherboard/Israel."

are you using the computer as an analogy?

I did do some reading on Bletchley Park, ran it by the hubby first, who had actually heard about it previously. From reading the codebreakers book when he was a teen.

We then found some interesting stuff. One being that Nathaniel Rothschild's daughter was employed there.

Jewish virtual library.

aferrismoon said...

Not only Natty Dreadlocks, but Bryn St. John , father of Olivia Neutron Bomb. grand daughter of Max Born nuclear physicist, Ian Fleming in the wings, Alan Turing, Birth of modern computer,

Computers work based on fairly consented upon princips and so i assume do biocomputers



Anonymous said...

I learn new things.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Also. Gr8 stuff on the Krayz and friends.


... said...

I've been catching just glimpses of the news lately, where Kennedy is mentioned, and the coffin auction of LHO...After reading this I can see the connection. Weirdness abounds as usual, right out of the tv.


aferrismoon said...

Cheers Marty. I'd agree , it's like a little cog getting brought back into beat, almost spying out fot a cluster of similar events.... ticky tick tik tok