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The fires whipping through the young pine forests of Israel

"The fire has so far ravaged at least 5,000 hectares (12,000 acres) of land and five million trees in the pine-covered hills known locally as "little Switzerland."

WikiLeaks has moved to big Switzerland - leaks being of a watery nature.

While humans have regularly reshaped landscapes one wonders on the efficacy of attempting to mimic a European landscape quite so far south [ I am not an expert in the specifics of relocating tree species]. Nevertheless the forestation programme would seem to negate the use of the trees in any tree-farming industry and thus would seem to be more of an image of Israel rather than provide any practical benefit, unlike the previously well-rooted olive trees, removed to denude the land of anything remotely Palestinian [ if of course trees do have nation-status].
Those Pine Trees introduced to Israel can withstand dry-soil, but its evident that this tree planting is a symbolic act, and also to cover up the previous occupiers existence. The Aleppo Pine seems to be a native of the region while those introduced are, apparently, the Stone Pine and the Calabrian Pine.

A sneaky pyramid holds the menorah aloft. The light in the middle is the Shamash light [ ShMSh - attendant or sexton.., though I think Shamash is also a word for 'sun'] which is used for light as using the Hannukah lights for light is forbidden - ?
The day before menorahs had their first candles lit for the 8-day Festival of Hannukah [ ChNVKH - 89] which celebrates the Maccabean victory against Jewish Hellenization/Assimilation.

JNF downplays criticism in midst of Israel tree scandal
by JULIE WIENER, Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Friday, July 21, 2000

"Last month's Ma'ariv article, entitled "The Great Tree Fraud," suggested that workers at the JNF's planting center in Jerusalem routinely uproot trees planted by tourists and give the same saplings to the next group of tourists to plant again.

The article also said that few of the trees survive.

Tree planting is "a good public relations program" and a "good emotional opportunity for people to link to the land of Israel," said Russell Robinson, executive vice president of the JNF's U.S. operations.

…Robinson acknowledged that fewer than half of the trees planted in Jerusalem survive, primarily because of the arid and rocky soil"

I believe the phrase 'go figure' applies here.
Tree-planting = good PR, and an 'emotional-link to Israel' aka a scam playing on Jewish/Israeli identity.

"Now, approximately 60 percent of funds raised go to Israel, said Robinson, with the remainder staying in the United States for Zionist education and development.

The JNF in the United States has increased its revenues from $21 million three years ago to $33 million this year, brought in several million-dollar donors and now has a total of 450,000 donors, up from 375,000 three years ago, according to Robinson.

In 1994, prior to the internal probe, the organization raised $26.9 million"

So if one gets rid of 4000 acres of trees, well, I guess they'll just have to be replanted.

Better late than never:
"Israel’s firefighters are desperately short on supplies. They need your help. JNF is the U.S. fundraising arm of Friends of Israel Firefighters. Your dollars will help purchase helmets, hoses, fire extinguishing chemicals and thermal cameras, among other emergency equipment. Donate now."

Obviously many have contributed to the JNF [Jewish National Fund] over the years , though their cause has been undercut by an arrogance that has concentrated on creating a military power so that Israel may defend herself. Israel is the beneficiary of the largest overseas aid from the US as well as the various post-holocaust retribution funds , notably Germany.
There are many Jewish agencies that collect money from the Diaspora.

Note also that they are the US fundraising arm of Friends of Israel Firefighters -

'The Israeli firefighters, the unsung heroes of Israel, are ranked among the best fire fighting and rescue services in the world, and are considered the number one specialists in responding to acts of terror. Today, with the increased vulnerability of the civilian population, Israel Firefighters and Rescue Services have become Israel's most vital security asset.
The Friends of Israel Firefighters (FIF) was established to meet the challenge of outfitting Israel's firefighters with the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities they need to continue performing their job of protecting and saving the lives of Israel's citizens.'
'The people of Israel are blessed with the greatest fire fighters. These dedicated young men and women put their lives in danger daily saving the country's citizens. Jewish National Fund has taken a major role in supporting the Israel Fire Fighters.'
JNF website

Note in the first para the emphasis is on the firefighters fighting 'terror'. Never miss an oppotunity to remind people that Israel always has to fight 'terror'.
Contrast the two statements from the JNF concerning the firefighters.
i) ' Israels firefighters are desperately short on supplies'
ii) 'outfitting Israel's firefighters with the state-of-the-art equipment ...'

WINDOW INTO PALESTINE - 2010 The Burning Bush.

By Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

The news about the tragic “wildfires” in Northern Palestine is a reminder of several facts:
1) the areas was forested by non-indigenous conifers after uprooting indigenous trees and destroying the terraced landscape and ethnically cleansing over 50 villages from the area that is now supposedly “forested”. Ecologically very destructive behavior done for political purposes to wipe out the ancient landscape and make the area Jewish European. Few people remained from one village but rebuilt a new village nearby and are prevented from going back to their own village which is now an Israeli “artist colony” (see)

2) Over the past few decades Israel acquired hundreds of the most advanced fighter aircrafts with no aircraft to fight wild-fires.

3) Most countries ask and receive help from their neighbors and most countries have sympathy of the world community.  Apartheid Israel by contrast is despised by most people and the only support comes from governments in the west (under Zionist pressure) or those dictators in the Arab world who believe (erroneously) that they must depend on Western support to stay in power.  Such an artificial situation cannot last.

4) Even amidst this tragedy, the racist and most right wing government of Israel refuses to admit any culpability for its failure to protect its citizens and wants to merely advance Zionism (hence the bizarre statement of Netanyahu that the tragedy will bring Turkey and Israel together!).


The Supertanker EVERGREEN , decked out in the colours of the Palestinian flag.

While this may all seem to relate to Israel much of the world seems more interested in its glamour , the importance of pop-stars and princes, who'll get the World Cup, what money-making , wealth-depleting business to get into - selling OBNOXICON products while failing to invest in humanity's intelligence.

"As the routine industrial functions
become ever more simple
and of less labor
as consolidated result
of all time harnessed
machine-tool technology
the pinch becomes more excruciating
at the machine-tool operator's
station itself -
a station and its baggage master
too easily forgotten
by man
as he dozes by
in his streamlined express
of ever more carelessly
limited stops."

MACHINE TOOLS - R, Buckminster-Fuller.

Doubtless the UK reels under the heavy snow and freezing conditions as it does most years failing to ever invest in snow-clearing equipment nationwide due to expense whilst turning a blind eye to all the working hours lost to impassable roads and cars with no winter tyres, though there is Sky Sports and The Ex Fukter.
Most of the funding , though, has probably been whisked of to Switzerland and Planet Zug.

This correlates with growing a pine forest while neglecting the fire-service that proves essential to all forestry, esp. those in this kind of climate.

Should one wish to play the hindsight game it may be noted that Israel often has forest fires.

" Taglit-Birthright Israel participants help rehabilitate JNF Forest after Major Fires

By Sharna - Posted on 13 July 2010
A burnt forest is not a pleasant sight to see, but that is exactly what greeted a Taglit-Birthright Israel: Shorashim/JNF group from the U.S. on Tuesday, July 6, when they went to work in a forest near Beit Shemesh in the Lower Judean Plain where a major forest fire broke out during the last week of June, destroying 300,000 trees in over 3,000 dunams (750 acres) of man-planted forests and natural woodlands. (Taking into account the other fires that broke out across the country nearly 1,000,000 trees have been lost to date.) The Taglit-Birthright Israel: Shorashim/JNF group was there to help begin forest rehabilitation and prune trees  lessening the chance they will catch fire in the future.  

 "Zionism is about doing – when you do something physical, you get a sense of belonging. The forest here is a pine forest, and pine trees are survivors. They grow fast, they don’t need a lot of water, they grow in rocky areas, but they also burn very easily. Over the last few weeks we've experienced some major forest fires in this region caused by negligence and arson. In my opinion, this is a form of terrorism. The work we will be doing here today will help prevent future fires from spreading to areas that are still green."

With regards to the uprooting indigenous trees it would seem that Zionism is about undoing and then doing over based purely on a sense of symbolism, the act of planting a tree that seems unnecessarily difficult and irrelevant to the landscape, because it is difficult and that therefore symbolises Zionism, which is about doing...anything so long as its doing or is that compulsive-obsessive.

"Masonic betrayal of the "common man" involves archetypes of fertility and death symbolism seemingly motivated to bring about syncretism in opposing principles in order to green Israel, rebuild the Temple of Solomon and establish a One World government."
KingKill33 - JSDownard

A bus transporting 41 prison cadets and commanders burnt to death. The fire travelled so quickly that none could escape.
They were going to aid the Palestinian prisoners trapped in Damon Prison but a tree blocked their path and the flames moving at speed left them no escape. The prisoners , many of whom perhaps are there on trumped-up charges, survived.

In Hebrew 41 = AM, 'Ma'. Crowley gives it this attribution - "The Yoni as a vampire force - sterile". A sterile form of 'Ma' , the anthill, acquisition and image, carnal and running on vengeance. Wholly inhuman! Machine proliferation of specialised humans to partake in insect-like activities - cloning in all but name.

The landscape shorn of the trees that were introduced to obliterate the past. A sterile, fruitless world in which the banks act as fire claiming any attempt at regrowth.

The entrapment of the NZ miners shifts to Israel. A gas explosion mutates into a sweeping fire.

At present 2 Druze boys, 14 & 16 have been arrested for possibly starting the blaze, though fire authorities say fires were started in other places. One Rabbi claims that Jews ignoring the Sabbath are to blame. Shaping up for something between goddamned teenage terrorism or hellspawned secular godlessness.

Blame Fire-Lad.

When I was young me and a friend burnt a 5-acre field, 500metres from the sea, playing with matches in the UK drought of 1976. Wow!, we cried as a gust carried the fire across the dry grass towards the housing estate being built in the next field.Anyhow we got to talk to Mr. Fireman. Children will play with fire, which though arson, is not an uncommon activity. It is not an act of terrorism.

The Druze often serve in the IDF so may be disliked by the Palestinians though are distinct from the Israeli Jews - so perhaps convenient firestarters.

The Artist's Colon

Sure ain't Daniel!!

Eye of Splendour - Ein Houd [OYN HVD]

Transforming the land via the artistic community - cue special art language.

" No Chaim, the Olive-press expresses the struggle of the people to find inside themselves the olive or the heart of courage that will transform this land and with it the diaspora , as Martini, will be invigorated by the olive of diacritic Zionism, in that we, we, are distinguished by our separation"

"So you are saying that the Olive press is in fact counter-revolutionary while its used for its practical purpose though as a symbol it becomes , at once, the revolutionary weight that will crush all opposition?"

" Indeed Chaim, the olive press as tool symbolises the past, an old way of living, a charicature so to speak of menial humanity, while today as an objet d'art it may be transported to NY to show the Diaspora the roots of our struggle and attract sizeable donations"

The artist's community, a source of pride in Israel, used to be Ayn Awad, a Palestinian village. The Israelis displaced them and took over their homes. The Palestinians live a few miles away , without electricity, mains water etc as they aren't recognized by Israel. The trees planted in this area hide one village from the other, the fire now opens the vista and both will see how the other lives.

The Art , as usual , combines kitsch and lack of talent to form an interesting array of dull sculptures in natural settings.

Like this childish attempt at 'doing something'!

A symbolic Fire Engine gracing the hillsides around Ein Houd, which just about sums the whole thing up.

On reflection perhaps this is the cutting-edge firefighting technology promised by the JNF.

Cupidity 1 : 0 Wisdom


Anonymous said...

Very informative.

(As you know, the Druze mainly believe in reincarnation)

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

I didn't know [ skipped the religious bit].

The Greening of Israel seems to relate to Osiris, a green , croppy god who reincarnates daily.


Emine said...

Actually, the particular trees being planted in Israel are mentioned in Islamic texts (the Quran or the Hadiths) as identifying the location from which the end-times battle will happen, or something like that. It is really crazy how israel are seemingly following islamic prophecy to identify themselves as the ungodly. not only with the trees, but they are puting a lot of signs out there which are mentioned in islamic scripture. I am sorry to not have more specific info on this, i was told by someone who knows the scriptures but although i was impressed i didnt remember the details.


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the news that the bus was carrying a new initiative of Arab guard trainees to counter accusations of Israeli secret prisons and brutality, as in, sadly, the dead forty weren't actually "Jews" at all.

So far though it appears they really were, so I'm guessing it's a case of a ritual fire which went wrong, providing an event that they can then use to heighten the international emotional hand-wringing.

My guess is that if that bus hadn't been trapped, no deaths would occur in this fire, and most of the donated money to fight it would be syphoned away into the usual Israeli tanks, warplanes, nerve gas etc.

Nothing is as it seems with these creatures.

aferrismoon said...

Perhaps, Emine, there's some sort of Total-Abrahamic-Apocalyptic religion stealthily secreted beneath the various robes of the various death-cult versions of Judaism, Xtianity and Islam.

They seem determined that people on this planet are not to get on, which we mostly do.


Suraci , things are never as they seem.

Considering the way Israel soaks up detainess on , apparently frivolous charges, like standing near a stone that could be used for destroying Israel, perhaps they wouldn't have needed to save the prisoners if they hadn't been there in the first place.

But they have to siphon off the money into the military hardware to protect the trees.

True , nothing as it seems


Alex Robinson said...

Here comes that syncing feeling...

Deep in research atm but came across this just the other day - some time around when you posted 'Candle Harbour'


aferrismoon said...

That's odd. Great find though.

It strange how words arise , whether in their correct form or not.

I was goung to write CANDLE-HARBOUR but decided against it.


Alex Robinson said...

I was just about to post a comment & I see you answered me :)

"In Hebrew 41 = AM, 'Ma'. Crowley gives it this attribution - "The Yoni as a vampire force - sterile"." - I thought this was so very telling of the 'feel' of Israel - a seemingly sterile thing force fed with life.

The whole tree planting thing beggars belief.

Very interesting that you were thinking of using Harbour - I have been very busy in 'labour' trying to birth a new article :)


aferrismoon said...

Not just Israel , perhaps, but the kind of force-fed 'lifestyle' that harrass the general public - from the fervour for sports where people are roused to become insanely tribalistic for a match, the fashionistas and the horrible Gaga-Rihanna-Bieber-JayZ etc etc clinical death-worlds, the Wikileaks - all dressed up and smelling nice ....... like a pitcher-plant!

All is sterile as in this new age that means >>> Equality

Maybe your birth'll be twins - which reminds me , I have a twin-set to send u


Alex Robinson said...

Haha you were spot on - it will indeed be twins. So twin-set could come in very handy - looking forward to your matchmaking - was it in heaven or hell? :)