Sunday, August 15, 2010


"No man has ever 'seen' outside himself.

His brain is :
A multi-frequency [ 4-sensory ranges ] scanning [TV] integrator
continually working in co-ordination with :
A multitude of memory [kinescope-taped] TV scanners.

The whole array of NEW and MEMORY TVs is frequency monitored :
An angular and frequency modulated PATTERN COMMONALITY SCORING and SCORE PREDICTING conceptual co-ordination capability.

The TV co-ordinating conceptual capability includes :
A score-guessing and score-guess testing facility
as well as
A strategic-tests-contriving-pattern considerator,
all of which conceptual patterning proclivities are self-started and regenerated by synergetical INTELLECTION. "

NO MORE 2ND-HAND GOD, R. Buckminster-Fuller

In 1938 Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre performed HGWells 'War of the Worlds' over the radio. Many people believed it real and evacuated their homes, some even reported 'seeing' spaceships.

" The experiment demonstrated that people are constantly being programmed below levels of their awareness by the periphery of their vision. It is probably a good thing that this is true. It allows us to drive a car and to walk and to do various other tasks including reading in a smooth fashion without having to think about everything that happens.
The human biocomputer is constantly being programmed , continually, simply and naturally, below its level of awareness by the surrounding environment."

The first quote gives one an idea of the complexities that go into the seemingly simple act of taking in visual information. These complexities may not be lost on those who create our 'surrounding environment', an orchestra of senses, composed and conducted.

The second deals with how the 'human biocomputor' may be subtly manipulated without even the foreconscious 'knowing'.
We could alter the sentence to read "..and do various other tasks like go to war or shoot the President in the head at close range in a smooth fashion without having to think about everything that happens."

A wink's a s good as a nudge to a blind nation

da real synch wynch

"It was the funeral of President Kennedy that most strongly proved the power of television to invest an occasion with the character of corporate participation. It involves an entire population in the ritual process.... In television, images are projected at you. You are the screen. The images wrap around you. You are the vanishing point. This creates a sort of inwardness, a sort of reverse perspective which has much in common with Oriental art. "

" We should call you HitGirl honey!"
" Oh, don't listen to him Jackie, Ya' did jus' fine"
" I loved this suit, it's ruined now "
" It'll be iconic, like the Turin Shroud "

Jackie at LOVE FIELD

Coagula et Solve

"Jackie continued to wear the outfit when the plane landed in Washington and the President's coffin was removed. She returned to the White House shortly before 5 am on the 23rd. It was then that she changed clothes.

Jackie's maid (Provi) folded the suit and placed it in a box. A few days later, the maid passed the box on to Jackie's mother, who wrote "November 22, 1963" on the top of the box, and stored it in her attic - beside Jackie's ivory silk taffeta wedding dress. Jackie would never touch the pink suit again."
"HISTORIC IN PINK' - Steve Brawley

Wedding - Sept. 12th 1953
Divorce - Nov. 22nd 1963

Explanations come based on available information and the differing 'weights' assigned to the various parts of the whole info-pak.

Below an extract from " Death Made In America " by Mohammed Daud Miraki MA. PhD at the ' The peoples '

"The Afghan resistance fighters consist of Pashtuns, entirely. The East, Southeast, South and Southwest, West and part of Central area of Afghanistan are the most volatile. The US forces have lost a lot of soldiers there. In fact, ordinary Afghans used to wondered about the US losses and started to believe a myth that the soldiers that are killed in Afghanistan must come from orphanages in the US, hence, their death is not missed by anyone. To the Afghans, it does not make sense when so many soldiers lose their lives and yet there has not been any outrage on the part of the families of those soldiers. Thus, ordinary Afghans started this myth that the soldiers that are killed in Afghanistan are from orphanages since this was the only rational explanation they could find."

It would , I assume , prove difficult to keep the deaths from their families . Does the USMilitary have a policy on the use of orphans?
What might constitute the mindset of the parents?
"Our children died as heroes defending America ."
A film plot might feature a group of orphans growing up together at the same orphanage-base , all their parents killed at the WTC attacks on 9/11[ and they have no other relatives + none are above 3years at the time], who become an elite fighting force.

Chloe Moretz , who acted as the violent 11yr old HITGIRL would grow to become the beautiful but deadly Angelina Jolie
Her character's name would be the slightly odd - Kandy Mac , shortened from Kandice MacIntyre, daughter of Colonel Jesus MacIntyre, the son of an Hispanic Brujo witch and a wayward Scots ex-criminal Secret Service agent maverick.

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5505610034697234322" />

Evelyn Salt - Evil in salt

Lot's wife?

Salt alchemically = Fixedness

One of the male elements would be Damien Dutroux , single-mindedly vengeful against all perceived enemies of the team, played by Eli Roth

Will Carroll , usually a comedy actor, would play the brutal but funny Samuel Moss while the 'black' guy would be Jay - Z or perhaps LeBron James.

Anyhow I digress, which I guess Hollywood's for. The film would not include the use of DEPLETED URANIUM which does get used in the long-running original series :
"IRAQ : 2nd Strike" and "Peak Experience" about a team of elite US mountaineer fighters etc.
The Depleted Uranium has , of course, been captured from Afghanis who force their womenfolk to mine Uranium by hand so its only fair that it should be used on them. Or, and I nearly missed it, the Uranium gets flown in by the Iranians, which will require more brave Americans to act in 'IRANIUM'.

After this idea gets floated in a film or series then the media can show photos like this [ acc. to the 'Death Made in America' post, children born to Dep.Uranium affected parents]

and people's minds will be full of MSM and will demand whatever the MSM/Govt. desires of them. They will also be worried that if LeBron James plays in the film how will this affect his training programme, or is he perhaps secretly retiring.

At present dotted around the city Angelina Jolie as SALT . a little wind blows, holds a pistol at crotch height.

From AANGIRFAN , post 'First Youtube , then the whole Internet?'

"Columbia law professor Tim Wu points writes in the New York Times:

Just consider the power and public role of firms like Verizon or Google (especially if they work together).

Sitting atop the web, they can influence what firms succeed or fail — by making sites load faster or slower, or end up on page 10 of search results.

It goes further — in subtle ways, the information carriers have the power to influence elections and even censor speech they don't like.

Google's YouTube is the model for what is going to happen.

The internet will see more porn, sport, celebrities and Hollywood, and less in the way of blogs."

Well, they've already got the streets, the exterior environment mindscape, via ad- or pervertising, giant freakish billboards, from public transport to above the pissoirs in the men's toilets [ haven't checked the women's]

" In the beginning God created the heaven and earth. This translation does not make sense at all, because it is unthinkable. A 'beginning' of time and space is as unthinkable as is their non-beginning. Therefore, a text which proclaims the hopelessly inconceivable leads at the very start into the fictitious domains of wrong thinking. Even the word 'God' is unconceivable, obviously so. The hypothesis of the existence of an unthinkable God previous to an unthinkable beginning forces the mind to confront the absurdity of a something-before-anything creating everything out of nothing."

This story permeates the minds of many from an early age, the use of 'unthinkable thoughts' to be accepted as permanent and enduring 'truth'. Softens the mind for later conditioning.

' The three angles of one face of a triangle always add up to 180degrees as phenomenon independant of the relative dimensional size of the triangles. 180 is one-half definitive cyclic unity. Every triangle has two faces - its obverse and reverse. So we note that the angles of both faces of a triangle add up to 360. "

Using IN and OUT instead of DOWN and UP change the way mind orientates in physical and metaphysical UniVerse.


Anonymous said...

Very good. Thanks for the mention.

- Aangirfan

Eugene said...

Katie Holmes or Katherine/Katrina/Erika Homes or "house of destroyed/destroyer" plays JacKie O in new movie about the King Kill.

Nice pics in this one. The little boy with red car in hand is so Danny playing cars in Shining hallway. Both children are red hued shoed at Daddys funeral. The end pic with the guy in victory clothing touching her arse, she raising skirt, is very subliminal.

The piece I often source Ryden's "Magic Circus" or "Meat Show" has the banner "arcanum arcanorum creatio ex nihlio" is "barashit" as the masses know .. the "mystery of mysteries is created out of nothing".

Out of whole pink cloth that is!

Thanks Aferris! This has given me a new wink wrinkle into the yod of Sari, the window of Abram ... as to how the idol creates and destroys.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Ang.

Great [ or in fact awful] link to Miss Holmes-wrecker. The pouting Queen of Brash Shit

Pretty sure PINK is a colour of horus, via Crowley's colour magic.

Will keep pushing the N-Velope on Miss BooBoovier


Alex Robinson said...

Never thought about just how iconic Jackie's pink number was/is - how deeply embedded that is in our psyche. Pink went on to reach new heights as the colour of breast cancer. It is said to be very much associated with the heart - so interesting to see it worn by a priestess at Love Field.

"The internet will see more porn, sport, celebrities and Hollywood, and less in the way of blogs." - I have thrown in the towel with blogger because it has become demonic in 8ch tee em EL - this seemed to happen thro a combo of google chrome & blogger (google) upgrade.

YES there is pervertising in women's toilet - with a strong focus on the lady killer dressed in pink - can sir if sir can understand that.


aferrismoon said...

There's even pink for men , Pink Rugby shirts. The All PinX

Icon U con, Can u con Can sir?


Alex Robinson said...

Oh dear God, I just went & czecked & you weren't joking - oh the shame!

Used the ladies toilets in the mall today - was assaulted by the message that I need to check for 'lumps' - jammed a piece of toilet paper in the frame to cover the message - need to get some stickers printed up - need to come up with a slow-gun that hits the lump, I mean spot.

aferrismoon said...

in the male mall toilets in one centre there are different pics of women staring or laughing at the male member

Perhaps a new designation for that colour - AssAssination Pink

Today we have a Farmer's Market on the riverbank , quite small, and its only 100m away. I've managed to use the Malls but 2 or 3 times in the past 10 years.


Anonymous said...

That's a great quote/point about the Afghans wondering if all the soldiers are orphans. The concept that their parents have all been robotized, is probably not within the mental grasp of their life experience. Moving along that "front," a 55 year old man, on this 08-18-2010 day [i.e., 11] said that Google will be able to help us plan our lives, scratch that, make it tell us how to live our lives. Will the robots rebel when they are instructed to?

Atlantean Times said...


That picture you have of the world trade centre. Those tridents you see that supported the world trade centre are or were known as trees, i.e 3 struts that carry the mass of the external structure were transfered into one single column.

This is of course a metaphor for what happened. 3 towers destroyed or 3 struts or 3 supports or power structures destroyed and replaced by one single support or power structure or freedom tower as it will be known. 3 into one..the trinity..and in the matrix the trinity is saved by the NEO CON..who was born on 9/11..the new world order is a priesthood..poeple use the wrong meaning of the word Order..its refering to an order of priests or more accuratly Druids who worship trees...

my 2 cents..take care..x