Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Give 'em enough rope....

Once we had an empire......

Well, actually it probably had you [ over a gun-barrel]

At times people apparently defeated it and then imagined that they should have an empire so that their captivity would never happen again

Below , on the right with his back to the camera, stands Capt. J.F.C. Fuller, the man who wrote the 1st book on modern warfare ' The Foundations of the Science of War' [ free online] - well worth a read. Fuller invented the 'Blitzkrieg' though the British took little notice of its accuracy. The Germans did not fail to grasp its import. Fuller was an ardent admirer of Crowley and wrote a book called 'The Star in the West' he attended Hitler's 50th birthday celebrations.
From wiki :

'On 20 April 1939 Fuller was an honoured guest at Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday parade and watched as "for three hours a completely mechanised and motorised army roared past the F├╝hrer." Afterwards Hitler asked, "I hope you were pleased with your children?" Fuller replied, "Your Excellency, they have grown up so quickly that I no longer recognise them."[3]

Fuller was a vigorous, expressive and opinionated writer of military history and of controversial predictions of the future of war.'

This photo shows an Italian fascist teaching Israeli soldiers the 'art of war'

1963 - 83 Demoralization
1983 - 88 Destabilisation
1988 - 89 Crisis [ but we thought it was in the Communist countries only]
1989 - 2001? Normalization { Nov 9 1989 - Sept 11th 2001 }
2001 - 21

Empires generally change hands from within

Another Fuller , Richard Buckminster-Fuller wrote this in his book NO MORE 2nd HAND GOD. It seems to explain the concept of empire[s] changing quite accurately:

" and the simple principle of a slippable knot
may be tied into an end
of a manila fibre rope
into whose other end has been spliced
a cotton rope into whose other end in turn
has been spliced a nylon rope
and that slippable knot may be slip-forwarded
from the manila rope to the cotton rope
and thence to the nylon rope
without it in any way altering the knot's
synergetic integrity of total pattern behaviour"

He also devised this DYMAXION map that no-one ever sees, especially 'knot' in our so-called educational systems. I have only seen it for reading his books, never 'outside'.

Its worthwhile looking at the patterns of events using this map, political, natural, historical, even the location of the medias 6 most promoted stories every day over a week

Both Fuller's realised that the study of Ballistics does not just apply to shooting shells at a distant target but also that ballistics could work over time , to 'predict' events in the future and to create enough predictability in society [ akin to the open sea and wind when 2 ships are firing at each other] to allow an event to occur in the future [ e.g.: the Fall of the Berlin Wall & 'Communism' on 9/11/1989]. When unpredictable events occur 'they' will have at least accounted for that, the mediafied public tends to go into shock when 'their team' loses on penalties.
Though its not useful to have total predictability for the 'subjects'.Sometimes a low ranking team inexplicably beats FC Real Milan United.

Communism lasted 72 years [ November to November by the Gregorian calendar]

'There are 72 quinaries [ spaces of 5 degrees] in the Zodiac.
The Shemhamphorasch, or 'divided' names of GOD consists of 72 trilateral names, which by adding YH or AL give 72 angels '
From 'Sepher Sephiroth' of A. Crowley

72 is divisible by 2,3,4,6,8,9.

72hours = 3days and 3 nights , as Jesus spent in the tomb

The minimum structure = Tetrahedron, the sum of all its internal angles = 720 degrees

Take into consideration that 911 = RAShYTh , a Hebrew word meaning 'beginning'

1989 - 2001 = 12 years , the number of Zodiacal signs inthe astrological wheel

A final word from Bucky-Fuller:

'In the great quasi "democracies,"
so far as the general scheming of things is concerned
the individual no longer exists
Mass production anticipates
the individual's selective functioning'

Demoralization sends people to buy their way out of it which is where mass production comes in and thus predictability


Anonymous said...

Very useful post!

- Aangirfan

Alex Robinson said...

That of which you write could be called 'Crucifixion b(u)y Nations.'
72 hours was once translated into 3 days & 3 nights & a mini jaunt thro Religi-Land complete with Demoralization, Destabilisation, Crisis ... Lastly Normalization allowed for a religion that worshipped a hanging corpse - seems there's always bin plenty of rope for that sort of thing.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Aang.

Nice one Alex , the 3 days and nights in the tomb , awaiting resurrection

Shall add it

The symbology , via Hebrew letter-numbers, of the crucifixion ain't so bad. People often prefer to sell suffering so the rotting bloody corpse rakes in the demoralized