Thursday, February 12, 2009

S-Light of Hand

Thought I'd pop these 'lights' that moved in and out of focus in the last scene of last tweek's Lost. As they went in and out of focus they grew and shrank in size.


Jake Kotze said...


aferrismoon said...

It was a 'nice' scene, was going to not bother but I felt they'd put some good work into it, yet simple.
Following on from the various sun-lit heads and other aural ems


Ed said...

Interesting. It seems we were both lit up at the same time.

Devin said...

aferris-I am sorry if I sound completely stupid-I was ignorant as to where these images are from-but from reading comments think I undertand why you posted them-best to you as always!

Devin said...

Ok-now I know from previous comments in previous post-Lost-I will have to start watching again as it seems to be generating so much interest in the blogosphere-ATB!

skrambo said...

Wow! I can guess the emotional position of the characters just by looking at the lights.

Red+Green=Dominance, Yellow="I feel bad", Green+Blue="I thought you were my friend! Angry now" Red+Yellow="I guess we're not friends anymore, I am sad", Green+Yellow="You disgust me, I'm going away"

I have no idea what the scene is actually portraying but from the expressions on their faces and the coloring of the lights, I can kind of tell some sort of betrayal is going on. Either way, pretty lights... Let me know if I am completely wrong/mad

aferrismoon said...

Ed, yeah I should have included it. Thanks.
Devin - well I hope I don't advertise Lost, I certainly don't think its more important than what u do. I just have access to it.
Tommy -
It was a short scene , about 2 or 3 minutes.
Jack has teamed up with Ben [ he's on our side, kate]
Kate realizes Bens the bastard after the boy Aaron
Jack defends ben, Ben dimisses Jacks defence , blithely admitting his 'guilt'
jack does instant despondency
So all round betrayal, esp as Sun has the boy inthe back of her car, watching, and she wants to kill Ben.

The lights - red = back lights of car in distance, also Port light on a boat in the harbour
creamy-white - car headlights , some wall lights
Green - the starboard light
The blue - ?

A quiet scene, hear the cars in the background - dreamy but also emotional from the actors.


skrambo said...

Hmm, now I'm interested in what happens in the show... Thanks, cheers to you too

Unknown said...

I agree with tommy there, I feel like I can get a sense of what the character is feeling or thinking just by looking at the lights. The 'orbs' are also very clean, they look like paper cut-outs, not at all like when you look at small lights and cross your eyes - and sometimes see a smiley face in them :)