Friday, February 20, 2009



Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

Nice.. the etheric color-lights in the second and sixth pictures posted here are particularly octagonal. Evokes tone-color thoughts, particularly in the last three images of Red/Yellow/BlueGreen dots.

The Golden Dawn tone-color scheme assigns Red to C ~ Yellow to E ~ BlueGreen to G

CEG is a MAJOR TRIAD ~ Root Third and Fifth.

Unknown said...

Wow these fit the color-emotion theme even better than the last ones!

aferrismoon said...

Must report the lights are nonogonal

Quite liked the circle of 2 red 3 white
Also the Red White and blue lights when Sun has the gun pointing

Seen this in-out focussing on a few other progs but not quite so managed.
Nice minimilistic set design also.

The face + light = a feature and a 'short' episode scene spreads out to a 'long' blog picture-story.

Its easy to imagine a tune palyed acc. to the lights , different focus , differnt pitch


Alex Robinson said...

Great light spotting or should that be spot lighting!

Made me think of the 'dot dot dot' of morse code.

._ / _ / _...

Atareye said...

They switched the lens or is it a focus thing?

As the background blurs the sides blend. Traffic lights red yellow green means.. Go... A clip of that show would be interesting to watch. See if there's a connection to emotion as the frames progress.

Peace rabbi

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

You're right ~ The lights are nine sided... very perceptive of you!

Tunes played according to lights ~ or lights played at the command of an organist:

skrambo said...

Going green with her gun, eagle/tyrant style,giving her a physical upper-hand. If this is all the same scene, the little old lady is sure yellow (bull/slave), and Mr. Lion (red/king) displays intuitive strength and a little physical submission (more yella) due to the gun. Blue-green/student of tyrant.

Devin said...

Really fascinating aferris-I also enjoy so much reading the comments of people here-very etheric indeed-I would never have thought of it that way but extremely interesting viewpoint-I have been feeling quite ill the past few days and am way behind on work for my own blogs and those that I link to-hopefully I will get better soon-it always helps me so much to see creative work of people I link to -best to you as always!

aferrismoon said...

Devin - must agree , some great comments. Also perhaps a place for wordless posts.

Howm - like the Organist , Cosmic Organist playing the stars into the sky, and out again

Tommy - not all the same scene - Sun , Lady, Des at the traffic lights.
The Old Lady = some kinda of a guardian [ at present]

Wise - great idea
As Morse code has gone out of fashion perhaps it reinvents itself as coloured lights

AA - not a cameraman but guess its a focus thang


skrambo said...

I should really watch the show before applying theories, making "educated guesses" can be risky, but it's still interesting how the colors are popping up like that. If I watch it personally I can wear my alien-viewing sunglasses and chew some bubblegum. Wait, I'm all out of bubblegum...

aferrismoon said...

Still I feel the 'innocent' response sprouts forth stainless expression, which is why I didn't leave a commentary. It would have 'tainted' the shots


Atareye said...

Sorry for blabbering and not getting it Aferrismoon. Your right.