Saturday, February 14, 2009


Nigredo or not
Here I come
U can't hide


skrambo said...

we got "Ream'd"

I "am red"

Er... Dam. (sic)

M.A.D.-er (mutual assured destruction)

Da R.E.M.



Atareye said...

Dra(ft) me.

Devin said...

Love what tommmy said and AA-the timeline we are on now should start moving pretty fast-if anything that I have thought of in relation to reality is true-Time which I do not think exists-but paradoxically appears to us to -I think is winding itself up tighter and tighter-maybe in something that resembles a Fibonnaci sequence of a nautilus shell-also thinking of Tooth Marks The Apple post here-best as always to you aferris and all who comment here!

little dynamo said...

great encapsulation of the Obamanation AF. . . had to laugh despite it all

from wikipedia's entry on EA Crowley:

In the Hierophant section of the Book of Thoth, he interprets a verse from the Book of the Law that speaks of "the woman girt with a sword; she represents the Scarlet Woman in the hierarchy of the new Aeon.(...)This woman represents Venus as she now is in this new aeon; no longer the mere vehicle of her male counterpart, but armed and militant."

cheers, ray

aferrismoon said...

Seen the poster around too many times, it needed a make over.
Thanks for others
Fibonacci - things have got oddly numerical with the prime numbers , shall report swiftly
Got the Crowley link, It does seem much of what he has written , wisely, erroneously, manipulatively, synchronis and mystically, prepared psychic marketing campaign
The word for sword - zayin[ZYN67] also slang Hebrew for a penis