Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tongue Say MiaoW

On Christmas day this year EARTHA KITT passed on. She seemed to transcend her mix of cultures majestically. She entered my sphere on Sunday mornings many moons ago in the series BATMAN.
She played CATWOMAN.

Catwoman + Joker = Precious

I got this info from Ed at MERCURYSGARDEN. Eartha[RT] KITt was born in 1927, and if u peer to the previous post u will see a picture of Christ shadowed by the crosshairs of a window frame. This shot came from St.Michaels Chapel, a Karpathian chapel moved to Prague, piece by piece , in 1927. The same post [ DEC 23] and the one previous[DEC 20] leant heavily on the CATWOMAN poster featuring the 'other' BLACK Catwoman - Halle Berry.
I remember Ed posting that the family cat, Precious, had gone off [ just before the Nov 4th election]. My Mum is a cat-lover, has always had at least one, so I wasn't surprised that a cat should just up and leave, as sometimes they do. Pretty sure that I wouldn't happen across Precious , s/he took up no more of my mind.

On Dec 26 [ think out of the Box-ing day?] I got a comment from Ed. Precious had inexplicably returned on Dec 22 [ 11:11 Krazy Kat n'est ce pas?], as well as telling me that Eartha Kitt had passed on.

pic of Precious from Mercury's Garden post - CHRISTMAS MIRACLE [ miracle comes from the same etymology as SMILE [acc. to WWSKeats - Sanskrit SMI]

From my window then -
Dec 20 - post with Halle Berry a 'black' CATWOMAN + pic of Christ looking 'in through a window'
Dec 22 - Precious returns to Ed + Family after approx.7 weeks.
Dec 25 - Christmas Day. Eartha Kitt , famous for her 'black' Catwoman , passed on. Born in 1927 - same year as the chapel,where from came the Christ foto, got moved from Karpatia to Prague

Aside from the resonating synchro-memes like Eartha-rt , Kit-Kat, The Dark [K]night , K@ etc etc this eVent does give me a sense of conneXion [ however escapological] to whatever the hoopla got me/we writing this nonsense

Ciao Golum
Cheers Precious


Jake Kotze said...

The Spirit was released on Xmas. In it he has a special connection to the alley cats of Central City. They show up at key moments like Spirit guides to The Spirit.
No doubt there is a Cat/K@ theme bubbling around this time as picked up by your post.
Great stuff


Ed said...

The first night she went missing was election night. We put her pic up at the POST office, a woman lived 2.5 miles out of town saw it and realized she had our cat, she had been living with her for two weeks. I wonder what adventures precious went through for the other 5 weeks?

Newspaceman said...

I was digging Katz myself, on the 15th.


aferrismoon said...

Cheers Jake - also noticed that Kats surfaced while the Dogs barqued.

Thanks Ed, where cats go , perhaps they know the odd portal or two

Cheers News, great to see Kes .

Michael said...

Saw Eartha perform about ten years ago at Jazz Alley, synching with cool alley cats. She was an original, and here warmth just bubbled out to the audience. She was BLACK LISTED back in the day for saying something negative about the Vietnam war while AT the White House. Gutsy.

Cheers, Michael

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

Definitely a cat theme coming up - still feeling the effects of cat scratch fever developed about 3 weeks ago when my cat, Mystery, clawed at me while we were watching a movie on the couch.

(CA)t - CaliforniA - the american polar counterpart to NYC (WTC).

C/A are the relative Major and Minor Keys in the diatonic (Natural. No sharps or flats) mode. The musical umbrella term for sharps and flats is "accidentals".

CA partakes in no accidentals. The t is a unifying principle between C Major (Male) and A Minor (Feminine). They cross-pollinate.

aferrismoon said...

Hi Michael - Yeah she made LadyBird Johnson cry. Just checking the dictionary and CAT = Catamaran.
Cheers Ezra - do u remember the movie?
Also give us a link so I can get some basics on Musical language.
Did notice that prominent moggie on your page
Thinking of New York and Cali. makes me think of the Freedom Tower [ coming soon] and the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco [ It used to be owned by Occidental Insurance]
transamerican Tuning forx

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...


The musical symbolism I'm referring to boils down to this:

Tones and frequencies are plugged into a system of Western tonality called Notes. Easy to remember because "Tones" and "Notes" are anagrams. There are twelve notes in the musical language, while there is an infinite spectrum of tones. Tones are what you hear, notes are what you see written down on paper.

The twelve notes can be written in various ways (enharmonic spelling) but they refer to the same thing. These twelve notes are:

Flats: A-Bb-B-C-Db-D-Eb-E-F-Gb-G-Ab


Sharps: A-A#=B-C-C#-D-D#-E-F-F#-G-G#

Notes may be articulated in flats or sharps. These are "enharmonic" spellings. They sound identical but look different on paper.

After you cycle through the twelve notes in the example above, you arrive at the "A note" again. However, you are now one OCTAVE higher than before. The two A notes are separated by the INTERVAL of an OCTAVE. They sound essentially the same, but one is at a higher frequency.

We use the word octave because there are seven notes in a SCALE. The eighth notes signals the return to the first. The eight resolving back to one is a hermetic principle which just happens to apply to music...

A musical scale is a succession of notes. There are certain scales which occur more commonly in western music than others. The two most common scales are the major and the minor modes. It is a common expression that "Major sounds happy and Minor sounds sad". Alternatively, I choose to view Major as Solar/Masculine and Minor as Lunar/Feminine.

Here's where it gets interesting. Every major or minor scale is unique based on how many sharps or flats it has. For example, the key of G Major has one sharp note (F#). Therefore the notes look like this:


F Major has one flat (Bb):


C major has no sharps or flats:


Every Major scale has a Relative Minor which shares the same number of sharps and flats. In the case of C major, the relative minor is A Minor:


Keep in mind, these letters represent musical tones (pitches).

So what I was trying to illustrate in the previous post is that (CA)t contains the relative major and minor keys which have no sharps or flats. They have no "accidentals".

If this is all gibberish, then you might want to check out this fantastic site which very clearly lays out the foundations of western notation and music theory:

Thanks for passing through the HOWM blog, by the way. It's always nice to have visitors who leave comments.


Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

One more thing.. I just remembered that a HOWMusick post popped up a few weeks back about NYC and L.A. Further elaboration on the USA polarities and potential unification through musical symbolism.

waka waka waka

Michael said...

And what about doe a deer, a female deer? Seems like Julie was on to this way back in the day. :-) I'm not sure, but I think marches are written in major scales? That's Martial, Martian music! Great comment, BTW, thanks.

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

In the past I've taken the first solfeggio tone (DO re mi fa so la ti) to resonate with D'OH!

Consult book one of HOWMusick archives for details on the musoccult themes present throughout simpson episodes.

Doe a deer a female deer. Ray a drop of golden sun. Mi a name I call myself. Fa a long long way to run. So a needle pulling thread. La a note to follow so. Ti a drink with jam and bread, and that brings us back to D'oh D'oh D'oh D'oh.

Reminds me of "The Song that Never Ends" from Lambchops play along... The theme of infinitely recursive children's songs made an appearance in the Principia Discordia as "Infinity bottles of beer on the wall". :)

aferrismoon said...

Doe Adhere ?

Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

Doe adhere... Don't Ad Here? John Doe, John Dee(r). Both anonymous men...

While we're on the topic, it bears mentioning that the rhyme goes "So, a needle pulling thread". However, the real word is SOL (fifth note of the scale is the "dominant" note. Sol is the fifth note. Thus the sun/sol is the dominant force in the scale). Just one more permutation of the solar religion embedded in the western musical tradition.

D7 said...

My last blog post it was also about cats:

Actress Anna Faris - resonating cats, i conected her to Bast or Bastet who was the egyptian cat goddess. Also Ferris London Eye wheel and the known conenction of cats to Crowley/Isis.

great work...a Ferris moon :)

A Few Shots to Shaman said...
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little dynamo said...

how-do(e) AF and HOWM

bin trying to followup yore earth-a kit-con/cat/e/nation work but the ole meatwagon aint cooperatin lately

"It is a common expression that "Major sounds happy and Minor sounds sad"."

rite oh and the best musicians (which i aint) understand that each note and chord have specific, tho slightly variable, emotiospiritual aspects . . . ear plug-ins

and yeah the do-a-dear etc contains much more than the seeming

j.r.r. expressed the primocreative (and ongoing) principles of music well in his "music of the Ainur" rap (from the Silmarillion mithinks)

all the sons shouted for joy they did ley

cheers peers


Devin said...

Cheers and ahoj! aferris enjoyed this -am so glad Ed got his cat back-do not know what Id do without mine! It probably means nothing as I am doing a lot of research into reincarnation-but I seem to be seeing a lot of Sanskrit references -words and other things in places you normally would not expect them-best to you as always!

Devin said...

HAHAHA :-) just noticed the -she made lady bird cry great stuff :-)

skrambo said...

My sister's cat throws up worms... Poor kitty, on the way to the vet soon

I am somewhat of a "black cat"... today at least, since I'm clad in all-black and was born under the sign of Leo. A girl I've been talking to is actually black AND a Leo. In her new myspace pic she has red hair, dyed of course. Cool, huh? Together we make a K2.

Nice post and comments, I have to check out the HOWMusic(k) blog sometime, being a musician and all

aferrismoon said...

DE7 - cheers , this links into thoughts I was having on AF or APh, which = the sun as Khepra nudges it into sight.

Thanks Ray, though I feel the musicality of your posts, at times a machine gun opera, though rarely missing the target

hi DeVin - aha yes , well a lot of english arises from Sanskrit and
Sanskrit Kats Scratch Katscript into Sandstone Cliffs.

Ciao Tommy - I have natural redhair.
So Black Cat can become BlaK@ or Blak2

Vive la Grrr

Devin said...

Sanskrit cats scratch sandstone cliffs-wonderful aferris! as we are getting very close to 09 i wanted to take this time to wish you and everyone that comments here a very beautiful new year!

Michael Skaggs said...


I have a stray black cat the just came to eat on the back porch in this intense below zero was hanging out with the turkeys that were also back there in the yard eating...why oh why are black cats the least adopted color?

Silly superstitious humans!

Cheers mate!

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Michael
Some say no true black cats exist due to the superstitious way people dealt with them - death.
Maybe Urbis Mythos.