Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jane's Top That Crazy Thing

Simpsonica delivers a double-double-double-K and playfully reminds us of K-K-K-Kittens, those gals who love the ogle. Bart has bought them all a 15-month calendar which they all synchronously decide to take back , post Chrimbo, for the Unwanted Present Refund - though this now has been banned as a low-level form of economic terrorism. These small offences against capitalism, allowed for so long ,deal a detrimental blow to the pittance offered to the 'workers' on our stuck-markets.
Whatever - 8 Ks garnering the octal with the eleveno.
The Simpsonii = well and truly KKOed

In the same episode the USS UNSINKABLE - this leads into 'unsynchs', where one synchronously gets everything arse about tit, wholly inaccurate, yet still manages to synch it.

One such publication is JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY , or inthis case the Oct/Nov issue of Jane's HOMELAND SECURITY REVIEW coupled with Indias Min. of DEFENCE
The issue below is not the issue I'm on about. The Homeland Review issue has a , in big type on the cover - FORTRESS INDIA. Inside we get a detailed article on India's OM-land Security. Please allow me to quote the snippet on page 18 : -
" A 4000 km fence along the Bangladeshi border is being constructed at a cost of over USD1 billion in a move to improve the porosity of this border
India's extensive land borders means insurgents have little need to penetrate India's coastal or port security. [ I hear Nelson laughing]. Instead the focus here is more on securing these facilities against possible attack, rather than infiltration......."

Well they didn't really deal with attacks on ports very well, and building a fence on the other side of the country proved somewhat ironic.
Further reading in Jane's also show that the majority of insurgent attacks [ or as Jane's says 'events'] come from Maoists.

This seems to qualify as an 'unsynch'.

Returning to Simpsons various eVents meld together though I'll stick with the ITCHY and SCRATCHY part. This deals out an Orange OCTOPUS, which vrooks us to the WATCHMEN, as the main nub of the story = a giant octopiliar psychic beast flopping onto NY/OZ setting all the human hearts in tune together, all wars and debts forgotten. This Octopus comes from Itchy Oppenheimer atom-bombing in flagrante delictio.

Oppositely coloured , in blue, the genie pops out , in Homer's dream, to remould America according to Islamis decorative wants. The Blue Giants have been sneaking around en la blagosphere. Archangel Gabriel sports Orange and Blue.

As Obama came from Hawaii I can't help think of Garland, and have , witlessly, amalgamated Her Over-the-Rainbowness with Mr Atomic.


My initial impetus for posting this = Atomic Explosions - a subject that I have disinvestigated for almost 2 Moons now. Lo! and Behold, Itchy and Scratchy Itchy and Scratchy detonate a Trinity of bombs, while travelling through time and carrying out gratuitous cruelty - hooray

Here's the one near ENEWATOK, nearabout where they offed MOBY DICK with a harporn

And then the retina burner , bound to be Alamogordo

The vicious , snide, complotting devious fucking mouse gets The K@ to boogle back in time where it had already taken itself with Einsteins brain etc., to actually do some good for humanity. Think how many we can kill with a giant bomb, and then after we can mourn, and make rap records and special fashions and vitamin-enriching make-up + the whole shebang of strange and awful superheroes that you'll have to ask for a loan to start a small business when everything turns back to normal, as it will, according to a soft BBC voice, tempered with empathy.

Below , how synchers will be doing it in the future. Make mine a ripple!
" Aww , fuck it, I'm going to draw comics with falling towers in from 1945 onwards"

Experimenting with Time Travel has its alter-effects, such as messing with DNA strands. Human DNA is still incredibly close to the banana aswell as the far closer insects and , well, rabbits

In fact the nuclei of Chromosomes look incredibly like 'rabbit swimming-pools'. These water-borne precursors to the meld of mind and body, at a phys-realm level, breed almost as fast as the furry bunny variety we find wandering into lamppsots, high in Myxamytosis. The little DNA bunnies divide and rule [ many but not all] until there's enough to control the average Alician Class Human. Below we find 2 Prime examples - BoBo and Bushy [ Chromosome stolen from A FEW SHOTS TO THE SHAMAN, at nunpoint]

" Nyehhh, What's up Doc?"
" Don't fuck around G, I'm trying to be President"

Fiddling with time and space we may also splice Bunny girls with Spider women [ photos of MO and Black Widow from a comment at DA BLACK WHOLE - PBR STREETGANG COME IN, OVER - by Stephen Morgan].
Note the Black Widow / Hourglass design synching with the Black non-widow and her houriglass figure.

Thus we may consider 'INTO THE RABBITHOLE ' as the DNA chain[ telephone cord. Alice in Wonderland - a necessary journey into the source of our being, which is NOT DNA, though the GENEies love it, as they can abrogate all responsibilty for their actions, their needs, to their genetic MAKEUP [ which means 'invention' anyhow]. Genes, DNA [ Eden probably] do not rule humans, unless we abdicate sellf-rule to the time-obsessed white rabbit, who is ALWAYS late, unlike humans who = ONTIME. Anther DNA oddity - 4 Amino Acids = ACGT = Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus. More animals named by AdamUs

" Who put Guanine in my Tea?"
" God?"


Devin said...

Aferris-will have to come back to this one also-I am still not done with reading the previous-after 7 or 8 visits! Really like the directons you are heading in. Best to you!-Devin or Dekujume :-)sorry still haven't learned thanks is CZ-my health is starting to falter a bit and getting behind on stuff.

Devin said...

aferris-a lot of my thinking lately has been towards what does our human 3D reality look like from a higher spatial dimension or a timeless one-maybe the 'bomb' as perhaps like CERN is opening intended or unintended doorways-although CERN not yet-it just seems that all of these ancient archetypes are still with us-I am probably less educated than the bloggers i link to-and tonight when researching the Eleuisinian mysteries I came across two words I had never seen before-telestrion and anaktoron-it is getting late here in the us but I am trying still to develop some thinking that maybe will help or that the synchro people I link to can work with-best to you! Dekujume

Some Guy said...

Some nice wacky finds in here.

DNA strands, spiders and octopi. We also synced on the syncing ship.

Saw a cartoon a while back where a Blue Octopus was running around with his pet penis (a "hot dog" dog tiny little legs). Have been meaning to find/do something with that...

aferrismoon said...

Certainly feel that we get distracted from seeing more of reality, e.g seeing aura , or electro-magnetic connexion twixt people.
Then many have connexions via the net , that bely the lack of physicality of humans , soem feel closer than to people in their physical environment.
Mixing all th images and talking vague nonsense actually gives me some deeper ideas/connexions

cheers for your comments, be well


aferrismoon said...

Cheers Celt.
At the moment I'm teaching an intensive English course in some hotel in a small village , so haven't grokked in full on your newborn.


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

" Aww , fuck it, I'm going to draw comics with falling towers in from 1945 onwards" = Classic

Alex Robinson said...

Can't help thinking that an atomic explosion is 'nothing' without an audience. Noticed how the prickly duo watch from afar - almost a sense of needing the explosion to 'be seen' - if it isn't viewed, did it really happen?

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Shaman .

WW - plenty of people 'see' things though prove able to ignore their existence.
I tend to imagine humans as dynamic . We require interaction , it seems. If there are those who wish to watch then the event has an audience.
I prefer to keep on , I know events happen , nevertheless = transient.
Not 'seeing' means there's still a world of unknown awaiting exploration. Everything happens all at once though we slice it into digestable events [ that depend on our ability to assimilate the 'foodstuffs' that we apprehend from any given event.


Ed said...

There are comics with pictures of falling towers in them? ;)

Atareye said...

Great Goddamn post! Funny, contextual, and thought provoKKing. Reading the first time was easy! Time for round two, for good measure.

Thanks Iron Ferrous moon

Michael Skaggs said...


Found this eXtremely fun! Always love when you pull the Simpsons new episodes in.

Thanks for the weave my friend!


Devin said...

aferris-I have to keep on coming back to these posts-really like this direction you are going-I appreciate the subtlety of all you synchro-folks thoughts-I know you have covered this-but it still keeps running through my mind about spliced/intermingled timelines. The bomb exploding during Truman's admin-303 elect votes=33 also truman 33 degree mason? and 33rd prez-the original test site-Trinity
The Truman Show in 98-now a psychological disorder where people feel they are living in a televised/internal unreality-the land of the rising sun brining their 'sun' to us-years later we deliver our 'sun' to them.
Best to you as always!

Newspaceman said...

The rabbits that avoid(ed) them horrible recuurently-ongoing mixi, were the ones who lived outside a warren (mixi being spread by a flea).

Hence the bramble living rabbit (the odd one) survived.


aferrismoon said...

Thanks News - doubtless Mixi came courtesy of the Warren Commission
Devin - the 303 keeps eluding posts at the moment [ an often occurence

All Hail Hail All

Newspaceman said...

Cheers aferrismoon, you sussed correctly I think - I had a couple too many when posting my last comment - hence numerous errors.

My birthday though.


Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...
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Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

The 8k tickles my funny bone - recently came across something similiar during musickal detective work at the HOWMusick blog - a scene in Daredevil(2003) when the letters are written in gasoline set afire, reflected in a man's glasses. So there is DD(44) in each eyeglass (4444). 44+44 is 88 (full piano staff).

8k is 8(2) which may be 16 (4x4) or 8 twice as 88. Either way...

Been following your blog for a while - you're a pro.

BRANDONIAN 'the talking head said...

Nice post
Especially enjoyed the dress on Michelle Synch, I knew there was something wrong with what the family was wearing on that night....

Now if I could only figure out why Georgie Boy likes to wear a blue tie all the time...