Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Caprice - a kid nibbling horn
Goats and Xrist - Mass-X Day coming at the onset of the astro-sign CAPRICORN [ as generally accepted in the mainstream]. Oddly Jesus was just a kid when HeROd and his band of kid-killers went on the rampage [ Classic device - if the future or present seems unpalatable - destroy innocent lives]
Below an Ikon from St Michaels , a karpathian Chapel in Prague, in Zahrada KinsKeho [ Kinsky's Gardens]. It appears as if IX [ Iesous Xristos, doing it Greek-style gives IX = 9 = YSVD, Yesod , 9th Sephira - Foundation] looks in through from the Owtside, the Messiah has its sights on something - Xristos Assassinatus

This pic got a comment from AcciDENTAL ALchemist - Jesus Pineal Christ - alluding to the Cross-Hairs perpetrating a headshot. This merged into a story of a Chinese boy shot in the eye by an ARROW, surviving, and all pineal juice , spilling, out.

Stealing through the night captured a CATWOMAN poster from PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA. Decided to slice-fit the Cat following the window-corners and got left with words in reVerse -
A La Top - REB EL . This can = the simple REBEL, but like this gets me makin' Reb El , as in Rabbi El [ I think the Judaeos call their priests REB]
The I in the Eye gives the sentence AM I OWT, considering her window position, which way = IN , which way = OWT , a 2in1 question

Way below we have the date 8.6.04 - so throw away the zeRO as it ain't really there.
864 = AShTh ZNVNYM - Woman of Whores/Prostitutes
= ShMSh V YRCh - Sun and Moon

Nevertheless her position reminds me of the STAR card. Carlo Suares [ either him or contributers to the psyche.com site edicated to his work] doesn't always see eye to eye with A.Crpwley . AC via AIWAS claimed that ' Tzaddi is not the Star' in the Tarot. The Hebrew letter Tzaddi [ shaped like the woman on his Star card] corresponds to the Star, though Crowlers changed it to correspond with the Emperror. Suaresor associates] claim that Tzaddi is not the Star , neither the Emperor, but the WOMAN on the Star card. This WOMAN seems to act as a mediator between the Heavens and the Earth.

The Galactic 'eye' pattern I found on goRO Adachi's front page a few clicks after finding the Catwoman poster on Pseudoccult's.

Lately I read the BLOBs latest SCARLET DRAGON 2: ALYSON HANNIGAN BOOGALOO. Thus the snapshot. I went for the 345.
345 = MShH , Moses
= ALHYM AChRYM - Di Alieni. Crowley gave the last definition, and never quite trusting AC I checked out the word AChR which indeed = 'other' , so it seems to mean The Gods of Others, or the Others Gods, or summit other again. Remember ALIEN comes from Latin meaning 'other' , which leads me to LOST where the OTHERS played out their game. Had the Lostees spoke Latin they may have called them Alieni.

Chemtrail Moon , from jus' b4 the last fullone

In the comments to my post BARAK@MVN - CELTIC REBEL felt slightly worried that no-one had noticed the resemblance of a character in a SIMPSONS episode to Jack L. PARSONS. A bit of research proves the Reb's eye is in like Flynn.

One poster came out while searching , a book by GE-OR-GE PENDLE called STRANGE ANGEL. With Mumbai flickering , lots of souls forcibly persuaded out of their bodies, the little deathail of the steps to an Indian Temple, with a multi-armed guardian took my 'tention. I homed in an got met by the 4 letters EORG which have decided to appear comparatively regularly.

First found it accidentally while cropping a Nobama poster , pr-OGRE-ess. Then saw the RO , which had come up at Le BLOB on the side of a tent, as the tail code for ENOLA GAY. EG from the plane RO from the tail - EG-RO.
The I saw that GEORGE reversed = EG [ Enola Gay] RO [ Anglicised spelling of Hebree R a'a that = the 'evil' part of the Tree of the Kno'dge of G and E. George some say = Saturn but I prefer Djordje [ Tibetan lightning-Bolt] and take out an E gives GORGE , a large crack in the Earth

The post IESUS-XRIST-PINEAL [aka NUNSKULL] enticed a comment from EUGENE at FSHOD - it made him think of the operation on baby SAMUEL ESQUIBEL, a new-born who had a brain tumour that contained the foot, thigh and hand of an other. This , not uncommon eVent, remonded me of TOTAL RECALL. Total Recall I assume may be one of those things that will power our evOlution. to remember at least all of our present human life. Notice how society distracts one , or in some cases forcibly alters ones 'memory' for selfishness.
Sometimes it proves easier to deal with these 'memories' in the previous post's WAKE-style, due to the Rational Massiveness Impossibilty Law, which states u can be as 'scientific, ordered and as rational' as u will but no-one will ever 'read it all', take it in.
The headwound , Xristos AL-PINE, which locks in mountains with Pine tree and Pineal glands and attaining clarity [ at the top of a mountain]


On 13th. September 1848, an accidental explosion of a charge he had set blew his tamping iron through his head.

'Free Soil Union' report of Phineas Gage's accident -
The tamping iron was 3 feet 7 inches long and weighed 13 1/2 pounds. It was 1 1/4 inches in diameter at one end (not circumference as in the newspaper report) and tapered over a distance of about 1-foot to a diameter of 1/4 inch at the other. The tamping iron went in point first under his left cheek bone and completely out through the top of his head, landing about 25 to 30 yards behind him. Phineas was knocked over but may not have lost consciousness even though most of the front part of the left side of his brain was destroyed. Dr. John Martyn Harlow, the young physician of Cavendish, treated him with such success that he returned home to Lebanon, New Hampshire 10 weeks later.

Some months after the accident, probably in about the middle of 1849, Phineas felt strong enough to resume work. But because his personality had changed so much, the contractors who had employed him would not give him his place again. Before the accident he had been their most capable and efficient foreman, one with a well-balanced mind, and who was looked on as a shrewd smart business man. He was now fitful, irreverent, and grossly profane, showing little deference for his fellows. He was also impatient and obstinate, yet capricious and vacillating, unable to settle on any of the plans he devised for future action. His friends said he was "No longer Gage."

From NUMBERS and AGREEMENTS - A FANDABADOPUS by Andrew X.Hennessey -
The ‘paradox of mechanical reason’ comes from the idea that reasoning on the computational model is the manipulation of meaningful symbols according to rational rules in an integrated system. Hence there must be some sort of manipulator to carry out these manipulations. There seem to be two basic possibilities: either the manipulator pays attention to what the symbols and rules mean or it doesn’t. If it does pay attention to the meanings, then it can’t be entirely mechanical – because meanings (whatever exactly they are) don’t exert physical forces. On the other hand, if the manipulator does not pay attention to the meanings, then the manipulations can’t be instances of reasoning – because what’s reasonable or not depends crucially on what the symbols mean. In a word, if a process or system is mechanical, it can’t reason; if it reasons, it can’t be mechanical. That’s the paradox of mechanical reason.’
Haugeland J, ‘Artificial Intelligence – the very idea.’ Pub. 1987, Bradford, MIT, London, ISBN 0-262-08153-9 (page 39).


[AVOS] is an application of the Tripartite Essentialism that can take machine intelligence into very advanced areas of human semantics, consciousness and behaviourism.
Tripartite Essentialism, herein defined as [T], is based on physical laws and known mathematical truth. It subtracts arbitrary assumptions and constructs from 20th century scientific observations and as a result, can produce a body of reasoning that can utilise the same basic physical and mathematical truths inherent in the biology of consciousness, the atom in the microcosm, and the Android in the macrocosm.

Picsteal from dirty.ru


Eugene said...


Nice piece, thanks for the nod.

The twin angle and one being the overcomerer of the other was big in my mind on the fetus in fetu, ie cain/able, ephraim/mannesseh, jacob/esau, jesus/judas (thanks Carlo!).

I too am intrigued by Carlo vs. Crpley, in regards to associations with the 'flame letters', etc etc.

Todays news that interested me...

Cartoon in DC (must be some Chevrolets, ie "An American Revolution")

66 inch water main, ie 1/3 fell vs 2/3 rds remain = .333 vs .666

Congressional Country Club, too bad theyre not all there to Shataf

Sheen-Tayt-Peh = 389 or 1109

389 as judge, judgment

1109 (911), with one less = covenant, arrangment, betrothed; with one more = chiefs, princes, dragons (restricted? thoughts on the restriction)

Bethesda and sheep = spot on also noted as "recovery of Jerusalem", an apropo...

Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

Yeah ... its not working! down here in Maryland on River Road. No wisdom in the house.


Devin said...

Absolutely fascinating aferris! I love this line of thinking. I guess it is just my yank stupidity but I was surprised there was a carpathian chapel in Prague-pronounced Pra-Ha? Best to you as always!

Alex Robinson said...

Ta muchly for the guided walk through your 'capricious' mind - the horn nibbler synched in with some late night research - the etymology for 'corner' - the thing one can get 'bucked' into = "c.1280, from O.Fr. corniere, from corne "horn, corner," from V.L. *corna, from L. cornua, pl. of cornu "projecting point, end, horn"


Phineas Gage is a very sad tale, a blessing though for us to have reason & emotion wedded as they should be.


aferrismoon said...

ThanX Eugene.
Perhaps they should have 'shataf' the water mains in DC.
The 1109 I see a lot on times of posts and comments as well as my digi clock. Got on the tram 20 or so minutes ago at 11.09
Also interesting [ via Carlo] = Abraham/Sarah , Yitzaaq/ Rivqah , Yaqub/ Rachel , Israel.
3 carry the QVPh.
I was born in Bangor , North Wales, and Bethesda is a town very nearby. For whatever reason Wales has many towns named after those in the HolyLand
Thanx for links

Hi Devin
The chapel was moved to Praha in 1927, not sure why. Its been recently reopened
Praha may be related to a word meaning 'threshold'.

Cheers Wise, in fact its the same in Czech = Roh [ for both]
Also the idea of ears of corn as currency, or cornency. Cornering the Market = buying all the Corn.
Cornering the Mark - giving the customer no choice
As for Phineas - Totally transformed, wonder what went on his thoughts. Did he think, still have consciousness , yet unable to express it.

Cheers All

little dynamo said...

the carpathians are infamous for vlad/vampirism (& exorcism of same)

prOGREess - fem OGRE ('ess')with Pub(l)ic Relations (PRopaganda) preceding to "lead the way"

Gage's "accident" in 1848-- when he took a tamp(ing ir)on through the head (disabling and altering american maleness) coincides with the true american revolution (july 1848), when masonic/old money u.s. families bankrolled and organized the Seneca Falls Convention, at which 2 v "connected" women, E.C. Stanton and LUCretia Mott, occupied Wesleyan Chapel (West Law Chap El), and according to wiki, "replaced 'King George' with 'all women' as the agent of women's oppressed condition"

. . . and the Homeland of the Goddess was formally inaugurated


little dynamo said...

correction in forgoing comment: 'all women' in the wiki summary read 'all men'

on 2nd thot . . . the "mistake" is the reality



Ed said...

On Monday, our pet black cat who had been missing since election night was returned to us.


On Tuesday, you made this post with a depiction of Catwoman

On Christmas day, the black actress Earth Kitt who played Catwoman on the Batman television series in the sixties, died.


Black Cats, whose appearance indicates the matrix is on the fritz, are appearing everywhere.

aferrismoon said...

Ray - thanks for insight , will check the 1848 scene , and the Temperance 2. Suffragetty. Also the Rich but Good women league, who only wanted to help, which is why their husbands need to be so fantastically rich.

Ed - Thats wonderful . Cheers for the Eartha Kitt - I watched that batman series every Sunday.
Thanxs for a very tangible, furry synch. Anychance of posting a photo of the Wanderer.
Tung Say Miao

Atareye said...

Eye Dig the Simpzoz syncs!...

"Sometimes it proves easier to deal with these 'memories' in the previous post's WAKE-style, due to the Rational Massiveness Impossibilty Law, which states u can be as 'scientific, ordered and as rational' as u will but no-one will ever 'read it all', take it in."

^Golden word^...

I guess you could say that all of 'this'(information) is a mechanism. I refer to Synchromysticism(a sub genre of synchronicity) as a template or a jig. Its like the set of decoder glasses you used to get in cereal.

Nice one Magneto Moon

Tanks 4 the props ;)

Jon F DK idder

Reread indeed

Some Guy said...

I just looked at the wikia page for that Dangerous Curves episode aired on 11/09 of this year, and featured the references of Cap'n Crunch, County Chocula and Chubby Checker. Damn, now I gotta watch this one...

Strange things are indeed afoot at the Circle K....

aferrismoon said...

Aha AA - maybe the Sunglasses = Decoder glasses.
Also great cereal synch with Celt's comment.
Thanks for the Pineal comments - a bit like an NRG thang that allows one to write 2 or 3 posts out of one small comment - 1 NRG in - 5 NRG out , or sumsing

Celt - thanks for the Paarsons link and the 11/9 . Its a fine episode , constructed well, with the Flashbacks.

Circle in Greek = Kuklos = Kuklos K


Ed said...

Yes, you may use my kitty pic. :)

aferrismoon said...

Just writing it now , haha