Monday, November 3, 2008



NWO Dial-on = OXP


Jake Kotze said...


Original Gangster Re

Black Star

aferrismoon said...

cogito ERGO sum

Ed said...

I know this isn't going to make much sense, but it made me think of Shrek.

Alex Robinson said...

Had a wee play with the words - "In these signs conquer" "Barack" "Ogre" & "Scarab" on an anagram site & got:

Osiris Rehang Greenback Conquest
Osiris Bragger Thank Consequence
Osiris Congregants Banker Cheque
Osiris Greenback Orangest Quench

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Ed, maybe Shrek's McCain.
Thanks Wise ,a nd cheers for the XP link
Osiris seems to turn up everywhere.

Michael Skaggs said...


OGRE looked like GORE to me, and the XP wheel had me flashing back to "Journey: Wheel In The Sky"

Cheers bro!

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Mike, I didn't catch the GORE, anyhow hope it doesn't go bloody.
It was Wise Woman's XP for ChR[istos] that resonated.
For me the Beetle seemed like a pre-Christ, the new dawn, where Christ may be the blazing mid-day sun.
Maybe I'll look into the various stages of the Sun's JOURNEY considering the Solar cults here, there and everywhere

bongo said...

Hey man!
BarackSkcarab really synchs with this post I made about the Volkswagen Beetle Stargate:

On page 2 you'll find how Obama fits into it all.
/Namaste raybeam