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The first Twins appears with apprehension of Universe . Universe-Finite = Non-simultaneous, thus we apprehend what we do yet naught-all. We, in time, apprehendeth not timelessness. Universe-defined enables us to create 'god' to deal with the whole, a part of ourselves we cannot know, for at once we unify[ one-ly] all knowledge dissolves.
In Tarot comes World/Universe card which has the Female carrying 2 batons. Duality = Enclosing

1 = 1 and knows only 0. The Twin I never knew. Jane Dick, twin sister of PKDick died on Jan 26th , Aus-tralia Day.1929.That date in 1966 saw the election of Harold Holt as P.M. of Australia, who 'disappeared , while swimming, on Dec 17 , 1967. Jan 26th 1966 , too, reminds us of 3 children disappearing -Jane Nartare, Arnna Kathleen and Grant Ellis BeauMont, 2 Sisters and a Brother , disappearing from a beach near Adelaide

Possibility at an existential level opens the mind [ re-minds] to possibility as the KEY to inVo-eVolution, allowing one awareness of Cosmic Aleph in its immense struggle against Cosmic Tav - resistance , impacting against it with the whole motive force of the cosmos, its eXistence, its ARKhetypes.[ Alef, Tav etc = ideas that may remind u of things that happen for u though using different terminology]

In the B - ginning the writers of Torah recognised that all apprehension came second to the initial eVent { the smallest increment of time for general purposes we call the 'second'] , and thus we = divided , albeit for love's sake and the chants of Union. They called this apprehension in Torah >>> B- second letter- thus begins the word-formula BRAShYTh. This translates into the Hebrew [ and from then on into other languages] as>>>"In - the beginning" = B-RAShYTh = 2 + 911 = 913. The translation 'in the beginning' = unthinkable thought, so leaving the paranoidalysed mind only a vague conneXion between it and the equally slippery 'god' set up as creator of heaven [?] and earth [!?!]
This = the 1st [traumatic if u like] split from the ineffable non-spontaneous unapprehended Universe -'the indefinable quality of FINITE UNIVERSE-INSCRUTABILITY is exactly accountable as TWO'
Universe = Finite ..............
B-irth provides us with the main example of Unifying-Twinning. The Egg, traipsing happily along meets the agitated visitor El Spermolino whose whole raison d'etre = penetration

This penetration develops egg+sperm into something quite other . This otherling develops and soon gets quite used to its Womb. As soon as it does perversely change rears its timely head , waters break[M] and out pops the baby, which represents the sperm-egg toxicity leVel reaching fatal proportions. The babe and birther [mama] work together, requiring the baby's head to make an opening into the 'outside' world.
In Hebrew the word Zayin [ ZYN-67] - a weapon, sword, and a slang term for penis. The penis penetrates, its little weapon sperm penetrates and finally the baby penetrates the 'outside' world. Thus we have twinned inward-outward penetration leading to possibility. The penis opens allowing the sperm to share creation, the baby pushing out into the womb of world. It's [Zayin] card by TaroT = The Twins [ corresponding with astro-symb - Gemini/ThAVMYM497]
I imagine the babe's action on its mother's Opening as akin to opening an Eye, reiterated when the babe finally opens its eyes and then the major penetration - LIGHT[AVR-207], twinning with the injection of sperm [ZRO-7+200+70] some time earlier, also light flooding into the child's crown activating melatonin and other timely secretions
In Shebrew O = OYN translated = Eye, number = 70, eXistential idea of Z, weapon, archetype of penetration/possibility.

The ps-eye-che sheds response-ability

Essentially a sense of instability overcomes the separated twins and after a brief coming together new possibilities range forth, a child izzz born, and we have the solution to the back&4th flicker duality schizo-mix of Twin-o-phrenia - Trinity
[ Carlo Suares : The Abraham Cycle]
Western Archetypal Triplicity of Twinning , carrying A from A-BRHM [ from a Brahman] to YShR-AL.
This formula deals with Singles[Israel], Pairs,[The wedded couplings] a Trinity [ 3sets of pairs] and Se7en [ the total of all the formulas]. Remember 7 = Z = Archetypal possibility/weapon - as in the weapon that 'attacks' one when new possibilities rear their head , possibilities that will tend to 'awakening from comfo-slumber' , possibly persuading the one attacked to formulate this weapon in the matter-ial world to attack things that make a Noyz until one regains the 'sleep-state'.
"ALPh [111] enters duration[as proto-history] with Abraham and resurrects in space-time as YShRAL [541], having conquered duality with a 3-fold movement."
This Twin/Trinity shimmers into view via "BABYLON A.D[B.A.D], JERICHO, and the LAST ZION" by the TwinKKle Twins:>Wotze's name and Killner [Twins by name , triptych by nature]. They posited the idea - "TzYVN", the Holy Citadel > spelt in English ZiOn/SiOn - contains the formula OZ, which = the Emerald City, with Zion resonating with the 'last-city' in the MatriX Trilogy. The vid raised the 'in-plain-sight' alphabetical dial-on N to O , Y to Z, thus entwining New York with Oz allowing ZYON which sounds like TzYVN-156[ the 'real' spelling of the word]. The idea came from the HAL to IBM dial-on, [in Kubrick's 2001- a SpaceOdyssey] and codifying like Enigma.
Now it starts to get 'silly' -
TzYVN = 90+10+6+50/700 = 156/806
BABALON [ spelling invented by Crowley to denote the Scarlet Woman's home address] = 2+1+2+1+30+70+50/700 = 156/806. [Its difficult to get Hebrew words using 'final-letters[sofit - which have 2 enumerations - K,M,N,Ph,Tz] to come to the same total in both cases]
Thus we have the Twin Cities from the pre-911 era, conveying names/numbers, however distorted from their original 'sense'.

Entering our mainstream 'Nu-Age' we get this ZYON , a modern mythical city built on the admixture of NewYork [ temporal] and Oz [eternal], its use in movies such as The MATRIX; its similarity to the TzYVN of lore. Sychrobetically all 4 letters can be used 'legitimately' to represent Hebrew letters.
ZYON = 7+10+70+50/700 = 137/787
We see the sound 'on' delivered from BabalON while the TzY from 'the real' TzYon transforms into ZY.

The 'Light' in this 4-fold-psychle [Tarot cards representing Z-Y-O-N] goes from Full-bright midday Sun to a star-light within the lantern[time], to the waning torchlight held in the depths re-igniting thought/love/QBLH-137-ZYON to rise again 'beyond' Death, between Twin Towers.Check the 'curve' the 'Light' makes as it moves from image2image.
Those Twin Towers appear in full view in the Moon card/ hebrew letter QVPh - Q100. Q = Cosmic Alef [1- Fool]in partnership/battle with Yod [10 - X-Hermit]. This Q=100=Moon appears in the Abraham to Israel formula above, carried by YitzaQ, RebeQah and JaQob.

'Does any one really understand - what goes on in the heart of a Man' - Can
7-archetypal,10, 50 and 70-eXistential,700-cosmic. All projections of Alef in a '7' state = possibilities,openings within indiViduals and the resulting Indeterminency principle of life [ please note the Financial crisis, various wars not wars, Democratic countries/MK prisons, will it rain if u decide to go for a picnic, health insurance claims, 'plane landing in your office, Palin-Schwarzenegger .v. Obama-Meinhof in 2012, when the uniVersal time Clock stops .... ].
The transformation from Tz >>> Z.
'Tzaddi, is not the Star', but the Woman on the 'Star' card. At the existential level Tz-90 draws from potential,unformed NRG to create cells, nature at greatest flowering though tempered by the repetition of patterns -re[ra]production.

As the age of reproduction and its offshoot 'society', walled city, network, matrix begins to change, with the development of the feminine principle within ALL humans, we become TWINS, brother and sister [ as practiced by Abraham&Sarah 'all those many years ago', they were never man and wife except to the 'bureaucracy']. Thus male and female, psychic and physical, may WED in complementary 'wholeness' - a 'unity' of twinned male and twinned female resolved =1,2,3,4 = the minimum requirement for s-Y-stem [ I-sis-stems],, thus minimum Unity 'proves' 4-Fold with 12 degrees of Freedom [6 positive-6 negative]
........and they call it tetrahedron, or puppy-love , i can never be sure.
Then there's the V>>>O transformation. Here's V , the copulatory agent [ often used as 'and' in Hebrew grammar]. The copulatory agent required in the process of making cells , in Tarot, = the Hierophant/Pope'Rabbi'Imam'Priest, who for 2000 years has attempted to control the reproductive activities[ and the multiple retail outlets catering for this type of behaviour] of their various Belief-systems. So that transforms to the O , which = OYN the Hebrew word for Eye, and in Tarot = The Devil. The Devil, its 'evilness' a construct of the Priest, shows its dual nature, though designed to look awful, as doubtless it may be to many a frail psyche, that comes across itself in process of transformation[ quick, get a weapon!] , to see that transforming as 'awful' thus 'evil' thus 'unwanted or 'abused'. The seer 'sees' the 'trans4mation' , and detached from it attacks/defends with LAW/LORE.

TzYVN-BABALON freed from the crushing embrace of religio-psychic history transforms into the Triple-City ZYON, replete with the principle of life - indetermination- at all levels, though it comes grounded in eXistence-time Y [ 10-projection of Alef [1] into space-time], which we see in Tarot as the Hermit carrying the lantern pregnant with life. The astro-sign Virgo , not a Virgin but pregnant about to 'give birth' [ I go for the 'virgo' symbol as one of 'maturity' , coming around Harvest-time when crops ripen], shows the Hermit as Virgin but male carrying the seed-light.
"A sufficient light within a seemingly opaque black object may suddenly convert that object into a brilliant varie-colored lantern. As a philosophic corollory: multifaceted truth is discovered within the lantern of paradox whose contrasting colors are but angularly separated lines of the spectrum of the unit phenomenon, light, only at differing wavelengths and frequencies". RainBow-Fuller .- 'No More 2nd-Hand-God

All 3 cities eNNed with N, the Death card, that unbinds the Hanging-Man, deep within the fertile 'waters' of Mayim [ hebrew M], tied and encoded within a grid/matriX. This character N spelt in full = NVN. Here Death = Freedom to recognise one's minimum sets of restrictions [12], throwing off the innumerable petty and captivating restrictions we have presently been using to get to 'god' or just 'higher' up. [ Up & Down thinking = major MK programming, replaced with In & Out does alleviate 'restriction'].

The Inner N and Outer N of psyche and body copulate, fertilising each other, via V[Hierophant/Wizard/Administrator/UniVerse transceiver], perhaps lending a hint to those with technology and influence to consider making housing free - shelter, thus allowing 'we' to get on with developing the mind-body[ies] without having to worry about all the things that all humanity has made to get us to this leVel, at present hoarded by tiresome types for their own personal 'future days' and the idea that humans must be physically and psychically punished to mould into the best shape to meet 'god'.[ Haven't u got a SUIT? - Apologies , I'm Major Arcana, suits no longer fit !']
The word 'stargate' has elements of this 'human' transforming as it does mean something different for all, I assume, and the general feel seems that both Body&Mind 'go' together as a Trinity. TriNity nestles within The High Priestess. The last card of the Tarot holds the Trinity and the means of tran4mation, the Cross/Mark/Sign/Tav- the final hebrew letter, which may be why the priestess has it 'in plain sight'.

The 2 Pillars YAChYN[79] and BOZ[79] [which together contain 'invented' ZYON & physio-psychicly the Twin Tower event-911-Beginning manifested electronically] unify within the Priestess holding the symbol of I-system/restriction - the 4 - the male & female [ 2 Pillars], the wedding-birth-child[Priestess] and the Cross as symbol of systems we create out of Indetermination which eVentually get destroyed by the same principle - us-7
Transforming implies the movement from one 4 into another 4-m

Note - as up and down no longer eXist both 'up' and 'down' = OUT while IN = centre. This gives us our ' 12 Degrees of Freedom' as N,E,W,S, and OUTx2 now 'IN' to the centre.

Make it SNOW!


A Few Shots to Shaman said...


Atareye said...

Pure Imaginarium!

Occult Mosaic said...

good stuff moon.

Alex Robinson said...

You have been very busy weaving - I have followed your threads through twice & will need to go back again to see what else I've missed.

I do really like the 'in & out' v 'up & down' concept - I've gotten pulled away from that idea in the past, but gonna keep hold this time - too good not too.

Love the free flowing 'play'.


aferrismoon said...

Cheers all.
Weaving = fun as it actually throws up loads of threads I would never have 'rationally' come across.
The silliness of ZYON, yet it making those 4 Tarot was unexpected, esp. as giving that 'light' course
Quite into the idea of the AtomBomb - Trinity having a deep psychic reverberation sending shockwaves out into time- backwards and forwards in history [ linear] plus a lot of expanding Halo waves [ Spherical]


Michael Skaggs said...

Nicely woven Aferris!

Loved the play, even though it made SENSE! Sense/Antisense, its all good.

The mind/body/stargate connection really resonated with me, duality's effect on the mind/body DISconnection is our major DOWNfall from the socially engineered structure.

Love the tie ins of the Tarot and your expertise with Hebrew!

peace my friend!

Michael said...

It's like algebra - all Greek to me, but I try, dunce cap notwithstanding. I often marvel how Manhattan is both Babylon and PL (Promised Land) at the same time. The Sex Ed Alefbet was excellent.

I'm quite stunned by the 66,HH,17 and death while baptizing in Oz. OK, not STUNNED... giganto synchs like that happen all the time now... but still it's a good one.

I sometimes have dreams about living in a place where we all have a free place to stay and plenty of food. Reminds me of Riverworld. Paradise was quickly remodeled into hell/earth.

aferrismoon said...

cheers Michael - The expertise in Hebrew I appropriate from Carlo Suares page at 'He' puts thoughts in a clear, refined manner.
I guess this explains the 'dogma' for Sepher Yetsira Tarot attribution
For me the Stargate/Body/Mind works as the 'antidote' to Eugenical perfection, surprising how many cultures, religions and tribes consider inbreeding and specialisation as the road to perfection. It shows the deep insecurity of this type that it can't live with the world as it is today, thus it essentially 'commits suicide' by rejecting itself, or by getting rid of others , assured that it knows what the future should be, and that it WILL COME in the future as today is always imperfect.
They miss the easy solution, that of jumping off a bridge, removing their 'future daze' trance mantra from those who would like to fully partake in today.

Hi Michael
yeah its a strong mix those eVents, can't really say much about them at pres, though WiseWoman has some interesting stuff linking in Antarctica.
Maybe just a nod to those who die young and the effect it has on those who remain.PKD's 'loss' .v. his writing career - did the 'twin' communicate to him.
The Beaumonts - just what is it about kidnapping and murdering children ? I thought that also the synch between the Dick Twins and the 3 kids had a 'movement' to it, esp. with HaroldHolt's election and disappearence. Have to open it out a little more.
Yeah Sperm as ZRO and adding to 277 - wild.
I mean Ground ZRO - Is that a bird, no its a plane, aaah its Cosmic Sperm!
And with all human needs catered for, I don't think humans would lay back into some hedonistic age, or not for very long. people enjoy work and using their minds.