Friday, October 17, 2008


The FINancial Imaginarium has scabbled like a one-wheeled Chariot across the golden cobblestones of the YellowBrickRoad, though the protruding axle has taken some of the paint off, that we may now see the dull,grey patina of lead, and haven't many been led to OZ to find that the Wizard, in fact the Joker, had left u with one of Steve Fossett's old balloons while making off in a King Lear jet screaming 'Fools' from the cockpit.
Below the Financial Times [ FT] in one of its supplements deals with FORMULA 1 [Neo] [ updated Ben-Hur Chariot racing]. Gracing the cover is the start-gate which appears as 2 Hs sharing a leg. It resonates with the Twin Tower poster effect to the left and thus, entertains the idea that this 'crash' = another attack on America, twinning with the physical attack by 'planes' in 2001, and those ideas I found in mainstream media.

The I$I$/Dollar symbol emerges green, springing forth from the GO light, synching with GroundzerO. Thus the GroundzerO, green and sporting Isis and Dollar flavour, lend an idea of Beginning[ RAShYTh - beginning in Hebrew = 911], or perhaps a sneaky global initiation on behalf of the furtive MarK of the Beast brood. Philip K.Dick christened his son using Hot-Dog bread and Hot chocolate so as to go unnoticed by possible observers, so perhaps the newly unfurled Order sneaks in the odd 'christening' mediawise.
Anyhow H = the new word order of the day [ would u like lies with that, small medium or supersize]. Below we see it , or a similar shape on a govt. building in [Tin]Canberra, Aus. [ Aus = South , thus South = Oz, even though Oz = a goat and a city. South OSsetia , Aurora Australis etc].
This shot comes from THE HOLLOWMEN, a comedy from Aus, set in the Central Policy Unit, where they try to put the best face on all the PMs actions, decisions and fuck-ups.

Here's one of the PMs residence - The LoDGe reminding us that the PM of OZ lives at the Lodge, which has DG for Dorothy Gale nestling inside, adding Masonichism, MK, and even Fish as DG [ 7] = Fish in Hebrew tying in all the FINancial disASTERS.

The epiSOde I'll use concerns how to raise the PM's role on AUSTRALIA DAY - Jan 26th [ which I guess is the synchiest thing to a global synchromystic day I can synch of]. They decide to send him on cheery visit to ANTARCTICA to meet the scientists. This synchs with an article by WISE WOMAN called WHITE HEART OF THE WORLD in which we get introduced to Mount EREBUS as a gateway to Hell.
This episode , called A QUIET JANUARY, has Nick [below] suggesting the South[OZ]Pole, and, to little effect, saying 'Perhaps we'll see Harold Holt floating past'. It falls on deaf ears as few know aught about Aussie History.
Note that Central Policy Unit has been misspelt so the Ns = Zs, in classic ROtational fashion. The Zs lie either side of an O giving OZ [ twice].

The Harold Holt in question became the 17th Aus.PM on 26th Jan 1966, so a double H born in August 1908 [08/08], taking office in AUS on AUStralia Day.
He disappeared while swimming and was pronounced dead on Dec 19 , 1967, didappearing on the 17th , thus 'doing a Harold Holt' is nipping off from a party or gathering you'd rather not be at. Here's the man putting his snorkel in the back of runabout.
Underway at the time of his death was a large Swimming pool Complex which the Aussies dedicated to the late PM, thus the amazing Harold E. Holt Memorial Swimming Centre evolved, equivalent to The JFK Memorial Open-Top Limo or Brain Surgery Ward.
In 1968 HH had a ship named after him - the USS Harold E.Holt [FF-1074], the first US warship to bear the name of a foreign leader. he had supported LBJ's stance in Vietnam and had upped the troops sent there - 'all the way with LBJ'. Both Kennedy and Holt practiced warring in Vietnam and both got offed and turned into ships.

Getting made into ships turns them into floating steel warriors which gets us on to IRON MAN, and Ned Kelly, The Ironic Aussie - see A REAL IRON MAN, by Dr. Dolittle at SYN-CHRO-NICITY [ click link- mysecretboudoir]. . People who dress up in wild attire and try to deal with organised crime tend to get hanged. Dr Dolittle included this quote from NK -
"Ned Kelly wrote, 'If my lips teach the public that men are made mad by bad treatment, and if the police are taught that they may not exasperate to madness men they persecute and ill-treat, my life will not entirely be thrown away.' "
They hanged him on NOV 11 , 1880, which synchs with numberplate on Holt's car above - HOH 111, with Hs as 8s. For stealing money he got offed on KK-Day . The HOH also implies H2O which = Water [ of a certain type], and Holt drowned.
THE HANGED MAN Tarot card obviously deals with Hanging though Hebrew letter-wise it derives from M [ mayim] which means Water. Sepher Yetsiriously it = the 13th card, and so unlucky for some, esp if one demands that it be the 12th card.

A film about this famous BUSHRANGER came out starring HEATH LEDGER as NED KELLY with Orlando Bloom, which synchs with the pic of him as JOKER in the post below. Thanks to Accidental Alchemist we now know that the sign to his left reads :" Ironman OPENing weekend BOX office intake", tying in the Ironman from the Comix, the 'honest' thievery of The Joker and Ned Kelly[ AussieIronMan] both played by Heath LEDGER [an account book]. Heath's links with 'The Hanged man' have been dealt with by ATLANTEAN TIMES [ as well as many other points] and a good linker = HEATH LEDGER AND THE 5 POINTS OF THE TAU CODE, now synching ledger-wise with the 777points of the DOW code.
Oz-Aus-HaroldHolt-HeathLedger-NedKelly-Ironman and Joker
GoD bless Harold, Heath and Ned!
Now with Death those boys are wed,
One by water, one by rope,
One apparently couldn't cope.
But all, my dears, let it be said,
Never left this world without a Joke!


Occult Mosaic said...

another attack on america is right. nationalization = 250 billion, only possible with 9/11.

Dennis/87 said...

You are waxing poetic. Great post. Dennis fromn oregon.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Terry. Cheers Dennis.
I notice the synchs of your times:
11:17 on the 17th - T
11:51 on the 17th - DI
51 = 3x17.
Its amazing that many wax lyrical without hardly writing a word

All the Blessed

Dedroidify said...

Waxing poetic indeed, enjoyed that with childlike enthusiasm ;)

much kudos


Alex Robinson said...

That would be super-size wit!

Excellent work & really thought provoking.

Chloe said...

You have got me really curious now to see the upcoming Holt miniseries.

aferrismoon said...

WW- notice that the rotating N makes NZ which is quite funny since it's on the Aussie Govt. CPU sign.
Cheers Dr.Do - tell me ifit's worth seeing.

Michael said...

Thanks for the history lesson - that pick of HH dagoning into the trunk of his HOH chariot is priceless!

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Michael, your comment adds a few more bubbles to the electronic descent into the maelstrom
hoh hoh hoh!

Atareye said...

R-knee the Black star?....hahaha madness!

" Ironman OPENing weekend BOX office intake" 3rd eye fully activated. Whats your Catalyst?

Meet Joker Wonka.??? Purple coat. Pure Imaginarium? Thoth in all his trickery hides himself in information. Writing being the m'ercurial m'achine he did indeed invent. Now I wonder If Wonka interacts with the cube? Sugar-Honey-bees-hexagons? Something to be said about our Mad Hatter 'GENE' Wilder The 'Y DNA C' man.

Water, rope, and cope My Lime green friend.

Who knew the Brits were a modern day tribe of Oziris.

Shine on Beetleguise.

Dedroidify said...

I made a typo today, "misising..."
isis is missing, lol, had to think of this post, and share.


aferrismoon said...

JK -Oz-Iris is great as Iris = greek for Rainbow.Cheers for poetic effect.
Deed - If Isis is missing does that mean she's still veiled?


A13 said...

Wunnerful..dearee moi.