Saturday, October 4, 2008

Non-Plussed, Ultra!

Turning to look into the JOKER role within the DarKKnight we get reminded of why he stole and then burnt piles of money.
On either side of the $1 bill we get 11:11, abunch of Kayz
The pic comes from ACCIDENTAL ALCHEMIST - THOTH IN A CUBE. It doesn't talk about the present 'dumb-show clown-act' but has a couple of pics showing money. He did seem to hint with POP GOES THE WE SELL. I wonder if the business of executing this crisis started in earnest while the olympics and Georgia and Batman'joker filled our media-minds. Post was AUG 17
The sign to his left seems to say ' IRON MAN ......ING WEEKEND ...... OFFICE INTAKE '
Honest ED at Mercury's Garden left this - Best use of a STOCK MARKET CRASH in a comic book . Richie Rich resonates with the RR briefly snagged by the Willner-Kotze GENETIC HYBRIDIZATION..... vid. Steve posted it on Sept 17

The Pillar , unfinished ala the PIllars of Hercules , has the dollar symbol encarved. NOTE: The red dollar-sign carving synchs with the Joker's carved mouth, also reddened. The white pillar and his white face both appear 'painted' . This over-the-years synch aligns with the markets 'synching' and all the credits getting 'burned' . Little Richie presciently exclaims WISE CRACK! melding together the rather laughable financial blather aka theft on a massive scale with the archetypal fun-lovin' criminal the JOKER who necessarily 'wise-cracks' through his crescent maw throughout the movie.
Oh! and who acts as the Joker but Heath LEDGER
On the cover we see the REPAIR man, bounding along to save RR , the Bank. He actually has some basic skills that will always maintain their value. Also he's the one who works, gets taxed and then finally takes it upon his shoulders to DO something, people's sweat and work , imagination and creativity will eventually repair the situation, not Economacolytes and their wealth-depleting stop-gappery quackery dull-homerlike vacuos fuckwittering.
On a lighter note the RE_PAIR man has come to RE_PAIR the pillarperhaps reminding us that unity[religious-style], stargatery[ synchRO-style], dragons [ devoured-style] death [ lifestyle] lasts but a moment

The Pillars in the cartoon blend into one and J and B [ for Iachin and Boaz] disappear [ see the High Priestess card] and ISIS emerges. One caption states> ThIS ISsue.....
Removing a snick to the Pillars as Mountains thus K2 - around each pillar scrolls carry a motto. On both we see the word MONS for Mountains. If one ses the S as a turning point, fulcrum pivoting, and transform MONS around it the word SNOW appears thus fortifying the K2 snow-peaked imagery
Synching with finding Spanish blogger JUEGOS MULTIDIMENSIONALES this week, may I wrap this little trinket[all the paper] up in the Spanish Silver Dollar [ Dollar from Joachimsthaler [ Jachymov, Czech] - JOKE HIM STALLER - which carries the possible precursor of the Dollar symbol and the connexion to the Pillars of Hercules , situated very near Spain. Also the colours of Spain and the City of Prague share RED&YELLOW which relates to Circusis, and the Iron Man findings. Also the Hapsburgs took Prague on 8/11/1620 at the Battle of Bila Hora - White Mountain

The pillars 'point' to letters M,E,X and I while the scroll bearing the word VLTRA helps highlight PAN inside HISPAN, linking the Pillars with the Pan-reverberations of 9/11 - Ultra Pan could mean 'beyond all'.


Michael said...

You are a pillar of synching! The Ledger thing is fascinating - ledger domain? Note the big fat H.

Cheers, Michael

Ed said...

Nice post! Richie Rich has a lot of little gems like that one.

Alex Robinson said...

Hi Aferrismoon
Am not sure if you were referring to this as well as the Pillars of Hercules, but if you take the ILLI (11-11?) from Richie Rich's MILLIONS (all of which fall at least partly within the pillar you get another MONS or 'revolved' SNOW

aferrismoon said...

Cheers - Yeah does seem odd that Mr.Ledger should oversee the burning of all that liquidity. I really can't help but think its the real story - burn it all.
People here just say it was 'nothing' to begin with so whats the problem.
Heath = place where grows Heather which is also called ERICA and was the tree that Osiris found himself encased in at one point.
Dyu mean the H on the Dollar ?
Cheers - I guess Richie would have GEMS
Thanks Wise - reckon you're right - often when capital L and I stand together they look like U from a distance, as in a videoshop called FLICKS, so the ILLI = W

Cheeers all

Jimbo said...

Enjoyed your post very much.

Could the dollar "signs" be a "sign?".

Olympics/Georgia was 8/8/8

Financial crash; stocks went down 777

Gee, what could be next in the pattern?

Jake Kotze said...

Love the $1 11:11

There is a perfect image for this sync web. Its a Richie Rich parody cover in the comic book "Stop Forgetting To Remember"

I mentioned this comic in the post
K2 Candy 3

I've lost those images so I cant send you one..

The image has Richie Rich as George W Bush. Somehow, I forget exactly how, the parody cover reads ISIS (really!) with the dollar bill S's. I don't believe the artist, Steve Kuper, intended this.

Its a good read if anybody stumbles across it and has many WTC sync winks.

Great stuff

Be well

Michael Skaggs said...


You must feel like a "kid in a k2 kandy shop" when you start seeing the mystical weave right in front of you!

Richie Rich being one of the earliest comics I remember reading as a child!

Your reads always make me smile! But without the red and white on my face!
Cheers bro!

aferrismoon said...

Jimbo - In Britain it'll be 999 , unless the Emergency numbers has changed.
Cheers Jake. I did finally get the Dollar 11:11 a few hours after - seriously it's amazing what gets missed
Will have read of K2CANDY3.
Ta, Michael - I did some weaving at Uni. Richie Rich never reached here, except as a later rapper.
His Diamonds synch with the MK stuff, an odd little cartoon alter perhaps


A Few Shots to Shaman said...


aferrismoon said...

Any ideas what that relates to - A joke relating to how much money the film made?


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Yeah,we burned more money in ONE scene than you made opening weekend.... Lame Joke, but pretty viral. Thanks and Love for this whole post by the way.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers , that sets it off in another direction though doubtless virally connected to the 'macro-economic-chasm'

Chloe said...

Hey AF - have you come across this yet? Ledger/Joker played an 'Iron Man' in ‘Ned Kelly‘. (He’s famous for his Iron Suit)

Ned Kelly = Iron Out Law= Outback criminal/saint/martyr

(Might use this myself. I'm exploring 'criminal martyrs' (see A Brazen Bull).

Chloe said...

Here’s some nice shots of the real armour:

*Correction* - I meant 'Mouse Trap' (not A Brazen Bull)

Atareye said...

I posted an image I drew back in July which spawned the blog post you reference.

Thanks for the shout out.

Direct link to my Joker Image...

My new image blog

Chloe said...

Ned Kelly robbed banks and burned mortgages:

"Carefully checking to make sure all the telephone wires out of town had been cut, Ned then proceeded to rob the bank.
The Bank of New South Wales lost over £2000 in notes and coin that day. Kelly also burned all the townspeople's mortgage deeds in the bank."

aferrismoon said...

Cheers DrDo - the Ned kelly stuff has now kinda cruised into view, after watching the latest from Hollowmen [ off the 'net not on Telly] about Australia Day celebrations. One of the characters brings up Harold Holt [HH] which I checked out.
Put it together for next post, so great link to Kelly via HeathHeather
Thanks Jon - I guess Kaptain Kidd = a synchro-personality.

Chloe said...

AF - I'll look forward to your musings.
Holt is very interesting. Did you see that they are releasing a miniseries on him this year?(ABC) He is 'extraordinary' among democratic leaders.

P.s My iron man post: