Thursday, September 4, 2008

Magpies sign Gale

On the windy North-East coast of Britain 2 'Toon' fans make a stand for their manager.
Like a flickering light, will KK stay or go. KK = Kevin Keegan, demi-god of Tyneside team Newcastle United, variously known as the 'Toon' or 'The Magpies', for their Black and White strip.
The board seem to be edging KK out of the mannager's job, but the fans aren't having it - as u can see below.
Divna leave King Kev

Synchromating it all together we have the lads , like wee Black and White pillars carrying a banner reading -
Don't Go KK.
The D and G in capitals = Dorothy Gale [ and Newcastle is a windy place].
KK - for Kevin Keegan and K2, the Himalayan hill.
So Dorothy Gale and K2 supported by Twin Pillars, sporting Black and White, a state of meta-transformation, as usually the Masonic pillars are 1 black and 1 white, so like a flickering whatever effect.
Newcastle get sponsorship from Northern Rock, which got bailed out by the government this year for losing shitloads of wonga in the mortgage market. , so how can they sponsor a team.
The GO = Ground ZerO. like Northern Rock's credit .

Further news - Abu Dhabi have just bought Man.City , their investment dwarfing Abramovic's investment at Chelsea, which was massive. So like many a conflict it looks like the Jewish-Russian - Moslem-Arab one will be moved to the footy field.
Abu Dhabi have bought most of Carlyle Group , so it's like Man . City have a majority share in the US Defence Industry.


FilmNoir23 said...

Abu Dhabi have also just placed a 1 Billion $ investment fund in as to not miss any propaganda chances either.

Alex Robinson said...

Wye aye man I see it now - well spotted! Can also make GoD out with a bit of wordplay.

I lived in Sunderland, nr Newcastle for six months, brought back some memories


Indras Net said...

good stuff, Abu Dhabi sounds very interesting with money in Holly-wood as well. be well

Newspaceman said...

Keegan left because of management involvement in player decisions.

Joey Barton, JB, the black and white pillars ?


Michael Skaggs said...

Ahh yes, where Garfield was always trying to mail Nermal off too...Abu Dhabi...

Love how you think mate!


aferrismoon said...

Well Kev's off again. great one on Joey barton , who was in the News today - 6 matche ban + 6 match suspension- great twinning.
Saw the Abu dhabi stuff with Hollywood . They're full on now.
Anyhow if they take over the `defence Industry I imagine City will demand they drop hunting Osama and send out the Marines to 'save' Ronaldo from the evil clutches of Sir Alex
Sunderland of course have the wonderfully named Stadium of Light, classic adoration


Unknown said...

Wasn't the Carlyle Group the one that The Queen, the Bush family and the Bin Laden family were the top three investors (previously)? Can't wait to see where this leads.

And all I can think about when you say Newcastle is the delicious beer. *drool* I only drink it because beer helps your good chloresterol...

aferrismoon said...

Yeah V, I feel sure they invested, I think the Bush family had a few leads in saudia Arabia. The 2 who started it were managers at the Marriot so perhaps they had a whole load of 'video evidence' to use on high-income clientele
Aye Newcastle Brown, a pleasant distraction

Ben Fairhall said...

The same consortium who now own Newcastle FC also own the Chrysler Building in New York City- the 'omphalos', in my opinion.


Chloe said...

Cool - I lived in Sunderland St, nr Newcastle! (Smallworld this syncville.)I was grabbed by the seahorse logo. The University of Newcastle logo was a seahorse.(It's recently been rebranded ,so it aint so obvious.)

Check out my latest post if you get a chance - it's a biggie. I'd love to hear your thoughts...

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Ben, the Kreissler [maybe] does attract the eye, quality building.
Anyhow these consortiums or chavs of the moneyways love to assert themselves through acquisition. One wonders if they'll ever grow out of it.

Dr Do - it's a great synch that u were in Sunderland and now in Oz, as Wise Woman was there for a bit and now in NZ