Sunday, September 28, 2008

All @ 6s & 7s

Further to the purr-eve-ious post a double blyncher sourced from the archives of Wise Woman who spotted it @ Tod's - Through the Looking Glass. It's remarkable in hat , @1st, I checked the 666 [ ChShK+AVR+IVM+LYLH - DarknessLightDayNight via Hebrew] and then , from the comments at the last post a snippet from Stygian Port who pointed out that that the Britney Graphic split the stars into 7-7-7.
Both protagonists carry a loaded swizzle-stick conferring orchestral characteristics - conducting, perhaps, with the metallic lightning - rod appeal. All thoughts happen in a flash.
Good news everyone - this Omen stuff reveals that - EVIL IS NO LONGER IN THE HANDS OF A [ROTHS] CHILD, thus inferring that one may share in it, considering the plethora of symbols I entertrain

666 via the Hebrew relates to the glyphs corresponding with V-S-M[final] while 777 does it for Z-O-N[final]. These represent projections of universe through archetype-existential-cosmic [ words which I shall print but leave to our own wonderings].
The 6s tend to copulation , the V & S can = male and female , with M final as the Hanged Man , a certain dissolution commencing from fertile minds meeting. The 3 Tarot conspiring , via Sepher Yetsira [ aware of course that SY initiates SYnchs] are the HEIROPHANT winnowing withe ART/TEMPERANCE , dissolving in the HANGED MAN at the afore mentioned 'Cosmic?' level
777 give OZ dissolving/amalgamating in N final, which covers for the Death card via Tarot [ aware of course that SY finishes pusSY] = Twins multiversing with the DEVIL sweeping out with Cosmic INDETERMINANCY, in the guise of the DEATH card taken beyond its functional status
A textual print-synch occurs with the words wOMANizer and the alternatively typefaced OMEN.
An idea of Sam neilling while Britney spears shows the 'flicker' effect of
Relating to STYGIAN PORTS latest post - WE3Marys - the constellation CAPPADOCIA resembles/reassembles the lights behind the Britney pic.
Sam Neill has 2 almost-circles that rez an 8, and the word St-ate leads this glyph wordily into Sams face.
Ideus of Sam neilling while Britney spears tickles the 'flicker' effect of fe-male integrating , possession + control of something that remains 2B scene


Michael said...

The O-Men, are they like the G-Men? :-)

Alex Robinson said...

What a fiery little stew you cooked up - marvellous. You don't perchance turn water into wine too?

I liked your post time.


Occult Mosaic said...

nice post.

Sam neil though? he appearing in my next post, Jurassic park and etc.

Michael Skaggs said...

Ahh leave it to Aferris to pull another post from the ether/aethyr!

yes the 11:09 or 911 post time, good catch Wise!

Interesting new photo greet too, people you know?


aferrismoon said...

Perhaps , Michael, it Oh! Gee! Men

WW- at the weekend did buy some nice Pear distilat, very clean. It's normal here to take collected fruit , then ferment it, and take the ferment to the distillary who make it for you.

Terry - Its odd how these threads appear , with the photo coming from Tod to WW to Me to U, psychic repsychling

Michael - no I was crossing Charles Bridge, packed with tourists and took a discrete shot while walking [ which I've got quite good at , as I have lots of walking time, and the tourist generally are surrounded by cameras. I wish I knew them - they seem so naturally quizzical


Chloe said...

A lot of sevens here:

"The Dow fell 777.68 points, just shy of 7 percent, to 10,365.45, its lowest close in nearly three years. The decline also surpasses the record for the biggest decline during a trading day — 721.56 at one point on Sept. 17, 2001, when the market reopened after 9/11."

Michael Skaggs said...

I was hoping someone would fill Aferris in on that, thanks Dr. Do Little.


Jimbo said...

I hope no one forgets about the Olympiucs and Russia/Georgia. that all began on 08/08/08 (888)!

Jimbo said...

The next pope will be the 111th!