Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The DOW is like an Empty Vessel

Elluminati posted - BAILOUT REJECTED, DOW DROPS 666, 777 POINTS. The article looks into correspondences between the DOW DROPS [ Dew Drops] and Rosh Hashanah [ Jewish New Year].

In my last post ALL @ 6s & 7s , I used these 2 numbers together thanks to Wise Woman[666] and Stygian Port[777]

Last post got published at 11.09 and in the pic we get a flashy extended 1,119 [ top left] while bottom centre-right another 9.11 neighbouring a downward pointing red-arrow [ down doesn't really eXist so i guess its an arrow pointing inward to zero] Anyhow 911 motherfucking down, for the synch-shock effect.

This pic I traded with Michael at Gosporn from his post QUE HERA, HERA. I will profit from the pic but he's liable for it.

Dr Do Little then sent this comment, which I read a couple of minutes before reading the ELLUMINATI post
"A lot of sevens here:

"The Dow fell 777.68 points, just shy of 7 percent, to 10,365.45, its lowest close in nearly three years. The decline also surpasses the record for the biggest decline during a trading day — 721.56 at one point on Sept. 17, 2001, when the market reopened after 9/11."

SEPTEMBER 29, 2008 7:02 PM "

The DOW DAY KLUNK , written by BEY LOUT ZOO , published by DOUBLECROSS & SHUCKS, costs an alarm and a leg


Chloe said...

Thanks for the nod. I was pretty confident you would come across it soon enough, but thought you might get a kick out of it coming from OZ.

You are a ferriswheel on fire...:-)

Eugene said...

Dry Mars...

add water and voila =

Vulcain's cake.

Phoenix lander with its arm, 7.7 ft long to see whats under "headless rock"...

"He must increase, I must decrease."

Summer to winter. Phoenix seems to be a stand in of US with these quotes from articles and its related...

"We're still optimistic that we can fill all four before we run out of power."

"We don't know whether we can do this until we try" (Funny did they test out Phoenix' arm on lifting things or is it a suble bail-out reference?)

"Based on models of Phoenix's energy decline, mission engineers don't expect Phoenix to last much past late November. Eventually, the sun will set on Phoenix completely, and carbon dioxide ice will likely deposit on it. That combined with the ever-decreasing temperatures of winter will likely destroy the spacecrafts components."

"Nobody anticipates that the vehicle will survive that harsh winter," Goldstein said.

Uhh metaphor "Houston we have a problem."

One's arm is weapon wielder and weapon is Zayin/7...

And Lemekh said to his exaltations:
Addah and Tsilah hear my voice
Debt owed by Lemekh
Listen to my utterance
For I have slain a man
To my wounding
And a young man
To my scar.
If sevenfold Cain be exalted
Truly Lemekh
Seventy and sevenfold.

Able/Hevel, ie that which is vain, worthless, qliphoth 777, is about to pop in the presence of reality!

Ed said...

On my local CBS news station, they reported that 5/3 stock fell 9.11 yesterday and rose 11.9 today!

Good stuff.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Doc. It keeps seeping out, check Ed's comment .
Hi EuGene, The Hevel thnigs resonates as I tag Hevel for a Mortgage or other kind of wealth-depleting debt-cake. I feel it does show a certain 'weakness' in human endeavour.
While some progress to space [ wisely or otherwise] others fly to the moon via their rocketing digits, which they perversely send into space with a fuel leak. If the rocket actually reaches it's destination they all run around screaming -Its stopped flying, we're doomed !

Ed - Thanks Ed, Best use of a Stock Exchange Crash in a comic book ?

Indras Net said...

Nice synchs, i just read your 6s and 7s. I had a strong feeling somethin would happen the 29th, Im following these Saturn and Uranus oppositions that are exact on the 29th and Election day, these oppositions over saw Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama. I think your familiar with the Tarot, Saturn=Discs=Coins=Economy and other earthly things. Uranus is chaotic change associated with the fool at least by Golden Dawn I beleive.(ive seen the heirophant too) But the 777 immediately brougth to my mind Babalon whom i think is also relatefd to Saturn via Tarot. October 4th, 6th, and 24th should be interesting as well with Mercury aligning in retrograde. Ive got some interesting links at the Logosphere if your intersted. Keep up the great work aferris. love and light-kevin

Ed said...

"Ed - Thanks Ed, Best use of a Stock Exchange Crash in a comic book ?"