Monday, November 16, 2015

Early November


A13 said...

Beautiful Photos aferris.
How are things? been a while..
I must email you soon.
Many regards A13

john said...

Very nice. The lake looks like a beautiful place, lovely golden trees. Hope all is good with you there.

aferrismoon said...

Hi A-thers

All's well , holiday today

Hi John

Stuck the lens in front of golden-leafed trees , sunshine did the rest
Not a lake but the river Vltava


little dynamo said...

Those are pretty good AF!

And I'm something of an expert, having gone through at least four or five of those disposable cameras over the past year. :O) I don't understand the numbers and knobs on the regular cameras. Cheers.

aferrismoon said...

Hi Ray

The Chimera never lies

Death Metal, ala your post, would seem to imply bullets.
DM in Hebrew = blood, and enumerates to 44


Anon said...

Love the sunny photos.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Summer took a long time to leave this year, in fact spring has sprung to some extent with tree growing new leaves in December


little dynamo said...

DM and blood and 44 all fit, personal matter. DM's a Jew of the modern nonbelieving variety i.e., another zealot of ideo-politics who uses Judaism as a front. An Obammy acolyte. A Paradice slave. I mean, if you're a Jew that doesn't believe in God, seems a bit self-defeating? Wearing long Spiritual gowns and little hats?

Anyway, cheers little brother. I don't miss the old days but I'm glad we had them.

aferrismoon said...

Zealots of Ideopolitics is better name for a band, they could be the Zips for short.

Eagles comes from Cali-band The Eagles, a note about their famous song -

"The metaphorical character of the story related in the lyrics has inspired a number of conjectural interpretations by listeners. In the 1980s some Christian evangelists alleged that "Hotel California" referred to a San Francisco hotel that was purchased by Anton LaVey and converted into a Church of Satan.[22][23] Other rumors suggested that the Hotel California was the Camarillo State Mental Hospital.[24]"

Perhaps both.

Jews that don't believe in God - Yehudah thunk it!

'Vespers' by Rachmaninov - worth a listen if you haven't already


little dynamo said...

"Other rumors suggested that the Hotel California was the Camarillo State Mental Hospital."

Yes Camarillo S.M. H. is a suite at the H.C., a subsidiary. The entire grounds are called Terralillo Unified Rehabilitation Facility, kept by authority of a Nurse Retchard. Anyway, T.U.R.F.

It says right there in their Welcome Literature: "For your own comfort and safety, all clients are restrained securely within sublunar precincts. Thank you!"

"Jews that don't believe in God - Yehudah thunk it!" Hee hee Humanistic Heebees! Speaking of the old days, this one, with the 9-11 dateline and Eureka cite, recalled our teahouse chats -- and your seismic plumb-line with Eureka and Port-au-Prince. The rug that seemed to, well, kind of tie the room together. :O)

Adios n cheerios.

little dynamo said...

Chaey_isme said...

beautifully taking