Monday, April 1, 2013


10 comments: said...

say ferris - fun sweep!


seventh photo

contains two red and white boxes

thanks for the

sync fodder xo

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed these.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

No probs EPI

Ta Aaang


little dynamo said...

yr lead image is a knockout, another stair descender.. cottontail but whats that back of her head?

kid clutching scooter like af just tried to lift it, feef af!

icequeen w crimson pigtails

more MADness w wires crost the sky

patient n hopeful pup

the advantages of violin when busking (can cover one hand)

and my favorite, the small offering while baritone horn announces good news, your cup is full salud

little dynamo said...

streetsweeping, love the cobblestone but it's the broken-tile picture w the torn rust that holds it

"the street of broken things"


aferrismoon said...

Dunno what's up side the back of her head, perhaps showing her the way.

The boy was making sure I didn't grab his scooter, wise act, I coulda been a banker or other appropriator.

The pup's looking after four Pervetin addicts, who wander the centre, in their own world of fiddly things in packets, in bags, their pockets etc.

But , yes , there is good news a blowing, and it ain't Barry but a booming baritone, pufffed from the heart and soul not the political mountaintop.


Alex Robinson said...

enjoyed your photo play

there seems to be a real sweep toward creating art now (by the 'unschooled' individual), as opposed to prescribed creativity - am seeing wondrous things

aferrismoon said...

Thanks alex , glad u like them.

Prescriptions are a nono


Atlantean Times said...

Aferris get back to writing man pictures are all well and good but they aint speaking 1000 words to me.
If nothing else i miss your
anal isis of the situation.

Time is getting short dont be sandyhooked.

love ya..g:)

aferrismoon said...

Hi G.

I've to say , are they not writing what we wrote

Small Things , as God says.

Its the centre of the cyclone and there's not much else to say.