Saturday, March 9, 2013



A13 said...

Thanks :)
Nice pics Aferris
i love the zigzag patterns in the branches and snow..naturally geometric and chaotic..a perfect balance..
hope you are well and all the best to you and yours
A xxoo

aferrismoon said...

Ta A-thirs

have a fair few snowshots, maybe bung some more up

Spring is now pressing forward though a bit more snow to come before it starts for sure


A13 said...

"snowshots" = money shots...
i know.. i just hadta say it...
I love those snow shots..since we don't get them here :)

aferrismoon said...

Fair enough then, I'll put a few more up next time, for those who live in snowless climes


Anonymous said...

Love the photos.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

cheers Aang

A. Peasant said...

Snow is overrated. Which is to say it looks good in pics but when you have to deal with it... Not so much. Imo of course. Hi to all...

A13 said...

Hey Pez..the grasss..snow...heat is always greener.. :)
Maybe we could swap for some novelty?
how would you like 36c heat and 80% humidity? (97f for you guys?)
I send some of this heat to melt that snow and stuff ok ;)
and Aferris, what is that charming house/ building in the 4th image??
is that typical of the architecture there? Cheers Afirs

aferrismoon said...

Hi AP - yesterday was very nice spring day, put clothes out to dry late in the evening. Some dried but those that hadn't I left out and now it has snowed upon them - so but hey, they look really nice :)


That house is in Zbraslav, and I guess its typical of houses that era. Not sure if its residential though, try to find out. Its at the end of 10mile cycle-path along the river.


A. Peasant said...

Haha, very good ferris!
Hey gf, yes i will trade you some cold for some heat. We got a foot if snow a few days ago but thankfully it is melting fast. We better hurry. I will try to find a patch not covered in dirt... Xo sweetie.

little dynamo said...

i like wood also... rocks n water

duckies :O)

the place w the firewood looks a bit like currrent lodgings, they say Home is where the heart is!

he is well-stocked on logs at least but the weatherproofing, not so hot

two with Mobile Affirmation Devices, celebratting, and one Dead but Dreaming, all on the Bus to Lezske

the ringleader in black leather, she played the Nazi Princess i think in InDiana Jonas and the Lost Temple of Dood

and yet, cheers

aferrismoon said...

Muted colours, wood, snow, the aforementioned duckies complemented by the MADs. IN fact the girl dreaming had her mobile in her hand, but I missed it when I snapped it.

The leather girl also starred in 'Indiana caJones and the Crystal handbag of Loius Vuitton'.

Anyhow a world locked into electronic devices - screen narcosis

Look closely at the shot with the child, she is throwing a small human into the air


aferrismoon said...

The tram stop should read LAZARSKA.

cheers said...

lovely, af =)

in 9 of 16, what does she of the santa stand sell by that see shore?


aferrismoon said...

'Fraid I didn't check what she was a-selling, I was squinting



[____]---{wonderful photos}

little dynamo said...

v much a jog i'd take meselfs

the first two, with the blue hues w goldleaf

the two houses -- AF's mansion and little dynamo's umble abode... but he's got plenty of firewood!

the simple soothing stones, in nontheatrical shades, golden branches, cottonball trees

loving simple things shows character, cheers

little dynamo said...

Look closely at the shot with the child, she is throwing a small human into the air

kore is Maid of Winter, subterra

at least one, could be 3 or even 4
in her hand, or as you say tossed up (tho she looks tother way)

between 2 green lights that do not = go ... w red triangle, contraint/containment forms

she likewise wears christmasy red, hovering zactly above her head is her totem, green turtle (= Earth in many n. amer native myths so, a fit)

i would hesitate to call that baby stroller "morose" but it is not the most festive i've yet encountered

were i walking past i dont think i'd look inside

kore-in-red carries over into the lakeside photo, in which she is older, as the tablecloth likewise is stamped with christmas print (photo 9 in sequence)

more on that cheers

little dynamo said...

i agree with ithaca photo number 9 out-weirds even the others, pls remember AF took these blame him if theyve triggered yr whatevers

4 dimensions -- stonework, water, ridgeline, sky

at far left bright red vending tent w man disappearing from view

then perhaps rubbish bin ? with dove at bottom near water

dove faces bright white upright cross spanning all 4 fields

next, youngish female casual crosslegged leans against a stand or table w christmas print cover

like the girl child, this female's top appears red... face obscured rather venus-of-willendorf ish

replacing the "little people" in her right hand is the magick-k-kal vending box... 3 glass shelves, possibly w new agey trinkets... crystals, mebbe jewelry

to the left is what appears a (faux?) stone tablet, with attendant script engraved, doubtlessly authentic :O)

atop the box are 6 candles, and atop these, perhaps a white paper or plastic display? tho it looks like upside-down panties but hey, lets remember here that AF took these pictures and is responsible for content etc.

anyway, inside the box is a refracted mini-sun, double rainbowing

below this, in the slats of the stand, is a bright spot that's possibly a demon, left profile, large extended triangular nose, yellow hair flaming behind

why are this woman's panties on top of her vending stand? aligned with the dubble sun and downlow demon?

and ought we ask AF if this is another "photo from Mars"?

what's she selling indeed and, again, address complaints to the artist thx


aferrismoon said...

NOntheatrical things, sure , while the whole world demands its foto taken and captioned with praise, 'Look at me, NOW!'.

I made sure there was enough wood stock stacked, fix the windows in springtime.

ta for the 'scriptions