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Comparison of events in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Eden = 'Virgin' Conception
Birth from Eden = 'Virgin' Birth of Jesus
Rains = Baptism of Jesus
Flood = 40 days in the Wilderness
Sacrifice of Ram = Crucifixion of Jesus

Via the system of Hebrew letter-numbers one may reach the conclusion that 'Jesus' acts as the bodily container of Alef, which symbolizes 'God', on Earth, or 'incarnate'.

The 1st verse uses 11 Hebrew characters to spell out the 28-character verse. As Hebrew has 22 characters one may correspond those used with those not used.

A = G
B = D
H = Z
V = Ch
Y = T
L = K
M = N
Tz = S
R = O
Sh = Ph
Th = Q

Using the code we find that : YHShVH : [ Jesus ] changes to : TZPhChZ : which I do not think is a Hebrew 'word' .

Hebrew characters act as both letter and number. YHShVH = 326.

TZPhChZ = 9+7+80+8+7 = 111 , which also = ALPh.

YHShVH-Jesus = incarnation of ALPh-God.

Further fiddling found that 326 + 111 = 437 which = 19 x 23.

19 and 23 are consecutive prime numbers.
They enumerate Hebrew words:
ChVH - translated into English as 'Eve'
ChYH - translated as 'living'.

Note the two words contain all the characters that form - YHVH, of which ChVH-Eve appears closely related to.

437 = AMVN SPhR, two words that mean 'Faith' and 'Book' respectively. SPhR also means 'to count, enumerate'.

We seem , then , to have 'hidden' in the first verse of Genesis/Berashith 'Jesus'. Jesus is 'hidden' in the Old Testament and emerges into the 'light' in the New Testament.

I imagine Alef-God, taking into consideration Alef's shape, as cyclonic.

Let us note some weather patterns as we move into Easter 2012.

"Massive twin twisters have touched down near Dallas and Fort Worth this afternoon, crushing homes and sending thousands of North Texans scrambling to take cover.  [April 3, 2012]

Dallas, claro que si, where it All went Down, cast die, bloodmagickal boogiefest beginning the end . . . America's public suicide, a psychospiritual and sociopolitical coup still unacknowleged . . . though not uncovered."


" The centre of the cyclone is that rising quiet central low-pressure place in which one can learn to live eternally. Just outside this centre is the rotating storm of one's own ego, competing with other egos in a furious high-velocity circular dance."
John C. Lilly , M.D. - 'The Centre of the Cyclone'

Personally I don't know what 'ego' really means though we are generally admonished if we don't regularly blow it up, annihilate it etc etc., though I fail to see the point of destroying things for enlightenment. I would assume should one attain enlightenment [ or whatever ] unnecessary things would fall away.

Cyclones - did 'God' carry Dorothy [ Adoro - Theos ] Adorant of God, to show her what lies behind the phenomenal, image-laden world? I'm not sure if Dorothy realised that God took her to the place where she could unmask 'God the Wizard'. Well the Wizard was only a wizard playing God [ don't forget to vote ] and the cyclone was and is God.

Using the code a couple of other coincidental correspondences up-popped, one of them follows -

Israel and Jacob appeared in winsome twinsomeness -

YShRAL = 541 and code-applied = TPhOGK = 9+80+70+3+20 = 182 .

182 = YOQB, in English 'Jacob' who many may recognize as the one who fought with an entity until dawn, which blessed Jacob with the name Israel.

" 'Cuba Libre! "

Happy Easter : )




aferrismoon said...

Things is shor lookin' up Tor


Anonymous said...

Dorothy: Oro is 'gold' (Gold of God?). It is also 'time', (hour of God?).

Quote:Barbara Theiring
To say 'I am Alpha and Omega' was a use of letters to convey great meanings to those who understood.

It was to say 'I am a Sariel-Gabriel head of priests (class Aleph or Alpha, grade 1, priests) and a Michael (equal to Taw, the highest grade O, superior priests).

These words alone were said by a priest early in the Book of Revelation, but in the final part (21:6) they were said by Jesus III. (grandson of Jesus the Christ.)

He was making the tremendous claim that the dynasty of the Davids had now taken over the prerogatives of the highest class of Jewish priests.
In the year 962, everything changed again with the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire. W


aferrismoon said...

If Jesus was 'God' in a human form with goodwill for all I [ if I was God that is :) ] wouldn't leave a dynasty [ die nasty ] as it would tend to exclusivity.

Doubtless some clever sods early propagated and grafted Jesus the Clark kent / Superman Family guy.

Such is history

Accretions around the Word.

alpha and Omega corresponds to Alef and Tov. in energetic terms Omega-Tov is the greatest resistance Alef providing conditions for Life.

"Book of Revelation, but in the final part (21:6)"

oddly I posted the post at 2:16


Anonymous said...


- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

'God' was simply the legal title of the Jewish/Zadokite high priest.

Have a good Easter! :)

aferrismoon said...

Aang, I was hoping to de-misty-defy

TW - 'god; history is replete with the discarded images of God.


A13 said...

Happy Easter Ferris :)
We get tropical cyclones where i live and we had a huge one (cat 5) heading for us around this time of year about 6 years ago..then, it "miraculously" crossed land that was quite deserted and slowed down to a cat 2-3...i wonder about these things and how weather events can be directed/ controlled to either reek havock or the be used as a scare tactic/compliance generator??? Love the New Photo / blog header :) a great photo!
Love your work <3 and always look forward to it.
Vrolijk Pasen en de beste wensen voor u en uw gezin

Cheers A13

A13 said...

Veselé Velikonoce a vše nejlepší pro vás a vaši rodinu..

aferrismoon said...

Hi A13. The one in Dallas didn't kill anyone, which is unusual . Nor also did any die when the F-18 crashed into a group of houses. Easter Luck! : )
I guess weather can be directed to some extent, but as not everything can be controlled any changes made [ eg to the weather] are going to change things at the level where humans have very little influence.

I mean if one changes the weather at one level what changes , out of our hands, will the weather take on a some future point [ eg tsunami]

The photo is from Muzeum Metro Vestibule looking out in St,Vaclav's Square, whose reflection you can see on the left.

I like the grey, black, white and dirty yellow + the lady just beginning her descent. Usually there's far more people milling around.

Budu pit k tomu

little dynamo said...

"The one in Dallas didn't kill anyone, which is unusual . Nor also did any die when the F-18 crashed into a group of houses."

the lack of death by the tornadoes highlights the death that was taken

God sends out and employs servants by twos -- tho sometimes one partner is silent (and bigeared like bunny!)

twin tornadoes and between them, the word of God, his name in them, joining them

the pair of texas twisters hit the (twin) sister-cities of Dallas/Fort Worth

your new title photo of course matches --woman descending the staircase w/shadow

a black 'n white classic! :O)

(can you identify the figure at left? -- looks like wheelchair person with one of those little flags atop?)

i dont pretend to understand all yr letters/numbers/method but somehow the sum's correct

agree w/ A13, yr original photos are as impressive as the interps of others' images

aferrismoon said...

NUmbers ain't for all , but heck, I don't drive so have lots of extra time on my hands.

Was musing on the Alef shape and that it seems it should be indicative of 'God' [ via that system ] and the various cyclonic musings , as well as your 'God is the weather'

The figure on the left with the flag is the reflection of Saint Vaclav Memorial in Vaclavske Namesti, the big square

Type: "Svaty Vaclav Praha" , and you'll get a pic.

Hadn't realised the Masonic Tracing Board likeness, must have been rustling in the cerebral cortex.

George Zimmerman mirrors Gabe Zimmerman , Gabby G's 'secretary' who apparently died at safeway. [ maybe mentioned that at your post]

Anyhow , in a tearoom , they're playing Donovan's Season of the Witch.


little dynamo said...

twin quakes, indonesia, 8.6 then 8.2

cheers :O)

aferrismoon said...

Yuppity , from Dallas to 'Donesia, JFK to Barry O.

From sacerficing the President to sacerficing the whole nation.

TrayVon being used like a TRoy-Van, keeping communities deeply tribal.

Its like 'Over here!' while someone else shouts 'No Over Here!' and the whole 'tribe' moves as one, demanding stuff.

Segregated Collectivism


little dynamo said...

second alla that, the Righteous Train left their station long ago, babble about Unity and Tolerance on national teevee, then divide/manipulate everybody by gender and race

Alef as cyclonic -- got the 'little dynamo' tag on the basketball hardtop as a kid (bit high nrg) by an older boy surnamed 'van Alfen'

he wasnt God but had the smooth jumper

cheers AF

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Zyklon B

World War II started one week after the release of The Wizard of Oz

Anne Frank is Dorothy (the Shekinah in exile with Israel)

JFK in Dallas entered the Underworld with a magic bullet from Oz-Wald (Jack Ruby slippers, etc.)

Oswald's Magic Bullet is a cyclone

aferrismoon said...

"the Zyklon B gas became a central symbol of the Holocaust" Wiki [ I think ]

YHWH has sometimes appeared as a cloud.

If Alef - The fool = the cyclonic energy then it is 'contained' in The World-Beyt card, thus Cyclone B.

Now the Yehudis are contained by the State of Is-Real, Mater-Realism.

Containers eventually break. Suares wrote that Israel will explode from the inside. It inability to afford a permeable state creates a prison-like structure, out-of-step with reaality as the Holocaust, a static piece of history is out of step with time, and time don't give a diddly-damn about denial.

Unity and Tolerance , sure are easy words to say.

Unity is of course the royal road to Collectivism, which democratic countries seem to be begging for.


little dynamo said...

"Using the code we find that : YHShVH : [ Jesus ] changes to : TZPhChZ : which I do not think is a Hebrew 'word'"

right, here's a possible explanation

TZPHCHZ basically = TZ or taz . . . so we have a reference to the former, foundational 'olive tree' (Jesus) whose role (not person) "changes" or morphs into a latter olive tree, TZ or righteousness, a type of successor but also annunciate

the OT precedent = elijah brought up to God by whirlwind (what is destructive to the wicked is saving comfort to the, well, less-wicked)


"I'm not sure if Dorothy realised that God took her to the place where she could unmask 'God the Wizard'. Well the Wizard was only a wizard playing God [ don't forget to vote ] and the cyclone was and is God."

i love this whole narrative sequence about cyclones and Jesus hidden OT and emerging NT and future . . .and the proper conviction in your tone distinguishing a wizard from our holy God

i'm in a thieving mood, i'll probably rip off most of this post, thx ahead of time

aferrismoon said...

Ta ray

I didn't investigate the components of TZPhChZ but will thanks to yer TZ.

Jesus hidden and emerging via O and NT - there seem to be a few examples

Abraham finding the Ram in a THORN bush [ Horns in Thorns]
while Jesus wore the crown of thorns.

Personally I like that Jesus wasn't the long-awaited Messiah but had been in there all the time, and for all time, actually hidden in the first verse.

I don't think it'll prove an over popular idea with the uhh Orthodoxies

Look forward to any corresponding OT/NT events as your knowledge of bible be more than mine



little dynamo said...

AF -- Look forward to any corresponding OT/NT events

"A tornado tore through an area just northeast of the Japanese capital Sunday, injuring at least 30 people, destroying dozens of homes and leaving thousands more without electricity. Firefighters and helicopter medical teams rushed to the area after the tornado struck the city of Tsukuba, 40 miles northeast of Tokyo."

tokyo tornados are pretty rare

haiti had the bad voodoo vibe

both japan and indonesia (quake sites, obama boyhood, and now a tornado) have strong and old dragon elements in their cultures, and both land-masses are types of "broken serpents" as discussed in prior posts as being under current stress



little dynamo said...

I didn't investigate the components of TZPhChZ but will thanks to yer TZ.

Tsukuba, Tz cube . . . perhaps the investigation's already ongoing

anyway, here's hoping wherever youre living isnt shaped like a snake! :O)