Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"U DON'T NEED A WEATHERMAN... + " Florida Race War Update

The tessellate black-a-white envelops the US with the killing of Trayvon Martin and the regular attempts by media and agencies that profit to stoke a race war , or perhaps a few little battles here and there so aforesaid media and 'racial' agencies can pocket the profit.

This years's NAACP budget = $27,624,433.

With that kind of bud[don't]get[it] they could buy most of the black community Kevlar vests, which would protect them from themselves and others.

"Three days ago The Dallas Morning News published an editorial that started out, "There is no ground in Dallas more hallowed than Dealey Plaza."

A demonstration at New Dealey to 'speak truth to power' concerning the highly-manipulated case of Trayvon Martin, a Black man killed by a White, Hispanic man with a Jewish name.

Nothing will ever come of these protests so long as we have meaningless slogans like ' Speak Truth To Power ' - sounds real good, just keep re-re-re-repeating it over and over - sleep now little one.......

" I'm with/am the 99% ".

" We are all 'something please' ".

Unity translates as Collectivism + something ethereal, these daze.

Most people , especially in a collectivist situation like a demo, find it very difficult to speak the truth, but advance their group-propaganda, and power generally has no intention of listening to anything unless it passes through the filter of political opportunism.

Repetition engenders a child-like state - thus the enduring popularity of 4-chord songs. Not that that's all bad.

Around the same time another court case ended with the jailing of Black man Shawn Tyson who killed two Crackers, aka Whiteys from Britain, James Cooper and James Kouzaris.


"Later speaking after Tyson was jailed Davies and Hallett lashed out at Mr Obama saying the deaths of their friends was "not worthy of ten minutes of his time."
Davies said:"We would like to publicly express our dissatisfaction at the lack of any public or private message of support or condolence from any American governing body or indeed, President Obama himself.
"Mr Kouzaris has written to President Obama on three separate occasions and is yet to even receive the courtesy of a reply.
"It would perhaps appear that Mr Obama sees no political value in facilitating such a request or that the lives of two British tourists are not worthy of ten minutes of his time."
The rebuke follows Mr Obama's personal intervention into the shooting in Florida of a young black teenager by a white-Hispanic neighbourhood watch captain.
The death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin has sparked nationwide protests with his supporters claiming he was victim of a racist attack.
Mr Obama entered the controversy last week by saying if he had a son he would have looked like Martin."
It's not unusual for Heads of State to notice when foreigners come to their land, spending their money etc. Florida relies on tourism to some extent and its does seem unusual that not one governing body , at least in Florida, would not share in a public gesture at the execution of guests to one's country.
"Jermaine Bane said a series of calls were made around the time of the shots and in one, heard Tyson mention two “crackers”, or white men, walking in the area."

BANE - causing distress; from German 'bana' - thing causing death.

One was executed on GORE Street, gore synonymous with flesh and blood while the other died on CARVER Court. Carve and Gore -
Obviously there is a race angle to be exploited here for political purposes as Obama did with the Trayvon Martin case. The ignoring of the Black-on-White case versus the blanket-media coverage of the WhitSpanic-on-Black case by the media and political machines are strategic moves in the divide-and-drool tactics that set citizens against citizens. The ignoring of one and the emphasis on the other sets in motion a cyclone, in this case a racial one - fallout will be tracked and noted.
Florida was where Al GORE initiated the NWO-in-law by allowing FOX News to redeclare the winner of the 2000 US elections despite obvious illegalities.

The name of the man beaten:
"78-year old Dallas Watts says he was walking home around 4:45 p.m. on Saturday in Toledo, Ohio when a group of six youths, both white and black, nearly beat him to death for the color of his skin.
Watts said he heard one of the group say, “take him down!,” and then, “the next thing I knew, I was sucker punched from the back,” he said.  At one point, he was allegedly lifted up by one then “drop kicked” by another, before someone put his foot on Watts’ neck and said “kill him.”
Watts says he appealed to Trayvon Martin’s memory, saying: “Why me? Remember Trayvon! Remember Trayvon!”  The group’s response was reportedly along the lines of: “This is for Trayvon … Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man].”
First off we now have salt-and-pepper crews beaten up 'whites', the black .v. white morphing into , I guess, black and white unity revenge vigilantes.

This implies that 'whitey' is sooooooo bad even 'whitey' cain't stand 'whitey'.

While Zimmerman has been described as White-Hispanic this attack only took into account the 'whiteness' angle. His Hispanickness has not been attacked. Its probably not errr cost-effective to wait until one has found a close approximation of the racial profile closest to Mr. Zimmerman, which is why they tacked 'White' on to 'Hispanic' - shit, White'll do, no one gonna complain. No reports yet of revenge attacks on Hispanics. Can't have the possibility of 'whites' and 'hispanics' becoming allies in the great race game.

DALLAS WATTS - did the attackers ring 'Twilight Language Targets Online' ?

The demo in support of Trayvon Martin took place in Dealey Plaza , Dallas, the birthplace of NewAmerica rising from the public execution of JFK . The '60s saw the Civil Rights Movement begin the unity via division program sowing the seeds of race-war via various organizations ranging from the political SDS/Weathermen to the pop-cull-couture of the Manson Family, all set to music, Super-8 and LSD.

9 months after JFK got blown away the Watts Riots exploded in LA, and proved a defining moment for the Colour Exploitation Racket, that is the setting-up of agencies to combat 'racism' ad infinitum [ with lucrative tax avoidance status and tenure at University and the inevitable year-on-year studies + strategic tables showing increased/decreased inequality while the people one is supposed to representing still live in slums , corralled , to be button-pressed as a community to gild the way for the 'race professionals' next time a politically expedient event emerges from the daily manipulated media storms].

Yesterdays illegal [ but protected] radicals = today's terrorists
"…the Righteous Train left their station long ago, babble about Unity and Tolerance on national teevee, then divide/manipulate everybody by gender and race "
From comments in previous post.

UNity or 'oneness' , or 'one-love' describe a collectivist politic, totalitarianism , everybody the same makes the world all right, ant-hill politics, the eternal sleep in the Gaian womb, the Mother-Goddess who never gives birth, bliss, nirvana, joy, joy, joy. The birth from Eden interpreted as expulsion so humanity ever attains for a return, a return to the womb , a form of arrested development - the 'return' of humans to Israel being the prime collectivist example of a desire to regress to a 'golden era'. And many joined in this regression as we can see from our media and entertainment, we are LOST and must RETURN to our rightful HOME.

We see this in the steady balkanization along ethnic grounds where all the separate ethno-cultural entities get their OWN HOME - a lucrative business for some.


Now who was up for parole , aged 77?
Lordy-Dee, race-war architect , his royal helter-skelterness
B-33-920 , Charles Milles Manson.
Manson was denied parole for the 12th time on April 11, 2012. Manson did not attend the hearing, in which state officials concluded Manson was too great a danger to be released.[105] It was determined that Manson would not be reconsidered for parole for another 15 years,[106] at which time he would be 92 years old.

616 = the other Number of the Beast. It would have been too much for him to get 666, so the less well-known but valid 616 steps in for those who read the margins of the King James Bible.

HThVRH , The Torah or The Law = 616.

"The modern media, from Gutenberg to the TV, are the predominate method of disseminating LAW. This force is both political and mystical, and is backed by an ever increasing level of dominance and sophistication. It can hardly be said of Western or World media that it is a vessel of truth. It is more appropriate to identify this media deluge as an engine of hypnotic influence and occult mystery. The precise direction of this influence, and of Mr. Wallace's body of work, is a complex of contradictory and dissonant principles--by no means a cinch in the search for a simple and abiding truth.".


Helter-Skelter symbolized the vision of white race descending, black race ascending, though it failed to symbolise that Charles and the Family were hiding out in US Marine Base Hidey-Hole Deep in Death Valley with an army of hippy chicks and some beach buggies, who would then appear to the ascending blacks as their masters, but the blacks would be satiated by the groovy white hippy-chicks - needless to say , it din't happen.

The ascending-descending thing mainly goes on in the media and the racial agencies where puppets pockets plenty while spending resources on snappy posters and flashy ads that win awards, while housing for most of the poor [ the most multiracial section of society at present] is called socialism and is instead used to send more of the opportunists to university to write books called ' How I endured years of oppression only to end up with tenure at Harvard and a seat at the UN while wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo's'.

One of Manson's drawings, of America with Basilisk. Note that Florida has been digested, Amerika Amputata. Its tail emerges from California where Manson remains incarcerated.

Lil Black Humanoids , limbless, stand with stylized blood spurting from their heads, Whites are nowhere to be seen. Another flowering tapeworm-serpent grows out of famed Ma[n]sonic stronghold - Charles-ton.

Once all of the races bar 1 are wiped out that race will immediately begin blowing its own brains out, tout-duh-sweet.

From psychic maelstroms to subterranean 'sturbances.

April 11th saw an 8.2 earthquake hit Indonesia, once-time home of Barry Soetero Dunham. Agent Anne Dunham , mom of the IDSerpent , moved in circles that included former Weatherman and friend of Barry, Bob Ayers, husband of finger-forking Bernardine Dohrne, who flicked the fork-sign in celebration of the Manson acolytes sitting down to dinner while freshly killed residents of 10050 Cielo Drive lay about them.

The Chicago Shysters - SDS-Weatherman Movement which has now become the present administration. Thus the re-emergence of '60s 'radical' Movement graphics , slogans and 'new' movements.

Days of Rage - 60s US , 2011-2012 Days of Rage within the context of the Arab Spring, a name drawn from the Prague Spring of 1968 that was swiftly smacked down to the tune of Soviet tanks and the policy of NORMALIZACE.

2010 - Years of Dope, Days of Rage , Godd Titlin . Uhh, thanks for another iconic coffee table tome.

Normalisation follows on from Demoralisation, a process of social control used by the Marxist-Leninist movement - see Yuri Bexmenov on demoralization in America -

Apparently those Arab states who received 'Democratisation' [ actually 'demoralization' ] will now receive 'normalization' via hard-core Islamist political parties and/or influential organized criminals formerly sidelined by oppressive regimes.
The Chicago Set / Obama Administration = Marxist-Leninist , the 2012-developed-for-consumer-society version.

Briefly - Media-led racial disharmony; deliberate policy of emphasizing white-on-black violence as 'hate' crimes while minimizing impact of black-on-white violence. It has apparently been a trend for some time. Considering the role of Civil Rights agencies in the dialogue set up by these events blacks and whites, in the main, will have no input in how they and their communities are portrayed. This will lead to individual frustration and consequent violence which the media will deliberately misreport and mislead [ i.e. the deliberate actions of specific 'reporters' to create a violent and vengeful nationwide phenomenon.]


NAACP Budget for this year appears to be $27,624,433 - what would happen to that budget if racism didn't exist?
Parole hearing of 60s race-war protagonist - Charles Manson.
I am a mechanical man
A mechanical man
And I do the best I can
Because I have my family
I am a mechanical boy
I am my mother's toy
And I play in the backyard sometime
I am a mechanical boy

" I Am A Mechanical Man " - Charles Manson.

The beating of Dallas Watts whose name resonates Dallas-Dealey Plaza, where a protest in support of Trayvon Martin was held just days before. The site of JFKs ritual trauma killing.
Watts resonates the race-riots in LA the following year.

Personally, and with no evidence, I wonder if the Dallas Watts beating by blacks and whites [ the whites joined in the racial taunting of Mr. Watts ] is actually true, due to his names' close connexion with events related to race.

Nev'theless around the same time another YT, Alvin Watts gained notoriety.

Yup, no 3-year old photo for Alvin,unlike the Trayvon photo, which showed a younger Trayvon Martin, allegedly in an attempt to mislead the public. Alvin , tain't gonna do you no good 'fore the Judge, as yo' lawyah I advaaaz you wear a tie.

"But then, on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012, at 1:47 am local time, two Caucasian men were arrested in connection with these Tulsa shootings, KOKI reported. The suspects have been identified by the Tulsa Police Department as 19-year-old Jake England and 32-year-old Alvin Watts. They were were arrested at a house just north of Tulsa.".


Across the pond in Nordic Land a white-right-winger, with a punchy salute and a pre-emptive self-defence case , stands in court regaling all with his particular brand of unity. Anders 'Lacoste' Breivik has been given almost free-reign to defend himself, at once sane and insane. Compare with Jared Loughner in the US who was , upon his 'not-guilty' plea, found incompetent to stand trial, hidden from public view and medicated on until its decided that he is sane, presumably by entering a 'guilty' plea.

Note also that the Psychiatric profession can invent who is sane or insane on a whim. In Breivik's case he's officially both.

Breivik - he's Nordic, thus easy to identify with 'fascists', 'aryans' , 'nazis' + via his 'Knights Templar' affiliations he connects with militant Christianity, Crusaders, Anti-Islam and surprisingly a successful group of a similarly-monikered Mexican Drugs Cartel.

A few weeks ago, around Easter, Malia Obama and 12 of her classmates took a trip to Narco-murder capital of the world , Mexico, though to the slightly safer region of Oaxaca.

"While the US and others interfere in Middle Eastern regimes the IDSerpent sends his daughter to a country where 40-50,000 people have been murdered , often ritually, in the neighboring state, since 2005. We might imagine that Mexican Drugs Cartels are actually training 'freedom-fighters' who will later fight against a US-appointed 'oppressive regime".
One or two of the drugs cartels are actually ex-special forces who seem to have done away with their old chain-of-command. They seem to teach wholesale terror backed often with a definite religious presence, in Mexico generally Santa Muerte. The religious angle makes it more difficult for members to leave the organization. taking part in blood-murder rituals apparently binds members strongly to their organization - psycho-sexual , deep-trauma programming.
US Troops in Afghanistan have been greatly desensitized to other human beings taking part in trophy-corpse photo-ops, keeping body parts, random murder compounded by burning and mutilation, no objection to killing the unarmed, those unable to defend themselves and the obviously innocent. Stories filtering through, always reported with statements that this is totally unacceptable to the majority of US soldiers, imply that psychopathic murders are not unusual in the war arenas and , with troop-withdrawal, will be imported back to the Homeland forthwith. Ex-soldiers will work both sides of the law becoming officers and perpetrators.

While aping Jesus and the 12 disciples the planet decided upon one of its now regular quakes and rocked Oaxaca.This forced the ADMIN to publicly acknowledge that Malia and friends had received a people-paid-for holiday , including initial silence over it, while the country's economy fumbles.
This preceded the twisters in Dallas marking the Trayvon Demo there where everyone wore 'Hoodies' , that is cowls, a head-covering reminiscent of monks, secret orgs, and the famous Mason Hoodwink, which some authors feel the whole JFK Ritual Assassination to have been as well as a plethora of other false-flag-hoodwink attacks on US soil.

'Chudy' in Czech means 'poor', 'impoverished'.

Oaxaca - Dallas - Indonesia.

"In Spring Groundbreaking: Wah Ha Call of March 20, 2012, we soldered the 7.4 Oaxaca, Mexico trembler to the Spring Fling vacation of First Daughter Malia Obama in Oaxaca state, Mexico . . . publically financed, classmates in tow.

Quake latitude? 16.662.

Luna to Kore.  Hell.  O.

Spring Groundbreaking reported that six minutes before the Wah-ha-can  Wobble of 7.4, a 6.2 popped Papua, Indonesia.  During his November, 2010, visit to his Indonesian homeland, Mount Merapi erupted, and Pharaobama fled the archipelago.  Pop-topped.

Easter Sunday, the day on which Christians celebrate Christ's resurrrection, was April 8 this year.

On April 11 -- the Third Day following -- the world rocked and rolled.

Shakedowns included:

*  Sumatra, Indonesia, twin quakes -- 8.6 followed closely by an 8.2 aftershock.  As l.d. mentioned at AF's blog the day prior, God sends out servants in pairs.

*  A 6.0 in the North Indian Ocean, and a 6.5 in Michoacan, Mexico -- doubling the Oaxacan quake, and cementing the Obama-connection

*  A 4.5 in the Easter Island Region

*  a 5.9 off the Oregon coast (little dynamo's neighborhood)

*  On April 12, the Gulf of California absorbed 6.2 and a 6.9 shocks.  Again: twins."


The '60s and its attendant movements seem to have been resurrected for now-times, reworking the old.


1 week or so after posting the above article:
"ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - Ten alleged members of a white supremacist group training near Orlando and Disney World for a "race war" have been rounded up in a series of arrests in central Florida, authorities said on Tuesday"



Anonymous said...

I had to switch to Chrome to get Blogger to work properly!

- Aangirfan

algiz said...

Thank you for sharing these facts. Not everyone can put it together for themselves and need to see things like you have written to get a perspective that is not forced by whatever faction that has the intention of doing so by disconnecting the dots. You connect them rather well and convincingly. I look forward to your postings.

endpointithaca.com/blog said...

Thanks for an absorbing series of posts this year.. Really digging your connections and flow.

Cant imagine how draining it must all be. I hope the sun shines where you are from time to time xo

aferrismoon said...

Thanks Aang - will check it out or stick photos twixt every para.

Algiz - I feel the MSM does its level best to create 'factions'.

"Disconnecting the dots" - great

Endpointithaca - its the slightly gruesome connexions but I did feel the Manson appearence at the same time coupled with all the retro-demonstrations needed a glance

cheers all

Jody Paulson said...

Did you figure out how to use paragraphs? This is what I told Greg Bacon:

When you're typing your post in HTML mode, to the right of the screen there should be a column called "Post Settings." Under this, click on "Options". One of the options should be "Line breaks." Click the option for "Press 'Enter' for line breaks." Hope this helps.

aferrismoon said...

Thanks a lot Jody. I would never have looked.


little dynamo said...

AF if jody's suggestion doesnt do it, lemme know and i have other fixes -- i've experienced this in blogger and wordpress both

ps can u i.d. the closing photo pls?

more later, sorry for delay

Eugene said...

The bricks, i.e. the 808 stones, are chaotically jumbled together...what else could they be?

How did you come by the loaned eye of Lord Krishna?

Note that on the Drudge last Thursday .. her feet don't touch the ground and the phrase "w*tch step".

Her Kybeleian dress the day before was complimented by "purple" you-gurt from one Kolbyr at Boulder deep red Colorado .. the black stone of the image is ... crushing the wicked wicked West.

Then the great Veep noted how large (and surely purplish) the great dick head in the sky must be.


191 + 808 = 999

little dynamo said...

"Three days ago The Dallas Morning News published an editorial that started out, "There is no ground in Dallas more hallowed than Dealey Plaza."

cursed ground

the temenos of those who inflict terror and oppression, while profitably pretending to protect us from “terror”

“The ignoring of the Black-on-White case versus the blanket-media coverage of the WhitSpanic-on-Black case by the media and political machines are strategic moves in the divide-and-drool tactics that set citizens against citizen”

amerika and its gender/race supremacist carpetbaggers and profiteers seek any and every opportunity to advance their Diversity Diktat and further divide an already impossibly shattered nation

divided and shattered folk = easy money, easy control

the number of jobs – esp public-sector jobs – that now are directly reliant on feminism/diversity is already in the millions

unfortunately, those jobs produce absolutely nothing of value, except morally smug misery inflicted upon others in the name of “progress” and “equality”

“DALLAS WATTS - did the attackers ring 'Twilight Language Targets Online' ?”

no shit eh? and a nice explication of this “coincidence” in yr post

great connex of manson’s parole hearing date (april 11) with the quakeage – his race-war agitprop, the charles-ton beast of ma-sonic origin in "Christmas 2000", the Dallas Watts beating, the 616 antichrist fit, the bloody Lil Black Humanoids . . . all one narrative, all one consequence

God allowed the 8.2 Indonesia quake to hit on april 11 to underscore these connections, to show that what you are describing is a totality, not of separate incidents but of integrated parts that only appear isolate – this is esp the case with the overlap of Oppressor-in-Chief Obama and his personal Indonesia background with the manson hearing and Indo-quake

the satanic social engineering systems yr post describes must be shaken literally from their grip on power and minds – like the African head/horn, and the Indonesian serpent, these powers are deeply dug-in to the planet, and will not be removed without trauma


Eugene said...

A Spanish vacation costs $ 467,585?

This being tied to the "w*tch step".

Sqrt of $ 467,585 = 683

683 as per Monkey Business 191 (nod to Aferris therein) and colel-in Liber 500 is "evening of the west" or Kali's fornication.

She does wear purple in Revelation 17 just like he wears purple while receiving his crown of thorns.

The attic Attis toys of Kybele .. surely No Name Maddox aka "Man Man's son" knows this.

"Nobody's fault but mine, I've got a monkey on my back, back, back!"

aferrismoon said...

Blessed Be Eu G

Forgot about the THRIVE

"Thrive in a HIVE
when noone's alive"

Yup, watch the witch step, nice that you posted it on April 30 - Witches Night in parts of Europe.

6 ate 3 and only 3 remained


The desperate jobs. So intent on sending women out to work the non-wealth producing jobs got a ramp-up. Now its increased paperwork and the accompanying 'scrutiny', caught twixt home and the office , essentially homeless, hanging out in coffee bars and fancy shops. Why go home when the soul has been drawn out of it.

Its all happening all at once but politicos love to split , detach and confuse the people, with their people-hating media mob.

mr Manson - ain't gone , ain't forgotton.


little dynamo said...

mr Manson - ain't gone , ain't forgotton.

no sir

that strange little "drawing" -- it isnt an accident, nor an inkblot, and although it was scribed by No-name and it didnt come from Nowhere

like the JFK matter, this is an ongoing issue and can only be undeerstood when accepted as such

to those who dont slack and forget, cheers

Newspaceman said...

Manson photo:616 then the double eleven.

April 11th,i.e 11/4, and it's American reversed 4/11. Prince Wills gotthis wings on that day, plus plenty more. Crops up in Downards KK33 re the town of Ruby.


aferrismoon said...

News - just reading Dave McGowans ' Wagging the Moondoggie' part 3 .
The launch of Apollo 13 [ on April 11th].

Ray - ongoing, and often as not in reverse.


Eugene said...

The warning from Adamah's servant (and food) Adam to the divided Adam .. "females don't touch the fruit" and "males don't tread on the fruit".

The divided Adam does not remember the warning and proceeds to heed the power of the air which speaks in "gray" terms.

The divided Adam now fully enthronged in revelry becomes the food of the power of the air. The B of belief is the knife of the mind, after-all "faith comes by hearing". This stage of the skin sack game is guided by women in costumery .. who know nothing but to speak the seeded the power of air.

This fantastic vision of the inversion of the food is found in one single glance. Its yuga opposite being the return of the one with real horns, not suckers. The power of air is to form Simple Simon Suckers. SSS and its poisonous food will be the medicine eventually when the day of tears is over...

Small Secret Survivors.

aferrismoon said...

Hi U Gene

Horns and Crowns are one and the same

See the Heeb:

QRN = Horn

We get Horn-Corn-Qrown

The Devil is delicious, his chosen are auspicious.

Crown in Hebrew is 'Kether' but methinks they swopped 'crown' and 'horn' at birth [The Sunray Switch], a look at a distionary shows they've also included QRVNH - Crooner maybe.

Adam as Las Vegas singer :

ADAM FAITH sings backed by the Bosch Girls Trio


Anonymous said...

Read this again. Excellent and thought-provoking.

Have you noticed the strange adverts that appear when certain links are clicked on blogs?

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Not as yet on those links.

Oswald Breivik Atta - Twin Lone Gunmen.

Its like a 1000 little eddys converging into a mealstrom


little dynamo said...


this morning the Yahoo Intelligence Network (YIN), a subsidiary of M-O-M, asked the crucial question:

"Are Americans Racist?"

. . . and then, ever-helpful, answered the question themselves:

"Yes, When it Comes to President Obama"

according to web-search data we're all Racists, except of course non-white folks, who by modern definition cannot be Racists, b/c they are Officially Oppressed peoples

got that? and yes, it is the Law

it couldnt be that obie is just an evil liar and a fucked-up sign of the times? nah

nope. . . the REAL problem is that folks who dont like his mangy ass are Racists (like you!)

and those who dont like his policies of apartheid against males and fathers are Misogynists and Abusers of Women, who want to keep oppressing the etc

life is so simple, easy and fun in MaryKa! all our beliefs, ideas, and opinions are already provided for US! (or else)

but there are PLENTY of things to buy, plenty of low-wage Servers in our new Service Economy, so it's All Good!

isnt it comforting to know you didnt need to spend all that time composing this piece? :O)

next time let YIN do the thinkin' for ya!

aferrismoon said...

Don't worry , we've got the Euro Championships of Footsoccerball, which is all about, yes , you've guessed it - Racism

1. leaving Rio Ferdinand out of England squad might be racist. Ex-footballer, Sol Campbell, promised that if it was possibly racism keeping Rio out of the team he would hand back all his England caps...if.

But they're still backing England to do well.

Included in the squad is John terry , accused of racially abusing Rio's bro' Anton, though it hasn't actually gone to court yet, but John's a YT and thus his opinion is lower than a rat's arse.

2. Both Ukraine and Poland are just hopelessly racist and are essentially backward. 2 families of black players have decided its too dangerous to go. NO problem with Miami. Pity they couldn't warn YT about the acceptable cracker-execution scenario [ that ain't racist as the killer was oppressed].

Syrians , of course, are also not quite people, nor Libyans, Iraqis and Afghanis , though 'coloured' they don't fit right in with the NAACP's budget.

Actually some 'coloureds' stood up for them but were immediately over-ruled by The Feminist Bloc, who automatically vote opposite every one else so they look billion-dollar oppressed like Doprah and Pillory

Feminism and Racism conjoined = Frameinisn

The New Equality Order, trumps the NWO by not including the World


little dynamo said...

Feminism and Racism conjoined = Frameinisn

yup now that every personal act (and sometimes thought) is monitored by the Global Framenists, full of their ethico-political superiority, everything is now Political (the true god of these petty thugs)

i learned to enjoy soccer in the seventies, the beeb ran old bundesligen games and beamed em stateside

a wonderful game when the skill levels are high -- a bit slow when not, too much wandering and scampering then