Friday, January 20, 2012

Witch Is What Sells

Investigating Ubergal from an "Occupy™" poster the red, black and white colour choice stood out.

It reminded me of a graphic character called ' Emily the Strange '

Blood ritual reimaginated as a form of prepubescent empowerment. Sure looks human, maybe its Caylee's!

It seems to incorporate elements of sadism, voyeurism and pedophilia. it seems a long way off empowerment, unless by empowerment one means gleefully sacrificing fellow humans.

The following is from the 'creator' of Emily in response to the possibility of the Emily character being derived from a character called Rosamund from the 'Nate' books written and illustrated by Marjorie Sharmat and Marc Simont respectively, in the mid-70s.

Except for the extra 4th cat the composition has the cats almost in a mirror-image while the strange girl has almost the same stance and aspect - sheer unadulterated coincidence!

"Today Cosmic Debris prides itself on what it has become over the years: the creative design house that is responsible for providing consumers with strong messages about feminism, empowerment and individualism. Through years of development, Emily the Strange has grown from simple graphics into a concept that reaches far beyond design. Through our fan forum, I have learned that Emily has comforted the suicidal, helped people accept their sexuality, and get through very taxing personal situations. This is all in addition to making everyone know it is okay, and even better, to be different. I am very proud of this, because that was and is my goal: to make the world feel more comfortable in its own skin.
We applaud your interest and hope you continue to stand up for what you believe— that’s what Emily would do.
Rob Reger"

Mr. Rob informs us that she provides very strong messages about feminism , empowerment and individualism which describes accurately the Occupy Ubergal at the head of this post.

So young girls are being fed those ideas by a man. Fair enough if it wasn't overly popular but apparently, going by comments to the post about Mr. Rob's possible plagiarism we find :

" U r all haters, y do u hate Emily enough to 2 waste even a second of ur lives trying 2 kill her when that’s obviously not going to happen? Emily rocks! "

Anyhow the issue of plagiarism has been resolved since the article was written.

So , despite being ink on paper the wee one has a vociferous and loyal following.

Perhaps the plagiarism thing isn't a important as the fact that a cartoon character is compulsively repeated in various situations with 'her' [ Mr Rob's alter ego ] cleverly strange, glib comments , to later 'develop' into a comic-heroine , with a shop full of clothes and accessories all printed with the image, talismanical, to finally morph into a movie.

To help young girls adapt themselves to Emily's persona the services of actress Chloe Moretz will be called upon.

Chloe , a 14-year old, has played in other 'girl-empowerment' roles:


NOT FORGOTTEN' as TOBY BISHOP, a girl who eventually gets initiated into Santa Muerta a preparation for the future killing of her father.

Some words from comments in the previous post ' Apple Eye a Little ReCon':

' [I] am familiar with the black red scheme, i used to wear those colours alot, but i seemed to attract the wrong type of attention, since then i've toned down a tad.
With the emily the strange and poster gal theme, it's interesting to note that the girl/woman in between, is the reality of women not growing up,of staying in a immature state of being. Infantized and sexualised to be immature beings that want want want, and me,, me, me business..
which is what sells.
The base instinct..why do we see all of these so called mature women in their 40's plus, getting face jobs, boob jobs, the works in order to stay youthfull, to attract boys/men..the cult of youth.


'agree also on Emily the Strange -- twins the Occupy Goddess, Childe and Woman, theyve conquered all civilizations and rule unopposed but are as isolated and bereaved as the Earth

Yeah youve gone to the finest schools all right Miss Lonely etc'


A13 said...

ferris, thanks for putting my comment in your post.
it is very interesting and another thing to note, with the infantsation of Women is that there is a deep loneliness exampled by the inclusion of
the cat in the images you provided..the occult image of the black cat accentuates this as well..
when women/people/men are infantised, they have a desire to "please" something or some one..that so callede desire is open for exploitation by emotional triggers.
what poster gal/emily do is highlight this emotive imagry to the point that if one was to feel aligned with such characters, one would surely feel/need to emulate this,as this is what base human nature does. Especially if "isolated, depressed, insecure, confused, the whole gammet of modern day reactions, to this manufactured society we live in, no matter what country we reside..
there is an agenda, and as you have said before, it's to divide and divide and cause attrition, between sexes, races, families, communities, countries, and so it goes.
this example of the immaturation of women effects men as they get distorted beleifs and expectations
due to "modern" porn and female body image that is pushed in the Medaea... which in my opinion is totally distorted and obtuse.
we have to act personally to educate our children of the reality of this scheme, and of acceptance of their selves and others and assist with the courage that is needed to squash these driven stereotypes...
great post.

A13 said...

ferris, apologies about my spelling errors, i've had a few glasses of Shiraz and have "big eye, little eye" thanks for your understanding in advance 0o:)

aferrismoon said...

"ferris, thanks for putting my comment in your post."

never look a gift horse in the mouth.

It was a very succinct comment that penetrated certain mystiques only bettered by the shirayyed comment to this post.

Acting personally with children to head off the corporatised, and morally abject, parent - MeDear.


LaBoheme said...

The Occupy girl in the image also reminds me of River Tam (experiment victim/timebomb/psychic) from Firefly/Serenity

and bit of the girl-entity from The Ring

aferrismoon said...

Kabuki live through nightmares , I have heard, causal contact and a rough touch.

In noving into a global knowledge its possible to leave behind unnecesary cultural torture

The Egyptians are ripping me off again


A13 said...

Ah Yes, those Egyptians..
Hapshetsut and Akenaton are my faves :)from way back.

little dynamo said...

Ah Yes, those Egyptians..
Hapshetsut and Akenaton are my faves

comparing the Sharmat/Simont original w the Reger ripoff, twas old chum(p) Ptah -- posing regally on the texas tarmac with Goddess Gabby -- that i thot of

the old sphinx stance

western girls are already halfway down Rob Reger's Road, he's encouraging full nihilistic selfdom

senor scmubag/empowerment enabler Rob Reger's surname a palindrome, common w occult words or names

Reg = king, so Robbing the king is what Mr Cosmic Debris does with his profitable "art" (that he stole)-- the graphics are overtly satanic esp "You Rock"

thx AF cheers

aferrismoon said...

HappySheetSuit and Achin' Nathan , sounds like a wrestling tag-team.

The TVTropes link left by LaBoheme opens the door to various personalities played out on comic, TV and movie land.

Human beings taking on the personalities become like 'ghosts' , half in their body , half in a created personality.


The P-Tah R Mac stance once again.

Both Gabby and Emily are vessels for other people's dreams, memes, fears and fantasies.

P'Tah is a potter and thus makes vessels that may be filled, emptied, half-filled.

Emily is created by Mr. Rob , he is her personality, an adult man creating his fantasy of young girl, to which girls worldwide want to 'copy'.

Shucks no wonder the word 'strange' is so upfront.

Wasn't Alice , a young girl, created by an adult man - the Rev Charlie Dodge-son aka Lewis Carrol

I guess she was the original ' little girl alone' lost, parentless, living in a secluded fantasy world - perhaps a world of escape from a very real terror.


little dynamo said...

Both Gabby and Emily are vessels for other people's dreams, memes, fears and fantasies.


the truth of democracy is well-exemplified by Gabby and Hilary, the perfect demonic sistem -- takes the worst of human nature from The Almighty People and distills it into candidates and "leaders" who then act out the collective evil rationalized by the popular mandate

The People are supplied their opinions and values -- carefully -- to match their greeds and hatreds and vanities, tho theyre certain otherwise

so both the front and back doors of the sistem are Homeland Securely locked

P'Tah is a potter and thus makes vessels that may be filled, emptied, half-filled

had forgotten that, but, exactly

he is the Occupier, and the Gabbies and Empowered Emilys are the Occupied

profitably and hypocritically and empowerfully occupied

but occupied

well, i'm off to hunt the Wily Wasserman beestie, hope to have more trophies soon, cheers

A13 said...

Hi fezzie,
Off topic, i know i do this sometimes, but i'm re-reading a very interesting book at the moment, Called the Head of God.
By Keith Laidler
a review here:
The hypothesis of the book is that the Templars hold a remarkable and mysterious treasure as survivors of an ancient cult, standing behind 'christianity', that stems from the House of David. Laidler traces an unbroken historical line from the origins of the House of David, via an Eygptian Pharoah (daringly placing Jesus as a descendant of a Pharoah) and follows the dispersion of that House and the cult into Southern Europe after the culmination of New Testament events, through the Dark Ages and Medaeival Europe and eventually formulating into that group known to us as the Templars. For periods left buried in Jerusalem the treasure is a secret motivator for many parties interest in the Crusades. Centuries later the Templar's arcane knowledge of the cult attracts increasing interest from the conventional body of the church and results in their persecution. However, the inner tradition of the cult is preserved throughout the ages. Until today, that is, as Laidler mounts his bold hypothesis. Such a remarkable and astonishing book would be easily dismissed if only Laidler himself wasnt so seriously academic, well researched, balanced and rigourous. Whether you are wholly persuaded by his line or not this is the equivalent of an academic Indiana Jones with every page offering thought genuinely provoking and revelatory historical insights into the identity of Jesus and later the identity of the Templars. If you are persuaded by his line I'm not sure where it leaves you...

I'm sure you like interesting books, and i thought of you while reading it.
It's on amazon if your curious.

Cheers A

Anonymous said...

Beware people wearing red and black.

- Aangirfan

A. Peasant said...

with the infantsation of Women is that there is a deep loneliness exampled by the inclusion of
the cat in the images,,,when women/people/men are infantised, they have a desire to "please" something or some one..that so callede desire is open for exploitation by emotional triggers.

that's very true. very perceptive A13. the cat also linking over to MK kitten programming, beta sex slave. loneliness looking for fulfillment in sexual pleasure.

A13 said...

a winner never quits and a quitter never wins ;)


aferrismoon said...

A13 - ta for the info , will check it out.

So GG finally stepped down, doubtless to perform monthly miracles in the desert.

Aang - its a forceful colour combo.

AP - the cat's are more 'playful' in the artwork but become more 'sexualised', 'dark', 'mysterious' in the Chloe Moretz poster.

Pets tend to mirror their owners, yet seem independant enough to not appears so.

Kindness extended to pet not extended to fellow humans [ in the Emily case]


Eugene said...

Your black and red motif has been amply proven.

Well done. As you point out .. its all how the parents transmit what is in them to what forms the child.

"To be or not to be".

Quill I Pot. Sign X here.

Please tell me if you can view my new piece.

aferrismoon said...

Hi Eugene - yes , Black & Red seems to be provacative, sharp, aggressive , and its link to 'devilish' capes - black with red lining.

Nevertheless when I went to Tai Chi classes the organisation wore red tops and black trousers for fire over water, apparently auspicious combination.

I notice it in women's clothing a lot nowadays - nearly every day [ I live in a capital city]. I think it is mor prevalent in the city than in the countryside.

The parents [ when they can be with their children] are also moulded by the memedia, and seem to transmit their own ideas with some apprehension .v. the onslaught from outside.

Shall pop to the post forthwith


A13 said...

Hi ferris, shirayy'd, and in the rant longe, have some indulgent music happening..all is welcome,
back in time for this one.
Cheers a