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News of Gabriella Dee Hornstein-Giffords-Kelly retiring from office has filtered through.

Dateline: January 23rd 2012, a year and 11days after the 'eVent', of which varying degrees of fact and fantasy have been melded to create a modern media mythology.

She leaves on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius

On January 8th 2011 a young man , with a recent history of non-compliance to School Psychiatric Standards resulting in his expulsion, allegedly shot 19 people , killing 6. He was , again allegedly, hauled to the ground by the people gathered in Safeways for a 'Congress on the Corner' with Congresswoman Giffords.

Corn-er - Corn is for Horn, thus dealing double condemnity - the Cerelean 'corn' and the demonic 'horn'.

The killings and their accuracy are questioned by some who find anomalies with what was reported and the incongruity with some of the records of this eVent [ from photos and video].

This proves a staple of media super-eVents.
911 - The buildings WERE demolished deliberately alongside WERE NOT. Both possibilities backed by experts etc

Here is a photo of GG on a stretcher and standing alongside her is the staffer who aided her when she was , as reported, wounded terribly in the head.

Not much blood on her staffer [ blue top, red collar] who 'saved her life', seemingly without contacting any blood.

This site looks into the Giffords eVent in detail

The eVent came with attendant 'deep-psyche' twilight lingo.

It began on Oracle Road:

"Goddess Gabby Giffords, seeking after wealth and power and notoriety, found herself manouevered into position in a war she doesn't even vaguely comprehend.

And, now, can't.

Caught in the crossfire."

Be sure to give it a glance.

Reiterating the Dee-Kelley [ Bohemia mid-1580s] , Gabby Dee - Kelly [ Arizona early C21st] connexion.

Gabby's middle name is Dee, sharing it with John Dee of Angelic language fame. His contact-person for the 'angels' was Edward Kelley
"Dee and Kelley devoted huge amounts of time and energy to these "spiritual conferences." From 1582 to 1589, Kelley's life was closely tied to Dee's."

I imagine Gabriel might have been an angel with which they would have liked to converse.

Mark Edward Kelly in Angel Airspace skrying words to Planet Earth

Gabby Dee on Bike 33

33 translated into Hebrew letter-numbers forms GL [ alphabetical for Hebrew characters Gimel and Lamed].

GL = a wave , for is all not frequency.

The Tarot cards derived from these 2 characters are:
G - Wheel
L - Justice [ or Adjustment]

GL also initials Giffords and Loughner.

At 4 pm PDT on May 22, the European Space Agency and Italian Space Agency arranged for a call to Endeavour by Pope Benedict XVI. During his call—prompted by the discovery of a gash in the shuttle's fuselage—the Pope extended his blessing to Kelly's wife, who had undergone skull surgery earlier in the week.'

GG linked to the shuttles fuselage - as well as a spiritual attempt to 'mend' it.

'You're only coming through in waves'

"The prayer was from Rabbi Stephanie Aaron, who married Kelly and Giffords, and who said the same words over Giffords’ on the night of the shooting:

In the name of God, our God of Israel, may Michael, God's angel messenger of compassion, watch over your right side. May Gabriel God's angel messenger of strength and courage, be on your left. And before you, guiding your path, Uriel, God's angel of light and behind you, supporting you, stands Raphael, God's angel of healing. And over your head, surrounding you, is the presence of the divine."

We might add ' May his name and memory be blotted out'

"The angels mentioned in the older books of the Hebrew Bible are without names. Indeed, rabbi Simeon ben Lakish of Tiberias (230–270), asserted that all the specific names for the angels were brought back by the Jews from Babylon, and some modern commentators would tend to agree."

Jared Lee Loughner [ 'Descend [to the ] field [ by the ] Lake ]

Reiterating the the arrest photos of JLL and LHO - amazingly , as well as sharing the name 'Lee' with Lee Harvey Oswald he also shares 'arrest wounds'.

Top, right of forehead - graze
Left eye socket - bruised

I'm unsure if there police take the profile photo one way or both ways.

They both have an expression that uses one half of their mouth, their left. ''Jared' has a smirk, but 'Lee' has a sort of knowing but resigned expression.

Lee - Field
Harvey - battle worthy , carnage worthy
Oswald - divine strength

On occasion he was known as Leon Oswald , which , assassinwise reroutes us to the film LEON [ about a female minor , parentless, learning how to be come a hitgirl from a mature man]. This film has in it a scene in which the two coworkers aim their big gun at the Twin Towers.


Screenshot via 'Suraci'

Lee is also a name shared by wife of JFK , Jackie Lee Bouvier, after her mother's maiden name.

Jacqueline - 'may God protect' , 'supplanter'
Lee - 'field'
Bouvier - ' cowherd'

Shares same initials as the entire LBJ clan.

Harvey and Oswald are the names of fictitious rabbits, one from Disney and one from a film starring James Stewart.
It was the Warren Commission led by Earl Warren that concluded LHO was the 'lone' [ leon] gunman.
The underground, interconnecting burrows of rabbits we call 'warrens'.

Lee Harvey Oswald might then be considered as 2 rabbits in a field.

A field is also a 'field of fire' - the area for shooting into. 2 rabbits could be JFK and Connolly

"On Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the acting Aaronic priest tied a crimson thread (or ribbon/cord) on the head of the (scape)goat sent alive to Azazel, the beast of the Abyss prominent in Revelation." - Da Black Whole

For the lack of scarring visible via media photos its difficult to believe that Mrs.Giffords had a sizable chunk of her skull removed, and apparently not replaced because of infection.
Nevertheless hearing and seeing her on film she definitely seems to have neuro-physical difficulties.

"A creature plopped into our time and our space, conscious of us and itself, its existence, here; the black, opaque eyes rolled,focusing and yet not focusing, seeing everything and in a sense not picking out any one thing. As if it were primarily in suspension, yet; waiting with such infinite reserve that I could glimpse thereby the dreadful fear it felt, fear so great that it could not be called an emotion. It was fear as absolute existence : the basis of its life. It had become separate, yanked away from some fusion we could not experience - at least, not now. Maybe once we had all lain quietly in that fusion. For us the rupturing was long past; for the Giffords it had just now occurred - was now taking place."

Lifted from pages 76-77 of PKDick's ' We Can Build You' with one word substituted.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating, as always.

- Aangirfan

Eleleth ר ק D said...

The 2006 movie The Fountain features an astronaut and scientist named after David Bowie's (birthday 1/8) Major Tom character caring for his dying wife, who is suffering from brain cancer (a head wound).

aferrismoon said...

Ta, Aang

Eleleth, went to Fountain on Wiki:

"The design of the space traveler's ship was inspired in part by Biosphere 2 near Tucson, Arizona."

On the day a Doctor Bowman attended the Safeway scene, colliding David Bowie with Astronaut Dave Bowman.


little dynamo said...

Removable Dress! Ejectable Head!

legislative sessions and limos and powerlunches w the soaring sorors

long way down from the Palace to Oracle Road, eh Marie?

AF's Action Figures! Collect them all! Comes with batteries, folding chessboard, and surgical gloves (for when you have to touch them)

in addition to yr observations, the GL wheel plus justice reminded me of Tin Man from the Ona Common Sense still

i'll have something out soon, some overlap

really good, as usual, cheers

aferrismoon said...

Eject her head into space perhaps.

Why 'a removeable dress' I know not.

Oracle = Clear 0, as in zilcho, nought, don't ask fancy priests anything when one already has the faculties for dealing with the present and future, though x-million Fortune tellers may disagree [ though only after consulting their cards].

AF Action Figures - additional oracular pronouncements in a microphoned voice ' PUT OTHERS FIRST' and other valuable hypocrisies.
Ladder-cum-divingboard for 'mid-air' business.

Tin man lost 3 limbs fighting for Gabby and Mark and Debbie but sits aside and below she who puts others first [ into the firing line].

Perhaps they could team up!

Overlap and out


A13 said...

Hi ferris, regarding the "ejector head and removable dress"
i noticed in the first image, of Gabby on the ambulatory stretcher..
she has had her dress removed, all i can see are stockings/pantyhose.. she is strapped down rather tightly by numerous ties, her head seems "packed" with bandage and also stapped down..and wearing black and jacket and black pantyhose..
NO sign od bloood splatters as you would see with a substantial head wound..we know that the head bleeds profusely when cut, hit, etc..and no sign of blood on arms, hands or clothes and as you mentioned on the guy that "saved" her..
also is an oxygen cylander but it's not connected to her face and I can't tell if she has been "dripped" (canulized) which is usually the first thing they do in an emergency response, if it's real that is.
looks like a drill scenario?
wellaware1 has pointed this out and maybe she got "hit" but not with a bullet..she looks like a stroke "victim" in the last picture...or maybe one that has had a slight lobotomy, and a bit of electroshock therapy??
it seems to contrived.
But i do love that marie antionette ejectahead and removable dress action figure..
i wonder if she was "shirazzed"?
covert or overt?
overt and out

aferrismoon said...


Possibly a drill - yes why not , using fake blood etc.

I , of course , wouldn't be so rude to notice a gal's pantyhose :)

If its a drill or not how would many of the bystanders know.

There's a curly, grey wire extending from stretcher to a grey box - an electrical connexion of some sort, though for what , a defibrilator?

The O2 cylinder - between her legs, does seem redundant. U can see the tubes go off to her skirt area but don't seem to be attached to anything.

Are non-medical staff allowed to touch the injured party, all the medics have gloves why not the hero.

There seem to be an extra pair of legs, in a blue skirt beneath the stretcher

When she's photographed or speaks she appears to have to make a great effort to appear 'normal', there's a great strain in her movements and facial features.

Some of her smiles seem almost manic.

Her face looks taut.

I don't have the experience though and can only make assumptions.
Know any ambo-drivers or paramedics, or neuroscientists?

The Marie ejectorhead is amazing - education tool? Though i fail to see the relevance of the removable dress.

Was she shirazzed - well definitely off her head


A13 said...

fezzie, in fact i know a couple of para's/ambos.i have a cousin who is one here in Oz.
They wear a greenish overall type suit that has high vis markings/stripes on it..Not sure of what the para's in Arizona wear though..might lookit up.
None of these people accompanying have any type of "uniform" on..and i can see 2 guys wearing gloves..the one at the very front and at the very can see a gloved hand. the curly wire thing is attached to a heart/blood pressure/ oxygen saturation monitor (vital stats monitor)

re the legs behind the trolley..there seems to be an older woman standing with her back to the camera in that shot?.but when i look hard at it..those legs seem misplaced..not in synch with anything really.
what i also noticed about this "sceanrio" is that there are no "gawkers". if a high profile person has been shot or injured, there is always people wanting to get a look, but in this instance things look rather subdued...and the lacl of uniformed cops as would think if such a high profile identity had been attacked, there would be a police "cordon"..
nice of you not to notice the black pantyhose..i'm a woman so it's Ok for me to notice such things ;)plus in the same way i can notice that eject her head figurine has it's boobies hanging out of it's dress..what kind of educational tool is it again? does it come with a barbie style guillotine?
Gabby's facial contortions..looks like she's trying really hard to control herself..can't keep a straight face?? shirrayyed...
Cheers A

Sibyl Hunter said...

Whoa. The similarities in Jared Loughner's and Lee Harvey Oswald's booking photos are uncanny. It's all a play.

aferrismoon said...

The legs do look like they're supposed to be with that purple-topped lady, they are walking away from the camera, and they are misplaced.

One man in top right appears to be pointing, as if confirming where to go - no interest in the stretcher.

In fact nearly everyone has their back to the action - unusual, should at least be a few mobiles out taking piccies.

Re: Marie - perhaps one presses the boobs and the head flies off.

Wonder if there'll be a Princess Diana model with chaffeur in a car going under a bridge.

Or A burning Joan of Arc [ made from Carbon fibre] , pull the chord and hear it pray.

Hilary - grows wings, fangs , claws feeds off battleground carrion, Ties her hair back and watch her wrinkles disappear


Hi Syb - uncanny! Obviously deliberate , making that pic NOT the real Jared Loughner.

Possibility - vast algorithm beastie gobbles up all history, possibly thoughts, definitely blogs :) and digests them spooling them back out into 'reality' to proveide us with the 'facts', 'news' , 'eVents' etc.

Giant Algorithm Of The Universe


Alex Robinson said...

Was interested in the rabbit connections.
Is there an historical bunnygate?

Was looking a little at Alcuin of York who had a hand in the making of the question mark. He had interesting 'pet' names:

"nicknamed Albinus (“white”) or … “Flaccus” - variously interpreted as meaning “big ears”, “flop ears”, “floppy”, or “fatty”."

the reason I bring this up is that I found this:

"In the 8th century Alcuin of York described the wolf, goat and cabbage problem - so did Lewis Carroll over 1000 years later"

thought that was interesting that two white rabbits should cross paths - talking of goats & wolves


aferrismoon said...

The Warren Commission seems as good as it gets in contemporary bunny/coney world events.

'Floppy ears' here may mean that the ears fold over so that the truth can't be heard.

In Czech 'rabbit' is 'kralik' and 'kral' is 'king'

Lou C [arrol] also dreamed up the parentless heroine for modern consumption now morphed into violent Hitgirl types.

Crowley wrote some on the exclamation and question marks - The Soldier and the Hunchback


Eugene said...

A "crumb" from Giordano...

The universe (Diana), which appears as a simulacrum of primary nature (Amphitrite), is all that can be, since it contains all matter, but is not all that can be because of the difference between forms assumed by individual beings. It is only a shadow of the first action and power; in it, action and power are not the same thing, not being in the same parts. The universe is "deployed" (explicato), supported, distinct, whereas the first principle is "entangled" (complicato), uniform, one. Corruption, death, vice, the monstrous, stem from the shortcomings and impotence of things which are obliged to be many things simultaneously, trying to attain being through their power to be, which exceeds action and is thereby realized only imperfectly. But, since it is absurd that something be several things at a time, the individual being only succeeds in exchanging his being for another being.

So it happens that the universe, Diana, is a shadow of the universal soul,of Amphitrite: a shadow that swarms with beings but nevertheless can be envisaged as an indistinct unity. To surprise Diana naked is to perceive this shadow, to allow oneself to be absorbed by it, giving up the limitations belonging to a particular state of being. Actaeon, who thought he had a separate existence, finally realizes - while he is still able - that he is only a shadow of a shadow; at one with the whole. - Ioan P. Culianu, page 75, Giordano Bruno and the Kabbalah, Karen Silvia de Leon-Jones

Was part of piece from Ustream called "Shell game in the forest of Adocentyn".

aferrismoon said...

Bucky-Fuller seemed to say this with his definition of Universe, soemthing like :

Universe is finite but not simultaneously apprehendable.

Unity = plural and at minimum 4.

The Unity theory seems predicated upon a building block or the new but demented 'God Particle'.

Something is always and only many things at a time.

I often wonder if the Bruno et al group of thought did not also get bogged down in their battle with the Orthodoxy.


A13 said...

Maybe the universe is apprehensive?
Hence the god particle search and dark matter that the cadron hollider is onto?
all the best.
cheers A

aferrismoon said...

The apprehensive universe :)


annemarie said...
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annemarie said...

okay, some more crumbs:
that film with the two practicing with nyc in the crosshairs, it's called The Professional. The assassin's name is Leon.btw, real name is Jean Reno of Nikita (the original) film. He played a "cleaner" in that film. Very Gruesome. But very loveable in The Professional, before he dies and gives his life, sacrifices himself to save the little (orphaned) [israeli] girl. She inherits all of his blood money too.

Now how lucky was she that her entire family (father was a drug dealer who crossed the dirty cops) was massacred. She came out wayyyy ahead. Financially and otherwise.

The truly precocious and truly anxious-to-become-an-assassin little girl is none other than born in Israel actress Natalie Portman. portmanteau?

Leon backwards is Noel. Christmas gift? or Satan's on the way? hohoho

good essay. ta, annemarie

aferrismoon said...

Annemarie - thanks for the correction.

Little Miss Portmanteau seems a doyenne of 'gimme, gimme' films.

The uncomfortable plot of a little girl learning how to use a big gun off an older unmarried man , unknown to her parents, finally pulling the triger on the life of someone one doesn't know is fairly sicko.

Sick, violent, twisted and self-serving are of course THE characteristics being foisted onto today's youth.

As far as her parents [ in the film] getting killed, well, doubtless she gave the killers the address and came out 'way ahead'.

Re: the screen-capture.

Little, innocent girl Israel, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, takes aim on Twin Towers and all that insurance money + war contracts, airport scanners - metaphor for Israeli roots of the 9/11 eVent -

From Wiki:

"Unlike the earlier philosophical "black swan problem", the "black swan theory" refers only to unexpected events of large magnitude and consequence and their dominant role in history. Such events, considered extreme outliers, collectively play vastly larger roles than regular occurrences.[1]"

She played in BLACK SWAN


little dynamo said...

Venus if you will
Please send a little girl for me to thrill
A girl who wants my kisses and my arms
A girl with all the charms of you


aferrismoon said...

NIce one , classic 'be careful of what you wish for', at least in the case of teen-girl assassins.