Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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In 2009 filmaker Uwe Boll made 'Rampage' a film about a massacre by a lone gunman attired in Kevlar armour and police-style helmet. Below is the film poster.

A friend on mine , video game and non-Hollywood film fan, showed me part of the film.

The body armour and helmet of the blond protagonist reminded me of this photo - allegedly the police-uniform clad Anders Breivik sometime around the bomb-blast in Oslo but before the massacre on Utoya Island.

Uwe Boll's ending also raises questions about the suicide of shooters at the end of their mass-murdering [ unusually Breivik did not kill himself ]

Perhaps Breivik is one of the sanctioned 'shooters' whom his superiors allowed us to see , for fun. The other shooters were the 'police' who arrested him, in the same way as in some bank-heist hostage films, the robbers walk out with the hostages. There is the possibility the robber might get caught out by interrogation but who is going to question the police.


Anonymous said...

The Breivik mystery is certainly mysterious.

- Aangirfan.

A13 said...

Life imitating Art?
Or some kind of predictive programming?
Great catch ferris, it is very interesting how these so called "entertainment" movies seem to be right out of the "commitee" playbook..
Cheers A13

A. Peasant said...

the mt. ranier shooter, even though he fits into the snowy profile, apparently was just some tortured iraqi veteran who died of ptsd and exposure after failing to don his storm-trooper gear. so that story is over.

little dynamo said...

"the mt. ranier shooter, even though he fits into the snowy profile, apparently was just some tortured iraqi veteran who died of ptsd and exposure after failing to don his storm-trooper gear. so that story is over."

that story hasn't even been touched yet -- nor can it be, nor will it be, not in Medea anyway

the side of the story that we are allowed to hear has been told

benjamin barnes was used and abused by his cuntry, then mom and her courts took away his kid

"Driven relentlessly through chest-deep snow by his pursuers and unprepared for bitter, freezing temperatures, the suspect in the Sunday slaying of a Mount Rainier National Park ranger died cold and wet overnight — lying half-submerged in Paradise Creek and wearing one tennis shoe, a T-shirt and jeans, barely one mile from where he had fled into the woods."

half-submerged in good ole Paradice Creek, right along with the truth -- makes The People feel avenged, That Evil Bastard... better beef up Security Personnel and Patrols across the nation etc

how dare he kill one of our Policewomens!? make that Double Beefup!

forty years ago the u.s. wasnt full of "lone nut males" shooting up the countryside, flying planes into buildings, gunning their way thru malls, etc

nobody wants to rassle that, tho, too uncomfy, far easier to build more prisons and turn on the teevee, cheering for Crime Stoppers Internationals and the Special Victims Unit heroes

little dynamo said...

"submerged in Paradise Creek and wearing one tennis shoe"

AF-- recall yr prior posts about the single severed feet found in the same geographic area (not an evidentiary/linear connection, but a semiotic one)


A13 said...

Hi ferris theres a party on

cheers A13

aferrismoon said...

Aang , he's mad. If he wasn't mad , he'd probably be dead.

A13 - the mass-shooter is a social phenom, since the Texas shootings many years ago. Ramped up today via:

Modern slavery
Effects of vaccines?
Commercialised Vengeance
Being a veteran

Movie see, movie do

aferrismoon said...

AP - I caught that , saw some pics, usual tatooed, young, gun-toter. Trained to kill , be brave and a hero, until you get home and whoops? you better comply.

Had he joined the cops on his return he could have murdered civilians legitimately.


aferrismoon said...

Ray - could be atrend
Go to war, be a hero, acquire PTSD, lose your children,get demeaned by the courts and bureaucracy, die on the run.

It's a 5-point plan so it just might work.

It does put these wars in another light, either return and become a cop or return and become a psycho.

Paradise Creek is on the other side of the mountain to the Sunrise Visitor Centre. To get from one to the other you follow the Wonderland Trail.

Perhaps you walked to Rainier from the South-East , through Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Prince Rainier III of Monaco lends his name , though he's not the Rainier the mountain's named after.

The whole serialkiller-massshooter scenarion seems to have emerged out of the Phoenix Programme in Vietnam, coupled with the expansion of the Mass Media Film, TV and Music and then seeing who the Nanny State can crack first via the torture of small, insignificant bureacratic infringements, doubtless incredibly insignificant to those who have spent a few months annihilating villages etc.


little dynamo said...

"could be atrend
Go to war, be a hero, acquire PTSD, lose your children,get demeaned by the courts and bureaucracy, die on the run"

yeah no shit

be assured there's another side to this story, and as assured it'll never be reported by Ms Medea

"It does put these wars in another light, either return and become a cop or return and become a psycho."

thats about it -- nobody's been hiring men around here for decades except law enforcement, border patrol etc

females go to college and careers, males to war or prison... isn't Equality wonderful?

the actual unemployment rate here for males has got to be thirty percent, at least

plenty of jobs/loans/scholarships for females, tho -- secure positions in government, adminitrating the Crazed Shooters they create . . . harrassment orders, visitation schedules, family services plans, anger management clinics.... anything and everything except justice and sanity

this one was another warning, like the female guard who was killed in the Washington mens-prison recently

gonna be a hard lesson by the time it's over


A. Peasant said...

very grimly accurate ferris and ray. for the little i hear of teevee, it seems the story was about the poor terrorized people in the chalet, with windows all around, and how awful it was for them being terrorized by this crazy madman. evacuations, manhunts, etc. then, "a body was found." and the story was over. it was at that point i expected it to take off, a white supremacist, a mad mooslim, a crazy immigrant, hezzbollahnik... something.

"nothin." ~ yukon cornelius

JUST a tortured american who lost his mind fighting insane wars for profit. nothing to see.

aferrismoon said...

Women in the prison and armed services seems to be a deliberate ploy to fool women [ those who can be fooled] into believing violence, coercion, restriction, force and humiliation are adequate methods of 'equalising' the genders.

It also lays the meme that that's what men are and that's how they, alone, got power.

Power is about division and feminism does it wonderfully - it bloows away all the other division tactics [ race, class, religion etc].

For me a woman in a Nurse's uniform has natural authority, why swop it for a cop's uniform.

Getting women into work [wage-slavery] has led to an increase in office jobs, as Industrial jobs , amnual labour decrease and computer jobs increase.

The computer has been devalued and turned into a paper-trail maker. The office does equalise men and woman but for what - to type irrelevant crap into a computer leading to an increase of crap and more crap ABOUT YOU CITIZEN, and as anyone knows, each dept. tends to increase its own dept.

Thus admin-o-taur has turned into a labyranthine thing that if you're not on it properly you don't exist, in turn to be eaten by the prison or some such system.

And if men and women want money the only jobs open are those which are basically admin. & security spliced together in new and interesting ways; prison service, welfare state, policing at home and abroad, tax.

People are more and more persuaded to join the city/anthill/beehive , as Pink Floyd sang ' welcome to the ma-chine'.


skinnylegsandall said...

As it turns out, they came, initially at least, from a rather private, isolated, largely self-contained neighborhood in Los Angeles known as Laurel Canyon (in contrast to the other canyons slicing through the Hollywood Hills, Laurel Canyon has its own market, the semi-famous Laurel Canyon Country Store; its own deli and cleaners; its own elementary school, the Wonderland School; its own boutique shops and salons; and, in more recent years, its own celebrity reprogramming rehab facility named, as you may have guessed, the Wonderland Center. During its heyday, the canyon even had its own management company, Lookout Management, to handle the talent. At one time, it even had its own newspaper.)

skinnylegsandall said...

Lot of Wonderlands out west it appears.

aferrismoon said...

Indeed The Wonderland Murders @ laurel Canyon , possibly starring Eddie Nash who plea-bargained on a RICO case on Sept 10th 2001.

Who came from a private neighbourhood in Laurel Canyon ?


little dynamo said...

as i suspected from the base elements of the incident, there is a whole world of information about this "tragedy" that was pointedly ignored (as always) by the gynogulag and its medea


it's another goldmine for the gulag -- drive another u.s. male to violence, against a woman no less which makes the spin even more juicy and profitable = more prisons and cops etc to keep control of the violence their own nation guarantees by endless aggravations, degradations and iniquities

plus another u.s. kid grows up w/o a father, more anti-male sentiment etc.

all in all a v satisfying win for the sistem

this was another subtle but clear example of human-sacrifice with, as always, an enormous dollop of Gee We Just Can't Understand Why Someone Would Do This on top to rationalize away our complicity in it