Sunday, January 8, 2012

Apple Eye a Little ReCon

One of the [m]-Oc-[k]-Cup-eye spontaneous artworks featuring the goddess corporeal. U can tell she's a goddess from her enormous height and consequently her 7-league strides.

The chains at her feet have been swept aside, no longer fashionable and she has removed her diadem to reveal her night-black locks.

The flame now occupies the sky turning it a vivid red while emanating black beams, for there is no sun anymore, but a 'light' of sorts.

The seeds of the 'Occupy' movement are scattered behind her, irrelevant to Liberty's solo march across the city.

The book LibStat holds in her left-hand now transformed to a chic , hand-stitched Louis Streeton, occupying her non-marching arm.

The colours, black, white and red are well-known , the 3rd Reich paraded them across Europe while they were occupying said continent.
'Is that an eye in the sky or are you just pleased to see me?'

Corporations have the same legal status as humans in the U.S. Above 'enormo-gal' illustrates the 'merger' into actual human form , though on a different scale, as in 'Too Big To Care' The Figurina strides seven-league over the cityscape, eyes straight-ahead, on the warpath, revenge or some such ur-motion
She scatters seeds over the streets, where they will sprout and attempt to root. The celestial object and its black rays provide a new kind of nourishment, the hot asphalt will congeal about their roots. Alternatively the population below merely receive their rations,
New-ageily the publishers of this poster have the name '' but the now-animated 'egypto-like' deity looks mighty single

Further black-white-red mularky


"Occupy To Get Her"

Note the boot uses the lightning-flash symbol of the 1960's revolutionaries The Weather Underground. Back then the WU was gonna save U, but they didn't, just encouraged stronger security and policing of the populace. They and cohorts also started the 'Days of Rage' theatrics in '68.

I assume the boot belongs to a 'protester' while the guns are for the 'tyrants'. The Occ[ult]upy Movements have doubtless been a lot more informative for those in the realms of security, public order, that Homeland malignancy etc etc., than those actually asking for the improvement of our health and wealth distribution systems.

Some things never change!

Occupy the Big Lie

'Get down to Wall's Treat
Get a taste of ass-felt
Smothered in some assault and peppercorn'

'All Hail!'

Are they praying to the peppercorn cop?

Its yellow like urine.

Peppercorn cop = John PIKE, possibly related to Albert Pike , 33rd degree Mason .

According to genealogists using DNA analysis, almost 25% of current male Pikes in the United States are descendants from his line.[3] He is also an ancestor of Albert Pike, a prominent Confederate brigadier general and an important Freemason.
John Pike [ Settler] - Wiki

"The sower soweth the word. And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts. And these are they likewise which are sown on stony ground; who, when they have heard the word, immediately receive it with gladness; And have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word's sake, immediately they are offended. And these are they which are sown among thorns; such as hear the word, and the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful. And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred."
— Mark 4:10-20
The figurina above sows seeds in the streets, compounded with the epithet 'Wall St.'. The protestors have been brought in and penned, naught will come of their words for they have no roots that are their own, the 'protest' movement Satan usurped wholly in the 1960s.

A member of W.I.T.C.H , part of the 'radical' '60s 'underground' movement. They once hexed Wall. St and shares dropped the next day - a sign of their efficacy. Neverthless some members of the Weather Underground, a group connected to W.I.T.C.H , blew themselves up while making a rather large bomb, in the former residence of Charles Merrill and his son James. Charles was founder of Merrill Lynch and one might wonder if these 'radicals' didn't have a contact or two where it counted, [i.e. their friends in Whorl Street faked the stock-market drop to fuel the power of witches and feminism, the market , as always , recovered, aka no-change.] Weather Underground initiated 'Days of Rage' in Chicago, base of the present Administration.

The image of croppy-goddess Ceres, de Meter maid, who reaps what she sows, emerges. Agriculture gave rise to the measured and allotted lifestyle
The MatriX

"Ceres was credited with the discovery of spelt wheat (Latin far), the yoking of oxen and ploughing, the sowing, protection and nourishing of the young seed, and the gift of agriculture to humankind; before this, it was said, man had subsisted on acorns, and wandered without settlement or laws."

The GIFT of Agriculture - note that 'gift' in German translates as 'poison'. In other words the real and phenomenal world was replaced by legal impositions based on grids, grids on the earth that became grids in the mind. Agri.Agroculture turned humans into insects, specialized bio-tools for the pleasure of the new 'reality' - royalty [ Spanish 'real' = 'royal'] . Welcome to Slavery

And who is the woman?' they asked

It is she who would alight to the lectern, crossing bridge or descending stairs, to spiel forth her 'word'.

Exporting Democracy

" The generals are very happy with the US-style democracy that you propose."
" Let's touch! "

Attacks on women are subject to how much mileage can be got . Other women such as the lady above, her knee twisted out of position , obviously violently and doing away with the necessity for any restraint, remain nameless , unlike false-rape-charge celebrities. Hilary Clington meanwhile harangues Saudia Arabia to let the woman of that country drive while ignoring the fact that police in herrrrr -man country make sure women will never depress a gas or brake pedal for the rest of their natural life.

This image , unlike the US citizen with her knee broken, received worldwide attention. The headline claimed she was 'stripped and beaten'. She does seem to have been beaten and kicked and dragged along the road if one watches the video. But she was not 'stripped', her outer clothing came off in the struggle , which is in no wise to condone one iota the senseless soldiery [ a result of western interference a few months back, you may remember - actually don't, or it gets too difficult]. In the video all but one soldier buzz off to do their duty , the remaining one covers the lady before going on. She was not stripped as they say, to rev up the gender war, but her torso was uncovered due to the struggle , severe beating.

Oh and the man beaten up because he stayed to try and help her after she fell - hardly a mention and defo not worth a headline, as well as the another man and woman who also tried to stop the beatings, beaten and kicked terribly.

"Web site AlmasryAlyoum also claimed local human rights groups have accused the Egyptian military of "systematically targeting female political activists."

Concentrating on the woman only allowed the insertion of this sentence and its pro-western gender war propaganda, or perhaps propagoose

The colours Red and Black - the colour of blood and blood shone on by moonlight respectively.

It recurs weblike


'Well, she talks to all the servants
About man and God and law
Everybody says
She’s the brains behind pa
She’s sixty-eight, but she says she’s twenty-four
I ain’t gonna work for Maggie’s ma no more'

Maggie's Farm - B.Dylan

From Da Black Whole " Getting The Third Degree"
"Popular music of the neo-Romantic, folkie Sixties simply didn't criticise the feminine; everyone was Elevating Princess, so when Bob went electric and barked out "Maggie's Farm" at the 1965 Newport [=New Left] Folk Festival, shit met fan and booing from the "enlightened" gobmob ensued.

It's sadly hilarious to read at Wikipedia the facile interprets: "cry against racism and capitalist exploitation"; "laconic look at the service industry"; "gripe to his record company"; "military industrial complex," ad nauseum.  Pete Seeger, precursive guru of the gelling Political Korrectoids that soon hijaked Working Man Leftism, American education, media, and government, scrambles to "revision" the sorry events of that day."


Mommy's Little Soldier - Made To Order

"Perfect for little hands to hold and hearts to love. "Mommy's little soldier" is a London Inspired soldier hand-stitched onto 100% Irish linen with a brick red and natural linen/cotton mix on her reverse and features a black felt hat.

Measures: 19cm X 7cm (7.5" X 3")

Stuffed with polyfill and an awful lot of time and love…."

Note, blurb reads ' her reverse'.

So, thanks to witchcraft-based radical feminism girls can now feel 'included' in the great massacres that perforate , in close-stitch, our history. All those anti-war types from the '60s have shut up shop and moooooooooved right on. Amerka got mighty heXed - now its signing-up for illegal wars that generally kill civilians, or coerced into whacking children up with whatever vaccine , lightly-tested [ on you], that has taken sweet Maggie's Pharma beholden eye. Doncha geddit? 40 years after Rad-Fem went a-marching [ as to war] people don't even have the right to choose what they feel is best for their children.
Which/Witch is why RadFem loves abortion. Childbirth being of course a result of institutionalized rape.
Mom's in Afghanistan , a medic. This photo was taken 2 days before she went on duty, the child holding a stars&stripes, triangularly , the flag's shape when swopped for a dead soldier's life. I guess the camo-cap and the flag mean the little girl supports the war - whoda thunk it?

" Hi Mommy "

As if to hammer home the manifestation of our insect-revelry another killing at Virginia Tech by a student of previously all-female university Radford


"12. What is your role in the Bee cult?
My stated role is that of emissary. It should perhaps be explained that the Path of Pollen is a gynocentric tradition, bee society representing the zenith of the feminine potency of nature, and Bridge would regularly remind me of that, saying that we – men – were ‘guests’ and that we should never forget that we were ‘mere drones’! Thus, next to the considerable work and duties held by my distaff companions – known formally as Melissae – I have a very modest part to play."

Really?! The 'zenith of feminine potency in nature' - yikes gals, betcha din't know dat!!,Lucky you. Men = 'drones' hooooooeeeeeeeeeee!
Such dog-ma passes for wisdom on this planet.

The Bee Cult symbol

Same doctrine, different logo.

The thinking seems to be that if everybody just specializes and carries out their allotted functions , life will be a bed-of-roses. What we have here is the factory as shamanic groovy with love and joy, peace and love and joy , in fact , repeated ad nauseam.
Certain Queen Bees will be the 'mothers' while the rest of the womenfolk, flush with their right of abortion, will nourish the children of the QB. Men's seed will eventually wither and die. The QBs will evolve 'virgin birth' technology as well as genetically altering the foetus to develop new super beings , whose androgyne haughtiness and self-importance will shower down upon the mere mundanes stuck in their cellular existence.


The Tarot originally depicted the Hebrew letter-numbers in a visual form [ for good or for bad]. They have though degenerated into a a financially rewarding commercialized parlour game though with the added benefits [ for some] of being able to tell 'non-initiates' what their future holds, or how to exercise your true potential, with accompanying books and courses and , not forgetting, true enlightenment on the path of the Slinky-dink Serpent. The Hebrew characters are but a dim, and very unsexy, memory - now its all about the visuals, and as such one may choose from 1000s of different Tarot packs

One of Al Crowley's great discoveries was that the STAR , derived from the Hebrew character TzDY - Tzaddi, actually corresponded to the character H, Hey. Al got this straight from the Whorse's Mouth [ his Scarlet Woman, Rose Kelly] who in turn got it from a non-corporeal being by the name of Aiwass or Wyseass or Whyask or something. Nevertheless the woman in the Star card resembles very closely the Hebrew character TzDY, so either he fooled himself , fooled his 'followers' or both. Nevertheless its taken as fact that 'Tzaddi is not the Star'.

Carlos Suares agrees with him, Tzaddi is not the Star, but actually the woman. However , the 'Tzaddi is not the Star' angle proved a valuable selling point for all the Crowley/OTO material and offshoots, excellent for those profiteering from the Occult Industry.

Let's not forget that 'Tzaddi' means a 'fish-hook' , occult marketing at its subliminal best - coupled with the human frailty of falling for an attractive goddess , the boys and girls at the OTO really picked a winner.

" Satan is a Hebrew word [ Seen-Tayt-Noun: 300.9.700 ]. In colloquial Hebrew it means the adversary, the accuser, and also Satan, as we know it in English. According to the code, we see that the elemental female [9] is held as between pincers by the cosmic breath 300 and the indetermination at stake, 700. It resists both impacts , as it is in its nature to do. Its essence is continuity , its function is proliferation of elementary units.
When Tayt prevails it is as a queen-bee or a church, the adversary of the Aleph, or infinite cosmic life-death. In other words Satan is a continuity in existence which resists its own necessary destruction. Psychologically , it is confinement in structures that hinders the flow of life-death in the mind."
'The Cipher of Genesis' - Carlo Suares.
Suares further on writes: ' Jesus came to play the part of Aleph.'
Yahweh and the Eloheem are NOT God but aspects of the unknowable that we use to describe God - via the Hebrew letter-number system God must be Aleph or more properly 'A' or 'Aaaaaa', inferring the unknowable 'life-death' that is all things . . Jesus is the Son of God, God is the 'Father'.
In Hebrew:
Father = AB
Son = BN
Trickily snicked in partnership they can make ABN [ ev'n] - Hebrew for 'rock' and doubtless the 'rock' on which the church will be built. Not with earthly rocks materializing vast and costly palaces of awe, while the people go hungry. [ That doesn't lessen the architecture of cathedrals and other religious buildings throughout history]
Some ask , naturally where the Mother is in this formula.
BN one letter back = AM, which is Hebrew for 'mother'. Mother was always there, 'cept people prefer to freak and shriek before actually doing any research. Why can't she be seen? Female = negative energy, which is why feminism has been pushing positive energy on females via new-age kookookery. Negative energy isn't 'baaaaad' just because one cannot 'see' it - negative energy is the doorway or windowhole without which we'd be basically screwed. But Oh No, the 'we must be seen[, 'slut-whore' movements demand, nay legislate , that women should put aside their natural receptive behavior, their quietness and give theirselves wholly over to the Cult of Positivity, and all mesmerized by being 'seen' gleefully gobble the hook.

The Church, misunderstanding the 'rock' on which it would be built quickly installed the rejected Mary onto the throne, making Jesus a servant to her, as if it were Mary that suffered upon the Cross. The Magdalene was swept to the wings, for forsaking the matriarchy.

From Da Black Whole - " El Lucero in the Cielo with Diamantes"

"Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the biblical description of a “woman clothed with the sun” in his remarks at Rome's Spanish Steps on the 2011 Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

“This is the labor of the pilgrim Church on earth, that in the midst of the consolations of God and the persecutions of the world, she must bring Christ to men.”

“While in fact Mary is immaculate – free from every stain of sin – the Church is holy, but at the same time marked by our sins.”

“That is why the people of God, pilgrims in time, turn to their heavenly mother and ask for her help,” explained Pope Benedict.

The woman giving birth to Jesus wasn't "free of sin."  The Bible does not report Mary's ascencion into heaven, a matter of such extreme import for Church instruction that its canonical exclusion seems unlikely.

The Bible does not instruct "the people of God" to turn to "Mary their heavenly mother" for assistance with either earthly or heavenly matters, nor to "bring Christ to men."  The Old Testament points to "Yahweh" or God, the New Testament to Christ.

Again, should Christ have wished for the "people of God" to seek Mary for help, doubltless he'd have spoken it plainly -- or at minimum, vouchsafed it to an apostle for later transmission.

In Matthew 12, the scribes and pharisees are goading Christ for a sign . . . for more miracles, for proofs, what have you done for me since noon.

Instead, Jesus rebukes them with a lesson on exorcism,…."

Jesus rejected his mother and earthly family for those who were a family of God. One was the whore or perhaps priestess , Mary Magdelene, from whom Jesus cast out 7 demons, and Mary went away from the carnal, matriarchal religions, their sacrifices and religious orgies.
The celebrities of pop , male and female, constantly bombard the young minds of today with culto-carnal images - and coming in 2012 the ultra-pagan Olympiad, where the sports-drones , who have practiced day-in-day-out their particular specialization, will amaxe us with their very limited talents, but they will be heralded as demigods.
The Olympics due to its logo is now known as the ZION/2012 Olympics.
Master Magickal Marketeer Al Crowley spelt BABALON so that , numerically, it came to 156 which , is the same enumeration as TzYVN { Zion}. When we are shown the word Zion, it just as easily reads Babalon.

Jackie O Nubis Templesman

Gabbelina CeinneIDee Giffords , stranded somewhere 'tween heaven and earth


Where has the Light gone? said...

I am always fascinated by the way you use words in your own way. Do you ever think that self-immolation is a proper and noble (if there is such a thing) type of suicide? I am beginning to feel like those Buddhists and Tibetan monks that purposefully wreathed themselves in flame. So many mindless repeaters spouting nonsensical ideas that originated in the talking box. You, the Celtic Rebel, Secret Sun, PseudoOccultMedia, Aangirfan, TooLongInThisPlace, and the other TRUE Free Thinkers make me happy in times when I need it most. I appreciate your mind and the energy you put forth. Thank you.

aferrismoon said...

For me suicide I feel is a great risk when in the next moment life will change - though perhaps those of a Buddhistic nature may feel they 'know' what they're doing, in that they're trained monks.

many suicides leave others shocked and alone.

If one were to contemplate a suicide why not just get some money and go to the mountains or seaside and be in a different place for a while - 'temporary suicide' :)

With the mass use of internet I reckon there will be a lot of repetition, its to be expected.

But u don't have to like it of course.

Thanks for your appreciation, all the best


little dynamo said...

memorial in tucson for shooting on jan 8, same day as yr post -- note gabby's colors

more later, cheers

Anonymous said...

So now there is a poster for Occupy Wall Street! The goddess, lookalike of Michelle Obama, reminds me of the Beijing Olympics goddess too. Black and beautiful with a dress that looks like rose petals. So it looks as though the whole 'Occupation' is staged after all.
The John Pike story is interesting too. He has been turned into a hero of sorts for that incident. A kind of false flag with no serious damage (for a change).

aferrismoon said...

Ray - noticed the vast red snake around her throat.

Re: Christina Green , they even managed to sneak this in:

'"She wasn't afraid of boys or sports or anything," Serenity Hammrich said, wearing a black dress and standing with Jamie Stone on stage while many in the audience wept."

As u know girls are generally afraid of boys.

TW - really the cops a poster boy for pepper spray - that's cos its democratic spraying, didn't u notice , not like the brutality of police in non-dem regimes.

Iconic Posters for everything - if there's no revolution graphic artists, sloganeers and printers gotta make a buck


little dynamo said...

hi AF

"She wasn't afraid of boys or sports or anything," Serenity Hammrich said

yeah i saw that lol

the gender propaganda NEVER stops in amerka -- even "grieving" girls are well-aware of how to work the sistem, and boy do they ever

got a post already written re above, should be up in next day or two, then i'll get back to yr essay


aferrismoon said...

Indeed - at present Casey Anthony claims she was date-raped while unconscious at a party and that's how she got pregnant - should give the authorities a new victim [ courtesy of Ms Anthony] to chase after and hunt down , probably charge him with the murder of her daughter.


little dynamo said...

liked seeing the "Occupy" poster featured again – like the Ona Common Sense still, this poster is a master key, unlocks the minds of both propagandists and propagandized

agree also on thrid reich – stride, colors, black sun. . . it’s all there, and the class-persecutions are v real also, ever progressing from "denunciation" stage to "legal" stage, ramping up

but Adolph didnt descend from any extraterrestrial stairway!

as you illustrated prior, the poster modernizes the first degree tracing board – it’s ceres sowing as she strides thru mid-air, but the seed is her followers/kin, her black hand the Abyss from which they emerge and descend to terra

Occupy To Get Her as you say... de Meter Maid ... lol

OWS feels largely like the left’s version of the equally ineffective Tea Parties of the right – psyop pacifiers offering the illusion of substantive change

managed, or perhaps womanaged

the poster has a powerful sublim occult effect, v enticing esp to the female mind, tho there’s nothing identifyably occult presented, all easily explainable etc

trade the Occupy suffix py for lt and the graphic not only makes more sense, it make Ona Sense


“The protestors have been brought in and penned, naught will come of their words for they have no roots that are their own, the 'protest' movement Satan usurped wholly in the 1960s”

yup absolutely, all counts

rootless, restless, and as phake as the sixties p.c. psuedo-rads who infest academia, media, govt

agree also re weather underground discussion – the Robinson oops Obammy admin is the Millennial Kingdom of the hypocrite sellout rads of the sixties, their political Grail admin, and quite a few of these failed revolution-hacks inform the current admin (Rules for Radicals ad nauseum)

all v red indeed, the ussr failed in russia but conquered US

more later, cheers grande

aferrismoon said...

"..unlocks the minds of both propagandists and propagandized"

Art, photos, visual arrangements are so intertwined with the 'dreaming mind' it proves difficult to keep out subliminal truths.

The poster gal - kind of forceful, determined, independant new ager the people fall for. They take on that 'persona' but some will inevitably 'wake up' as the snap, crackle and pop of cadavers beneath their feet penetrate the auditory system.

3rd Reich + Red Communism have , as do most businesses, merged.

The 'failed' revolutionaries, failed so much they just had to get elected. And with a vengeance as the last 20+ years of musselmanocide clearly shows.

Now the Ma-Rines are pissing on the dead.

Highlighting the deep , satano-sexuality sloughing along. Hilary's delight at Gaddaffi's death, the hooping and a hollaring over OBL's execution.

Pissing Marines mimic Peppercorn Cop


No different to the beat-u-up Homerland Security Veteran Police Thug Force of Am-Erica

Gabby's blood scarf - bet she didn't choose it herself.


little dynamo said...

The poster gal - kind of forceful, determined, independant new ager the people fall for.

brain-candy for the modern female -- exactly the image the millions mammy masses want to see themselves as, ever-so commanding and uberconfidant, each far larger than any mere city or vassal

this poster was designed with authentic serpent subtlety, presses all the right buttons in the female hindbrain

of all the images we've studied, this one most accurately represents Sistah Shinar (along w/ first degree board goddess)

The 'failed' revolutionaries, failed so much they just had to get elected. And with a vengeance as the last 20+ years of musselmanocide clearly shows.

i know these types from the Old Daze, true believer political hacks who've been waiting 40 plus years for THEIR "enlightened progressive" admin to finally take power

now, of course, after three years of lies and incompetence and corruption and utter failure -- no differnt from the Evil Conservative Conspiracy Administrations -- the rads are scrambing to explain why Bozo Barry and Mammy Michelle arent implementing the TRUE Progressive Agenda (which really really WOULD work, if only we'd listen sigh)

did you predict the pissed-off marines w/yr peppercorn imago? heckuva post

cheers no fears

Anonymous said...

Maybe there was a time when girls used to be scared by boys.

These days it is the opposite. Girls are very aggressive and loud. They don't care about anything, but their own personal satisfaction.

I don't know it is the hormones or the pills, but they beat the drums loud and louder. It is not about attraction anymore, but temporary pleasure and moving on to another incident.

A13 said...

Hi ferris,
This post imo is one of the best.
poster gal..has NO appeal for me..i see a gynormous asshole in the sky masquerading as a "sun" or the "virgin" mary and her son.. SHE is the black madonna.the cult of isis.
the nazi symbolism ie the black sun as ray mentioned, the colours, the agression that comes with the feminine demonic aspect are all there patently to see..striding over everything and everyone until the hive is one.
"because you deserve it"


A13 said...

Hi again, also the balck and red colour scheme is associated with scorpio.
scorpio rising in her Ch Aart.


aferrismoon said...

Ray - Striding across the city , eyes fixed ahead, no need to worry what she steps on, anything that gets in the way is automatically oppressive.

Odd the peppercorn cop and Piss-tolheroes cropping up.

A CNN employee Dana Loesch reckons they should get praised for it.


aferrismoon said...

Hi HB - we are being driven to 'live for the moment' which seems to mean that selfishness is empowering.

No coincidence that 'PRIDE" is the word used to bolster the 'oppressed minorities'.

The pushing of girls and boys into a sluttish , me-centred exhibitionism , gimme , gimme gimme.

As u note ' temporary pleasures'.

No good will come of it because much of life's 'good things' require patience, work, practice.


aferrismoon said...

A13 - yeas its a very driven image , I don't think its particularly feminine, just aggression and self-righteousness and possibly a sprinkling of vengefulness.

DiVide and rule - well there's no better way to do it then attacking the most enduring relationship on this planet - that between men and women. It gets straight into the home, divides Mother against Father, Brother against Sister etc etc.

Once inevitable isolation , helped along by the superficiality of empowerment, people will seek companionship and validation from the media and retail empires.

The 'sun' does look very anal - what the hell the symbolism is about I don't know .

I'm surprised the Occupy Ubergal isn't plastered with meaningful tattoos.

Nothe the similarity of the Occupy gal with Emily the Strange - taking us from pre-teens to adulthood - all black and red and alone.

A13 said...

Hi ferris, i did check out Emily the strange and note the similarities.
the black and red and white theme is there and even our dullard implanted Prime minister here in Oz today on the news just then appeared in exactly those blazer, white shirt and black pants/ skirt..Just noticed those colours.
very representative of the satanic zionist order that runs this place.
Všechno nejlepší k vám a hezký den.
Na zdraví

aferrismoon said...

The 2 colours together are very striking and I notice it a lot in fashion these days.

'Emily' seems to appeal to girls for her isolation and consequent aloofness as does the Occupy Gal [ both drawn by men].

Everythings on the verge of dystopia, broken things, relationships with animals only.

'She' promotes detached exclusivity - a world of loneliness and gloom.

krasny den


Anonymous said...

Packed full of interesting stuff as always.

eg. "The unknowable 'life-death' that is all things."

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

That's one of Carlo Suares' quotes - an interestin writer who seems to do away with unecessary religious mystification.


ray said...

also the balck and red colour scheme is associated with scorpio

agree A13, scorpio is the faunal and astronomic beestie in this instance

when the bible discusses (frequently) serpents and/or scorpions, it's usually not a naturalistic reference, but of much wider scope

i wrote not long ago about Kalb al Akrab (Antares, the Heart of Scorpio) and its 'barak' anagram (interesting, you spelled black balck)

AF mentioned GG's red/green glitter-at-eyes, like Antares in Scorpio constellation... could be the black sun in Empowered Emily's "Occultupy the Streets" graphic (or possibly beta Acrab, the Scorpion's Eye)

'course black sun's been prominent recently -- Barack's campaign logo, red/gold sun behind GG in Ona Common Sense photo (emblem of AZazel) and standard khemic Osirian iconography, pharonic egypt a solar cult after all

agree also on Emily the Strange -- twins the Occupy Goddess, Childe and Woman, theyve conquered all civilizations and rule unopposed but are as isolated and bereaved as the Earth

Yeah youve gone to the finest schools all right Miss Lonely etc

cheers all

A13 said...

Hi ferris,In response to Ray, I did spell black as balk, as i'm dyslexic,true, that's why i blog, to try to exorcise it away..the demon of dyslexia ;)
I'm scorpio rising in my natal chart so i have a tiger by the tail day in day out, and am familiar with the black red scheme, i used to wear those colours alot, but i seemed to attract the wrong type of attention, since then i've toned down a tad.
With the emily the strange and poster gal theme, it's interesting to note that the girl/woman in between, is the reality of women not growing up,of staying in a immature state of being. Infantized and sexualised to be immature beings that want want want, and me,, me, me business..
which is what sells.
The base instinct..why do we see all of these so called mature women in their 40's plus, getting face jobs, boob jobs, the works in order to stay youthfull, to attract boys/men..the cult of youth.
Cheers A

Anonymous said...

Maybe poster-gal is sowing Poppy seeds. The red blob in the sky could be a Poppy seed head. Her dress has three lilies swinging along on the left. Maybe its another 'Snows and the Rose' theme? She is dark too! Rhoseas = Poppy.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have written 'Papaver rhoseas' is the red poppy.
Isn't cocain powder called 'snow'? Or is that something else?

Atlantean Times said...

ok i havent read it all yet..


you have mentioned rabbits,,

i have a fascination with rabbits..the rabbi of the animal world..

if you are capable...

use software...

go to sirius and look at the constellation of the twins it changes shape when viewed from sirius...

clearly what i am saying is nuts and you shouldnt do what i just said..

DO IT...................

the twins of gemini no longer look like their earthly appearance when viewed from sirius..

guess what they fucking look like...

Atlantean Times said...

ok if u actually did what i just said ill be amazed as it will take installing stuff and other complications..

not refering to you aferris..

but ...if you do you will see...a rabbit..


answer this..

how is it possible that we have so many associations of sirius with rabbits and 911 and masonary and when you actually look from that perspective it i,e from the constellation sirius. gemini i.e the twins looks like a rabbit..

if what i have said is can confirm this..all you need is starry night software or equivalent product..

so the question is how lazy are you..will you actually check what i have said is true...

ps i have screenshots...

to those that actually check.. well done on growing a brain..does it hurt yor head..

aferrismoon said...

Cheers G, will try to do that or get a mate to do it.

I did have one but it was on an old comp.

In Czech 'rabbit' is 'kralik', and 'king' is 'kral' , which ain't too far from 'gral'.