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The ongoing 'women are oppressed in certain countries' psyop continues mad apace.

This time , in Egypt, the media tells us that 'a woman was stripped and beaten by Egyptian soldiers.
Below is one of the photos circulated worldwide to illustrate.

Is the story accurate or has it been 'tweaked' for gender-political propaganda useful to elements within the Western Ideological Sis-Team, that attempts to pit half the world against itself?

Though reported the beating of the man , equally repugnant, did not garner the outrage that the beating of the lady garnered.

The beating of another woman later in the vid does not appear to have been reported, she was not 'stripped'.

A13 posted on the 'oddness' of the photo only:

The woman wasn't stripped. Her garment came open while she was dragged across the tarmac. Nevertheless her partial nudity did not stop the soldier wearing what appears to be Converse 'UNDFTD Poormans Weapon' boots [ soft ] from kicking her right in the middle of the chest. He had previously kicked her in the arm.

As he and the other soldiers moved off one covered the lady up - not an act of charity making us feel more sympathetic towards the soldiers, but just an unreported fact despite it being clearly visible to anyone who watches the video.

As often soldiers, for the umpteenth time, act as if they have never suspected they would be filmed or photographed despite the vast use of social networking that apparently has helped these brutal regimes mutate into something akin to a regime the west describes as 'democratic'. In 'democratic' countries public protest is essentially driven by anti-social and criminal types who are roundly beaten or sent to prison for 5 years for using Facebook for seditionary purposes , likely to cause a breach of the peace.
In Britain people who get on to the streets are knowns as 'ferals'

'All for one and one feral'

"Web site AlmasryAlyoum also claimed local human rights groups have accused the Egyptian military of "systematically targeting female political activists."

I assume they were only 'accidentally' targeting male activists, or , to be a bit more honest, men can handle a good beating and they oppress women every other day, so unless politically expedient [ i.e. the man is a representative of an official 'victim' group] ignore it.

"The statement was signed by Nazra for Feminist Studies, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression, the Hisham Mubarak Law Center and the Women and Memory Association.

The statement argued that the army’s decision to target female activists "is a continuation and escalation of a clear militarization policy against female human rights defenders, which was adopted by the former regime, and which is continuing after the 25 January revolution."

Critics say that the Mubarak regime also used to attack female protesters. In 2005, during an anti-Mubarak demo, female protestors were subjected to sexual harassment by unidentified individuals in civilian clothes. The public prosecutor closed investigations into the case, alleging a lack of evidence.
But as human rights activists argue, perpetrators of sexual crimes against protesters are never punished."

So now the 'democracy' story from earlier in the year has moved on to 'women's rights' , all else by the wayside. Of course the 'woman's rights' thang , promulgated by US-financed 'schools' and establishments.

Here's one, the NDI [ National Democratic Institute ] which has won the 2011 MADELEINE K. ALBRIGHT GRANT.
"Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it.

--60 Minutes (5/12/96)"

None of these 'women's rights groups' will exist without continued and calculated violence against women [ as well as cynically devised false stories] which may be then used to acquire further large-scale funding for those organizations, who are generally unaccountable to the public.

Not all women will receive such widespread publicity , esp. if they dare to protest US Democracy

This photograph DID NOT receive the coverage and the ensuing outrage that the lady in Egypt did.
The injury looks awful though we must temper it by realizing this is a US almost-criminal citizen defying 'democracy'. People just don't realize how lucky they are.

No viral photos of you m'dear - assume the position!

“Don’t resist – you’ll just make it worse.”

Until recently, the only people expected to make that demand of their innocent victims were rapists and police officers. Fortunately, women are no longer expected to submit to sexual assault, but rather to fight back by whatever means are available – unless the assailant is one of the State’s costumed enforcers, in which case resisting sexual assault would be a felony.

This admission was pried from Gregory J. Babbitt, assistant prosecuting attorney for Michigan’s Ottawa County, during the October 4 oral argument before the state supreme court in the case of People v. Moreno. At issue in that case is the question of whether a citizen has a legally protected right to resist an unlawful search or unjustified arrest by a police officer.

In a colloquy with Babbitt, associate justice Michael Cavanaugh described a scenario in which a woman in police custody was sexually assaulted during a body search. In that situation, Cavanaugh inquired, could the victim be charged under the State’s “resisting and obstructing” statute?

“Technically, you could do that,” Babbitt grudgingly replied, while insisting that “as a prosecutor, I wouldn’t do that.” Rather than putting up physical resistance and thereby risking criminal prosecution, the victim should simply endure the assault and then file a civil complaint after the fact. That approach, of course, would most likely result in a settlement that protects the offender at the expense of the local tax victim population. "

PROLIBERTATE - 'The Right To Resist: Will Michigan Repeal the "Rapist Doctrine"?

It may seem uncharitable to pick away at the photos from Egypt but I feels its important to know when we are being tricked and to what degree. This report uses a video that everyone can peruse but manipulates emotions to stick in the 'feminist' angle , the word 'stripped' in the headline while in the article its says:

"The woman was stripped in the process. One soldier could be clearly seen trying to either strip her further or drag her away by her garment."

You are expected to go along with it as the beating is terrible. Should you make the difference between the garment being deliberately stripped off or accidentally you will doubtless asked 'what the hell difference it makes, that person is suffering' - and slowly , very slowly you will keep your critical and accurate thinking to yourself and go along on the media-mandated emotional wave - and then , dear reader, we will be lost.

Some talk about 'truth-seeking' in the more general sense, in fact a more blurry-edged truth/goodness and flowers, while 'truth' in the sense of accuracy, of saying 'hey hey that's not quite correct', 'or sorry I can't agree with all that's been reported'does not meet the group-mind, herd-like, mass-manipulation of 'truth' that feeds off the many independent, individual 'accuracy-in-truth-ers' that quietly influence each other, who are sometimes wrong but rarely untruthful.

Soon after the large, high-quality posters have been printed and distributed - I would reckon an organization would have had to pay for it as its far too expensive to make single posters - thus coordinated propaganda up and running and doubtless profiting from the women's beating.

Further notes on the gynogulag may be gleaned from:

DA BLACK WHOLE - " El Lucero in the Cielo with Diamantes "

"About two weeks after Zehm’s death, Detective Terry Ferguson, who “investigated” the incident for the Spokane PD, filed a report claiming that none of the seven officers who assaulted Zehm committed a crime. Ferguson had little time to investigate what was done to Zehm, because she was too busy investigating the victim. The detective persuaded a judge to issue warrants to pry into every aspect of Zehm’s medical, employment, and personal history, on the pretext that the deceased was suspected of “assaulting a police officer.” This was actually an unsuccessful effort to exhume something – anything – that could be used to denigrate the victim.

After the pressure of a threatened lawsuit, Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker released the video recordings of the assault, which he and the police had diligently suppressed. The recordings contradicted every critical element of Thompson’s version of the event, beginning with the claim that Zehm had “lunged” at the officer.

With no criminal charges filed against Thompson, Zehm’s family announced its intention to sue the City of Spokane, and the Justice Department began a civil rights inquiry. In March 2009 – three years after the killing – Chief Anne Kirkpatrick (who had replaced Chief Nicks) issued a public statement offering her “unequivocal support” to Thompson. “Based on all the information and evidence I have reviewed, I have determined that Officer Karl Thompson acted consistent with the law,” Kirkpatrick insisted."

'..consistent with the law..' being the operative words here.


Anonymous said...

I'll add a link to this excellent piece.

- aangirfan

little dynamo said...

You are expected to go along with it as the beating is terrible. Should you make the difference between the garment being deliberately stripped off or accidentally you will doubtless asked 'what the hell difference it makes, that person is suffering' - and slowly , very slowly you will keep your critical and accurate thinking to yourself and go along on the media-mandated emotional wave - and then , dear reader, we will be lost.

that's exactly how It's done

humans are social beings, v predictable psychologically in the collective feminine response to fear triggers... most females see each other as a kind of unity or herd

criticism (what doesnt belong in this group? oh yeah she's not being stripped) = you're not FOR stomping women in the face are you Mr. Aferris?

after that, it's mostly just finding new psyops for reinforcement... or impatiently making them up e.g. lara logan


aferrismoon said...

Thanks for the link to 'Worth Reading' , Aang, have a pleasant weekend.

Ta Ray - McCluhan wrote that 'the media works us over'.

On one hand we should react or take notice of what's been delivered to us yet on the other hand it must be accepted on the most superficial level. Anything deeper will be led by an earnest-voiced TV pundit or newspaper golumnist.

'Crowding' seems to be a major part of the low-level and constant psyop - get to the city, get a group, get a corporation, get a protest, get a football team, get on social networking etc etc


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Thanks for the link over AFM :)
hope you and yours have a happy Christmas and new year !
Excellent post as usual and look forward to the next years weirdness!! BTW...we have a guest for Christmas..a Cyclone.His name is "Grant" apparently..haarp on..ykwim..

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Grant - it just not the most cyclonic name going really.
'Hi Mum , this is Grant, he's passing through for a couple of days'

What next - Cuthbert or perhaps for the girls Hermione!

Next year - wierd with added 2012ness.

All the best to you and your family, cheers for all support

Dobra Vanoce a hodny zdravi novy rok

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cheers to you year-round gift givers