Friday, September 9, 2011

Lyin' Eleven

Not genuine , a forgery or sham
fakery laid over falsehood
the devil's stagecraft
a miasma
that gloats
silly people with temporal power
developing illusion
proud of the glib acceptance
of what 'their' eyes have seen
and repeating in their patronizing semi-chuckle
as if the word were a planet just discovered
on the dark side of the moon,
and those 'theorists' they would punish
and mete out whatever is at hand
based on their petty prejudices and justified vengeances
themselves a product of their own inspired victim-state
a puffy middle-class novelette co-wriiten by
Oprah and Elie Wiesel
the basis of which is war perpetual against everything,
and their cow-eyed expressions
that plead for acceptance
like well-practiced beggars
whine for belief
while each death from the inevitable war
borne of the ignoramus' lie,
the lie that says
'I won't look, I won't look' ,
burnishes the armour of their saintly self-deceit;
as can be seen by the adequate definition of the word
in the many dictionaries and etymologies
to be found on-line or in book-form
in most , if not all, of the world's languages
ancient and modern
though duly ignored by 'our' spokespeople,
corporate, electoral, legal, judicial, moral,
whose lessons in dialogue
owe more to ' dirty protest'
though lacking the poetic tenor of H-Block,
reinforced by asinine stories of alleged heroism:
'let's roll' and ' I ran back inside when I heard the second plane
go off
in the
basement '.
And to indulge in the possibility
of believing
one iota of evidence gleaned
by the official investigation teams
would be to acknowledge
our ability
to deceive ourselves and forget
which in the long-run
and with short-shrift
is what they want us to do,
[for investigation today they belittle as at best mean-spirited
while accepting the blatantly erroneous accounts and accusations
somehow honours those killed]
to lie to ourselves, our children, our friends
to refuse to trust our own senses
to bathe in the bliss
of the great totalitarian mythos
that provides foundation
for the latest version of Imperium
that are always smug
and generously sprinkled with sniveling
vulgar poisonous types
whose dimwitted intelligence
proves proportional to their
corrosive dishonesty
and psychopathic envy

Ground Zero marks the site of an atomic explosion, always!


A13 said...

Awesome Post AFM.
words that paint a van gogh masterpeice of imagery in my mind with an ensemble of truth and spirit.
Thank You.

Dennis/87 said...

Yea man. Slight of blody hands. Dennis

Sibyl Hunter said...

Awesome poem! And true.

aferrismoon said...

One of things about the 9/11 murders is the amount of glib language that has escorted the world to more war and the bland effortless way people poo-poo the laws of physics, etc etc

cheers all

Anonymous said...

Brilliant poetry. Love it!

You have a way with words.

- Aangirfan.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Aang, stole the style from R. Buckminster-Fuller's " No More Second-Hand God", though he effortlessly avoided the cynicysm

Alex Robinson said...

Perfect. That's exactly it. Case closed.

There is something about poetry that allows the unknown, rejected & unspeakable to be known, acknowledged & spoken.

Got even more from this the second time round.


aferrismoon said...

Ta Alex.

reading the vile 911 stories made me think they required surgery.

Also many people speak/write intelligently and informatively about the wholesale lies surrounding that event and are duly ignored or ridiculed - and now they've got a big memorial to deception


A. Peasant said...

love your poetry ferris. been thinking about you and arizona, my pick for a strong link to the next big catastrophe, if not the very location of same.

i just watched this:

and then followed over to his site and am looking at more about the giffords "event."

i thought you would want to see this stuff. i'm not sure i agree on all the ears. however some of them certainly do look the same.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers AP - have seen some of the stuff at wellaware. Its a difficult idea but interesting. I am amazed at how well GGs headwound has healed.

One wonders how many are involved in large-scale public events/happenings - how much is fake.

Arizona - on the 33rd parallel?

A. Peasant said...

i'm sorry if you have linked to it before and i missed it Ferris.

it seems that a lot of people are fake people. there was something a month or two ago about newt gingrich's followers being mostly fake.

and we have our hasbarat trolls and various online people with multiple identities to argue with each other etc. i don't know about this guy at wellaware however. his own background info reads 'player' to me. very curious though, what he is suggesting.

there is also the weirdness at Quartzsite Arizona lately. that state does seem to be quite the hotspot for trouble, corruption and spooks, and right next to mexico too, and on the 33rd parallel. location location location.

sorry to go off topic from your poem. i've just seen so many little arrows pointing to AZ as being an ideal place for a big role in the next FF, and so it's not completely off topic but i wanted to second your emotion about AZ.

aferrismoon said...

AP - Quartzsite has a rather lovely pyramid there with a camel on top - check it out. It's the grave of Hi Jolly , a Syrian camel-driver brought to the US to help the army.

I adn't linked to it before but A13 sent me a link.
Have checked some of it out but there's a lot of it.

Fake people - maybe many are very good androids/clones or just from a special military unit.

Nevertheless the amount of people + all their family connexions would be a lot to set up, though I feel quite a few of the 9/11 victims, heroes and grieving relatives are fake. One would have to be a detective to research their histories.

AZ - NM , gun country, some op. failed when the police [ or some agency] sold guns to Mexico with a view to tracking them , which they promptly didn't.

Operation Fast and Furious [ note u wrote ' the next FF' ] is the blesssed money waster


A. Peasant said...

indeed ferris. plus Quartzsite is home to a big annual jewelry show, among other exciting shows, January and February.

such an opportunity.

aferrismoon said...

Bling for the Masons :)


Anonymous said...

It's easier to accept the lie than face the impotent RAGE of knowing that you cannot change the truth. Blogging is a great way to release that rage. Who knows, it might even help to change things?