Friday, January 7, 2011


Klik to biggerise

Trying to start the outboard

Lunchtime nap


Think Thunk Thought


Visitors from Ukrajina in front of Saint Vaclav

Actress in 1940s fashion

Legii Most [Bridge] with, in the background,the dome of Parliament and beyond the Castle


Prague Castle , Petřin Tower and Strahov after rain with evening sky

Jackdaw walking by the Vltava

Vietnamska at Holešovice Market

Icon of Christ in Saint Michael's Orthodox church, Prague


Anonymous said...

Super photos!

- Aangirfan

Penny said...

Hey aferrismoon!

Nice pics. Were you out and about?

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Aang and Penny

Out and about over the last couple of years.

I walk from place to place most days for my job so keep the camera on me for those moments worth a snap.

Penny said...

I like the bird, but then i like birds in general...

Alex Robinson said...


I think you charmed the actress - for that is such a charming pic


aferrismoon said...

Hi Pen

I have a few more bird photos so shall put them up for your delight some time.

I was surprised with it too, Alex.


Penny said...

thanks !