Saturday, September 11, 2010


Reiterating a past numerical incident :

9112001 / 19 = 479579

479579 / 19 = 25241

25241 / 43 = 587

19 was the initial number of miraculous hijackers, doubtless some form of djinn appearing as a cloud of smoke only to merge into the landscape, both material and psychic.

43 = Hebrew: MG 'mag' , a magician of sorts

587 , pointed out to me by Devin from blog 'My Favourite Monsters' corresponds to FLIGHT 587, which crashed in or on Belle Harbour, Queens in New York on 12/11/2001. This made it the 2nd worst air disaster in the US , after the 911 attacks.
Prior to 911 the worst air disaster in the US was FLIGHT 191.

Many will have forgotten Flight 587 , it did take far less lives, as it is not constantly brought up to inspire war and hatred , tribalism, selfishness and smug imperialism.

Nevertheless odd to find it as a factor of that date and then appear in the next air crash in NY.

The date of Flight 587 - 12112001 = 11 x 1101091 , so more 9s and 11s



StrangEye said...

Not that odd at all!

AA Flight 587

On November 12, 2001
There were 49 (7^2) days remaining until the end of the year.

but here's the kicker...
From 11/12/01 to 12/21/2012
(December 21st, 2012 being THE END date of the MAYA Calendar) is...

11 years, 1 month, 9 days

So on 11/12/2012, 11 years from the date of the Flight 587 crash there will be "1 month 9 days" left in the MAYA CAL-Ender.


StrangEye said...

if you're an astute observer you'll notice my previous comment was exactly
1 hr minus 9 minutes (more commonly called "51 mins")
(4:51am to 5:42am)
from the 'posted at' time on your article - and it was most assuredly NOT PLANNED AT ALL!
Simply random Synchronistic and SYNCROMYSTIC chance!

Fahrenheit 451, the temperature at which paper burns.


StrangEye said...
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StrangEye said...

4x51= 204

19x19x43x587 =


11 9



Alex Robinson said...

I never realised that took so many lives.

Wiki says the cause was;
"Pilot error in response to wake turbulence".

Can't help thinking that sentence is 'bang on' when re-crafted

"Pilo-TERROR in response to WAKE turbulence"

Wake - "a watch or vigil held over the body of a dead person".

There must have been a HELL of a lot of 'wake turbulence' in NY air after 9/11

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Strange , the reiteration of the ě numbers that perhaps signify beginning = 1 and ending 9

Kickers Indeed!

Hi Alex. I wouldnt be surprised if the crash registers with many. not a criticism but an insight into how some events get the heavy ritual while others get consigned to the ephemeral

Devin said...

Cheers MrMoon!
I recently found a website that mentioned flight 587--it was some weeks ago and it contained some pretty bizarre theories about the flight itself -I have made a note to myself to find the exact link and come back with it as soon as I can find it and will put it in comment here-it might have been on the "Let's Roll 9-11 Forum" but not sure. I did learn at the forum that Lisa Beamer in all of her mega-grief has turned her loss into megabux-and recently purchased a 2 million dollar home!!
Just goes to show ya that there is a silver lining to every cloud eh?
I hope you are doing great in CZ-all the best!!

aferrismoon said...

Saw some info on Mrs Beamer and her expertise in Real Estate was noted. The video was about ORACLEs possible participation in 911.

Cz is well, moving into autumn, great colours


StrangEye said...

9 yrs ago on 9/20/2001 George Bush spoke before a joint session of congress as approval ratings soared to 90% in the 9 days post 9/11.

From 9/20/2001 to 12/21/2012 is
587 weeks.

It is 4110 days from 9/20/2001 to 12/21/2012 (Or 11 years, 3 months, 1 day)

George Bush Post 9/11 speech pt 1

George Bush Post 9/11 speech pt 2

George Bush Post 9/11 speech pt 3

George Bush Post 9/11 speech pt 4


aferrismoon said...

Brilliant = 587 weeks

will check the rest when i get a new laptop, other has died


aferrismoon said...

Brilliant = 587 weeks

will check the rest when i get a new laptop, other has died


Eugene said...


I found a certain 191 in the distance of one's arm to touch a tree on either side ... please do play with my bananas.